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  1. Gen I: Hard as I tried, I think it might be physically impossible to exclude Parasect unless you cheat with regionals. Gen II: By the way I'm banning legendaries from my lists, although that's not too relevant with Johto. Gen III: Nothing against pseudos, though! Gen IV: Look Mom, no cross-gens! Gen V: Last one, and I mainly went this far so that Electric doesn't stay left out.
  2. This mention of beasts reminds me of another concept I'd like to see: taking the 3DS concept of shifter status to its logical conclusion. Ditch the dedicated shifter classes and let them transform in any class, if you need a limitation then bring back dismounting and have it require being unmounted. Make the transformation akin to FE3/Tellius where it is a mid-map reclass.
  3. Stamina and fatigue as a per-map resource. Unlike Thracia 776 it replenishes after each map, but if you run out you suffer the penalties immediately, which is disabling all your skills and EXP/WEXP gain. Mid-map replenishment would be heavily limited, and it also doubles as the cost for Arts and innate spells, giving them a more concrete currency. I had a similar idea, except instead of low use, full regen you get more uses with gradual regeneration. Base regen rate is halved rounded down if you use it at all in a map, creating a dynamic where you can splurge in exchange for having to ration later. Basic tomes get 20-25 uses with a base regen around 40, with advanced tomes dropping off harder in regen rate than in uses. Think 10-15 uses with a 3-5 regen rate for high level spells, and you can probably guess what Warp, Rescue etc's regen rates are.
  4. Mercenary leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is presumed dead after a plane crash outside Moscow - ABC News For context, Prigozhin is the leader of the Wagner Group, who have been helping Putin in the war effort. Relations with the army eroded over several months which led to what was essentially an armed protest two months back in late June. Negotiations with Belarus mediating defused the situation before it became a full-on coup, but such an uproar is speculated to have put a target on Prigozhin's back... well, this might be it. Details are still emerging but heavily lean towards kill confirmed, never mind the likelihood this was a Kremlin plot to remove another rogue element.
  5. No, and the anima types in general don't differentiate themselves enough.
  6. Here's an important detail more people need to appreciate... it gave us the modern formation screen. For the first time in the series you have real, visible control over where your units start on the map! (save for the fixed deployment characters) For all the places you can accuse FE6 of lacking polish, it also delivered one of the biggest QoL improvements in the series.
  7. The only way she's convincing Camus to switch sides is if she dangles Jubelo and Yuliya in front of him... semi-literally. Their hostage situation is what kept Grust under Dolhr's thumb, and the key difference between him and Lorenz was how much importance they placed on the royal bloodline.
  8. Does Leif actually wear a disguise, or is it literally just a pseudonym that Hannibal was willing to take at face value? Because if so, then you have another example in the mercenary Erina (Eirika) to Selena in Chapter 2. Honestly, this sounds like it could be a theme for a Ninja banner if they don't want to repeat their "pick a class plus some popular anchor(s)" shtick.
  9. I'd argue it's more in line for Caeda to be the pegasus adherent. Talys is a poor kingdom to which fliers are likely not native; most are found in the Macedon/Dolhr region. Caeda's thus fortunate to have a pegasus in the first place, and with no companions her pegasus would bond very strongly to her. Meanwhile, Macedon is famed for its wyverns and has a strong culture of riding them. So even if Minerva's trying to establish pegasi as a viable war mount there's an existing predisposition to switch over. I'm of the opinion that Caeda and Est lean strongly towards pegasus riding, while Palla and Catria are more indifferent and willing to make the transition.
