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  1. @Mercakete, I also like to take a deeper look at the characters like this (and I also want to note that I'm not trying to look like I thought I was superior or anything, its just an opinion too), for me Surtr, Hel, Freyja and Fafnir are clearly very different from each other too (even if they have some similar qualities, I never went to the point of thinking of any of them as equal to another, like I also see Surtr and Hel as basically plot devices but the way each of them think or their motives is not the same at all). For example, I was comparing Plumeria and Triandra to Líf and Thrasir before, they are totally different but I can see that they(the álfar) were done with some similar characteristics to Líf's and Thrasir's to attract their fans but while I can see that, they don't seem like copies or anything, not even close too, I just see their appeal to fans but see them as clearly new characters. Its kinda like comparing two characters of the same archetype in FE (like two Camus, or two "cinnamon rolls" from different FEs, or whatever) like, do you think that Camus is the same as Lloyd, Ishtar or Galle? Or that the pegasus sisters trio from Archanea are the same as the ones from FE6 and the ones from FE7? Probably not, You get the appeal (and can see their obvious similarities, like ususally the eldest pegasus knight from every group sister being the responsible and classy one, the misddle sister always being the hot headed and the younger always being the cute one) but they're clearly not the same, thats what happens with Heroes too but it seems like lots of people ignore it when its with FEH and assume them all kinda the same, because the game has a (very) harder time explicitly (or consistently) telling us how the characters minds work so you have to think about it by yourself otherwise most of the them they might look flat, and not everyone wants to think about how an irrelevant character of a poorly written mobile game thinks. I get it, FEH's story ABISMALLY suffers from poor format and bad writing sometimes, so to get to some conclusions you may have to have some extra investiment (and interest) in trying understanding that character, some people don't want to do it, and some want to, I personally like to think about the characters a lot and how different they are (even if they don't look to be), how they think, and how some of their stories are actually pretty cool but fell flat due to the storytelling, etc (like, for me these stuff I wrote about Ótr earlier became kinda obvious because I thought about it for some time, but since nothing of this was ever showed in the story like this, lots of people think that he just sudenly went crazy or something). Like you, I can't think of a word to it too but I think its probably a mix of heavy interest, investment, curiosity and some familiarity with the characters and the story (and maybe a lot of free time). Also, you write some stories right?(like those fan made supports you did), I also do it (and have been doing for some years now), so maybe when you write stories you start to think differently about the characters with time? (since you have to write dialogues for characters that are similar to each other and have to see how they are different, you have to know what the characters you write about would or wouldn't ever say or do, you have to think about what would lead them to do something, etc). It must happen even if you don't write if you one of those people who like to keep analysing every character they see too, you gain experience in doing it with time. Again, I'm truly not trying to sound arrogant or anything (and really, sorry if I did), its just my opinion, and some speculation to why I think it makes sense, but feel free to disagree, agree or debate all you want. I'm not saying that I think I'm superior than anyone for thinking I'm being able to understand some stuff about characters from a random mobile game, its just that sometimes it weirds me out that something sounds obvious to me about some character but other people don't even notice it or confuse two characters that for me are very different. And I think thats kinda like how Mercakete feels too? Well, if not, at least they explained quite well the way I feel.
