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  1. I hope Gilbert never leaves the franchise.
  2. I could be remembering wrong, but I think it's a hidden mechanic, so who you get is because of choices you've made all game. Unless it's something like Cold Steel, where once you've accumulated enough points for a character you can choose to select them. I honestly don't remember. I've only seen Randy's myself, and I remember liking the dialogue they had. Randy is nerfed hard in Azure, so as a gameplay unit you might not be using, making the buffed Craft is useless. I know you get a bit of fluff if you get Elie, but the rest I don't remember.
  3. I think someone just replied to me, but I can't see anything. Strange.
  4. Didn't Zero start the bond thing technically? It's invisible, but I'm sure there's dialogue options and what-have-you that influences who you have one last one-to-one conversation with before the finale of the game. If you transfer the save to Azure, the person you bonded with and Lloyd gets a stronger Dual Craft or whatever they're called.
  5. The best battle track from Pokémon is the boss theme from Learn With Pokémon: Typing Adventure. Come on, people.
  6. Hmm... Burning Throb >>>>> Heated Mind > Masquerade of Lies > Get Over The Barrier > Seize the Truth > Brave Steel > The Glint of Cold Steel > Determination of Fight > Sophisticated Fight > Strepitoso Fight Strepitoso Fight is still one of the best battle tracks in Trails, however, so it being bottom means it's still incredibly good. I think my favourite battle track in the entire series though is The Fate of the Fairies. EDIT: Feel like shilling Demonic Drive from the Crossbell duology. See no one talk about it ever, but it's a very good instrumental.
  7. It's so good. Not Apollo Justice's Overtaken good, but good nonetheless fake edit: And Spellbreaker from PL & PW.
  8. The biggest difference that separates FE4 from other FE games is resource management; every unit has their own gold only they themselves can spend (maximum per unit is 50,000G), nothing can't be traded from one unit to the other*, and units can't buy weapons that they cannot use (however, it is possible for a unit to get a weapon they can't use in their inventory if they kill a unit that drops the weapon). Every castle in a map you own has a pawnbrokery you can sell items to that your other units can then buy for themselves. All items that have durability can be repaired at an armoury (also in every castle) for a price, so don't worry about seemingly having little weapons of staves. *There are two exceptions to this: two characters who are paired up with each other (you get a pre-determined pairing during the Prologue) can "transfer" gold to and from themselves as long as they're adjacent to one another. They transfer either all their funds to the other, or enough until the recipient's gold cap is met. The other exception is those of the Thief class, who can do this action to anyone regardless of pairings. Follow-up attacks in this game are only guaranteed if the unit has the Pursuit skill, and the effective/true speed you need to perform follow-up attacks is 1. There are other skills that can allow follow-up attacks, but they're much less reliable to proc. Units in this game will have a mixture of class and personal skills. It's important to note which skill is what on what unit (for example, Sigurd has Pursuit as a personal skill, but anyone in the Myrmidon class will have Pursuit as a class skill) as, well, there's a village you can visit in Chapter 5 that will allude as to why it's something to note. I won't go into any more detail than that. Most important tip though: try to have fun. FE4 is one of my favourite FE games large in part because Jugdral is one of the best worlds that exist in a Fire Emblem game--the first half of the game is pretty special.
  9. Been a good while now, still can't get Confess the Truth (2015) and Partners ~ The Game is Afoot out of my head. Great Ace Attorney so good.
  10. @Shrimp γ I can start this Fates thing whenever.
  11. are you playing fire emblem eight the sacred stones correctly young squire
  12. Finally pre-ordered SMTV. Let's see if it can out-GOAT the current GOTY that is Great Ace Attorney 2. Speaking of Switch games: I really want to buy Metroid Dread, but I don't think I've ever actually played a Metroidvania before. So to try 'em out, I bought Ori and the Blind Forest on Steam for £4 or so. And I gotta say: this game is gorgeous--both visually and sound--and it plays like a treat. Might have to splurge out on Dread soon...
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