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  1. Oooh, Blood Moon this early huh? Alright Alright. let me know how it goes for you, mate.
  2. Like I said, Temporary refugee camp. I admire the dedication but I'm afraid you'll fill your world with tombstones with this strategy! Also a winters coat, eh? You don't happen to be trying to cosplay as Garon, are you? A good way to summon Hollowed Mimics is to collect 15 souls of light and craft a Key of Light. Place the key into an empty chest in an open space and it will summon a Hollowed Mimic, hopefully in an area where you can easily dodge it's attacks. It can be tedious since the Storm Bow isn't a 100% drop rate but I say it's well worth it.
  3. Patience, lad. It's just like how Marth had to reclaim Altea, he didn't do right away, he did it one step at a time. Aye, those are special mini-boss mimics. The Hollowed variant is where you can get the Daedalus Storm Bow. I started up a world of my own and I'm happy to say that I cannot get invaded by the Crimson because my world is Corrupted instead.
  4. Mage arguably has the highest DPS in the game, tied with summons but I'd suggest trying something different just to see what you like because it really is up to personal preference. Fir example, Melee is good for high defense so you can tank hits and do slow but high damage. All this talk about Terraria makes me want to play it again. I might have to in a bit. I'd rather wait till I get through Revelations myself, but once I do you must send me that video, it sounds amazing. Trying out a mech boss as early as you are is considerably difficult, not impossible but very difficult. Another tip would be to look underground for mimics and the like, they can give you some really good accessories that can carry you up into the end game. Oh, and don't forget wings! They are a hardmode essential. If you have a snow biome, go over there and try to find an Ice Golem, if you manage to kill it you may get a frost feather which with some souls of flight can allow you to craft one of the best wings in the game! ...Course be wary of the Ice Golems, if they hit you they inflict a freeze debuff that lasts for two minutes so be careful. A boss in hardmode that comes before the mech bosses is the Queen Slime. You don't need to fight her but you can if you want and she'll give you decent items.
  5. Ah, right. Never used that feature on my previous playthroughs so I might as well try it.
  6. Spoken like a true melee player. I don't know if I would call it a cheese strategy. It's more like a...viable progression point, and an absolutely necessary one if you were a summoner. The spider armor with the staff has a lot less defense but much better offense, so the strategy with that armor (And most summoner armor in general) Is to focus on dodging, which can be a heavy task in later bullet hell boss fights. Something that becomes real important for all classes in hardmode is the balance between offense and defense. Something I'm sure you noticed is that when you have a full set of the same armor you get a set bonus, which is a new feature in the 1.4 update. Every single armor set as its own set bonus and it becomes pretty important in hardmode when certain armors have better set bonus's but less defense. Right now you should probably start mining the new ores if you haven't already, find a set that you like and then take on one of the mech bosses. If you want another cheese strat, I'd recommend going after the Daedalus Stormbow that rains arrows from the sky, difficult to get yes but makes the fight against the Destroyer a cakewalk. Aye, I've heard Lunatic is reinforcement hell. Generics as in...?
  7. Heh, bonus maps meaning the Spotpass maps. Aversa and Priam's maps are the hardest chapters in the base game I'm pretty sure, considering one has you put up against mirrored copies of all of your own units. Ah, forgot that you use emulators for this. Yeah, that's fair. Aye, yeah I can see why that wouldn't be fun. What difficulty were you playing on originally? As soon as I'm done with Awakening I'll jumping aboard the Fates hype train from Birthright to Revelations and maybe Gaiden or Three Houses after that!
  8. Fair, I mean what you described was essentially my first playthrough of Awakening as well. It is a strategy that will send you to the end of the game if making some bonus maps nearly impossible. Or I'm just a bad tactician, which would make a lot of sense. Interesting... Maybe you should try it again sometime, I'd wager a different playstyle can make it feel like an entirely different game. Just the second seals alone can make for endless replayability, I mean why have one good unit when all of your units can be gods among men? That's part of the reason I'm looking to play Birthright so soon after I beat it. I may have finished the game but every time I look at that save file I just feel empty.
  9. I'm finally getting around to finishing Awakening, this truly was the ultimate playthrough. Any Fire Emblem game has got to suck with that kind of strategy. Have you ever tried some of the Spotpass prologues? ...Clearly I missed an integral part of the conversation I think I'll keep it that way. Is it just me or are there a lot of space cowboys in modern media?
  10. Ah, no wonder you didn't have a good time with Awakening. The mechanical bosses are quite the challenge, you sure you're ready?
  11. After abusing second seals and maxing out stats I can now finally understand why so many people say that Awakening is too easy. That's quite the pickle. Yeah, first priority in hardmode is to get better armor and weapons as fast as possible because stuff like this can happen super early. Like I said, spider nest, spider armor, spider staff. The spiders will carry you far!
  12. Speaking of which, have you got a meteor site in your world yet?
  13. Understandable when your home is being infested with blood demons Good thing to keep in mind for hardmode (And something you'll learn firsthand regardless) is that all the power you had in pre-hardmode has been lost, because not only are there new enemies that pack some of the biggest punches in the game, but all the old enemies have gotten huge boosts as well. It is way easier to die at the beginning of hardmode so make sure your money is in a safe place.
  14. Pylon planning is something I highly recommend since it basically erases half the down time of the game. Also find a spider nest. Farm some black recluses, get some fangs, you got a pretty good start to hardmode.
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