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  1. @Saint Rubenio While I was trying to find some info on finding a certain drop in endgame using the wiki, I happened to notice they did some countdown art. I said screw it, I'll link the pieces I want to. (Spoiler wise, it's fine, nothing in here should spoil much of anything that remake marketing didn't though I have to spoil the first to be safe.) Will it grow long enough for Sparks of Hope to come out?
  2. RE1 remake for a dollar. That's been more frequent for a while, the threshold for "too big to fix" has felt like it was made smaller a while back.
  3. @EunieHad to check who it was, welcome back by the way. (Also, there's a Riku in XC3? Add it to the board.)
  4. So you have a successful manga all bout that tension and then he puts out sequel material as it's going. Aka be ballsy that's for sure. Wait, are you playing XC3? How is it? /s
  5. Wait, it's actually done? I don't know why I thought it was already. Rev isn't exactly a game I was playing around non Fates FEs in fairness, but I'm a little less of a fan of dragon veins to be honest and the Valla section of Rev can make waiting feel like forever for me.
  6. You get it. It's not like I'm anywhere near an ironmanner in mindset. I've no real progress on actual ironman stuff and pretty much always reset on death otherwise, with only Lunatic Conquest making me face accepting a death so far and that was a crit proc at the end of a map. I get that feeling too, though with that being said I can enjoy being on the seat of my pants pulling off strats whether they've any level of complexity or are just barging through the door with OP units. Then there's having to play around a map's fundamental elements (see: me still not being past Hinoka's map yet in Lunatic Conquest) Well, you'll know where it goes in the end. Enjoy the trip!
  7. Having to live so you can't play Livealive: oof Been enough going on the last few days and I'm also making a long journey only to head back home the next day, so I can't say I've too much to add at the moment. I can get liking the freedom to access places to level up units before progressing, it's very much in the RPG side of the pool and I won't pretend I wasn't like that when I played Awakening. I don't think I feel the same way anymore. I'd say they have that potential, but how they handle it really makes their differences clear.
  8. Now I don't tent to add much to US politics as a topic here, but I felt this had to be shown at least. People protesting at the FBI raiding his place and that's what one of them chose to bring. Some people really are in deep.
  9. What in particular? Honestly with the escalation the raiding of a golf course seems to be more natural progression than massive leap. DAMMIT there'll be more? So catching up won't even reach the end? *sigh @Armagon I see there's a new top game now.
  10. The mask showing a half full battery after getting smacked with the baguette was probably unintentional but still funny.
  11. Honestly, I'm surprised you can do that in 20 minutes, there's a reason the FE1 speedrun is a skip to credits /s sssssssylvissssssss
  12. Another game specific direct coming, this one for Splatoon 3 for a half hour. As if we were getting a general one in August. Is it because of this: Really, not using Shiida? Trash translation /s He raises a good point about the manuals, it was very much the intention of the time that they were a part of the experience. MY SEN MY SEN OH, ALMSOLOOOOOL Considering it's that character, I don't think the pronunciation differs much either.
  13. Imagine if they did just throw the cards at each other. It's plain embarrassing to lose to a punk who threw a card of rotten bananas at you. Well that explains the 300 hour Speedrun then. Though that does make the chances of items being let age less likely if you have the mindset of using it. Sounds like a bit much, but maybe you're good. And more,, much more than this, I did it myyyyyyy way Clearly seeking revenge for you killing their king.
  14. Any particular things you're planning on going for? Nifft seems to have a lot of going to hell going on. Is it that easy in the setting of is it something Nifft is particularly talented at?
  15. I apologise for taking so much time. "You mean you couldn't take 7 hits at once? Damm game must be busted!"
  16. Wait, Excelblem said he's going BS next. I wonder if he does Lyn mode I'll state my case, Of which I'm certain Someone went out of their way to splice this
  17. The neck is next in terms of depth of spoilers Good old BEXP. Wait, there's an emperor they let you kill? I don't remember that Stormcloak being anything but a traitor! And no emperor would deign to have a presence in Skyrim.
  18. Oh yeah, I've seen the table of it before and it's...... weird to me. Edit: My bad for misremembering, the table has it's own weirdness. Calling it true hit is weird, but then calling any of these true hit is weird.
  19. I've never heard that, what are you referring to? I didn't think it was, it certainly hasn't seemed that way from experience either and Kaga using 2RN sounds OOC.
  20. Pretty much what Acacia said. For future reference, all of the Kaga FEs are 1 RN, BB to Awakening is 2 RN and I'm actually unsure with SoV and 3H, though I think 3H is just 2RN. SoV could be the same as Fates's hybrid RN but I don't remember. Staves are usually 1 RN though.
  21. Dude, spoilers! I mean, aside from the last one where I got RNG screwed apparently and the first one maybe having potential due to how powerful the one attack it used got for some reason I didn't run into too much issue. I think my levels for each were 10, 11, 12, 12. There's a fair piece I had to write for this, sorry I took a while. I may have gone over the entire chapter dialogue to be sure (because SOMEONE had to make sure I couldn't save screenshots). I'm assuming you can't recharge this Sol Sabers? That seems like that should be an option to me, but I guess cards don't work the same as magic swords.. Can I confirm if it's in game time or if it works off the clock?
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