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  1. I was thinking could it be possible that there is dialogue that we missed in BS FE?

    If all we have are streams, what if we missed certain courses of events that could've gone differently?

    Like in all streams I've of the fourth episode, the player never kills Bulzark, what if there is a potential new line of dialogue during the ending with Bulzark's death in mind?

  2. Xane and Jake? Maybe they're buried in the Prelude version somewhere... probably not, but it at least gives me an idea on what to look for.
  3. Yeah, it looks like the character profiles match the site (Even the ones who had their colors changed). And the "Prelude" looks less detailed than the "Story" section of the site, so it's probably spoiler-free. That actually kinda bums me out; A part of me is hoping the original story had more direct ties to FE that had to be edited out, but it seems at least looking on the surface level that that may not be the case. Of course, it's most likely that if the direct ties were there than they'd be more deeply hidden anyway, but seeing text that matches the character bios on the site makes me think more that whatever was changed was bare minimum.
  4. Funnily enough, BSFE is one of my favorites as well.

    I still remember your original topic on it.

    1. Kiddo


      Haha, thanks. ^_^
      Though the older translation work was definitely sloppy. XP

      I have the Akanea Chronicle book with the BS FE art, was curious about doing higher-res scans but I didn't wanna ruin my book for it.

      Still on the lookout for any potential music sources.

    2. Emperor Hardin

      Emperor Hardin

      I actually have some ideas for more BSFE missions myself.

      Like a mission where the player plays as Cornelius against Camus, the Sable Order, and Dolhr with Jiol as a temporary ally.

  5. A little update. While this is probably not as significant as the Dengeki Playstation D43 demo, it seems Dengeki Playstation D41 also had a promotional bit on Emblem Saga. It's a buncha picture slideshows and text, but maybe something worth translating is in it.
  6. I'm going to assume Tirnanog would not have changed anything they already made into the game unless it was absolutely necessary. That said, I am curious if anything can be found by datamining - it may be possible that future game plans were changed in an attempt to give Tear Ring more of a separate identity.
  7. Hey guys. Long time no post, huh? I'm gonna assume no one really pays attention to what I do outside of here, so I'll summarize: Lots of game proto and demo research. Recently I decided to grab as many dumps of Playstation demo discs and magazines as I can and examine them. Thankfully projects like Redump acquired many, including a certain "Dengeki Playstation D43", which I assume means the 43rd Playstation disc volume of Dengeki Playstation magazine. So where am I headed with this? Well, this volume has a certain demo that I think might be of special interest to the folks here. I went and checked on "Emblem Saga Prelude" and recorded a bit of the footage here. I know there is another known demo of "Tear Ring Saga Prelude", and this seems to be similar to that one, but it has Blue-haired Runan, at least. It's possible there are other changes that are harder to notice. (Or possibly ones that would require datamining to find.) Any help on finding anything else out of this would be appreciated.
  8. Kiddo

    It has been a year since you were last active. I hope all is well! We miss you!

  9. Not 1:1 in looks, but... yeah, I can even see personality similarities now.
  10. I was referring more to the sprite edit than the given name. I suppose you saw the resemblence beforehand? :P
  11. Kiddo

    Elibean Nights

    I'd say if we want to play it up for all it's misery, we could have the alt map being something about the orphanage Lucius maintains. Maybe we could have Raven die there instead. ... Yeah, I'm an ass. :P
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