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  1. Yeah speaking of which: SC Republican Party overrules Greenville County GOP, confirms Russo as primary winner (yahoo.com) Saw this earlier and it looks like a small-scale practice run.
  2. Lightsabers could be a cool weapon in FE: a magic sword that's only 1-range but might have higher Might than conventional magic weapons. If they ever toned those back down then it could be an outlet for physical classes to do higher magic damage in melee.
  3. Different games have different faction caps. I can't speak for FE1/2 but I know the former never starts with more than 20 enemies per map. FE3 caps at 32 enemies; FE4 thru GBA at 50; and the DS games at 60. Tellius games are notorious for their higher enemy counts, part of it likely due to hardware.
  4. Use it where the extra power saves you a use, particularly turning a 2HKO into a 3HKO. If you're talking lances or axes then using Steel more often can improve weapon rank, since they have a yield of 2 WEXP per hit rather than 1. The sword and bow don't get this unfortunately, being relegated to rarer, more niche weapons.
  5. If you're going to have a hit bonus then IMO it should be consistent. Besides, bow accuracy is already spotty sometimes and a mount with wings presents a wider target, leaving them out would be weird. If that's too good on magic then maybe don't give tomes blanket effective damage? On the Swordslayer discussion, it's a clear reference to Mystery of the Emblem's Swordslayer, which was a sword designed to kill the Mercenary line since the mechanics made enemy Heroes very tough. So it sort of makes sense that the other sword infantry branch got included... making it an axe with the reaver effect, though? That's definitely a weird choice. Haven't played Awakening/Fates but Superior and "effective against weapon" weapons seemed more sensible because they weren't scissors cutting rock situations. One place I'd like to see this sort of thing is against magic, particularly on some spells themselves. If Bishops had a way to leverage effective damage against other mages they might hold up better against other magic classes post-staff rank gap.
  6. A hit bonus on effective damage would be nice, especially if a drawback is supposed to be lower hit so that it doesn't just whiff the targets it's supposed to hit. It also mitigates the usual solution of just rigging a dodge to get around them. Zapp mentioned combat arts earlier and I do like the thought of how they could interact, but as someone else said the full 3x on any weapon is a bit extreme. I was thinking maybe if it was 2x, with effective arts on effective weapons stacking up to 4x? And that 4x is not fully negated by Iote's Shield or its clones, only being dropped back down to 2x. Another important question is whether it's the Might of the weapon or the art that gets multiplied... iirc both games with arts only do one or the other. I wouldn't mind if it did both; might seem like overkill to have Tempest Lance do triple on Ridersbane but if I'm stacking techs like that I'd be disappointed if it didn't one-shot.
  7. You see the rat tail hanging from the right side of his head? Boey doesn't have that. And last year's 3H summer was the first banner. With it being a mixed banner there's been speculation that they'll be breaking the Duo-Harmonic flip-flop again with another Harmonic. There's further evidence in that the next Resonant schedule lists Three Houses as one of the games when the pattern predicted SoV: Whatever it is, I have no problems with 3H having to share the summer spotlight this year.
  8. Binding Blade's splits are the most thought-invoking so they're the one I'll talk about. I'll preface by saying the requirements could stand to be less obtuse. Western Isles path isn't so bad, it's just a mutually exclusive house choice which is easy to make on repeat playthroughs. But the EXP split mechanic is obnoxious and affects your unit choice, or demands more attention to EXP gains than would be expected of players. It's also a split that feels like both should be played... maybe if a remake elevates Guinevere or Lilina to proper deuteragonist? I'm going to speak against conventional consensus on Ilia vs Sacae here. Yes, I'll acknowledge that Sacae has some more pain in the ass elements, but Ilia's not a golden promised land in comparison. Chapters 18 and 19 are a drag to navigate without warping or wings and while pegasi are less irritating than nomads they go too far in the opposite direction. I don't particularly enjoy being in near-constant ballista range either. And at the very least Sacae offers a change of scenery on repeat playthroughs. The same can't be said of Western Isles' B route, which look like the same two maps but swapped around and redesigned much worse. 10B packs the same pandemonium as 11A while being more claustrophobic and putting Klein/Thea in much worse starting positions. 11B pits you against a damned Iron Ballista (3-15 range!) before you even encounter the standard ballista. For all the headaches 11A can cause it's more palatable than the two maps it takes to skip it. It's a shame Elphin, Bartre and the fighters' world-building are locked to it... well, that and an Energy Ring instead of a Dracoshield. What is it with GBA being so stingy with Energy Rings? tl;dr Isles A > Ilia > Sacae > Isles B. Remake could stand to be more transparent about the splits.
