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  1. Warning that there are some spoilers for Engage in this. So, I'm still not done with writing the first chapter. But basically, the premise of the story is that after chapter 24 of Engage, Past Alear is transported to Awakening. This is a year or two before Chrom discovers Robin. And the kindness of Emmeryn is something that Alear latches onto rather quickly. In turn Emmeryn practically adopts Alear. Weirdly enough while Alear views Emmeryn like one would a mother, she views Chrom and Lissa like her siblings. The way the story is written is through supports, different characters, snippets, and once and a while Alear herself. Currently I'm still planning the first chapter. and I'm not sure if I'll be jumping around or not. But this was just because this wouldn't leave my mind no matter what I did. (Emblem Marth does come up as well though he's silent because of this being Fell!Alear) But I do hope you guys enjoy a brief snippet which will takes place in the future. And I would love to know what you guys would like to see. As for the pairing, ironically, I'm thinking Tiki x Alear but I might do Robin x Alear maybe. I will say that Fell!Robin has an unhealthy obsession with Alear because of what she is. And the pairing for the other characters haven't been decided yet though I'll take some suggestions. I think Sumia and Sully will be one, only because that the first pairing I did with the gay Awakening mod. But anyways here a preview. (Note this is still a rough draft, but I'm working on it.) Preview Falling, falling, falling to the ground. Alear could only watch as Emmeryn falls. Only watch as Emmeryn's blood runs onto the stone. Everything around her was muted. Maybe her father was right; maybe she was defective. It was the first time she had felt this emotion. She had felt sadness, muted though it was like her other emotions. She had felt it when her cocky older brother was drowned, when her kind older sister was burned alive. She had felt it immensely when her little brother and sister had been torn apart by the Corrupted. It was a feeling she felt when all her siblings were killed. Alear had also felt fear. Fear had been a constant in her life. Fear of being labeled a defect. Fear of disappointing her father. Fear of being killed, of being murdered by the Corrupted. It was only recently that Alear felt anything other than those two emotions. Only recently that she had felt happiness. Happiness from Emmeryn being kind and taken care of her. Happiness when training with Chrom or dealing with some of his antics. Happiness when she joined Lissa in some of her pranks. They treated her like family. Emmeryn had practically adopted her two years ago, and Alear looked up to her like she was her mother. Those two years were the happiest that she had ever been. Now though, Alear felt a new emotion. It bubbled and boiled under her skin. It twisted her insides up and spread through her body like fire or sickness. It was a feeling Alear didn't care for, but she still embraced it. It grew and grew as if it would rip out of her chest. "Ah," Alear did know this feeling. She had seen it on some of her siblings faces when they stared at father, seen it on the faces of the enemies she had cut down in the war. Chrom was in front of her now saying something she couldn't hear. She could only focus on Emmeryn's body. It was Robin who led Chrom to safety. Later on, Alear would be glad, she wouldn't know what to do if Chrom got hurt or worst killed as well. This feeling was festering. It was almost painful like an infected wound. She knew the feeling from having seen it on others. It was rage; a burning hot mass that seemed to consume her thoughts. Rage and hatred. It was Plegia that had killed Emmeryn. Plegia that had caused her to suffer. It was Gangrel who instigated this whole thing. Took Emmeryn from her. Hate. Hate. Hate. It was a never-ending all-consuming thought. It took her mind over, twisting it. Something had broken inside of Alear. Finally, she let out a scream. A blood curdling scream. A scream that was more animal than it was Human. In a flash of light, Alear was gone. In her place was a dragon. A fell dragon. Black scales gleamed in the light of the desert sun. The dragon's four eyes glowed a scarlet red. When it spread its four wings, those who saw it were remind of a bloody battlefield. End of Preview That's all I have for the preview. I'll work a bit more on this, but it's pretty much a side project. This does change Chapter 10 and 11 of Awakening, as Plegia was pretty much destroyed by Alear. Chrom also has to deal with refugees from Plegia and other kingdoms and countries blaming Ylisse for the destruction of Plegia. This also bring Alear to the attention of Grima and Naga. And Walhart takes an interest in her as well. So, a lot of things change with the destruction of Plegia. Some are good and some are bad. But again I would love to know what you guys would like to see for this.
