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  1. That's great! My copies of Blue and Silver are in my drawers somewhere.
  2. Fair. I rate it above, uh, Sacred Stones, Birthright, and Revelation because of the quality of the writing, but I do think it's pretty zzz to play.
  3. Ruben, am curious: why is PoR on the bottom of your list?
  4. Meguro left because Kozuka is secretly the best Atlus composer.
  5. I wanted to use a Fire-type and I didn't want to play the game with any monkey business going on. So, Houndoom it is. Ponyta/Rapidash is kinda eh unless it's Galarian.
  6. It has Fire Spin as its only fire move, so it's in no way broken against the gym leader. I was happy I got it since this is a nuzlocke run.
  7. Soundtrack in SMT V is nuts. BDSP is actually proving to be enjoyable--spent two hours in the underground earlier, just digging up stuff. Lots of fun. Defeating the second gym leader with a Houndoom felt really funny too.
  8. https://imgur.com/a/vKwkOSC#tVvn3VF And this is why SMTV is GOATed.
  9. No new skills iirc, just two enemies on the right bunch of stairs, so there's only two you can immediately use to get up there.
  10. dammit kumagera Hard or Lunatic? I have everyone around the four stairs on Hard and pretty much swarm in at once. Every time I've done that, I've cleared all the enemies on that Player Phase in time to combat Oboro and her lackeys the following Player Phase. On my recent Lunatic run (using the Birthright characters), I had Hinata choke the point where the ballista is, then on the following Player Phase I had everyone retreat back down. This causes the enemies to go back to their starting positions.
  11. Olivier: I'm not stuck with you, Ruben. No, you're stuck with me.
  12. That JY cover of Fly Me To The Moon is so good. His original songs are great too.
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