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  1. Having 6 Dread Fighters on Celica's route is fun. No Kliff for you, Alm.
  2. meme units are fun to use in iron mans. marty 👍
  3. FE5 is great, y'all tripping. Fun game to iron man.
  4. FE4 Thread not being bugged is poetic. Thread will never die until SF blows up entirely.
  5. Another good one: what happens when you train a level 2 unit to 10, promote, then train them to level 5 to recruit a bad pre-promote: You get no speed!
  6. Meanwhile, our champion Ogier: I hear you all think, "is that +5 from-" And I say: "yes, he did get S rank in axes. That is indeed Armads."
  7. Another FE6 iron man constant is: Clarine never gains Magic. Base Magic :think:
  8. Lot, in theory, should never be good; he has growths very similar to Lowen's in a game where enemies hit much harder and axes are at their worst. Yet every time I've used him in an iron man run, he's been amazing. Lot in one of my Hard iron man runs, Chapter 16x. Run ended because he got berserked and killed Roy.
  9. Tip for Chapter 7: the Wyvern Rider that on the top left only moves if you're 15 tiles away from him (it would have to do it's full move twice and still be able to attack you). If you keep that in mind, he stays in place.
  10. thanks i cropped it myself I think it's fair to say they definitely tried harder with unit balance starting from Awakening. By that, I mean, "trying not to make units unusable." I'd say they succedded fairly well (only Donnel screams "unusable" to me, and that's on Lunatic and Lunatic +).
  11. That logic I think only works if the game designers intended for every character to be equally viable. Up until Awakening, that was never the case for Fire Emblem. It's why "replacement" units like Treck, Cath, and Fir in FE6 are worse compared to units you get earlier that share their class, or literally why any other cavalier in FE1/3 book 1/FE11 is worse than Abel and Cain (with exception to Hardin).
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