  2. Or his anger towards Ótr could be gone since he already killed him anyway. In book III chapter 13-4 part 4 (before battle), right after Eir "kills" Kiran, Hel says that her services are not longer needed and that she is now going to claim her life for the last time, Eir agrees but ask Hel to tell her the secrets of her dreams like she promised she would, she says "Why do I dimly remember us... winged in white?", then Hel says that it was not her but Eir's real mother (I don't know why did Eir had white wings before but doesn't have them anymore though). I think Coyote's man are fighting just because, like almost every other new hero does in the story chapters. Yeah, maybe they justify it this time with them being summoned by Eir's gun, but they don't really have to. There's no really a canonical motive for this anymore. Oh! It would be awesome if it was fafnir's daughter but I don't think it will be her since no one knows the kid so they wouldn't reconize if it was her, and also she is likely an adult or teenager now. I think that either Eitri keep switching bodies every few years for some motive (maybe to live longer, or maybe to run away after doing some crime kinda like Chuck from that 80s movie) or was victim of some curse or experience that turned against her(like Nyx, who was coincidently released in the same book Eitri appears). Also, is she a young girl? I always thought that she was just a midget. I don't think Nidavellir has a dragon, it is said that Nidavellir and Jotunheimr where only one kingdom and that they eventually became separated, so I think Jotunheimr has the dragon now while Nidavellir doesn't, maybe this is way Eitri wanted to turn Fafnir into one, to have a dragon to her country too?. And I think Ótr's motive to go nuts was already told to us but was just really poorly written. I wrote this some time ago to post in a Reddit thread (but evetually I forgot to) about how Ótr going mad and saying that he hated Reggin at that moment made sense to me, I'm going to put it here, sorry it will be very long:
  3. Lewyn would be nice too (just please don't spoil if he eventually dies during gen 2, I didn't finish the game yet) but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be an Earth hero so he is definitively out of question this month. But yeah, I think Finn is worth of a legendary, sure. Also, thanks @eclipse for telling me about the multiquote ;). I normally have no problems to use it, but when I post something and then try to edit the post to quote something new, the quote I'm trying to do goes to a new post instead of the one I'm editing so I have to do double post if I decide to quote something else after having posted already. Is that a problem only I have (maybe out of ignorance) or isn't it really possible to do this (to quote new stuff during edits)? I'm trying again now (even using the multiquote button) and it doesn't work. Edit: WAIT! forget what I said about Lewyn, when I wrote that I mixed up things and was remembering the legendary to be green instead of blue. Even if I already said it before now it has even LESS (AKA 0%) chance of being him (because blue + earth for Lewyn is just...). Also, does anyone have a way to predict the mov. type of the legendary like they do to predict colors or it isn't possible to do?
  4. Well, there's Triandra. But I guess every rule has an exception. Except book IV but not really. We have a "except that he wasn't himself" moment (with Kiralfonse), Plumeria and Triandra are clearly a baiting for Líf's and Thrasir's fans (they are in a similar situation as them, have similar characteristics, edgy appeal from Triandra, they even joint Líf and Thrasir in the end), Freyja is the brocon boss (since Veronica is not really brocon we can say that this was kinda new at book IV's time, but now we have Ótr sooo) who apparently can't live without her brother (again, like Ótr), we have to fight Freyja dozens of times too (and also we have the "oh, the villain is invincible using that random thing, now we have to find some other random thing that can anull it's powers so we can finally defeat the villain for the 500th time in a row" except that Freyja is only invincible plot wise but can actually be defeated in the game), lots of unecessarily cheap deaths and plot twists too (I agree with you though that its a wonder that Mirabillis is alive, maybe they have some kind of "at least one OC with the exception of the free unit can't die"), stupidly exagerated sad backstories because "please, pitty me" (like, I remember to be laughing during triandra's backtory revelation ,I'm pretty sure this wasn't the intended reaction IS wanted), "Oh! I'm going to die? Then let me spill my backtory to you real quick so you can feel sad", and there's probably even more things but I don't want to think about it now. Yeah, it has to be one purpouse, it just HAS TO. They ignore, forget or retcon stuff all the time (sometimes they regret a decision and bring characters back to life or randomly talk about long forgotten plots or stuff that shouldn't have been forgotten, like when they released pirate Veronica I'm pretty sure most people thought that Xander had been retconned as her retainer), somethimes I even have the impression that they write each CHAPTER without thinking fully about the next one. Everything is so inconscintent that I'm even afraid that they'll drop Book III's plot for real and never tell us about Eir's past, the dragon of life, the triad cataclysm or Agrboda. If its a good story, the fans shouldn't be constantly worried about how lazy or bad it might be and if something important will be adressed or not. When the fans are happy whenever they get a good or well written part/character instead of being pissed that they got a bad or poorly written part/character in the story, it surely isn't a good story! (or at least a well written one, you can even find it good, who knowa) I blame a little the fact that its an ongoing story that lasts for years, switching most of the cast each year, so keeping the interest must not be really easy. Well if it was then they wouldn't be leaning on meaningless plot twists, cheap deaths and a lame formula to write it. But I have to admit, as bad and lazy as this story is, I always have an abnormal amount of interest in it anyway (but I like it mostly because its so bad that is good), and sometimes they even do some cool plot twists that I couldn't predict.
