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  1. What else was he supposed to do, lie down and accept his unofficial execution at the hands of the bandits? Because that's why his army was sent to the Western Isles: the corrupt half of Etruria wanted to take him out of the picture discreetly so that they could sell out to Bern with less opposition.
  2. this is your third grade math teacher, see me after class Another minor nitpick is that bow/dagger should be in the same BST bin, and slight variations are because stats are stored as bases+growths rather than caps. But I like the idea of this topic! It's something I wish would happen in the game, and I might dump a couple here later.
  3. NoA isn't the main branch on Nintendo, NoJ is the main headquarters and Fire Emblem titles are native to the Japan region. I wager NoJ has the first say in whether their games get localized.
  4. probably It's happened in the GBA games, so chances are it'll happen here. Your choice as to whether the payoff is worth it, but most enemies won't need a Devil Axe to critkill them by the time it's available.
  5. Critical hits are useful for the player too, look at Binding Blade and the higher difficulty DS games. They're also a great tool for cheesing bosses, especially in games where enemies have 0 luck. But they encourage rigging or rely on RNG and reward it too heavily.
  6. SoV has me thinking that we don't need the weapon triangle... at all. You could cut the axe category and reduce melee weapons to blades and polearms, with the former encompassing swords and the shorter axes while the latter contains spears, lances, poleaxes and whatever other weapons on a stick you can name.
  7. Brave weapons could potentially be replaced with combat arts, Double Lion and Hunter's Volley served their purpose in SoV.
  8. I see a lot of speculation that it's Kana or Nils on the left and Nowi/Nah on the right on the subreddit. lol wut The only mage with a connection to her is Merric
  9. They're probably going to have really niche use due to magic classes having lower Strength stats and the focus on class skills, and who knows, there could be an arbitrary cap on weapon rank for non-native weapons. At most I can see an occasional dip into sidearms to use an effective weapon. There might be a hybrid class or so in the highest class tier but that doesn't appear to be a focus in this game.
  10. Probably because magic is busted enough as it is with Thracia 776 mechanics , and because magic weight would more likely be akin to spell complexity.
  11. He will pass the Silver Blade down, but he loses all his gold and lances in the process. All he'll have going into Gen 2 is an Iron Lance.
  12. I like this theme but I'm slightly disappointed they didn't call it Battle of the (Head)Bands.
  13. You can get around this by keeping Lex and Ayra apart from area outside of that and gluing him to Silvia from chapter 3 on. Lex/Ayra has slow growth without adjacency. Also one thing that nobody has mentioned regarding Finn is that pairing him forfeits his inventory whether or not characters can inherit it. Having a Javelin and Steel/Silver Lance on him for chapter 7 is nice to help soften the squads coming after Leif, and he's limited to whatever he takes from Gen 1 because Leonster only grants access to weapon repairing.
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