  9. When I said "spirit" I meant in the context of the human spirit, as faith and scientific reasoning are both extensions of the mind. Maybe a different word could be used but I don't have one in mind. My point stands though.
  10. As all separate ranks? No, magic types have traditionally not been deep enough to warrant separate ranks. I wouldn't go further than GBA splitting, and even then I think there's an argument to group light and dark together under one "spirit magic" category. 3H's reason/faith split is also fine if you like staffs being grouped with something offensive. Fleshing out the individual elements I'd be down for, but I'm not a fan of blanket effective damage.
  11. Yeah that's a pretty annoying map, and I'm gonna vouch against the next map too: FE6 Chapter 6. While the enemies are certainly easier, there are two major nails in the map design. 1. There are eight treasure chests and one recruitable character scattered across eight locked rooms. You can skip some of the rooms (three are duds) but they're of the roofed-over variety so you may well open up one along the way, and these rooms contain enemies or reinforcement zones that can kill your one thief. Speaking of which, said thief is your only way of opening the chests; and unless you visited the Chapter 5 vendor your only other key is a single door key. This isn't helped by Cath's recruitment being multi-chapter as if to mock you. By the way, three of these chests are money; three of them. 2. The Hard-only reinforcements. They appear on turns 8, 12, 16 and 20 from the stairs flanking the boss; and chances are you're going to be fighting the boss around that time on a more casual run. I'm pretty tolerant of same-turn reinforcements but introducing entirely new reinforcement groups on Hard is a poor use for them. These are right there with the Echidna police squad for worst reinforcements in the game. As for how to improve this... replace the Chapter 4 door key with a chest key and add door keys to the vendor. Have a reinforcement trigger zone in the upper hallway that opens the top and bottom chambers and on Hard summons the stair reinforcements all at once. If the stairs repeat it's for one or two turns immediately after. One turn or two later the rear guard shows up. Add a left-right cross-section for faster travel between the two side halls. This isn't the first map that'll come to people's minds when thinking bad map design but I wanted to bring it up because I think it's worse than some of the more conventional options and would've flown under the radar otherwise.
  12. Part of it has to do with how many enemy units the system can support, which naturally increases with hardware evolution. You see this with FE1 having at most 20 starting enemies; FE3 has a limit of 32 per map; FE4 thru GBA settle on a limit of 50; and Tellius can exceed that. It should be noted that the next game (Shadow Dragon) has much lower density and a lower enemy limit (60); New Mystery props it back up, particularly on Lunatic where it tends toward zerg rushing with reinforcements, but that's more to scare the player into wrapping up the map than being intended to fight them all. But it still doesn't go back up to FE9 Maniac/FE10's peaks, nor do the following games... correct if where I might be wrong here. Overall it does show a paradigm shift around the time of the GBA engine, perhaps to make the game feel more "epic" by making full use of the enemy counts the game can now handle. It also coincides with a lot of changes that make them more manageable, such as the peak 1-2 range meta, fewer same-turn reinforcements and as you said 2RN. This way of thinking seems to have peaked at Tellius though, with latter entries dialing it back for various reasons, although a focus on stronger enemy quality might be the biggest. High enemy density becomes suffocating if ORKOing isn't the norm.
  13. Kliff is Linde's younger brother. Let's start with the obvious: Kliff is the only other male Aura wielder in the Arhcanea-Valentia canon. Sure it's said that Miloah locked it to women, and we see other off-gender spells in SoV (Celica and Sonya can Excalibur), but being his son is still a convenient explanation for why Kliff can use it. The fact we see several gender-exclusive or near exclusive spells also suggests Aura is indeed female-preferential and he was working off an existing restriction or simply reinstating it. There's also their parental situations. Kliff grew up with only his mother, his father split from her and all we know is the rumor he was a wealthy merchant. We only ever hear of Linde's father so it's possible she never really knew her mother. And they're close in age, Kliff being 15 in SoV and Linde looking about 15 in Shadow Dragon (two years ago). Which leads me to my theorycraft story...
  14. Some Russian troops are becoming more vocal about opposition to the war. Hundreds of Russian Troops Are Refusing to Invade Ukraine: Lawyer (businessinsider.com)
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