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  1. I think I was just recalling incorrectly, because double-checking the info on the main page didn't mention the 3rd playthrough thing. Thank you for clearing that up.
  2. Not a terribly important question, but do you still have to be on the 3rd playthrough to get Lyon in Creature Campaign? Mostly just curious if it's worth going through the Ruins at the end of my 1st playthrough.
  3. Something similar was happening to me before I wiped my laptop. Not to be gloom and doom, but I'd guess at some form of malware/virus. I'm unsure if it's exactly what I had, but I have heard of malware that pretty much deletes your browser, and replaces it with a fake one loaded with bad popups like those. It may be Chrome specific, sorry I can't recall it better.
  4. I don't think it should be the standard ruleset, but I think it'd be fun as an alternative ruleset. I don't think we have alternate ruleset tournaments often enough though. I understand that the focus should always be on standard play, but it's fun to deviate from the rules sometimes.
  5. Yes, doesn't matter who or when. Roy, Lucina and Chrom are an odd series of semi-mistakes, but that doesn't mean I don't still want better done FE characters. So a combination of Smash 4's FE roster being in need of pruning, Roy and Lucina existing in the first place, "everybody's here!", and Chrom has resulted in a VERY redundant FE cast. We're currently looking at 7 FE reps, and 4 of those reps are Marth, Marth's clone, Luigified Marth, and Luigified Marth's clone. If Lucina and/or Chrom were an Ike echo/clone, we'd have at least one less Marth based moveset. If not for "everybody's here" we could've dropped Lucina or Roy, or demoted one or both to costumes, again, reducing our Marth numbers. And then there's just the obvious of them being added in the first place despite the redundancy. But anyway, the two I still want the most are Edelgard as a new character, and Celica as a Robin echo. Would also be fond of Hector as a possible Edelgard echo, and/or BK as an Ike echo. But honestly there are so few FE characters you could choose that I wouldn't be happy with.
  6. I think we're gonna have some sort of mode that allows you to play as certain Assist Trophies. So many of them just seem so close to playable characters this time around. Of course it could also just be that it looks cool and it's fun to KO them. After all, I'm probably not the only one who likes the more interactive Pokeball Pokemon, Cyndaquil, Wobuffet, Maril. So maybe they're just applying the concepts to Assist Trophies.
  7. I don't think dancing blade is supposed to be astra, but its a neat comparison. But dolphin slash if anything looks more like the swordmaster animation without the startup.
  8. I like Ike. He looks so good, both his lad and dad costumes. His up-air looks so fun, and dash canceling sounds amazing for a character like him. It'll be the closest thing to using his jump-cancel quickdraw in PM. The only thing I'm still wanting is his Lord costume from PoR. Zelda and Marth purely based on how pretty they look. I've also liked them on and off since Melee. Young Link, I'd like to see how much carried over from Melee Young Link, and Smash 4 Link. Link, a lot of his new mechanics look fun, he has a real grab for the first time ever! All the other FE characters, as well as Ganondorf. All characters I've enjoyed to a degree in each game. Also looking forward in general to finding new characters who are fun to play, both newcomers and tweaked characters from the last game.
  9. After playing FE6, and being made aware of Roy's position in Melee, I understood that they would probably miss out on the details, especially as a clone of Marth. But Smash4 onward, the one thing about him that still bugs me, is that he doesn't have a flame projectile on his neutral-b. If you gave flare blade a projectile of some sort, it also further differentiates him from Marth/Lucina. Then they go and give a Ike a flame shockwave on eruption, which is cool and all, but it'd actually be a canon move on Roy. Using the ranged-attack on the SoS is also one of the only times Roy shines in his own game too. And yeah, honestly they can leave Marth with a lot of slashes, because that makes up a lot of sword-fighting, fencing included. But just give him a stab attack for his f-smash or tilt. If you put it on his tilt, it'll look exactly like his old-school animation if you angle it up out of a walk animation.
  10. Personally, I don't care for Tabuu, and the hands are more or less knockoff Kirby bosses(not that that's such a bad thing). I liked the SSBB SE, but I definitely would've preferred if Tabuu were absent, and it was more just the league of Nintendo villains taking over. If we got a "story mode" again, I'd like for the antagonists to just be a league of evil, comprised of the villain characters. It could be cool to have an option to play the villains and anti-heroes side of the story, but if not, you don't have to be able to use every character in a story mode. Or you can start your team with all the morally gray characters, i.e. Meta-Knight, Wolf, Dark Pit, R.O.B., G&W, and you can choose whether or not you team with the heroes or villains in the story. But I think there are so many good Nintendo villains available, it's just sort of a waste to use Tabuu, or make up another OC. And if one villain ends up being the pseudo leader, I think that's okay as long as they all get a fair amount of screen-time.
  11. To be honest, Marth is a bit off as is, and it's kind of just trickled down to Roy. Not counting his cameos in the 3DS games, ALL of Marth's battle animations are stabs rather than slashes, as is Roy's non-SoS animation. Yet in Melee, his only stabbing move was one of four options of Dancing Blade, out of what, 9 options? Not a single move Marth has looks anything like any of his battle animations. Even his post-Brawl Shield Breaker doesn't quite resemble any of his attacks. As a result, Roy's moves also look very little like his animations. However, since Roy's moveset has been touched up, his f-smash at least looks vaguely similar to the SoS animation, and his counter unlike Marth's at least has some relevance to his animations in FE6. I complained about Lucina already, tldr Ike's moves look way more like 3DS animations than Marth's. It only applies to Marth and Roy right now, but post 3D FE doesn't have much to work off moveset wise. But if the characters have literally two animations each, it shouldn't be that difficult to at least make them central moves, let alone moves at all.
  12. Remember when Ike's fire was orange? That bugged me so much. I was kind of glad they didn't use Ike's Ranger idle stance, but the one they used managed to also be weird in it's own way.
  13. I prefer Lloyd's version, but I hate passing up characters with HHM bonuses. But I also enjoy using the lords, despite it not being a great investment.
  14. I would kinda dig it. Would rather she not have a hookshot though, for both thematic reasons and tether grabs kinda sucking. Not sure if that's disqualification for an echo or not. It would be 5 characters with a spin attack up-b though, if you include Mii fighters. Not that I'd really mind, we also have 8 characters with a counter down-b.
  15. Yup, one of few games I've legitimately 100%ed. Getting the special messages and the point-based rewards were what took the longest, but they were some of the most fun. The no damage clear took me quite a while to get right, even on Very Easy. Switzerland was the funniest reward I got by accident, if I remember right, giant DK KO'd himself in Adventure mode before I could even attack, and I got Switzerland.
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