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  1. Zephiel is dead. Lost Allen and Niime--two big losses--but still soldering on.
  2. FE6 Hard mode iron man, as of chapter 19. This run has been the most enjoyable experience I've ever had with FE6.
  3. Hopefully she doesn't go around molesting the girls.
  4. Marianne best unit. Make her a Dancer, and with the Blutgang she does good damage with Sword Dance, or whatever the combat art is called.
  5. Nah, Trails is worth full price. CS4 needs to come out asap. ;_;
  6. I thought NG Maddening was pretty fun. Chapter 5 was a bit cruel with the same-turn Mercenary reinforcements halfway through the chapter, but aside from that, it was a pleasant experience. Apart from Silver Snow's final chapter. That was some Revelation-ass nonsense.
  7. Oh, really? It's been a lot time since I played the game, so thanks for the correction.
  8. No. How #FE's combat works is reliant on passive skills alongside normal skills that enable "Sessions", which has the entire main cast of characters--playable and support--do attacks on the enemy. So, if you use a sword attack on an axe enemy, you'll start a Session that could, for example, lead up to a fire/agi attack from someone else. If the enemy is also weak to fire/agi, then the Session continues to another character. This can chain up to potentially ridiculous damage. The enemy is capable of doing this to your characters as well, though. The game in this regard is a lot more offensive compared to other Atlus games.
  9. The gameplay is very SMT. It also incorporates the weapon triangle as different types of physical attacks, as well as bows (which still does effective damage against fliers). Atlus announced at the start of the year that SMT5 news would drop this year.
  10. I can't remember the last time I visited SF's forums.
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