  10. I'm going to ignore 24x because that's an obvious emergency measure by Gotoh, the game spells it out loud and clear. Besides that, all the paralogues occur after a major milestone: Chapter 6 is when you liberate Aurelis, in 12 you take Archanea's palace, 17 has you retaking Altea, and 20 is where you defeat Camus and knock Grust out of the war. This is a convenient place to include them narratively as it would likely coincide in a lull in activity, with Marth's army pausing to realign themselves and plan their next move. As Zapp and Pete's Mate said, the only one that holds much weight in the narrative is 12x, where Horace is forced to choose between kingdom and territory and it gives Nyna a great show of character. Sadly none of the others do much beyond maybe showing Marth as an open-minded leader who's willing to accept more unusual characters: Athena is a semi-literate foreigner, Etzel's discipline probably evoking discomfort and Ymir being a giant of a man who can throw his weight around. Nor do they engage their requirement, as none of them portray Marth explicitly going out of his way for new recruits; never mind the redundancy with generics. If they had better thought-out requirements and played with the narrative more then they might be a more meaningful addition. If nothing else the character inclusions are less contrived than the sequel.
  11. Am I the only one who Aside from that, the rest is absolutely true. Interest in a series is bound to generate strong questions about the setting, especially where the worldbuilding might have holes. In fact, asking questions about a topic is something I'd call the mark of a true fan.
  12. Obvious answer is to put them on one cartridge/download like the original FE3. Beyond that, some bullet points: If you're going to update the engine/setting then don't copypaste the original data, throw it out and rebuild from scratch. You can use the originals as suggestions but the game should feel cohesive, not out of touch with the narrative or game engine. Partition Shadow Dragon's prologue out of the story and make it another Archanea Saga arc. It's clearly not intended to be a part of the campaign when it's being removed on Hard and up. It and the others could grant clear bonuses that can be enabled on game files as DLC lite. Similarly, include alternate conditions for Shadow Dragon's paralogues and/or original character join conditions. Excelblem being funny or not, the meat grinder was very out of touch. I'm all for mixing and matching mechanics between the two iterations, and I would expect it when supplemental media has been walking back a few DS decisions (i.e. Heroes Phina got her rapier back). Dismounting + reclassing could work, but I'm with Zapp on the latter needing to be changed to avoid invalidating the former. Give everyone new OA for Naga's sake, the DS games were really bad about character peripheral tunnel vision. Adding onto that, give characters actual interactions in the games, and have some supports and scenes grant bonuses like FE4's character events. The Book 1 bonuses would transfer to Book 2 characters' bases, along with some measure of support progress.
  13. I think it would be stranger if they added a line that makes so little sense and then kept it in a remake. I'm not going to quote the rest of your post to keep it thin, but there's a lot about that situation up in the air. Archanea fell around the same time Marth escaped Altea, so Linde could have spent between two to three years on the run, how much of that in Knorda I don't know. There's only so much that can be assumed; but I would think Miloah died around the time the palace fell, given he was one of its defenders. One other detail I neglected to mention regarding a slow slave market is Dolhr's allies. General Camus was effectively Pales' warden until he helped Nyna fly the coop, and it's unlikely he or his subordinates had a taste for slavery. So it's possible that his presence and perhaps continued Grustian presence afterwards suppressed the markets, and all they could do was bide time. And that bit about Gharnef assassinating Miloah is Heroes supplemental material, so take it with a grain of salt if you want. But it's totally in character with Gharnef to want the deed for himself, and I wouldn't put it past him to sabotage Dolhr's efforts until they located his home within the palace.
  14. 1) At least one Meet the Heroes page states that Miloah was assassinated by Gharnef, meaning he likely warped straight into their home for a one-on-one. So he was in the right place to pass it to Linde on his deathbed. 2) One of Gharnef's lines in Heroes suggests he was confident that Linde was powerless to do anything, so he probably gave her a running start and left her to suffer without her dear old daddy. 3) Linde's disguise was a big bulky robe, she had ample room to hide it under there with the rest of her identity. 4) Being a slave probably beat roaming the land homeless. She had little experience with the world outside Archanea's palace, and it offered some form of sustenance and shelter. I doubt she wanted to end up there, but realized it was better than nothing and that trying to escape was suicide. 5) It's the middle of a bloody war. Not the ideal time to sell slaves... build up a stock, maybe, but you're not going to find many buyers until the dust settles. Hence she could slip under the radar with such a simple disguise; they weren't performing thorough background checks yet. That's my five points on the matter. It's not that far-fetched IMO.
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