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  1. He'd totally side with Maxie and Team Magma, then leave Groudon to cook the earth instead of stop it once it wakes up.
  2. Replay Mode, where you have the option to go back to any map of your choosing after beating the game with either the characters you cleared the game with or reset to their base stats. So you can do experimental runs such as individual-level "What If" LTCs without putting in the absurd grind, or shits n' giggles stuff like killing a recruitable character with himself or stomping a map that gave you grief earlier.
  3. You should promote her now for the extra Str/Def and most importantly +2 Mov. Magic enemies are scarce and can typically be fended off with a Pure Water or Barrier boost. There are very few of those left on outdoor maps to begin with; the main threats are either physical or dragons (in Ch19). This really only applies to Mercs, pretty much every other class is getting more mileage out of the extra Mov or Tome/Staff access than the extra levels, which can be made up for with a little Starsphere use. Aside from Draug but he wants those stat bonuses to keep up and get into doubling territory with lances. And even the Mercs have some incentive to insta-promote to cross rivers or streams in Ch10/13.
  4. Gonna have to make this quick because it's my lunch break, but... I could go on about other specifics and fill in gaps, but later.
  5. I have some mixed thoughts about the banner. For one, it's great that we finally have a male-male Harmonic (and male-led at all) but as @Use the Falchion said it feels like cheating when they're playable in the same game. At least Altina had the excuse of being long dead by Sanaki's time! There's also a few other choices that strike me as odd, Larcei's weapon being one of them. As someone who's celebrating her heritage from the Sword Saint, it's weird that she brought an axe to the party, whether or not her most popular dad mained them. Similar could be said of Leif, although his arrows looking like mini-Gae Bolgs is a nice touch. And it's kinda baffling that arguably the two most important holy blood lineages are taking the low-budget unit slots. I still like this banner concept overall, it's great that they continue to try new seasonal concepts.
  6. Lundgren found out about the Lorca ahead of his brother and hired the Taliver Bandits to wipe them out.
  7. I think the Robin/Child pairings can be called into question with another question: Why is Robin the only first gen character that can marry second gen characters? If these children are adults then why aren't they pairing up with the other adults? I'm sketchy on Avatar pairings in general, especially when people try to assert a "best", because of the self-insert self-indulgence factor. This bit plays into that, but it also challenges the notion that this is ethically okay, at least in-universe.
  8. It would explain Palla's Speed stat if she was grinding up Speedwings and snorting them like cocaine on the side.
  9. What you say is true... as far as the original MoTE is concerned. The remake shook up the power dynamic and made them all better, aside from arguably Cecil. That said, in my own (probably unpopular) opinion I actually prefer it the old way, since they're all new recruits whereas the other units have already fought one war. Even Matthis the incompetent coward made it out alive, and he's better than Luke and Roderick too. That said you missed the mark on archers, they're actually better than hunters despite the raw numbers because those are largely irrelevant before Chapter 8 and beyond that there are a lot of maps where Horseman's mobility advantage is made moot. Book 2 Gordin is probably the first instance of an archer defying the crappy earlygame archer paradigm, even if the raw numbers make a poor first impression. Also @Jotari I don't know what you're talking about, Mage is one of the rarest starter squad classes aside from Wyvern Rider. Also they do have meaningful weaknesses in MoTE, like chronic below-average movement and poor Atk growth without boosters.
  10. Oh baby Munchlax is finally catchable The Underground expansion is a neat concept to help expand Dex options, although I would help they improve some of the surface-level encounter tables. I'm really digging the new Hisuian forms, more evos for mons who wanted one or underutilized type combos.
  11. I'm not a big fan of the free-for-all forge systems because of how much they can go against the grain of weapons. Certain weapons are supposed to have flaws, like throwing weapons having low hit, and when the game lets you forge +20 Hit on them freely it undermines that principle. There's also the matter of making forges that beat the tier above them, like an Iron Sword stronger than a Steel Sword. It's even more insulting in the DS games where you can make silver or even steel weapons better than the Regalia save for Gradivus. So Echoes is probably my favorite system. I wouldn't call it perfect (see above and below) but the fixed bonuses can curb exorbitant buffs and with how different Echoes' weapon system is, it works for the environment it's in. Three Houses is a case where I think the buffs are too weak for once, aside from dumb stuff like 1-3 range magic weapons. I think they could have used a second forging level. I'm of the opposite mind: forges need durability because otherwise you'd just start using them exclusively once you made them. Certain forges are already extremely powerful even with durability, like the Ridersbane in Shadow Dragon. (Ridersbane in Echoes is one reason I said "see below" by the way.) In fact, I'd prefer forges be unrepairable until they break and losing their edge when they do so that the player has to think about being frivolous with them.
  12. I've thought similar, albeit slightly different for swords and bows. Swords would get Blades back as proper two-handers that are Merc/promoted infantry locked, while the bow options you listed are Archer/promoted infantry locked. If Snipers continue getting extra range then Warrior also getting longbows won't hurt, and it'll enrich the latter's bow utility. Blades would be heavy but have really high Mt and similar or better Hit to swords rather than dumpstering it. Tomes having Dark has been done before, but Light has been tied to Staffs in PoR and 3H and I think it's worth considering, especially for people who insist on mono-weapon type classes and want a mono-staff class too. Lances and Axes are trickier because Fire Emblem has frequently portrayed them as their "heavy" variant despite not committing to it. Axes could be remedied by adding more one-handers (clubs/maces, etc), but base Lances could use an overhaul. They'd now have an innate Speed penalty of say -3 that's separate from weight, but mounted classes receive extra damage based on movement when using arts, specials, etc provided they only strike once. They'd also enable a default "Charge" command for mounts that is basically a blank combat art to use it at will. Infantry can still use them but miss out on this perk. However, this wouldn't apply to throwing lances (spears) and a few other unique polearms, some of which may be infantry-locked.
  13. I'm in the camp of doing more with what we already have than adding another gimmicky weapon that might not stick. Fix the problems with swords/bows/axes or whatever needs fixing the most before introducing something new. That being said, if daggers and gauntlets stick around I have a controversial suggestion: lump them under one weapon category. Both are unconventional in warfare, more associated with criminals and assassins than typical soldiers and typically infantry-locked. Plus, if they nerfed the killing power of knives into the ground they complement each other rather well. Gauntlets serve as their kill button, while daggers offer a ranged option and a means to sabotage foes they can't outright beat.
  14. The crossbows were mainly just an aesthetic feature for whatever reason. FE1 had the Bowgun but it acted more like a proto-Killer Bow than a true crossbow. I wouldn't mind seeing them return like their Radiant Dawn incarnation but their damage could use some reworking.
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