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Found 6 results

  1. I want to try to start drawing via my PC(for better quality pictures), but I'm not exactly sure what software to use...any suggests? Also, is it possible to use a special pad to draw stuff on a PC? And if so, what is it and where should I go for it? Thanks in advance!
  2. I was wondering if anyone here has the game and would like to play together. I play pretty regularly, so let me know if you guys are interested. I play on PC, but for those with the console version feel free to look for teammates here as well. Also feel free to post any news, tips, and questions about the game. It'd be great to have a dedicated topic for monster hunter world here :). Also we could make a discord channel dedicated to this, I'm not as experience using the app, but I'm willing to make one and learn as I go along if there is enough interest.
  3. Today GOG.com started their Summer Sale for this year, which is to last until June 22. 12:59 PM UTC. Every day at 1:00 PM UTC, new deals are added and stay available for the rest of the sale. You can get System Shock 2 for free if you access the sale page via their GOG Galaxy client during the first 2 days of the sale. There's also a system in place where you can earn "XP" by performing certain actions or buying games that unlocks more free games (hovering over a game banner in the main page seems to show how much "XP" you can get. You can get more info on it here and here Feel free to both ask for and give recommendations/advices on all games on sale! or just wait for the Steam one
  4. After some delays the ultimate dates of release of Tales of Zestiria are announced: It will come out on 16th October for PS3 + 4 20th October for PC (!!!) [spoiler=English Trailer]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u4Pm2vOD5o [spoiler=Announcement]
  5. So I'm currently looking at Laptops down the road (by down the road I mean the end of this year) to replace my school issued one (which I love) which I got back in 2011. It functions great and all and I've taken great care of it but I realize it will be aging and I'll need to get a new one. Its a Dell Latitude E6420 with Windows 7 64-bit Current Specs are: Intel Core (2 Cores) i5-2520M @2.50 GHz 8.00 GB of RAM (just upgraded this recently to beef it up) Nvidia NVS 4200M (512MB Dedicated Memory) (2282MB Total) Direct X10 232GB Hard Drive (I own a 1TB Backup as well) Suprisingly I've been able to run Starcraft II and Skyrim smoothly. Civilization games run great. I remember that Dell used to have the option to customize builds but they don't do that anymore disappointinly so. I'm not too big into gaming on PC but I do want something better than what I currently have so something with an i7 and at least 8GB RAM. A SSD would be nice too and space isn't an issue since I've got my whole TB HDD still practically empty. I plan to primarily use it for coding, video editing, internet, and various other productivity uses. Is there a particular brand I should look at? Dell, Hp, Alienware? Etc...
  6. So I am a complete deviant art x fire emblem search noob. Was wondering if anyone has created or attempted to creatively add every single fire emblem lord there is from all the game iterations onto a single wallpaper desktop in HD? Helpful info is appreciated as always, cheers!
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