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  1. What does that say about it? That the early game sucks?
  2. Yeah but that’s what makes it better than Reunion at Dawn. Because there hasn’t been that much of the game yet, there’s not much room for variation in your units, meaning there are general strategies that will usually work, while in Reunion at Dawn if you haven’t used the right units you just get softlocked. Wow I’m really out here defending DSFE over Three Houses… And I haven’t even liked this one that much!
  3. If you’ve ever played below maniac, it might have been then. Their AI works differently there, they absolutely will not leave the mountain unless you send a flier up there and park them like right next to a wyvern.
  4. Aw, that’s good! Apparently stepping in the range of two of the wyverns on the left (which I’d been doing) is what triggers them, so yeah, oops.
  5. Yeah, she does one shot the thief, but she can’t approach the thief without being surrounded by three wyverns and an ambush cavalier, at which point it’s bye bye Palla. Oh, so I probably shouldn’t be baiting the right wyverns on turn one then?
  6. Wait, the wyverns on the mountain in chapter 3 move on their own in maniac? Literally how is Palla supposed to survive, let alone take care of the thief before they reach the village?? Ohhhh. Yeah, that’s pretty normal.
  7. Oh and I forgot to respond to this too, but why on earth would IS take someone with “pitiful defense but excellent speed” and put them in armor knight? I’m not saying that makes him a tank, but that’s a pretty baffling decision. I did just assume he was a tank because armor knight, though.
  8. I thought you only played through Three Houses once? Or am I wrong? If it was just once, that was number is way too high. Two play throughs would still be lower than that, but a lot closer. Also I missed us comparing playtimes, but my total playtime for Three Houses (across all my like… 14~ playthroughs?) is 870+ hours (which for the switch means between 870 and 875 hours). I don’t have any shocking playtimes in any other FE.
  9. Hey, the frog incident has nothing to do with my strategic prowess. Well, that makes his character sound even better. You’re certainly hyping him up, Ruben.
  10. All is forgiven if you’re gonna praise my ego like that. That’s right, I am the best at Fire Emblem there has ever been and you underestimated me! Seriously though, it’s no biggie. Well that’s good, if he stays until A support I’ll get to see this great character you keep talking about. And the illness thing does seem really cool on a Jagen. Yes yes yes. Join the Trails cult!
  11. Benice out here with the correct opinion!
  12. Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time! It sucks that you lost the Revelation and Birthright chapter scripts. But the best Fates path is Conquest, so it’s not too bad.
  13. It’s crazy just how much more fun chapter 1 of New Mystery is with the difficulty increase. It’s also crazy how much easier getting the lady blade in chapter 2 is if Arran is your primary flier instead of Catria.
  14. Tfw your tank gets one rounded by physical enemies in chapter one. Classic FE armor knights. That being said, I actually didn’t realize that and left Draug to tank one such enemy on an enemy phase, but he dodged a 95 and lived. Nice.
  15. Oh right, I keep forgetting this game is a remake! I take it OG fe3 worked the same way? Now that I know to look out for them I have a guide.
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