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  1. Chapter 14 is more the equivalent of a jump scare than genuine BS. It looks overwhelming on the surface, but when you take a moment to think you realize the game gives you all the tools you need for it: Up to three thieves who have more movement than unpromoted infantry, ignore the treasure RNG check and can stack with torches for huge vision. Three fliers who ignore terrain and can make other characters ignore the terrain with them. Multiple infantry mages, including two staff users who can use Torch or Restore (which the horse mage can also use, useless my ass). It's a relatively small map and the 25-turn limit is extremely lenient. It could certainly be executed better but you make it sound worse than it actually is.
  2. Yeah older FEs definitely have a problem with level pacing, both for player units and enemies. FE6's enemy curve is stronger than most but it'll peter out halfway through the game. It's understandable to have some units underleveled but FE6 does overdo it. One particular example you'll see later that bugs me is Melady, she's the head of Guinevere's guard and joins level 10 unpromoted when the enemies are level 13-14 on average. (Granted, she's a contender for best unit in spite of this.) I don't mind the duplicates that much because I like having a starting party too big to count on one hand and class variety is a bit overrated. As a forewarning, you're also going to notice a promotion item squeeze on anything but fliers. Before Chapter 16 there are: 2 Knight Crests (cavalier and knight) 2 Hero Crests (sword and axe infantry) 3 Elysian Whips (flying classes) 2 Guiding Rings (magic classes) 2 Orion's Bolts (bow classes) One of each also has a special requirement to fulfill to get it. With these you'll only be able to promote all your fliers (though a fourth joins in 16). Orion's Bolts aren't too bad because there's little incentive to use more than two archers, but if you double down on cavs, mercs/fighters or mages you'll be falling short. Mages have it especially hard because they all have to share one item. You get more past this point but any post-16 promotion that isn't the fourth flier is awfully late. Chapter 16 does have a Secret Shop that sells them though.
  3. Yeah, FE6 status staffs are more slanted in the enemies' favor. Every magic user tends to have either bad magic or bad staff rank until Niime and Yoder, outside of Cecilia who's at an awkward middle ground on both. Poor enemy res only goes so far when the enemies you want to target most are other magic enemies who have good resistance. Meanwhile enemies benefit from generous magic growths and get to skip the staff rank grind. It can also be frustrating to have lower staff hit rates work against you, since the enemy has a lot more and every miss is a wasted charge. That being said I will take FE6 enemy staff distribution other FE7/8 distribution any day.
  4. Somehow she completely slipped past me despite being my flair on the subreddit. = Also regarding the banner I can see Jagen in his prime (or closer) and a younger Ogma, along with Merric and Elice, if they're going for characters with a connection to Marth and Caeda. Anyone else would be more niche picks.
  5. Sothe is the only colorless 5-star lead candidate LOL And I'm curious to see who else will be on the new special banner, whether it's other lords (hello Roy and Lilina, Alm and Celica) or if they're two randos from FE1. Probably the former but who knows. And as for the banner... I don't mind the characters, or even that it's Fates. But the gender politics once again rear their ugly head to leave a sour taste in my mouth. The splurge bonus is a nice touch, though.
  6. There's been discussion on the reddit thread that they may follow this up with a digital CCG like Hearthstone. We won't know he details until they provide a more thorough explanation though. It was also mentioned that card games as a whole are under threat from the COVID-19 pandemic since it prohibits big events. Not likely a factor given Intelligent Systems' timetable, but it could have spelled doom for the game one way or another. Better to lay it to rest peacefully than in a catastrophic meltdown.
  7. Staff accuracy is something I'm iffy on, mainly because of the GBA games and their very iffy hit rates. One thing I don't like seeing is staffs hit a target with higher Res than their Magic. I would much rather the game just force hit to 0 in that case. In particular, I think Silence should always hit. Magic units tend to be the hardest targets for status staffs, it's specifically designed to counter them, and in many games it coexists with the all-around better Sleep.
  8. Anything that isn't hit chance is 1 RN.
  9. Even in Feh's fangame Alfonse isn't allowed to be that good :v Also echoing the thought that maybe we'll get an Archanea banner this month? Or maybe some sort of news about FE's future beyond Heroes.
  10. Not really, and I'd say it's even better for LTCs in that it requires more effort than getting a bosskiller from point A to point B. Also wrt Seize you didn't mention FE7's Crazed Beast, which is a unique take on the objective. Like Tellius and Fates' Arrive maps it allows anyone to take the point, but it compensates by requiring you to seize three separate points. The Last Promise had a similar objective, although it required the Lords to seize, required you to take all the outposts before the main castle, and on top of that the main boss moved and passively prevented you from seizing his gate. There were some flaws in the execution but I want to see more of that in the games.
  11. Any duel boss in Fire Emblem. The variable nature of growth and even whether you trained the unit means that static one-on-one encounters do not work. Either the boss in question has to be underwhelming in some capacity (be it outright or with optimal preparation), or there has to be an out for the player in the event their unit gets trounced. It could work if you're given the option to fight this way, but Fire Emblem can't execute a good duel in gameplay outside of arena matches.
  12. Cheese strats are at their most fun when they are neither clear-cut nor necessary.
  13. I wouldn't say accepting canon is any more odd than shipping to your own preferences, if it floats your boat then it floats your boat. I also tend to leave them alone unless I find something seriously wrong or disturbing with them (which I generally don't).
  14. I said this on the Reddit thread and I'll say it here: I'd love to see a game that predominantly uses the FE12 Drill Grounds method (maybe with a few tweaks). It strikes me as the best balance between random variation and controlled improvement, and it works no matter where the growth range is set. It may be an issue with units having wide gaps in growth totals, but this can be mitigated by either designing growths with a range in mind (like FE10 beorc all totaling in the 300s range) or minmax the lower-end characters like in Three Houses.
  15. I'll take that over GBA Fire Emblem's status staff game where your main counterplay is "Pure Water and hope they miss" because your own Silence staffs are unreliable or rare.
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