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  1. Well there’s that and then there’s 14 kilometers. Just stay healthy and safe and stuff.
  2. Well then what’s your play style? I’m pretty sure the meta is to just spam earth walk/grail sphere instead of actually playing the game.
  3. Oh. Well, wouldn’t buying a new one be preferable to walking/running 14 kilometers? I mean, I don’t know how expensive bike locks are.
  4. So is the implication here your bike was stolen or am I completely off the mark?
  5. You’re not gonna have to walk/run that far regularly, are you?
  6. How the game determines who gets what paired ending is determined by who has the most amount of physical support points with each other. This can be seen under the roster menu, on the screen that shows a character’s three closest allies. The top one is the one they have the most support points with and the 3rd one is the one they have the 3rd most support points. So if 2 characters have each other as their number 1 with support points, that’s the paired ending they will get (Byleth is obviously exempt from these rules because of S-supports), and if a character’s number 1 is taken but their number 2 isn’t and that number 2 also has the original character on their list, that’s probably the ending they will get, unless a higher up character is free, and so on and so forth.. I don’t know a lot of the finer details like what happens if there’s a tie, but that’s the gist of it.
  7. Actually, maybe I should switch Josette and Tita so Josette can be the Earth-Waller for Ries’ team.
  8. Well I don’t know what’s coming here, you do. Kloe and Julia should hopefully provide enough range. Hopefully. Although of ATS is needed more over there, I could switch Joshua and Julia. And with that, if I want range, I could switch Tita and Mueller. Which would mean Ries gets Joshua, Kloe and Tita and Kevin gets Mueller, Julia and Josette.
  9. Anything else I should know? I don’t trust the game. I’m thinking that, to try to balance them, I will make Kevin’s team Joshua, Tita and Josette, and Ries’ team Kloe, Mueller and Julia. Kevin and Kloe/Ries will both act as the main support character (Ries has been more of an attack/support hybrid so far, but Kloe’s ATS is really good, so I’m not sure who should be the main support character), with Joshua/Julia as the main offensive casters and Tita/Mueller as the main physical attacker. Josette just had to be stuck somewhere, lol (Kevin’s team already has the best characters I have so far, so I figured they could do better with Josette). I think those teams look good. Although, Ries’ team kind of lacks range. I could switch Tita and Mueller, but then all of Ries’ team would be at least somewhat squishy.
  10. How am I supposed to prepare 2 separate parties in chapter 3 without knowing specifically what challenges they will face? I guess I’ll have to try to make them balanced, but…
  11. Drink lots of water and stuff. Take care of yourself and all that jazz, that sounds really rough, even with the 6 km shaved off.
  12. What do you mean a cooldown time? I haven’t noticed any cooldowns. What happened to Kaijus making games worthy of the masterpiece club?
  13. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here and your challenge run!
  14. You can also use the website https://fe3h.noobsaigon.com which has all of the paired endings on each route.
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