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  1. Okay, got it. Thank you, truly! :D
  2. Ohh. Got it, now it works. Do I feel foolish. ._.; Thanks, truly. One last silly question I had: when FE:H updates again, would I be able to get an updated apk and still keep my save file progress? Linking a Nintendo account will still work, right?
  3. Trying to use the MeMu method. Very frustrating, I keep getting the "Unfortunately Fire Emblem Heroes has stopped" error. I have a 2.5.0 apk, I'm not sure what else I'm doing wrong. Lollipop for Memu was also being difficult. I have the most recent MeMu (, and it says "please install Memu" anyway. I'd truly be thankful for help. :(
  4. Damn, I'd have thought this was a trailer for some Netflix Original series or whatever. :O That was an impressive trailer. Sad Lyn made me sad. They really went all out for a commercial for a MOBILE game. Like, I'm just floored. I don't even like commercials most of the time, too.
  5. I don't think I played a gacha game before, but I really like how generous FE:H can be at times. It's great to have this big multiverse of my favorite units from different games working together in 1 army. Once I get my job started, I might even become a mini whale, because I want to support this game.
  6. It's hard to decide between Roy and Chrom to decide first...
  7. A free CYL hero! Oh man, I don't know if I want Roy or Lucina! Might have to coin-toss this and let fate decide.
  8. Amelia? Ehhh. I hope we get Ewan and Ross, too. Trainee Units are the best! About time we got some SS characters.
  9. Aw, I'm still sorely disappointed that Leo lost to Gaius. But at the same time, I'm glad, might as well support team Corrin for a Nohr victory. I really dislike this multiplier thing now though. :<
  10. The only real "project" I have is challenging myself by using NO Skill Inheritance whatsoever. It puts me at a large disadvantage in Arena, but I've managed to scrap up to Tier 17 with no SI teams. It makes the game a lot harder in some places, but it's satisfying for me. I'm working on getting my 3* units up to 4*, so I can have a wider and stronger variety of heroes ready for various battles coming up next month. One day I may give up this stubborn strategy, but for now, it's a project I'm having some fun with!
  11. A battle against Roy's wife; oh, his childhood friend is there, too. Cecilia is best wife for Roy. This should be an interesting kerfuffle. I hope it won't be TOO hard, otherwise I'll really regret going no-SI for challenges. :V
  12. Ewan first and foremost is the SS character I'd want in Heroes. He's adorable and I want my son in battle. I'd also like Joshua, Artur, Seth, Rennac, Colm, and Myrrh.
  13. I do hope we see more Magvel characters, especially if they include Ewan, Joshua, and Artur.
  14. I'm at Tier 16, will be going up to 17 hopefully. But I never once got any Defense points. :V I wonder what I am doing wrong...
  15. Grinding TT on easy with my 4 5-stars. The difficulty spike between Normal and Hard is just insane, so I can't be bothered to go through that just for 280~ points. Getting a guaranteed 276 points is better in my book, and I've gotten 5-star Tobin by now. :V I also want to keep one of each hero, like a dragon who hoards heroes. I know I should be using the Skill Inherit mechanic, but I'd rather just use the heroes as they are, and worry about SI later.
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