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  1. Making a separate post for this, but I'm looking to sell my joined-art Roy/Lilina SR+ cards from S16. Sold as a pair only, and with tracking/insurance given the value of the cards. If you're interested, please PM me with an offer. Thanks!
  2. Now that I'm back from vacation, updated through S17! All available cards are valid for either cash purchase (via PayPal or direct bank transfer) or direct trade for my Wanted cards unless otherwise stated. I may also willing to buy via PayPal instead of trade for some cards. If you're interested in anything, get in touch with me via PM or post here! Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands (Europe). I'm happy to ship worldwide. I've been trading/selling Cipher and Pokémon cards for some time now, so I'm kind of familiar with the whole internationally shipping cards deal. Looking For: Paypal (no cards I need atm, just funds to buy 3H cards) Will also accept toss-ins of Bride Lissa, Warriors Lissa, and Necrodragon cards, any quantity Haves: (Always willing to accept PayPal for cards instead of trading.) NEW! S17 SR cards: Takumi, Camilla, Kaze, Alfonse NEW! S12 R cards: Lissa, Eleonora, Sothe, Lilina, Leif, Emma, Shade x2 NEW! S17 Promo cards: Byleth 012PR Magazine Promo Edelgard 013PR Magazine Promo S1~S16 SR Cards: S16: Kurthnaga S15: Ogma x2, Jakob x2, Hinoka, Altena S14: Cynthia x2 S12: Lachesis S11: Lianna S10: Machua x2 S9: Ena S4: Hardin, Nyna, Itsuki S3: Azura SR+ S2: Sakura S1: Ogma, Chrom NEW! Tournament Promo Cards: S16: Roy, Faye, Clarine x3, Sanaki x2, Celica x2 S15: Xander, Altena S14: F!Corrin, Ryoma x2, Ilyana S13: Xander, Mia x3, S11: Mycen, Lianna S3: Oliver x9, Black Knight, Ike, Camilla, Elise x2, Felicia Other Promos: Ena Comiket Marker Card Fae Comiket Marker Card Comiket Calendar Cards (set of 4) Chibi Elise booster box promo Marker Card Chibi Nowi box promo Marker Card x2 S1~S16 R Cards: S16: Clarine, Lalum x2, Klein, Gale, Thrasir x2 S15: Kris, Itsuki x2, Ryoma S12: Ashnard x2, Ares x2, Nanna S11: Neimi, Clive, x2, Anna x2 S10: Diarmuid x2, Ophelia x2 S9: Saber x2, Zeke x2, Raigh x2 S8; Febail x2 S5: Alan S4: Yashiro, Kiria x2 N/HN Cards: I have many Normal and High Normal cards available for all sets. I hope to make up a spreadsheet or something to list them soon someday. If there are any N/HN cards you are interested in in the meantime, feel free to ask! I would be happy to look through for you. Single Sleeves Available: Chrom S1, Lucina S1, Gaius, Camilla, Lucina S4, Lilina, Sigurd, Raquesis, Eliwood, Lyn sleeves, C91 Circle Pixel Lords, C91 Running Pixel Lords, C91 Character Box Lords, Altena, Alm, Celica, Nanna, Witch!Corrin, S12 Pixel Lords. Non-Cipher: Alm & Celica Amiibo PAL region Pokémon-themed 3DSXL (the red one with Yveltal and Xerneas)
  3. Yeah, there are no +X or R+ cards in this set at all. I've gone ahead and corrected the pull information. ^^
  4. I know I've been lackadaisical with updating these threads, but here are my livestream caps for anyone who wants to see them all. Looking to be an exciting set!
  5. The cards are specifically for Marth and Chrom, which is why I named them that way. The lords being in the background is all aesthetics.
  6. Very cool Marth & Chrom joined-art SR cards finish up the week!
  7. And today is our first SR card, Eirika!
  8. Ope, I forgot to post here yesterday, so I actually have a couple days of reveals to share! yesterday was two cards for Celica and today is a new card for Arvis.
  9. Today gives us our first look at ST cards for Marth and Lucina!
  10. First day cards were revealed today! The Elise and Sakura imouto card appeared to be an R set. Livestream is next weekend as well. Look forward to it!
  11. That's super great! It's so fun to see how Cipher has been spreading around the world. :)
  12. That's super amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. :) If I ever find myself in your neck of the woods, I'll make sure to stop by.
  13. Today is 22 March which means S16 is now available on sale in Japan! For those of you buying boxes of the newest set, I wish you the best of luck on your pulls! :) Furthermore, as usual, Cipher artists have begun posting their text-free versions of art online, and I've begun collecting it. If you'd like to check them out, you can do so here.
  14. Two exciting pieces of news from today's twitter! Our final R card is revealed for Thrasir, and we also get the full set list! There are a few omissions that I'm a bit salty over, but in general, this seems like a very nice set with some wonderful art.
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