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  1. @DragonFlames How Musse doesn't get Rean fired I'll never know. Woman's insane.
  2. What noticeable things does Elie do in Ao's story? #TeamFie. Deadpan snark can never be beaten. Also likes watering Rean. Sara is close second because Schwarzee is a sly one. New best girl is Musse.
  3. That's not Noel. Zin's from Calvard, yeah. It's whatever to the east of Calvard that swarmed them, which is what makes Calvard ethnically diverse.
  4. I found him tolerable in CS1, annoying in CS2 (though it's my least favourite Trails game, the events that happen in the game frustrate me), and amazing in CS3. He's no Estelle or Kevin or even Lloyd, but him teaching is great.
  5. FE6 is a great game, y'all tripping. Rean is at his current best in CS3, I hope CS4 doesn't flop there (though from what little I know of it, I don't like). Got back into my blind Thracia run recently. This game is actually low-key amazing, hot diggidy dog. Asbel and Fergus. ❤️
  6. I haven't pulled any more for ages. 😞
  7. Juna: Sledgehammer is dumb as fuck. I think she's an okay character, but after playing the Crossbell games, her inclusion and supposed background with the S.S.S. seems a bit weird. The best way I can describe it is in Chapter 2. I won't go into spoilers, but something happens, a character from the Crossbell games is there, and it feels like that character should have been the focus instead of Juna. Kurt: ToCSIII has some translation errors, and that includes his Brave Order; it implies it cuts delay numbers by 30%, when it's actually 70%. So an action giving 10 delay would instead give 3. This is ridicious. Kurt's better than Juna, imo. Altina: Best school outfit/10. I'm not too keen on her character, but it's an improvement compared to ToCSII. Musse: Rean is going to get fired. Strangely enjoyable character, easily my favourite of the new characters. Ash: Jedi said Ash would be my favourite character from this game. At first, I couldn't see it, but by the end he's definitely my second favourite. Also, Rean is at his best in this game. Keep the glasses on him. EDIT: Gonna shill the SF Falcom Discord server, may as well. If you want to enter, hit me up.
  8. Zephiel is dead. Lost Allen and Niime--two big losses--but still soldering on.
  9. FE6 Hard mode iron man, as of chapter 19. This run has been the most enjoyable experience I've ever had with FE6.
  10. Hopefully she doesn't go around molesting the girls.
  11. Marianne best unit. Make her a Dancer, and with the Blutgang she does good damage with Sword Dance, or whatever the combat art is called.
  12. Nah, Trails is worth full price. CS4 needs to come out asap. ;_;
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