  5. Well, you have a point. Thórr says something like "I wonder how does he knows what is written on the runes, Loki?", so she must have told the truth, otherwise Thórr wouldn't have stated that he knew what was there. Oh, I also realized that I'm very likely wrong on the dragonstone thing too, I read the english dialogue again and noted that Muspell calls it "Fire gem" and not "Fire stone", thats why I didn't think anything of it when I read the final text here in this thread somedays ago(when it was still a spoiler), but today when I saw it in the game I immeaditly freaked out thinking it was his dragon stone because in portuguese its called "Pedra do Fogo" (and the word "Pedra" is the same for Gem and Stone so I forgot that it was suposed to be Fire Gem and immeaditly associated it with a Dragon Stone). Sorry, my mistake. It makes sense about the Fire Gem being what gave power to Surtr, kinda like Fjorm did the rite of frost and used her flesh as the offer and Breidablik as the object that would get the power, Surtr might have used the Fire Gem as the object that would get the power from Laegjarn's sacrifice. And since Muspell's and Nifl's powers are equal, that would justify why would a object blessed by the rite of frost be able to nullify an object blessed by the rite of flames and vice versa (thats why Breidablik could make Surtr vulnerable to attacks again, I don't remember if they explained this on book II already, when Fjorm suggested doing the rite of frost). Good call on the phoenix thing. And also, maybe the Gem doesn't have to be "charged" but since became blessed by Muspell's powers when he did the rite of flames it will now remain like this forever (and nothing would be able to negate its power unless Kiran saves Fjorm with Breidablik or someone else does the rite of Frost and gives the new object to Fjorm). I mean, I don't exacly remember if it was said that Surtr did the rite again to avoid losing his invincibility or just to become even stronger/"more invincible" (in the second case, we would be able to assume that the gem doesnt need to be "charged" and that the blessing indeed lasts forever but he did it again to make the object more powerful, while in the first case maybe the Gem DOES need something each time it works to activate again and so Laegjarn may only be able to use it once otherwise she would have to do another sacrifice to charge it again).
  6. I was surprised about Fafnir's life too, I just wish we could get to know his name though, like HE WAS ABOUT TO FUCKING SAY IT (I just imagine if he said "My name... was... Alfonse", probably everyone would be pissed). I wonder if his name was important and Eitri will tell us later who he was or if he was just some random guy (I also have the impression that the names Reggin told us, about the people in the pictures of Nidavellir's castle might be important someday too?). Speakinng of Eitri, I don't think she should be green, but she will likely not be blue and have advantage over Alfonse either. For me, Red or Grey are the colors that suit her the most. And it was just me or this chapter felt... considerably shorter than most of the others? Also, I'm pretty sure Fafnir wasn't Eir's true father, he was summoned by Eitri not too much time ago (probably some 10 or 15 years ago? considering Ótr's and Reggin's ages) and Eir wasn't a child anymore by then (Hel took her when she was a baby, centuries ago). And Hel suposelly killed Eir's parents so her actual father should be dead anyway (Ok, they could pull the "Except that he was always alive" card here but still), also Fafnir says that he was a soldier of a small country who had to fight to provide for his family while Hel tells Eir that her true parents were royalty so providing for Eir shouldn't have been an issue. Eir's powers surely came at least from her mother (she said to Hel that she remembers her mother having white wings), but still Fafnir is probably way younger than Eir and also had to provide for his family while he rose at the military and "just wanted his family to have a good life", and if he was royalty from a kingdom this wouldn't happen. But I have to admit that his appearence (abnormally pale with fair blue eyes) resembles Eir's so (in addiction with him having a daughter and being from someplace else) I see where you're coming from.
