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  1. I love how Byleth's plan after getting beaten up by all the other swordsmen was to turn into a girl. These devs know their material too well XD
  2. The map is decently designed for a final boss encounter but I can't say the same for a boss that requires crit rigs.
  3. Dieck for being the first really competent unpromoted character I came across with the smug attitude to the GBA merc animations helping that. Add to that him being a pretty cool character once you get into his supports and you get the idea.
  4. Not really, there isn't a term for a semi-ambush, usually it is or isn't an ambush. And honestly the term "ambush" is misleading when reinforcements can move and appear in the same turn from a location nobody will be near. As far as I'm concerned many instances of STRs can be written off as not being ambushes.
  5. Eh, I find it unnecessary. Binding Blade does a poor job of telling you about the true ending, Mystery does a better job but it's still after you encounter a missable shard. Nor do I like the final chapters being gated behind a set of requirements.
  6. Can you please use a more visible font color? I can barely make out your post.
  7. Divine Dragon or not, I would trust Fae to lead an army as far as I'd be willing to toss a child her human age.
  8. Three Houses introduced a Catherine, which is my mother's name.
  9. Blazing Durandal refine is Special Fighter with a different activation condition, it isn't out of the question.
  10. Predictions, predictions... Leif: If they're bold they'll give him Distant Counter or adaptive damage but I doubt it. Maybe he'll get a conditional either or? Renewal is another possible effect since he can heal with it in Thracia although it's redundant with S Drink. Cordelia: She started with a Brave Lance, has one in her official art and rocks with it in Heroes, so I can see her keeping it with a +stat. If her special refine doesn't make her lance Elincia then I expect something offensive like Flashing Blade. I doubt it'll be the effect her daughter has. Rebecca: Probably Life or Death like- oh wait it's not Rienfleche? Never mind then, although I'm still expecting something offensive like a second Darting Blow or Swift Sparrow. Henry: Raventome with a cooldown effect is my guess, since he joins with a Ruin tome. Could be a straight cooldown boost, or an armor skill like Vengeful Fighter would suit him too.
  11. ^What he said, and note that this is global turn count, so getting into skirmishes will increase your turn count.
  12. Accost is great for guaranteeing the target gets killed, and is particularly useful for capturing when your stats are cut in half. The drawback of it always activating is unfortunate, but it can be worked around. Dagdar has enough bulk that he can survive getting doubled by most enemies, and it makes him a good ballista drainer. You do need to take care of him around siege tomes, although those typically don't move.
  13. Trading to spam the Bolting tome and status staves.
  14. Agreed so long as they don't overdo it like Three Houses. I thought some themes were strong enough on their own and that having Ablaze versions detracted from them.
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