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  1. Said that the word ilk is obscure, even though I was already familiar with it.
  2. Leonie’s new design looks so good, the short hair compliments her outfit VERY well which makes it feel like the perfect evolution between both of her old designs. On the other hand, Lorenz just took his bad pre-timeskip hair and combined it with his pretty good post-timeskip outfit, creating a design that is just disappointingly bad.
  3. Sooks

    Hi :)

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here!
  4. Wow, the golden deer actually get some good designs! Congrats Marianne and Leonie, and to a lesser extent Ignatz and Lysithea.
  5. I never thought about it until it came up, but I didn’t exactly have firsthand experience to determine if that was reasonable, so naturally I had to go ask.
  6. In the case of the nurse, it’s a little hard for her to not be pushing them up in that case because… she’s got a lot going on. But that’s assuming she’s just absently crossing her arms, which is what I thought she does, but maybe I misremembered?
  7. Oh yeah, that one. It was very tough, especially because I stubbornly decided I wasn’t going to use the fire statue things. I handled the boss pretty much exclusively with Frederica by the way. I used two choke points in the one tile wide corridor on the right side of the map, plugged Frederica in between them (with characters in each choke point) and used magic until the boss died. I mean, I’d say the fact that we speak so bluntly with each other about whatever is a sign of how close we are, if you know that kund of friendship, heh. Congratulations! I hope that all works out for you and none of your fears come true. For me, who ranks the games in that order, this is an absolute win. I’d complain about PoR being anywhere near a top 10 strategy games list, but I’m pretty sure IGN only knows 10 strategy games anyway so it’s okay.
  8. Well that’s good! I was on the phone with my best friend (who is a bio woman) when I read this and both of us lost our respect for each other a long time ago, so I straight up asked her and she said she always crosses her arms under them because crossing her arms over them pushes down on them which hurts. So yeah, the more you know.
  9. DAMNIT, thanks for pointing that out! HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Elina!!! I didn’t make a dumb typo this time! I hope you have/had a good birthday.
  10. HAPPY BIRTHDAY @Elena! I hope you have/had a good one! Hey, that’s a good game right there! Enjoy!
  11. I survived my physics final (and I think I did pretty well), which also means Gov School is over for the year, so I survived a year of that! Now all that’s left is to finish the end of the year work my other classes are piling on for… some reason.
  12. Julio good. I hope that all goes well and works out for you!
  13. Uh… I mean, it won’t matter if at the end of the year *Cold Steel spoilers* happens and stops there from being an “official” end to the year.
  14. Well, that did not go horribly. Yes. There was only one question I was unsure on how to do, and by the end of that section I invented a way to do it, which did take a bit, but was guaranteed to get me the right answer (assuming I did the actual math right, and my logic was sound). Thank you! Thank you as well!
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