  7. Soooo, now that we already got the ending of the TT, I think its fair game to discuss it without spoiler tags, right? Maybe I'm a little slow, but I just want to be sure I got it: The Firestone Muspell shows to Laegjarn is his own Dragon stone right?(He says to her "this stone is your life blood" which I'm not sure wheter he meant "This is what will save you" or something else, in portuguese he says "This is the blood that runs in your veins" and for me it looked like he was telling her that it was his dragonstone and used this expression to present it to Laegjarn because she is his descendant and has his blood, now I don't know how this sentence is put in japanese) If it is, then why the hell it would be able to ressurrect her? Is it ever mentioned in other FE game that a Dragon stone can ressurect dragons or dragon's descendants? Also, Laegjarn says "This stone! Its just like my father-", was she going to say that it was "just like her father's"? Like... Was Surt a manakete all along oooor... (I always though he was of mixed Muspell and Jotun descendance because of his size and cuz norse mythology's Surtr is an actual giant). If he is, it sounds a little...pointless? Maybe he just possessed a Fire Stone that wasn't even his? Is this some kind of weird twist, a massively desnecessary thing or just my misinterpratation? I'm kinda confused with this. I wonder how many times this stone can be used to ressurect Laegjarn (like, she can use it how many times she wants to? forever?), and why doesn't Nifl has a similar one. Also, am I the only one that thinks that Loki may have lied to Muspell about the content of the runes?(or about the powers of the Fire Stone) Because he would then head to battle sure about his victory but in fact it wasn't true?
  8. I really liked this too, and I agree with DefyingFates that it looks like GBA supports. Now I think I ship them too, never had thought about this before but they are both calm and don't express their emotions often and all, they're perfect for each other! Well, canonically, neither Hríd or Laevatein are in the order but I still enjoyed the world building you put there, it makes both of them look more busy (and also a great excuse for them to have constant conversations). Did you write more of these fanmade support conversations? Cuz if you did, you should post them somewhere here in Serenes. He also says THIS(in the spoiler tag) in his lv 40 conversation, for whoever is interested in taking him even less seriously: It looks like something that an edgy 12 years old addicted to Five Nights at Freddy's would say to their younger sibling to look cool. Wasn't it stated somewhere (I'm almost sure it was in a cutscene in the Abyss forging bonds, that book that Loki was looking for) that the Ragnarok was already written to happen?(I'm not exactly sure) Also, the Ragnarok actually starts because of Loki's children (and as far as I remember, by 2 of Loki's grandchildren too)
  9. I like this first line you wrote, sounds like something that could be used in a synopsis for the game. And I guess I... partially agree with the last part. If by "they've already made Heroes art for a character" you mean units like Bruno and OG!Veronica (who both have the 4 arts, battle sprites, voice actors, movement and weapon type decided, stats, skills and weapon) then yes, they are technically wasting it (assuming we won't get Bruno and Veronica later but lets forget it for now). Same goes for Freyr (He only didn't have a weapon (and skills as far as I remember)), but still he had everything else (even a battle sprite! well, except for the animation for his inexistent weapon but still...) and Gustav (after book III). All they would have to do, in general, would be to write some lines for them. Now think about Henriette before the Valentines banner (same goes for Gustav before book III), she had one art (I bet she don't even have the other 3 because she probably wouldnt ever be playable if it wasn't for heavy fan demand) and was just coincidentally holding a tome in this one art (so we happen to know what weapon she liked) but if IS ever wanted to make her playable they would have to do the remaining 3 arts, battle sprites for her (and decide what would be her mov type), Invent a weapon and the animation for this weapon (and choose a color), chose her stats and skills, and then write the dialogues that summonable characters have and pay a voice actress, so in this case it would definitively not be free money. (Ok, now that we already have a Henriette alt we already have an idea of her stats and she has a sprite already, but I said to imagine it was before the Valentines banner). Same goes for Thorr, we only have 1 art and nothing else (but lets assume that Thorr wouldn't ever appear in a map like Henriette won't, at leats we know that someday she will have sprites, weapon, etc).
