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  1. Left is tricky with the ears, but it looks like a Beast Triber and the wide outfit's making it hard to tell their girth. But I'm still thinking a bulkier character like Mordecai or Skrimir. Right could be a girl or a long-haired guy like Lucius, Libra, Izana... hair leans female but otherwise that silhouette is pretty androgynous.
  2. Evolving weapon sounds a lot better on paper but it's significantly hampered by durability. If you give it durability then there's a chance it'll break before you can evolve it, otherwise there's a tricky balancing act of making it reasonably useful without overshadowing other weapons. This gets easier if you don't have durability but that's a whole 'nother discussion. A compromise might be if broken weapons exist, then your weapon is auto-repaired whenever it evolves. I'm indifferent overall, I care more that the weapon is useful when you have it.
  3. Instead of empty gauge start Laguz with full gauge and move the transformation time to start of the action (i.e. before moving). Also use the unit's transformed state for the stat baseline and apply an untransformed penalty, it makes the stat maths easier to work out. Also enables milder penalties like say, only having three-quarters or two-thirds of your full stats while untransformed.
  4. That actually sounds fairly unique if you capitalize on the persecuted group angle for turning the usual hero popularity on its head. Instead of being widely respected, he/she has a limited appreciation and has to earn it. Some may join out of sympathy, but it might be muddied by doubts, conscious or subconscious. Others may simply join out of pragmatism due to not liking the other side, and a few might even join as moles with the intention of turning at the right moment! Playing poorly could result in defections, and moles might require exceptional play to keep around until the end. You might have to be careful with that though, forced unit loss is always a touchy subject in this series.
  5. Binding Blade Maddening mode RNG is 1 RN above 50 hit and 2 RN below for the player, and the opposite for the enemy. No, not just hit RNG. Crit rolls before hit and ignores the accuracy check, also uses FE5's hit/crit formulas (Crit = Skill, Dodge = Luck/2). EXP gain is cut in half and you lose between 1-3 deployment slots on every map. Double Hard Mode bonuses is no longer a glitch and the routine to scrub recruitable enemy bonuses now properly works. Each map has a soft time limit in the form of new reinforcements whose spawn position is tied to Roy.
  6. Lundgren's small time, the true antagonist of Lyn's tale is "You have too many items. Select one to discard." I've been thinking if they bring back dedicated thieves then your thief could have FE7 Merlinus style deployment, possibly with a small monetary price to be thematic. Maybe wrap the mid-map convoy utility into them as well?
  7. It is the fourth dimension of our known universe that represents the ever-changing distribution of matter and energy within its indeterminate boundaries. Units of time are an arbitrary, uniform measurement to track this constant unidirectional flow of events and were developed within the contexts of our experiences on our home planet based on relatively stable cycle of changes as it rotates on its axis and orbits its parent star.
  8. Speaking of infinite reinforcements, I find repeating the same reinforcements turn after turn is the worst type of reinforcements. It's just really lazy and it promotes turtling no matter what phase they appear on.
  9. Goddess in the Professor's Head casually conversing with the students and Ashe being halfway across the year in wardrobe from everyone else are amusing.
  10. FE6's RNG formula is slightly off in that it can generate 100s when it's only supposed to roll 0-99. You probably had a 100 on queue lined up with the crit check.
  11. Personally I'd like to see the emphasis on customization dialed back a bit in lieu of more functionally distinct characters. Bring back personal skill sets as in Jugdral/Tellius, throw in scrolls/manuals and being able to learn new skills by level for some progression. Push reclassing to the backburner, still there for players who want to but requiring more effort and commitment, and you aren't explicitly missing out for opting out. Also focus on quality over quantity in the skill pool, we have too many of them nowadays and many amount to pork. Three Houses might as well have been this. Classes felt more like they were there for enemy conformity, you could have generic enemies use classes while player characters and named characters get epithets.
  12. I'm going to refer to reinforcements as enemy phase and player phase because what I have to say here touches on both. While they can be annoying at times, I think they have their place in Fire Emblem and can be used well. Having to wait a turn to act is a huge detriment in Fire Emblem; one turn can mean the difference between life and death. If you know where they're coming from you can literally sit next to their spawn point and farm them for free EXP as they come. You could say "just add more of them" but you have to draw the line at some point, unless you want to go full PoR Maniac Mode. Enemy phase reinforcements punish spawncamping a lot more concisely than player phase reinforcements ever could... or if the reinforcements are meant to punish you at all. I don't think punishing the player is that bad for making the wrong move is that bad, provided they can discern the wrong move. IMO the biggest problem with enemy phase reinforcements is how IntSys has been using them. They've settled into a terrible pattern, which can be described as: It has to be either one or the other. Now, this has been a thing since FE began, and it's a shame because the two timings would be great if used in tandem. In fact, use them both in the same reinforcement groups. Have the first wave of fort reinforcements be player phase and the rest be enemy phase, or have one or two "scouts" appear on player phase joined by the rest on enemy phase. There are 2-3 ways you can approach these, only one of them gets you ambushed on and it's on you if it happened. Likewise groups that wouldn't be fair going first can be all player phase, or all enemy phase if they're in a spot where it really shouldn't matter. Only on Hard, Maniac, etc. This "they're too hard for normal" way of thinking is the root of most problems and it's what makes #1 a lot more damning. Enemy phase reinforcements require a different enough approach that it's effectively a new game mechanic, and the consequences of playing poorly are not something to throw at new players on a higher difficulty. There's also the issue that reinforcements frequently only work one way or the other, and maybe arguments about going from coddling to sink-or-swim. We can add new reinforcement patterns on Hard and up. This speaks for itself and it's a dick move in tandem with the last two points. That's how it started in Shadow Dragon, and while the DS games have map saves I don't believe they excuse poor or lazy reinforcement design, neither do rewind mechanics. I think New Mystery's the worse of the two though because a few of its Maniac+ patterns could be described as kaizo traps. I also have to give Fates credit where it's due, not for buying "ambush spawn bad" but for being consistent with the timings across difficulties. If it didn't commit to player phase only I fully believe Conquest could have used enemy phase reinforcements fairly.
  13. Basically this. It provides some insurance to "safe" plays, which is key in a game where hit rates may not always be 100 and the stakes of missing are higher than most RPGs. I also agree with @pong but more on the grounds that pushing low hits down more isn't healthy. Hit rates below 50 are already ill-regarded and they become downright insufferable to play with under 2 RN (see: FE6 throne hogs). This isn't an issue with enemies but deflating their hit rates can leave the player feeling overconfident. You know the story: someone puts a unit into too many enemies' range, they get hit too many times and die, and then the player blames it on the RNG when they had a hand in their own bad luck. Conceptually I like Fates RN the most because it pads high hit rates, but less than 2 RN, and it doesn't punish low hit rates so you have to be mindful of non-zero hit rates.
  14. If pirates come back for a third year then Echidna would be a nice pick, specifically with a Prf sword as a reference to her unused Prf concept in Binding Blade. Being the leader of a rebellion to free her colonized island home she has a great background for the banner too.
  15. Electric/Fighting is something we really ought to have by now. If we got more Megas then Mega Electivire could easily fill this, the line already gets multiple Fighting-type moves.
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