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  1. does anyone remember the sub games from RTD I think that the ninja sub game should come back also meta knight should get his own game and maybe a new game that would work like super mario bros 35 I would call it kirby's dreamland 30 where 30 player play to be the last kirby standing
  2. I know we have seen king dedede have his game but what if meta knight got his own game well this topic could be for ideas of his game I'm guessing that meta knight would have an fighting/rpg game where you could play as meta knight and maybe the 2nd player could be one of the meta knights idk but I would like to hear your ideas.
  3. The boyfriend from Friday night funkin PROS Would have a bunch of new music and maybe a cool new stage that could work like minecraft world IFFY would be a great pick unless he holds a mic as a weapon for the whole match Would be annoying to here say BEEP for all his moves Don't know what his moveset would be CONS idk
  4. To kinda celbrate the relase of miitopia on the switch I want to ask who are your party members and who is the hero in the 3DS version as well as what there jobs were note you don't have to have 10 party members but at least 2 or 3 members also note this is only for the hero and party members so no dark lord or any of that stuff anyways here is my party Me pop star imp and thief kirby chef he does like food. henry stickmin thief he was one in 1 and 3 of his games. baby luigi cleric waddle dee cat we have seen him in costumes. lighty from scratch also a cleric roy koopa warior rocky jr also from scratch tank he does barf. flower from battle for dream island flower she is a flower. and larry koopa mage he does use a wand. so what was your team?
  5. There are many topics that I have I want to remove but the only problme I don't know where the thingy is can someone help me find it?
  6. Here are some hints 1. the main characters best friend and rival 2. a season object winner 5. a racer from cars 6. sometimes he's black sometimes he's orange. 8. a object who barfs 9. one of the tuners from cars 10. a object who slaps 2
  7. this is another quiz but with games 1. Car stunt 2 baseball mario 3 mario dragon quest 4 party Namco 5 bull fighting stunts racing monster trucks mater
  8. The only clone characters we need are besides dry bowser are baby mario and baby luigi
  9. I feel like a doing a quiz guess each character in the chat there will be 10 characters to guess and I picked these just as I think you may not know them.
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