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  1. I'll echo the point about making the AI somewhat human. At the very least, give it enough common sense to not attack foes it can't hope to harm and back up archers that are up against a unit they can't attack. Preferably, give it the sense to think a move or two ahead so that it can work around simple bait traps. That being said there's a limit to how human an I can be, and I'm not talking in terms of programming. Having the enemy bunch up into a singular group every map would not make for a fun game.
  2. Drill Grounds basically takes you GRT/100 and gives you that many points when you get a level. A unit with 330% total growths and nothing capped will get three points with a 30% chance of a fourth. And you could do more to explain your "a unit with a 10% higher growth could have as much as 39 more in a stat" because I don't know how you're getting an exact figure when growth procs are RNG.
  3. You'd do more by increasing her base stats and the power of her tomes. She starts with 7 Mag/4 Res; that's the same Res as Leonardo! Plus her best weapon for awhile is 8 Mt Thani, while Light and Ellight sit at 3 and 5 Mt respectively. Double her base Res and give her a Mage-effective tome if you want her to counter mages. Also the weapon triangle doesn't exist on Hard so never having magic advantage isn't too big a deal.
  4. The only way that would be true is if you leveled both units exclusively in FE12 Drill Grounds, where gains are bracketed by growth total. But in most cases how many stats you're getting per level is up to RNG- for what it's worth, the 10% lower growth unit could end up ten points ahead of his peer, possibly even before they promote.
  5. It's probably a pipe dream but I'd love to see Kris and a Merric+Elice duo on the next seasonal banner simply because I cannot get the "Merric Krismas!" pun out of my head.
  6. Genealogy needs something to help put infantry on better footing (heh) compared to mounts. Problem is what that could be without reducing mounts' overall mobility, which would hurt the big maps overall. Maybe add Rescue but allow infantry to hop into the saddle themselves? It would free up an action for the horses. Disagree with everyone who says to standardize item management without also addressing the clusterfuck that free trading would cause. "Eeeeeeeeuh i don't liiiike iiiit" is not a good enough reason to change something that's part of the game's identity. Also please make Nordion a blue castle after recruiting Lachesis so that I have a better Warp point. And nerf Pavise, it's a terrible way to make bosses tougher. For Thracia 776 and Binding Blade, changes to make the game less luck-based would be greatly appreciated. That being said, this is gonna be harder in Thracia because that game indulges in luck-based mechanics. That said I disagree with changing it to 0-100% Hit, but more specifically 0% Hit. That shouldn't be happening in any game ever. If the Hit floor changes it should be to Skill%. The 99% Hit cap is also used in the games for plot armor opposed to attacks suddenly being ineffective, but I suppose they could change some things to make it work?
  7. I am so glad Tanya's the fourth after getting snubbed on the banner.
  8. While effective weaponry could stand to be more common in some games, it's only a patchwork solution. Ignoring the increasing abundance of effectiveness nullifiers (especially on bosses), there are often plenty of workarounds, be it smart play (good) or brute-forcing it with avoid or defense (bad). Terrain cost is the biggest area of improvement. Cavalry lived or died by the terrain; forests could stand to slow them more, non-desert sand isn't good for hooved animals, etc. I can also think of a few instances where fliers should suffer a movement penalty outdoors, such as the elevation of mountains requiring extra effort to overcome. Indoors should be a lot harder on them outside of specially-built open areas, a big animal is not going to get around comfortably indoors. Especially not with wings... have fun getting a pegasus or wyvern through a door. If you want good movement indoors, dismount. And speaking of dismounting, chuck the Mount command and make it a one-way deal. Being able to trade movement types constantly makes it more of a buff in many cases. But the thing I want to touch upon most is weapon diversity. There are many, many weapons that were impractical or outright unwieldy on a horse, and some that were only effective on one. Two-handed swords (Blade weapons), certain polearms, and longbows fell in the former category; and those big heavy jousting lances fell in the latter. Integrate that into the game and now we're getting somewhere, and dismounting gets an extra level of depth! You could do this with magic too if you want to keep unhealthy stuff off mounts.
  9. Gimme a game where FE12 Drill Grounds level-ups are the norm. I'll gladly sacrifice seeing 5+ stat levels if it means I'm not seeing 1-point duds.
  10. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse quartering some poor, not so innocent sap.
  11. A bit late on this but if you want to pair Julia with anybody then you're gonna have to tether them at the hip, she has 0+0 natural love growth with everyone but Seliph (whom she's negative with) and is at the bottom of nearly every male's jealousy list. Your only option is 100 turns adjacent.
  12. There are two advantages to being conservative about it: it makes 2019 Q3/4 planning easier and they'll have CYL4 results to go off. Besides that, the game has a relatively small roster and they know by now that pushing a game too hard will make people sick of it.
  13. Disarm Trap also seems unlikely on a demote unless they want to start being generous with AR skills. Igrene looks really scary in tandem with Ophelia if you overlap their ranges.
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