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  1. Be like me and play nothing but old games and only play new games when they become old. Seriously, I don't even remember the last time I bought and played a game that came out that same year.
  2. Ah, I knew it had to be missing something. The little Irish I know comes from songs and poems so this was all copypasted.
  3. So that's what they mean when neo-confederates say the war was about State Rights.
  4. Actually my bad, it's the fifth entry, I counted an extra game for some reason. Still weird though, I agree. But this happens all the time in video games, you kind of just have to accept that by III they mean that it's the true sequel to AC II with a new main character and new time setting.
  5. AC III on Wii U has got to be one of the funniest releases I have ever seen. Like who was going to buy a Wii U for that game? And to Nintenheads who already owned a Wii U, why would they buy the sixth entry into a franchise that had been completely absent on Nintendo's consoles? If it was the first game that would've made more sense, as a way to try an introduce people to the series, but they went for the sixth game instead. Thank you, I try.
  6. Assassin's Creed III review: It was bad Assassin's Creed III review over.
  7. The Blood Moon is rising... I'm guessing those flutters are her fins on her arms. It's enough to stop a war in ancient Greece after all. Both solar and lunar eclipses are really useful since we can use science to determine when certain eclipses happened in history and then we can see if people wrote about it on that date, they're like real checkpoints in history.
  8. Then let me hear your opinions, mate, give me your reasons why you think it's best to avoid all politics.
  9. It's not a view, it's the situation, and in this situation you have two choices. You could speak out and make it known what you think the problems are with this country and how to fix them. Or you could do nothing.
  10. It's not just about you it's about everyone. In the United States specifically for many of those outside the majority, politics is not a choice, it's a necessity to vote and keep their rights as American citizens. For many white people, Trump being president may not have seemed to have changed much but for immigrants it was life changing as families were split apart and thousands lost their homes. Politics isn't just about a bunch of old men arguing over bills, it's about how our lives will be changed, and how the lives of other people not part of the majority will change. It's politics that decide how much you'll be paid at work, how badly your boss is allowed to treat you, how bad the school system can be, how many shootings will occur, how many suicides will be committed, and so on. Apathy is never the place you want to be.
  11. Thank you! See that's the difficult part, I'm an incredibly energetic person so it's been hard to stay still all day everyday, it's why I haven't very much good sleep. Those who do not engage in politics are doomed to be governed by men worse than themselves. There is truth in this world, but to those in high positions in gets sidelined for power.
  12. I must say I am doing so much better today, all I have is some light fatigue and a little loss of appetite. That may sound bad but compared to the last few days I might as well be cured right now. Ah yes, the classic doing the right thing for the wrong reasons. A certain Shiny Chariot comes to mind.
  13. That's...huh. I can't help but feel that's not what you're supposed to do but I guess if it works.
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