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  1. well written despair But you know, hey That’s not true, you get exposed to Orwell’s intense sexism a bit more than in the beginning, and in different ways. That’s something. So I’m actually reading the book and not quite there yet. I may have been spoiled on the ending? If the thing is indeed the ending, then it is pretty interesting.
  2. At least 2 of the characters you use in the final boss fight have to be part of the main 4. The other 2 slots can be anyone (including the rest of the main 4). The final boss is another long one, so whatever party you’re thinking of bringing should likely be your priority. But I sorta did that without thinking about it, there might be a better approach to take. The dungeon itself will force you to have most everyone in your party at some point but they can be reserve members, so you don’t have to use everyone. Do the 100% evade build for Lloyd. Hey wait, did you read the Triangle Strategy spoilers? How could you do this to yourself? Unless you played it And yes, the moment would’ve felt much more impactful if we got to see it. Ayy Majora’s Mask in S!
  3. Damn, he’s cracked the code You’re right. This is an anime game thread, so I am now completely redeemed. Wait, how did I miss that? Is it because I played the map as an actual stealth map until the very end and then let myself get seen? But I like cliffhangers
  4. But is everything hidden because the movie somehow manages to tell a nonlinear story and anything could be a spoiler? Thank you for calling me smart. I will strive to live up those expectations. But nothing happens in the first 90 pages of 1984, such a recommendation is against everything you stand for.
  5. Need to do a third play through just to hear this in-game. Lmao this again It’s not that I think the ending is good, but we didn’t get to see any of the inhumane suffering we inflicted, which was very underwhelming— oh, I see what you did there.
  6. Yes, however, I didn’t think of it.
  7. Congrats! I hope everything works out well for you. I mean, I didn’t know it was going to happen.
  8. Ruben already said what I was going to so pretend there’s a funny ChatGPT joke here, or something It was dicey for me, because he was almost dead but then nuked half of my team with his fire axe attack thing and I got Serenoa killed immediately after by doing something dumb. Luckily an enemy thunder mage was ready to take out his little bit of HP for me instead of making me pray I could get a turn for Hughette. It was funny. Yes, more HD-2D sequels. Speaking of… Octopath 2 is still hanging around.
  9. Finished my 2nd play through of Triangle Strategy! -The ending was a little bit underwhelming. It should have been more depressing. Especially coming off of Benedict’s ending, -The AI literally killed itself in the final chapter. The enemy loses if you kill the boss, and an enemy thunder mage just electrocuted the boss to death. Pretty sure the AI should literally never do that, but oh well, I wasn’t complaining. -Medina is like the best unit in the game. I slept on her last time. -Decimal is a blast to use, mostly his height damage skill. -The way the choices sort of railroad you into the same path is a liiiiiittle underwhelming, although all of those paths make more sense with the choices I made here.
  10. Timerra was robbed. I still haven’t finished the game
  11. But the words are actually good this time x = Timerra
  12. I mean, I remember talking before about how the demo is mostly story, but there’s still enough to get a feel for the gameplay. Unless you played it already. Or that’s not what you’re concerned about, idk.
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