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  1. Just to be clear - Summer Frederick cannot use Steady Breath. Dagger units of any kind cannot inherit steady breath.
  2. Well you never know. The reason I want part 2 is because I feel totally gyped out of 2 sacred stones summer units. Now that would be fine if they just decided to do 2 from each game but instead they choose 2 more awakening units. So the image as far as I can tell is that fates/awakening is worth 6 units but ss is only worth 2. I thought we were past this with IS. I don't need perfect representation, but at least give me a full ss banner not a half a one...
  3. I'm hoping for 2 more SS units and 2 more Awakening units because I really want Ephriam and Eirika but I doubt that's going to happen. If not I'll just blow my 600 orbs on more Innes.
  4. So this is a really weird build but weird units call for weird builds I guess. Anyone have a better alternative to some of these skills? Wanted to do seal spd instead of speed+3 because so many of my units needs spd+3 but I think he would get doubled whenever he attacked someone with DC.
  5. @AnacybeleWould gladly trade this if I could - I'm at a loss for how to build him. Can't really do PP and I feel like he'd be underwhelming without a stat based A slot if I gave him CC... https://imgur.com/a/u6etpzV
  6. It'll probably be a summer banner. Maybe theyre releasing both now to try and get people to spend all their orbs before the second banner from this year pops up.
  7. Last year we got 2017 feathers and 20 orbs - but for a different rewards. IIRC this happened twice but I cant remember what the award shows were. I think DICE was one of them.
  8. So last year I tried really hard to get a SGaius with decent/favorable IVs. Instead I got one -spd SGaius and SEVEN SFredericks. Did my free pull today. Guess what? SFrederick.... He's +7 now and he still sucks.
  9. Yea, I mean to be entirely honest I have very little repsect for award shows and I kind of think they're bringing it upon themselves to put a mobile game who has previously given us rewards for winning award shows as a nomination. And to me having a retweet event to determine the winner is just silly. Especially when they probably don't even verify that the submission is from a teen (I'm 23). For one thing twitter has a demographic bias from many different angels. I do think FEH is better than most of the games up there though - perhaps BotW is higher quality but that game is probably too old to win as a single player title.
  10. So FEH was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards for some reason. Now you might be thinking - there's no way we can beat Mario, BotW, Overwatch, and Fornite. But there is. Unlike the aforementioned games, we might actually get something for getting them to win and most people probably dont have any incentive to vote for the game. So retweet, maybe we'll get lucky. So far we've got over twice as many votes as Fortnite - but this is the first day. Of course we may not get orbs even if it wins, but we can hope.
  11. This build assumes firesweep will come in the future. Bonfire, Luna, Aether, or Galeforce?
  12. So I didn't actually realize I could sort by favorite's color until today. I set all my fodder to orange. Fodder units are classified as units that I would be willing to fodder if a unit I really love comes along and needs it - not necessarily units who are exclusively fodder (so even Ayra is fodder). Really helps me shift through my units to see what I have available. Like this Chill Spd... I'd give it to my +spd Flying Innes in anticipation for firesweep who wont need a B slot but I think I would prefer Chill Def because his spd will be high enough to double everything (but not his atk). Its nice to be able to see what I have available at a glance instead of having to shift through gamepress looking for all the units that have 'x' skill and all the different skills I don't have. Also set my summer units to blue for reasons.
  13. So normally I really hate BA3 Desp3 but I have a -def so.... Ephraim (+atk/-def) Fury 3 Desperation 3 X Brash Assault 3 Thoughts as a budget build until I get +atk/-spd Ephraim in which case I'll figure something else out? Otherwise I'll just hold him in storage some more.
  14. Alm : 8/10 : Fairly obvious as to why, he is the best dragon counter in the game (that I know of). And w/ Renewal built in he can be kited around the map to heal up and kill more dragons if need be. Pretty solid unit even outside of dragons, though there are better options if you already have a team capable of killing dragons. Lukas : 8/10 : Really underrated unit. People credit Ayra for being able to ORKO blues but no one gives this guy any credit for being able to EP ORKO greens. He can also take care of red dragons and might be able to get the drop on a red mage, but really he's just the best physical tank in the game. Sure there's armored units, but outside of an armor emblem I'd rather have Lukas who can actually run away from mages (which he'll need to do). Currently have +9 Lukas and IS won't give me my last one. also while we're on the topic of Lukas, I'd like to mention that it is possible to ORKO Nowi if you use an Ignis build instead of the standard Bonfire. Is it worth it? Probably not for most people but just wanted to throw it out there since Nowi is so common and lots of people fault Lukas for not being able to deal with her when he can w/ Ignis.
  15. HP : +SPD/-HP Tana (32) - x ATK : -ATK/+DEF Maria (23) - x SPD : NEUTRAL Arden(11) - Brave Sword DEF : -DEF/+HP FMoran(12) - x RES : NEUTRAL Linus(14) AND +ATK/-DEF Jaffar(14) - Life and Death 3 (not 6, Linus has Brazen)
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