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  1. Have supports more heavily tied to story progression. Time lock supports to prevent them from being obtained too early, and let support points build automatically as the chapters progress (with active building merely accelerating them). Support ranks increase automatically too; if you missed the conversations then go to the support library. That'll solve a lot of the issues, but volatile recruitment makes things problematic in 3H without heavily restricting support access until after the time skip.
  2. Mostly Mt/Hit/Crit boosts and Wt reduction yeah, but for staves also combining ranges. Like, give staffs a set range and if you know the spell Magic scales it up.
  3. I think tomes and staffs should return alongside this system. Tomes and staffs could give general access, and alongside tomes learned spells could grant two additional benefits: bypassing the tome/staff rank requirements and giving access to an enhanced version of the spell (replacing tome forges). This very much, magic range +whatever needs to go and I feel like even bow range is a bit unhealthy.
  4. That isn't enough to save him in PoR since he doesn't have a mount. Shouldn't have sent Victor out to pasture.
  5. I wouldn't mind Turnwheel returning if they left it out of the story. The Wii rereleases for Pikmin added a day rewind feature but they never had to justify it, it's just a QoL feature.
  6. I think the line between Casual and Classic extends to more than just permadeath; you also have DLC, clear bonuses, renown, etc. Those barely existed in games prior to FE12, with the only notable instance being transfer bonuses in FE10, and they change the game way more than the option to disable permanent death does.
  7. I don't mind the putting your foot down approach to character pairings seen in Archanea, Valentia and Tellius games. In-game shipping is overrated.
  8. 1) Mostyn is a friend of Cornelius and someone they can count on for support. 2) Talys is the furthest place away from the triumvirate of Dohlr, Grust and Macedon, while Aurelis is on the warpath. 3) They can travel by sea instead of land, which would require crossing through the war zone. It's a longer trip but also safer.
  9. I did say, "Maybe halve follow-up damage on counterattacks too." You could just as easily do that without splitting the follow-up checks.
  10. Pavise becomes a class skill for armored classes that reduces damage by 25% of the base damage. Besides that, lock mobility assists to infantry and let them attack after using them (i.e. Swap or Pivot and then attack). I wouldn't say doubling is a bad mechanic alone, but when it's stacked in tandem with other offensive tools it becomes overwhelming. (This can be said about other offensive tools too.) I do agree that it overcentralizes Speed, but I can think of a quick fix: Speed is checked for doubling on initiation, and Skill for doubling on a counterattack. Maybe halve follow-up damage on counterattacks too.
  11. I'm in agreement with Aggro, mounted units can keep Canto but IS needs to crack down on their freedom of movement. There's too little keeping them from outpacing infantry on any given map. I also like the idea of swapping Canto for Pass on fliers. Another idea I thought up is that Canto only triggers after battle if the user doesn't take damage, and possibly even if they only make one attack. If you get hit with a meaningful force or stick around to strike multiple times you're losing momentum.
  12. Unless they're a surprise seasonal or (god forbid) a Legendary/Mythic I'm not counting on it. FE12 doesn't have recency bias and they're not high enough for farfetch'd part trois.
  13. 1) Remove the Mount command. You leave your mount, you're on your own. 2) Globally cap Movement at 10 or something. 3) Give fliers terrain costs. This is far from singular but it's by far the biggest change needed to curtail flier dominance, and yes, I can think of terrain types/maps it would be justified on.
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