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  1. You've fallen down the rabbit hole if you've listened to a vtuber's cover of King.
  2. Hi Honey is good, yes. Okay, Marine is a good shout.
  3. Late, but Joshua is best girl. There's a reason why he's part of the princess faction in the Langrisser gacha. Shrimp posted Pekora, so I gotta ask: who's best vtuber girl, and why is it Calli? Finana is also an acceptable alternative answer.
  4. Side stories are an excellent thing and I wish more Falcom games did it. Trails in the Sky the 3rd did, and it was so refreshing. And yes, Sora is best girl. Most fun character to play with in the game.
  5. Tokyo Xanadu I can give props to for giving us a protagonist who is actually not uninteresting, and the line "testicular fortitude". Sieg the GOAT.
  6. Zin being back in Kuro is the best thing about the new Trails game at the moment. And his buckaroo pal.
  7. Nah, all of my SF friends I still talk to are on Discord. I'm online here at the moment because I'm bored.
  8. FE4Thread is dead. We're just ghosts who reappear occassionally.
  9. Trails/Kiseki music got posted and I came online. Coincedence? I think not.
  10. Remaster. The only other way I had of playing it is on my PS3, but my game kept freezing during the first Kalpa. I shelved it, so I didn't find the high price that much of a bother.
  11. Bill didn't have to insult his lack of depth perception the way he did.
  12. Nocturne is such a good game. And now I have Raidou! Gouto's voice is the goddamn best.
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