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  1. Blood pact is so much better. I mean of course the peasants are siding with the land lords lord, she actually has the power to repeal land tax. "Write a more dynamic and interesting reason for the conflict!" For the character that was more or less a prop in part one I'm only thinking now how interesting of a life this guy probably led before he became King. I wonder what Pelleas was doing during the Mad King War or where he was taken to by his mother and why. She was obviously from the dragon tribe I knew that from the beginning and I'm sure we'll hear more about it then but he didn't seem to know that, nor did he know he was mixed race like Micaiah. And in the lead up to this war he was clearly growing, enough to give insights like this. He's really someone who lived his life not knowing he would become king and when he did he was far from ready. Part of me wonders if a character was robbed here because of the Death Pact and him exiting the story before we got to learn much about him while he was still alive, but on the other hand his death and his willingness to die almost is what makes him interesting to me. Now that he's dead and can't share his secrets I can't help but wonder what exactly was going through his head before and after becoming King. He knew he wasn't ready, we know that much. As a side note, I can't fucking believe there was a Fire Emblem game in which a mother and son were present and it was the son who died and not the mother. -The Soviet Union during WW1 probably Ohhhh, that's depressing to see after a conservation literally about dreaming for the day the war will be over. Oh hey she's here to bring neutrality continental! There is an alternate timeline in where this franchise is called "Flame Medallion" So it's like a Fire Emblem awakening? 7 years ago an IS developer was trying to think of ways to revive this dying franchise, hopeless that it would ever be possible after the poor financial success of the previous games, and when replaying Radiant Dawn had a third eye opening moment when he got to this chapter. You'd be surprised at how may wars have been started because of pieces of parchment. Wait didn't we already know this. Or I guess they didn't know. I mean I know it was your son, but hey! 1/2 ain't bad! Unlike many parental deaths in this series, I find this one more emotional than all of them just because it was the other way around and I didn't expect it. Pelleas was not a forced to be likable mentor figure that was practically mechanized in the narrative to die at a specific point early on to be specifically motivate the main character who would forget about them 2 seconds later, he was a kid who didn't know what he was doing and was just trying to help his people. His death is late into the game at this point he was a well established character. I feel more for this side character in losing her son than I do for pretty much all avatars in Fire Emblem whose parents were axed early on, especially since he didn't need to die, at least not this early. I just love how the literal last surviving member of the Daein royal bloodline just died, the entire crux of the Independence war to justify the country's legitimacy just died less than a year after it happened and yet they're just going about as usual, fully allowing Micaiah to take control. I can't wait for this guy to become the savior of the entire plot Oh, nope. Micaiah is gone now as well. It's a rogue army at this point. Well considering the end of this chapter it was more the other way around Oh and um, red axe guy died. Sad. "Lethe my love, how tragic it is that we should find ourselves on the opposite sides of the battlefield. But it was you who made me see the error of my ways, you who taught me what true love was, so even though we face off against each other now, know that I appreciate everything you have done for me." "...Babe, you sided with the Nazi's" Wait so why does Mist feel the medallion but Ike doesn't, I don't remember if they explained that. You'd think for that reason this room alone would have like 1000 guards. That this Dark God's reason for being the antagonist is because they've given up in humanity is not uncommon but still far more interesting than how most FE games do it. Huh, a white haired protagonist being the vassal of a dark god... Is...is the plot of Tellius basically Awakening but significantly better? And here I thought Three Houses was the one with Javelins of Light Welp, we're in it for the long haul
  2. Don't apologize for being the funniest person in the room I'm not one for celebrating a bad person's death since the damage has already been long done and that death does nothing to solve anything but given that the man lived to 100 and was responsible for the deaths of thousands of people before they could reach 20 and never regretted it, I don't feel particularly bad about laughing about it.
  3. Died on my brother's birthday. God manifested one hell of a gift.
  4. I finally got around to playing Radiant Dawn again after far too long. I'm too tired for a write up but damn, a Fire Emblem game with this many defense maps is something I couldn't even imagine them doing today. Also I missed Thanksgiving here so uhh, something something NativeAmericansdon'treallycelebrateit something something.
  5. It's terrible that even if the amount of work hours in a day is dwarfed by how many hours off, the day still feels as though it revolves around those few little hours spent working. It's not just spending time at the workplace, it's dreading having to go there when you wake up in the morning and recovering from the exhaustion thereafter. I worked 4 hours a day 5 days a week and recently that's been cut down to just 2 hours a day because of winter, and yet it all still feels very exhausting. First ever weekly job I've had and I already fear for my future. Oh was that them turning humans into pig-things that would die in 24 hours? I was going to mention that but I couldn't remember if that was a different episode or not. Again, one hell of a metaphor for the Pre OSHA days of the Great Depression. I can't believe Wario became a playable character in a mainline Mario game before Peach... Well- I guess there's Mario 2 USA but that barely counts. I was into him since the beginning so count me as eighth. I can't wait to see him.
  6. Me: Oh I can't wait for the weekend when I don't have to work and I can spend the day doing whatever I want. My brain who didn't allow me to sleep last night: Yeah you're going to feel too exhausted to do anything for the rest of the weekend. I suddenly recall this one episode where they go back to when the empire state building was under construction during the Great Depression and it was revealed that the Daleks were the ones building it. What a metaphor. Wouldn't you know it, disabled people aren't a monolith. It is a tricky situation because bigotry is usually not intended and in a situation like this it's impossible to say if the original designers were subconsciously putting in some of those negative stereotypes but all and all, it's best to listen to what different disabled people say on the matter.
  7. Perhaps a full naked body pillow of Sigurd would be more refined to your tastes. Here's the thing right, is he a badass? Darth Vader is disabled but is also badass as hell and can hold his own. What's usually offensive about disabled portrayals is that they're either infantilized as people who can't think or do for themselves, or they're portrayed as pathetic evil cowards that stand no match against the white able bodied heroes which uh...definitely has some uncomfortable ties to the idea of Social Darwinism.
  8. I myself haven't watched too much of the show but my brother was obsessed with it back in high school and since our TV room is also my bedroom I usually just happened to be there whenever he watched in on the television. But on average he would just watch it on his computer so I only saw a few random episodes from various seasons.
  9. Christ, I remember watching the first black and white Dalek episodes ages ago.
  10. Oh hey we both went for the South East Asian country route in our historical strategy games! Currently Siam in my Vietnam game of Victoria 3 is going...uh... It could be better.
  11. This reads like a poetic rhyme. "Mother" "Father" "Thank you for conceiving my amazing brother."
  12. Shout out to Vietnam for being so down for women that passing women's suffrage as a law single handedly solved the unemployment crisis in the country. I remember hearing from my brother about this Brazilian politician who is apparently a big fan of Avatar the Last Airbender... I don't remember their name or influence but that's what we need in our politicians.
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