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  1. Hello, Hi, Hey is that other thread
  2. It happens in any thread with a shit load of pages. Started happening after the site update, I think? Double posts can be avoided by refreshing or going to a different page immediately after clicking "submit reply". It works for me, at least
  3. Free pull was NY!Azura. Not what I wanted, but a flying dancer is nice.
  4. It was aimed at both of you.
  5. It was aimed at both of you.
  6. Fleecey! You didn't join my VC yesterday. :(
  7. If you're asking how many times I can use it, it's unlimited.
  8. Sorry? I don't understand what you're asking.
  9. Neighbouriser. There are of course people who can back me up on this claim.
  10. I miss TE Also hi, new blood. Tea is good, but my Britishness might be clouding my judgement
  11. why not? you bully me so this is fair imo woohoo
  12. I should be around for deadline. I'm definitely around for the next few hours.
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