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  1. Off with the emperor’s head! For the revolution!!
  2. Trying to make me feel better huh? Cat
  3. Incidentally, I started with Black 2 and not Black or White.
  4. At least I love Mudkip and like Marshtomp... Best gen. I didn’t even finish the game the first time around though, I sort of soft locked myself by only using two Pokémon, both of whom were of types that dragon resisted... no level 100 Serperior for me. Exactly!! Except for Chikorita, because it’s actually somewhat different, but not in a good way.
  5. Swampert and Blastoise: I mean I’m more of a grass starters person myself. The exception being gens 6 and 4 (but I do love Torterra, it was actually the first Pokémon I ever got to level 100) and kInD oF gens 2 and 5. Kind of for gen 2 because I don’t really like any of their final evolutions, but Chikorita and Bayleef are my favorites of the first and second stages, so it’s a hard decision (and the final evolutions are especially sad because imo Johto’s starters have the best first stages as a trio, what happened??). I mean I‘he only played through a Johto game once, and I picked Cyndaquil, but I did pick Chikorita the first time I played gold/silver. Gen 5 is the exact opposite problem, Samurott and Serperior are both so awesome that I flip flop, I love both of their lines. I do kind of have Snivy bias from it being my first ever pokemon though. And gen 8 I guess. Forgot that one exists. I like Intellion the most, but gen 8... lol. If you care that much you could just look it up but fair enough.
  6. Ah, I was looking more at the design of “swapping out limbs” and wasted potential aspects. But eh, none of the avatar designs are terrible other than female Byleth and that one female Robin that looks high. FE doesn’t really “push” it’s avatars in the same way, whereas Incineroar gets favoritism over equal pokemon in the same position more than it should, every fe avatar already is treated like a major player and two out of three of them are force deployed for most maps, so I would say IS pushes them fairly, while Pokemon doesn’t imho. Incineroar doesn’t really take away from the game its in though. Just don’t use it.
  7. I don’t understand the comparison. Well isn’t it great that Greninja is better than both?
  8. You seem to have bested me, but I can’t fall here! I must... retreat.....
  9. Shhh it’s okay. This is a judgement free zone... Fire ape? No! Infernape is great!
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