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  1. Brave weapons could potentially be replaced with combat arts, Double Lion and Hunter's Volley served their purpose in SoV.
  2. I see a lot of speculation that it's Kana or Nils on the left and Nowi/Nah on the right on the subreddit. lol wut The only mage with a connection to her is Merric
  3. They're probably going to have really niche use due to magic classes having lower Strength stats and the focus on class skills, and who knows, there could be an arbitrary cap on weapon rank for non-native weapons. At most I can see an occasional dip into sidearms to use an effective weapon. There might be a hybrid class or so in the highest class tier but that doesn't appear to be a focus in this game.
  4. Probably because magic is busted enough as it is with Thracia 776 mechanics , and because magic weight would more likely be akin to spell complexity.
  5. He will pass the Silver Blade down, but he loses all his gold and lances in the process. All he'll have going into Gen 2 is an Iron Lance.
  6. I like this theme but I'm slightly disappointed they didn't call it Battle of the (Head)Bands.
  7. You can get around this by keeping Lex and Ayra apart from area outside of that and gluing him to Silvia from chapter 3 on. Lex/Ayra has slow growth without adjacency. Also one thing that nobody has mentioned regarding Finn is that pairing him forfeits his inventory whether or not characters can inherit it. Having a Javelin and Steel/Silver Lance on him for chapter 7 is nice to help soften the squads coming after Leif, and he's limited to whatever he takes from Gen 1 because Leonster only grants access to weapon repairing.
  8. I'm not a fan of having a very small roster. You can say it gives characters more room for development, but you can still fail to give any attention to characters among a small cast. There's an appeal to being able to deploy everyone at once, but having a cast size match deployment and permadeath don't go hand-in-hand. I'm hoping new recruitable characters will show up during the War Phase, especially since children are no longer a thing. I want my mid-lategame prepromotes back >:[
  9. I expect we'll get Byleth, Edelgard, Dmitri and Claude on the late July banner and then their houses will each get a banner later down the line. I would hope they don't do more than four before the end of 2019 though so that other games will have some breathing room.
  10. It runs one random number through a complex formula to get a hit curve similar to 2 RN but less extreme. There's a more thorough explanation over on Reddit: https://old.reddit.com/r/fireemblem/comments/ae5666/echoes_absolutely_uses_fates_rn_bonus_explanation/?st=jxayhjmp&sh=b6928484
  11. Fates RN actually uses a more complex formula to determine hit above 50%, it generates a similar result but it's a bit less skewed upwards than 2RN. The main difference is Fates RN is 1 RN below 50% hit, which means hit rates below 20% aren't moot. And New Mystery has very high weapon hit rates, although -20 Hit is excessive unless we're talking Lunatic forges.
  12. Skill is a tricky stat to balance due to affecting major RNG elements, but I do think only 1 point of Hit is too weak. 2 or 1.5 Hit (depending on the stat scaling) would make a stat deficit more profound. From there though, you'd also need to be careful with other accuracy modifiers: if you can easily stack hit bonuses (forging, supports, skills) to have a constant 100% hit rate then what's the point? I also suggest splitting the Avoid between Skill and Speed, the latter carries enough weight through doubling mechanics and of course a more dexterous person would be better at dodging. That said, all this depends on how much you want to allow hit rates to deviate from the weapon's base. Shadow Dragon clearly valued hit rates consistent with the weapons, although exorbitant hit forges throw a wrench in that methodology. Personally I prefer natural crit rates stay low, they're supposed to be rare without bonuses. Skill/2 is fine as it is, but having it be Skill on Killer weapons would make them more reliable. I'm of the mind that Luck doesn't need to be on par with the other stats and should be ignored when looking at a units Rating (or whatever you call the stat aggregate). Balance units without Luck in mind and then give them whatever you find appropriate for them. Just make what it does do more profound: full Crit Avoid, multiply it on hidden item find rates, being able to erase Devil backfire chance, you get it. As far as hit rates go, I would drop it to Luck/3 Hit and Avoid and no more than Luck/2. FE4 and GBA Luck giving more Avoid is awful. Lastly I agree with the general sentiment that crits ought to be nerfed. I also like Florete's suggestion of having Skill add to critical damage, but as a replacement for the critical multiplier; similar to how Jugdral games doubled Attack but less extreme. Might want to tweak the battle forecast in that case to show how much extra damage a crit would add.
  13. I don't care much, I'll get used to it and Dex is a much cleaner stat abbreviation than whatever Skill can come up with.
  14. Out of all the games I've played FE7 is the least noteworthy, has some gimmicky maps and the Eliwood/Hector Mode split was unnecessary, so I guess I'll go with that.
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