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  1. It depends heavily on the two characters, how well they click and where they started off. If two characters already had a sound relationship then just one or two conversations can be enough. Whereas with two strangers for could work out but it might be too little.
  2. The art's alright, what bothers me is the voice. I prefer the deeper voice she had in her first iteration.
  3. I know, but featuring an event that occurs at the end of autumn on a banner in the middle of summer would be an odd choice. If the banner was in October or even late September then I'd buy it as a possibility.
  4. I'd be surprised if it was based on the White Heron Cup with how early in the year it is now, that's in December. It's more likely it'll be another summer festival akin to the 2018 banner. That and I really don't want another 3H dominated seasonal right after we just got one and on the heels of them owning CYL4.
  5. Somehow I didn't expect this, even though FE12 turned ten years old two days ago... too much "Where's Jill" echo chambering I guess.
  6. Duelist Blow: When initiating combat, grants Spd +6 and reduces non-Special attack damage by [Spd difference] x 3% (max. 30%). Certain Blow: When initiating combat, grants Atk +6 and ignores all non-Special percent-based damage reduction.
  7. Mustafa has popularity behind him as a sympathetic enemy boss whereas Aran and Dadven have far thinner followings. Kieran would fit right in on a Crimean Royal Knights banner but I'd be very surprised if he shared a banner with Jill (assuming axes) or the Greil Mercs. Granted we did get a Catria alt on an Echoes banner for the army she wasn't in but it depends on whether they feel like it.
  8. There are more productive ways to reduce the disparity between Speed and Skill, like giving the latter an objective function that isn't dependent on RNG. Or dropping the Skill stat altogether and redistribute its functions elsewhere, since they've already been doing that and stat-based Hit/Avo/etc. has been falling out of favor since the DS games.
  9. I don't know what you're getting at here, one is based solely on statistical comparison while the other is a luck-based mechanic. In a strategy game. It's already ridiculous how powerful the latter is, and I'd go farther than Jotari with changing it. Only double damage with lower crit rates overall, but larger boosts for the tools meant to fish for them, is what I'd call for.
  10. Despite increasing the summer seasonal banner bloat I'm sort of glad the dancer banner is coming sooner than later, if for the simple fact that it makes a 3H focus a lot less likely. They need more banners, but not all at once and CYL4 belongs to them.
  11. Enemies are leveled by Growth(decimal) x Level and added to their base stats to generate their stats.
  12. Come on IS just break the Curse of Jill already
  13. He isn't a minor character either. Echoing what others said, the collar up looks pretty bad. I even heard speculation that it's the same artist but I doubt that.
  14. Did the SNES ballisticians have decent stats, playable or not?
  15. I just knew it was going to be Three Houses... fingers crossed the rest of the banner has more variety. Nothing against 3H but I like seeing more than one game repped and they swept CYL3 as it is.
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