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  1. Short of the same sequence playing out it's unlikely she would abandon her kingdom to chase after Camus. Marth would actually listen to Nyna and consult with her on ruling their kingdoms, rather than be Hardin the miracle man turned tyrant who does it all himself. She can stay more behind-the-scenes, but she'll have some agency over her lands instead of being reduced to a figurehead.
  2. My predictions are Eph, Neph n' Effie Sonya. Maybe Innes if they're feeling colorless. It's probably not gonna be another 3-4*, Archanean, and I hope not red unit. For that matter, most of these characters would be suited to an enemy kingdom theme.
  3. Gra has a half-decent force of experienced soldiers in FE3 Book 2, the Paladins, Horsemen and Snipers on Chapter 15 are all aligned with Gra rather than Archanea in that game.
  4. Georgia is down to a mere 2,500 votes! ...Still in Trump's favor but it may well tip if the votes haven't run out. Meanwhile Pennsylvania is looking sunnier, with Biden finally within a percentage point and a wider margin for improvement. Nevada and Arizona have been stable, as has North Carolina.
  5. And Biden takes Wisconsin! Trump is already disputing it and demanding a recount, of course... Michigan is almost done and looks promising but remains close. Nevada is tense. Pennsylvania shows promise but it depends on how blue those last votes are, while Carolina and Georgia don't look so hopeful.
  6. Who's at fault for voter fraud here, Trump? If legal action is taken then with the right ruling this could change a few close races. Unlikely, but if nothing else it's another chip to hold in the future.
  7. Looks like another Japanese flavor seasonal banner is on the way. I've been seeing people talk about a ninja festival (to go with the pirate fest earlier) with the shurikens embedded in the floor.
  8. Rescue is definitely a buff to infantry as much as it is to mounts, it lets them get around faster to do their jobs. One thing that could stand to change however is to let infantry initiate the rescue-drop a la Pair Up, improving unit action logistics if the footie has nothing better to do that turn. Just make it so that mounted units can't carry each other as in the GBA, which is where I'd say the mechanic goes a bit too far favoring them. And wrt dismounting, I agree with some stat buffs for dismounting - Dexterity and Speed can go up while Strength, Defense and Mag/Res for pegasus riders go down. That said, if you want meaningful trade-offs the mechanic itself needs to be nerfed: remove the option to get back on and have the dismount take place before moving. Just the first would be enough, the latter is more a realism touch but it also limits the exploitation (i.e. fliers can't cross a gap and then ditch their arrow weakness on the same turn).
  9. Reese's all the way. Milky Way, Swedish Fish and Junior Mints aren't far behind.
  10. Speaking about the ones I've played: Binding Blade Hard is a unique case where it has same-turn reinforcements, but they're not mode-conditional so you'll know what you're in for. In fact, that can be said about HM in general: the only major difference is you lose access to the base shop, which sold E-ranks at 150% price. Be warned that earlygame is a gut punch though, with double bonus levels until the prep screen, Chapter 6 having some dickish extra reinforcements and Chapter 7 can be downright overwhelming with the initial javelin-heavy onslaught. Shadow Dragon Merciless is a mess early on, but it's definitely challenging. Chapter 2-3 has you unconditionally getting 2RKO'd so you need to use your scrub squad wisely, and the first three bosses are among the series' most infamous. Stat inflation is limited to offenses and it has a good weapon scaling curve, although I would've preferred they mix forged silvers in with the braves at the end. Most of the same-turn reinforcements are overrated, although your usual first encounter with them (chapter 7) is harsh. Still, save points go a long way in making the mode more manageable. New Mystery Lunatic is a tighter designed and better tested Merciless mode, and it also has some constructive changes like swapping out a few broken resources for something else and giving enemy dragons 1-2 range. It has some problems you might not like though: the stat curve is a lot faster, same-turn reinforcements are meaner with how they change the spawn conditions and I think the weapon curve could've been handled better. You also have to get through the Prologue before you get to the main game, which is... an acquired taste with its more limited options, claustrophobic maps, poorly handled "route splits" and a very sink-or-swim style of teaching you how to play Lunatic that you might find unfun. I also played Blazing Blade, Sacred Stones and Echoes hardest difficulties but they're a lot less impressive. HHM's stat increases wear thin very quickly alongside the poor enemy curve and has several un-constructive changes. Sacred Stones has the same weak progression on top of being shorter, although it doesn't have the un-constructive changes. Echoes Hard isn't much to write home about aside from two or three maps, there's stat and equipment inflation but it's not that noticeable.
  11. I think it's possible that Hardin could have been corrupted anyway, as he supposedly held jealousy for Marth anyway; but Aurelis would not likely be sufficient to start a continental war. Grust would have been stable with Marth and Nyna calling the shots and not installing General Lang, and while Macedon remains at risk of boiling over it'd be a cinch to subdue. Marth led a relatively small expedition force against a rebellion that was quietly funded by Hardin and won; Rucke and Rumel wouldn't stand a chance against a damned army. Aurelis has to get through Archanea if it wants to take Altea, so Elice is safe. Well, short of Gharnef teleport spamming to put his plan into motion, but without the chaos of a widespread war he won't have as good a background to hide in. He'll have a harder time getting Starlight too since he probably mooched it off the Dark Emperor along with Nyna; and even if he did, if Michalis can swipe it back then Marth's going to find some way of retrieving it. Overall, Gharnef can still throw things out of whack but his endgame is less likely to succeed.
  12. Imagine FE Heroes giving you half price on anything. (feat. casual Draug and Norne in the background)
  13. Zone-based reinforcements that appear immediately when you move a unit into the trigger zone and startle your character when they appear, stopping their current movement. You can then Canto with their remaining movement, regardless of class.
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