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  1. The ponytail splitting and the lance are a dead ringer for Tana. I was questioning on the archer being Innes but that sketch post thread made me more certain about it.
  2. I'd be all for giving critical hits the Pokemon XY-SM treatment: cutting the bonus damage and lowering natural crit rates. And throw in making the crit bonus tools more reliable, like Killing Edges tripling your crit from Skill. Maybe not big passive crit bonuses though...
  3. Now that Kris is in the game there's a good chance F!Kris will be on one of them. Whether it's an Archanea banner or a mixed banner is the question, but likely the former since past summer avatars' banners have all been native game only.
  4. Neuter Javelins and Hand Axes like Fates did. That solves that problem. Though in general, you could also nerf natural crit rates to the point where you need to be actively trying for critical hits with their tools or the enemy is just that unlucky. FE4 takes it to the extreme with no natural critical hits unaided, despite every enemy having 0 Luck. I wouldn't say no to having some way to opt out of getting random crits either, like through a skill or accessory.
  5. Aside from the "aghhh gen 2 already" factor* that's a neat and creative take on the Hel aesthetic. * - Still less cringe than Brave Ike getting one
  6. Don't forget about their flightleader Minerva, and with a Harmonic lined up this would be as good an opportunity as ever for a Cherche+Minerva duo. Or Cherche+Maria if they're feeling teasy and opt to go with Minerva's two #1 fans instead. Whatever it is it's probably not Three Houses when they just got a full banner.
  7. So Heroes wasn't too coward to give us V!Sharena, Sharena was too coward to give us V!Sharena. Yeah but she's at the beach so it's totally different right
  8. Probably the Yoshi plushie sitting in a cup on my desk. Given how much technology can misbehave without sentience I wouldn't chance it with...
  9. He'd get less hate for sure with a fresh cast to work with, but if he had the same role and character interactions with them then some of his criticisms would stand.
  10. There's at least one hint that it'll take cues from Platinum: Hopefully they'll take other cues from Platinum such as the expanded Sinnohdex so that most of the crossgen evos are available in-game, Gym leaders and Elite Four members aren't strapped for options, and you aren't stuck with only two Fire-types. Maybe on that front we can get some Sinnoh regional variants for 'mons to liven up the dex? As silly as the chibis might look in 3D at least the battle models have proper proportions.
  11. That's pretty much my thoughts behind it, you don't see the 100 EXP system too often in other RPGs. I wouldn't call diminishing returns a bad thing, as it incentivizes using stronger heal spells and disincentivizes soloing being the optimal strategy; but it depends on how much the returns diminish. Unreachable peaks have been a thing in many RPGs that have become more common since Awakening for sure, but they existed before. It's just that, aside from Kaga HP caps, they were a lot lower and more limited. You're usually not getting to 20/20 for one, but 20/10 and 15/15 are a lot more feasible.
  12. Given the Divine Accord between Duma and Mila as well as their own Barbary Wars, it can be assumed the two kingdoms were pretty isolationist. Small pockets of trade could occur - the rare Archanean ships, Kamui's people immigrating - but there would be no interstate policy agreements. Never mind that Duma built a tower to symbolize his resentment towards his motherland, and that the continental superpower is both on the other side and had its own apathetic leadership. Berber attacks on Grust might also discourage their closest neighbor among the "civilized" parts from associating with outsiders, although that happened long before Grust became the kingdom it did. Honestly, given all the other geographical changes in such a short period, I wouldn't be surprised if the Schism raised it out of the ocean, be it by Grima or Naga's power.
  13. While light trade and a few weapon carry-overs aren't out of the question, anything else would be better left to a hypothetical Book 3. The War of Heroes is practically on the coattails of the Unification War; Alm and Celica would be busy establishing the new One Kingdom and if, Jesse's kingdom was up and running that quickly they'd have their hands full with domestic missions. It would be postgame at best, and that's an optimistic best.
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