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  1. If you're just going to tease us with this awesome-looking hack and not tell us how to get it, then what's the point? Could you at least upload that sucker to ROMHacking.net so we can play it too?
  2. I'm considering looking into doing Gaiden. Of course, it'll be more difficult since I'm not familiar with Gaiden's story in the slightest. I'll have to see what sort of unused space it has, too, as that was a big factor that allowed me to make this patch. Yes, oops, it should be kurokishidan! I wrote that comparison off of memory, so my mistake. My associate Mareeta informed me that "Sable" is just an archaic word that means the same thing as black. Thus, "Sable Order" is just "Black Order", which is close enough. I even refer to them as "Grunia's order of black knights, the Sable Order" in the bridge chapter. Ultimately, there are so many instances of "Black Knights" in games, TV shows, and movies, so I settled on "Sable Order" so that the name could be unique. Whitewings, I left is White Knights, as I don't recall any reference to wings being made in Japanese.
  3. Also, a lot of people don't seem to realize the number of changes that Intelligent System's localization department makes with the Fire Emblem series. Outside of a few surprises that I sprinkled in, this should be a lot more accurate than the Switch release. I admit, the Switch translation IS significantly more accurate than the DS port, but it still keeps a number of the changes made.
  4. Hello! I just thought I should get the word out there. I've created a brand new translation of the first Fire Emblem game. The two main goals of this project were: 1. Accuracy: This translation tries to remain as faithful to the original Japanese as possible. To this end, the Mystery of the Emblem Book 1 script was used for reference and as a base. However, I also checked it against the original Japanese text and did some translation of my own in the content that wasn't featured in that remake. I also made a few edits for accuracy, like changing "Big Bro" to "Chief". The official localization terms were used only where accurate and appropriate, and I tried to find a middle ground where I could. 2. Expansion: I did some ASM hacking to allow the game to store a lot more text, so very little remains abridged or cut. Also, I expanded the text windows to fit as much text as possible on the screen. The patch is available for download at ROMHacking.net here: http://www.romhacking.net/translations/6087/ Here's some screenshots for comparison with the old translation. I also did a trailer as a parody of the Switch "translation, which shows the translation in action here: Your feedback is appreciated!
  5. Aw, sweet! That's definitely what I'm looking for. The notes you linked are going to be even more helpful, too. Now I can finally have as much fun with this hack that I was hoping to. Many thanks!
  6. Hello! I've been working on some hacking of Fire Emblem 1. I'm currently struggling with how to modify which character can recruit another. There's nothing in the enemy data for it, and searching for CMP #$02 (Compare to Sheeda's character index, for recruiting Navarre), and looking some of the ASM code that's triggered when checking adjacent spaces to the moved unit, but to no avail. Anyone have any information on this? Is there a table somewhere with all recruit check indexes?
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