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  1. Well, I just got Etrian Odyssey Untold after randomly playing the Demo for EO2U the day before school started back, and I must say, it's probably my favorite game already. Never have I been more invested in a game! I also put waaaaay too much detail into my maps, marking everything, putting a little note on every other wall, marking down when certain conversations happen at a point in the Labyrinth, etcetera, etcetera. On a side note, I ended up deleting all my data after beating the First Stratum boss, because I remembered the EO2U demo saying there was 8 save files, and decided to start a run in classic mode. Luckily, I made a save-data backup after the fourth floor. In fact, using those save-data backups, i now technically have 3 save files, one with the Story mode, one with me as a Survivalist, and one with me as a Dark hunter.
  2. Well, I did exactly as the title says. Please, tell me all of the horrendous, terrible things I did wrong, (preferably also tell me how to fix it), and offer general advice about things that I tend to not think of at all, such as color scheme. If you want, that is. I guess I'll show you guys what I have. Please note that I am very bad at this, and just think it's fun to do, that's why I have these in the first place. Also, there's only one. C: I really only do these from boredom, and with school and all being here, that probably will happen less. Because I was inspired by the Radiant Collection, I also made Takumi in GBA form. Well, tried at least. I think if I ever manage to fix it, I'll definitely be doing more Fates characters. I'm still working on it, but it may take a while, as shading is a thing that I'm bad at. Obviously.
  3. I really like that Myrrh! I tried doing a splice with Lilina, but that hat thing really ticked me off, so that's an impressive job making it look like it was never there! Also, Lilina was a good choice because both her and Myrrh have a hand in their portrait.
  4. I'm glad that mine went towards something (if anyone uses it), rather than sitting around in a folder on my desktop forever until the inevitable robot uprising happens and all of humanity is wiped out, along with all sign that we ever existed.
  5. More Baten Kaitos music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JfiRfJu4u0
  6. I changed all of the 1st generation ladies in my Army to the Bride Class, all of which were unmarried (save for Sully, someone had to marry Chrom), they all had an A support with Robin, and sent them out onto Rouges and redeemers 3, just to see who he would marry. The results were: He was able to get an S support with Lissa, Maribelle, Sumia and Cherche, as well as Panne dying. Poor Panne.
  7. I like Kazahana That's it EDIT; I have a serious list of likes, it goes: Kazahana (of course) Hinoka Setsuna Nishiki Kanna Tsubaki Pieri Flora Felicia Velour Odin Shigure Seigbert and not Joker Not really, this is the Love, thread no hate allowed.
  8. I would totally be on board with that. Considering I really liked Anna and Olivia in Awakening, that was just be amazing! I just hope that they keep that little laugh that she does.
  9. I'm okay with the Awakening children as adults, but, aside from Matoi/Cordelia, I hate the Awakening adults as children. I realy like Grey's design, but Syalla is just... ugh. I liked Tharja in awakening, because it was something different. She wasn't obsessed with the main character, she was obsessed with a side character. And when fates brought them back, it just made them feel overused. I'm okay with Luna, Odin and Lazward because I never use them in Awakening, and Matoi because [spoiler=for the third route] You can make Luna her mom in the third route.
  10. That would be adorable! If it's real, I might make a female character just to marry Nishiki.
  11. Right, I didn't think about that. Another name he could have could be Kendall. Get it? Like kindle, as in kindling a flame... I'll just stop now.
  12. Ignis does mean fire in Latin, so it makes sense as the english language is latin-based.
  13. Well, If it does happen, you could call it KRIS-tomiser!
  14. I really hope for The Final Holy War, A Grasping Truth, Echoes of Daybreak, In The Name of Bern, Id (Purpose), Id (Hope), and Trouble (Like, the song from Shadow Dragon/New Mystery).
  15. Gaius: Like candy from a baby- Restores 5% of health after sucessfully defeating an enemy Libra: Divine Retribution- +5 damage when fighting a Grimleal or Risen unit
  16. I just really want to see Matthew (or Colm, but preferrably the former), but seeing Wolt or some other FE6 characters would also be cool. Also, I really would like to see Leif in here, but I know that has about a .00001% chance of happening.
  17. Clearly the doctor brought them with his TARDIS. Also it explains why Severa/Luna can be her Mother's mother.
  18. I'll just marry Anna, then. Anna was my first choice in Awakening, but not here. I'm not actually a fan of Deere, so in the third route, where I'll inevitably marry Aqua, Joker/Jakob is going to be on his own.
  19. I honestly just hope that they put all the Japan only FE games on the Eshop so I can finally get around to play Fire Emblem Gaiden. FE6 would be cool to see the localizaion, and, if they advertise it well enough, they could get it to be extemely popular.
  20. That date is too perfect to be a real date. They probably are putting it at the latest it can be so not to gen anyone's hopes up that it will be released January 1st or something. I still stand by my thoughts that it will be release February. EDIT; Now that I think about it, I wont pre-order one, because I'll just get the downloadable version. 32 GB SD cards for the win!
  21. Great, self inserts! Name: Rusty Class: Assassin Items: Steel Sword, Brave Bow Chapter: Paralouge (Whatever): Vigilante justice Recruitment: Talk with Lissa [spoiler=Recruitment Conversation]R- Oh, are you here to dispatch these crminals, too? L- Uhh... yeah, but why is someone like you here? R- Well, with no one to govern this town, these bands of criminals pop up all the time. I've recently decided to serve up some justice to them. L- Oh, would you like to join us? R- Well, the more the merrier, I guess! Romance: FEMU, Maribelle, Lissa, Tharja, Miriel Critical Quotes: "I think luck is on my side, now!' "Oh, the tides have turned!" "Piping hot justice, coming up!" "And now for the Grand Finale!
  22. Awesome, thank you! So just Kamui, huh? That's too bad, I like to see lots of supports for characters so I can understand their personalities better.
  23. Sorry if this has been addressed before, but what about Yuugiri's supports? Did I just miss them on the list or can she not support? Again, sorry if this has been addressed before, but I really don't have time to look through all 35 or so pages on this topic.
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