  10. Thats just... wow, thats a truly great idea, I never thought about that. Just adding that Thorr probably wasn't in CYL for not spoiling the future of the story purpouses, I bet she will only be playable after we fight her as a boss (or kill her), so it didn't have anything to do with that. And I think Bruno is not playable yet for story purpouses too (I think he will join you in a later book, probably along with Veronica). But with the exception of this I basically agree with everything you said (I'm just not sure about the whole thing involving ascendant heroes but yeah, no one is yet so it doesn't matter). I wish IS had people like you working there, but unfortunately I think that for some reason they don't give a crap about pissing off the least amount of people as possible (otherwise we would have Nyna in the game already) I don't know if it sounded like I was being ironic or mocking you for the way I'm saying it (in english it gives me the impression that this sounded kinda sarcastic), but I'm truly not, your idea is pretty good. Just one more thing, I think that in reality some OCs may never be playable, like lots of FE games have characters that won't ever be playable, FEH will likely have some too. Their fans will be pissed of course, but thats what it is, not everyone can be added (but Camilla can have 8 alts). I think I like every OC, and I definitively care more about them than I'll ever care about Roshea and Vyland, but I get that no FE game will have 100% of their characters covered in the game, neither Heroes.
  11. Maybe they update her kit in the future and give her Ice Mirror II, but yeah, I'm also pretty sure she won't come with it
  12. Oh! That makes me remember that Julia was Earth, so if it was Deirdre, she would probably be earth too right? First I mentioned her just as a kind of brainstorm, but I think my bets on her are a little higher now (as my bets on Caeda are a little lower because of the summer alt thing)
  13. Yeah, I also agree that it must be either Caeda (lance and almost certainly flying, with Wing Lance) or Ninian (blue breath, either infantry or flying, not idea about her weapon, some OP dance as support skill probably involving her rings). Otherwise, maybe Deirdre? (since generally light tomes are blue in FEH). Now I started to consider what @Naoshi said though, about not being Caeda this month because of the summer alt, its surely something to have in mind. But I still think she miiight have a chance (I can't think right now of any hero who had 2 alts in 3 months, but there must be someone)...Well, or not, I'm very indecise now. But I have to admit that I'm now pretty excited to see what a L!Caeda would be like...she will have to be better than the others right? (or at least on par), so she will surely have eff against sword, lance, axe, colorless bow and armoured foes like most Caeda's alts have but probably be even better (and with her, we would have 3 Caedas to control the weapon triangle, all having eff against this 5 kinds of enemies, I'm not counting OG Caeda and Bridal Caeda since they don't have this eff on their weapons) Also, sorry Naoshi for doing the thread before you, not sure if this is something you mind or you were just telling us. Just apologizing in case you care about it. I actually was even going to create the thread yesterday but I thought it would be better to wait for the new heroes trailer to see if Champion Fjorm was there or not (I thought we still didnt have a legendary thread this month because it was of general conscence that Fjorm would be the legendary). Also, hope Daisy Jane is ok
  14. Thats... an interesting list. Weird to see that someone actually gives a fuck about Gonzales, I would love to see Niime, Athos should be a mythic with the best Forblaze in the game (I would like to see the other 8 legends too, specially Roland, Durban, Elimine, and of course Athos, who are the ones we can actually see the faces during the game), Lucia and Volug would be pretty cool to have in the game (can't wait for the next Tellius banner), also Fafnir and Bruno are musts for me but I'm pretty sure that they will have their OG alts eventually (the only problem is when).
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