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  1. Randomized Roy slot still freezes the game on promotion if he doesn't have a sword animation at base. I used to just codebreak him into a sword class and codebreak him to the proper class after promo, but something in the newest version seems to have changed the class values, and I don't know them like that. Is there any way to make the BB change weapon types to match Roy's slot's base weapon type when generating a rom? Or even just restrict Roy's slot to classes that have swords at base? On the subject of problems I used to fix with codebreaker, is there a way to make Karla's recruitment work without a warrior in Bartre's slot? I don't mind having to level Bartre's slot to recruit Karla's slot, but I can no longer codebreaker to warrior and codebreaker back to recruit her slot. Love the randomizer btw, these are minor gripes. If they can't be fixed soon it's no big deal. edit: In Thracia chapter 11, if Fred rolls unmounted and you rescue him, he counts as dead if you're holding him when the chapter ends, and you don't get 11x. Easily circumvented by just dropping him before seizing. Not an issue or anything, thought it was interesting that since you're not supposed to be able to capture or rescue Fred in that chapter, he's just "dead" if someone holds him.
  2. I noticed it in The Last Promise before I realized it was like that in the old games. TLP has the lone female sniper at endgame, I think that was made me go back and look for whatever reason.
  3. I think the old games are still worth playing. They play differently enough from their respective remakes, and it can also be really enjoyable to compare and contrast the old games with their remakes. Also just generally enjoy going back to the old animations. But I understand that you zoomers might not care about grandpa's pixels, and maybe playing back in the ages of sparse dialogue and no female "infantry" units is unappealing. And I mean that genuinely, the nostalgia definitely contributes when you go back, and a lot of newer players and gamers wouldn't have that same attachment. Even with the remakes, I still wish they'd translate the old games to release them to the eshop outside Japan. They could literally look at the credits on a translation patch and buy them, hell they could probably use them for free, just literally have anyone playtest it to touch anything up. But it's Intelligent Systems, which is Nintendo, and Nintendo don't play that way.
  4. Eliwood and Lyn would be able to 1RKO knights and maybe paladins and generals later. Wouldn't be too game-changing, but it would make keeping them around a little more rewarding. Bow-users should actually be able to kill wyverns, so that's nice. Rebecca and Wil will still suffer I think, but Rath and Louise might shine a little. I feel like in general most of your characters benefit from this. I don't know if there's an official reason why it's x2 in FE7, but I get the impression that some number of testers got their fliers killed by ballista, or even normal bows and prompted this change. But all the effective weaponry is pretty much a glorified silver-weapon when you have x2 effective damage. Sure, swordslayers become 1HKO weapons on swordies, but there's like two of them in the whole game to watch out for, they're not effective against Jaffar so he'll probably just kill one out of the two you'll ever see anyway. They were also probably 1HKOs already, especially in the hands of that CoD berserker, and checking enemy inventory is just good practice.
  5. Nbd, but we did have this topic already, and the conclusion was that you need to delete the software data, redownload the updates, DO NOT redownload the Expansion Pass. The unreleased stuff seems to be causing issues with some consoles. If you still want access to the costumes, you can download that independently from the EP using the eshop. Thanks to @90moki for posting this, which you should check out if my instructions weren't clear enough.
  6. It's in possession of Zombie-Greil, the final boss of the third game in the trilogy.
  7. Unsure if it's related, but I'm also getting a close message somewhere along the lines of "failed to load settings" occasionally when I open the eshop, and it usually happens after I delete the software data, and go back to the eshop, whether it's through Three Houses, or through the home menu. It still lets me in the eshop right after giving me the message, but I only started seeing the message when this issue came up. Minor update: I was able to send my feedback through Nintendo's support page finally, if they respond, I'll let you folks know what they say.
  8. I didn't mention it before, because it didn't seem relevant until you mentioned it @Kirblicated, but I tried to use the feedback option on Nintendo's support page last night, and I got an error over there too. Not a connection error as far as I could tell, I had consistent connection and tried a few times throughout the night, it just kept telling me it failed to send. Wish I had remembered the exact message on the site. Hopefully if it's not just us, they're aware of it, and can fix it with an update or something. Are you on a physical or digital copy? Not that I expect to figure anything out necessarily, just curious if the issue seems to be related to having a physical copy or not.
  9. After purchasing the Expansion Pass, and downloading what I assume is Wave 1 of the pass, every time I go to start my game, I get the "software closed because of an error" message, and get kicked back to the home menu. I've deleted my software data, redownloaded the updates, and I could play the game again. However, when I redownload the dlc, I get the same error every time. I've repeated this process multiple times, including restarting the console, but the game will not load if I have the dlc downloaded. For the record, I've also checked my own consoles firmware, it says I'm up to date. I've also tried the "check for corrupted data" option, and it allegedly comes back clean after deleting and redownloading. I am playing on a physical cartridge, so it's only deleting data like updates and the sort, I think. Of course I'm hoping someone has a solution that doesn't involve sending my console away for an undisclosed amount of time to Nintendo, but that is probably where I'll end up. But I'm also curious if anyone else is having an issue after downloading dlc data. Google search led me to believe no one else has run into this issue yet, which unfortunately only furthers the likelihood that it's just my console, and I need to send it to rehab. I am aware that Wave 1 is just an outfit, and obviously I can play without it. But the issue is that I'll still be stuck with this problem as long as I sit on it, and I would like to play with the content I paid for when it comes out eventually. Apologies if there's another forum for technical questions, if there is, I just couldn't find it.
  10. I think I was just recalling incorrectly, because double-checking the info on the main page didn't mention the 3rd playthrough thing. Thank you for clearing that up.
  11. Not a terribly important question, but do you still have to be on the 3rd playthrough to get Lyon in Creature Campaign? Mostly just curious if it's worth going through the Ruins at the end of my 1st playthrough.
  12. Something similar was happening to me before I wiped my laptop. Not to be gloom and doom, but I'd guess at some form of malware/virus. I'm unsure if it's exactly what I had, but I have heard of malware that pretty much deletes your browser, and replaces it with a fake one loaded with bad popups like those. It may be Chrome specific, sorry I can't recall it better.
  13. I don't think it should be the standard ruleset, but I think it'd be fun as an alternative ruleset. I don't think we have alternate ruleset tournaments often enough though. I understand that the focus should always be on standard play, but it's fun to deviate from the rules sometimes.
  14. Yes, doesn't matter who or when. Roy, Lucina and Chrom are an odd series of semi-mistakes, but that doesn't mean I don't still want better done FE characters. So a combination of Smash 4's FE roster being in need of pruning, Roy and Lucina existing in the first place, "everybody's here!", and Chrom has resulted in a VERY redundant FE cast. We're currently looking at 7 FE reps, and 4 of those reps are Marth, Marth's clone, Luigified Marth, and Luigified Marth's clone. If Lucina and/or Chrom were an Ike echo/clone, we'd have at least one less Marth based moveset. If not for "everybody's here" we could've dropped Lucina or Roy, or demoted one or both to costumes, again, reducing our Marth numbers. And then there's just the obvious of them being added in the first place despite the redundancy. But anyway, the two I still want the most are Edelgard as a new character, and Celica as a Robin echo. Would also be fond of Hector as a possible Edelgard echo, and/or BK as an Ike echo. But honestly there are so few FE characters you could choose that I wouldn't be happy with.
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