  2. I tried a run where i reclassed instantly robin as myrmidon, and if you want my opinion, it wasnt that bad! He is still a myrmidon, im planning on making him a sword master. Tell me what you think! (and maybe let him marry WHO and WHY) DONT SAY TO ME TO CHANGE CLASS XD
  3. Ok, I'm gonna to talk seriously.................. Well, many Fire Emblem fans are shipping Robin Boy with Lucina as a love couple, and I don't want to be canon. To be honest, It's canon this love shipping? Because, the FE Awakening and Smash Bros. fans are liking this couple, I don't know Intelligent Systems and Nintendo are going to confirm is canon this couple?
  4. I was thinking of this for a while for something Fire Emblem Awakening and I did saw a YouTuber Unassuming Venusaur managed to post videos of custom Awakening Same Gender S Support Conversations that gave me an idea for this topic. I know that the next Fire Emblem games after Awakening such as Fates and Three Houses managed to add LGTB support conversation for Corrin and Byleth since both of them are Avatars as well. So if Awakening had LGTB S Support Conversation for both genders of Robin happened, which characters do you think one of the Male and Female Characters do you think will might get the Same Gender S Support Conversation? I still think Tharja might get one since her incarnation Rhajat had one in Fates and she does have an attachment for Robin (Tharja would have to lose Noire since you need a father of Tharja's child), but I don't know which Male Character in Awakening might get one since they don't seemed to be have a lot of Male attachments? I know that in Fates that Male Corrin can't get Female Kana nor Nina if he had S Support with Niles and Female Corrin can't get Male Kana if she had S Support with Rhajat in Fates, that would technically means Robin can't get Morgan if he/she get the same S Support with one of the same gender characters. If I have to pick a male character that would might get a S Support with Male Robin, my guess for one of the male characters might be Lon'qu or Brady. So if your opinion on which male and female characters from Awakening that might can get a Same Gender S Support for Robin, which one do you think might get?
  5. Recently I have watch can you beat three houses maddening mode with only byleth by mekkah, and the seen there alot solo only with other fire emblem characters but when I look up to see if the an robin only playthrough since I want to do one I can't see to find any so. I ask did you play an robin only of fire emblem awakening. If so any tips or what do you suggest the best classes or ect for robin. If no one has what so rules do you think are need? Here are what are I planning to do: Hard mode because I know I can not do lunatic mode but you can if your brave enough. Classic since I never try classic. Female robin since I never plan on playing male robin If new character join for that chapter they can only move and trade Only robin can fight Since chrom is sadly mandatory he can only move and Trade New game but you can play new game plus if fire emblem awakening does that since I have never fully completed the game. Recruiting other units are allowed Paralogues are optional There are mechanics in Fire Emblem Awakening I'm not sure about will ask if these are allowed. Is pairing up allowed because if it is I can easy take that who every if pair up with weapon. Since like I said chrom is sadly mandatory. And what ending should I go for?
  6. I was drawn my first Fire Emblem fan art since 6 months ago, and here's Female Robin from Awakening wearing in a swimsuit while is swimming on the ocean. So, do you think about my drawing, eh? I want to share with you My Deviantart Link of my drawing My Deviantart Page Check it out about my Gallery on Deviantart And also, I posted on my Booru
  7. Robin, Fell Vessel [introduction WIP] Legendary Hero: Earth: +3 HP, +3 Spd Level 40 stats: HP: 37/40/43 Atk: 29/32/35 Spd: 32/35/38 Def: 26/30/33 Res: 22/25/29 Total: 161~163 Default skills: Weapon: Expiration Assist: [none] Special: Bonfire Passive A: Dragonskin Passive B: Cancel Affinity 3 Passive C: Res Smoke 3 WIP: I still need to run numbers with lower merges and without flier/dragon buffs. Player phase General use, Arena offense Mixed phase (optimal) General use, Arena offense, Arena defense Enemy phase General use, Arena offense Windsweep / Watersweep (?) Budget General use, Arena offense
  8. Robin: Mystery Tactician "A tactician of Ylisse and Chrom's close ally. Lost memory of her life before meeting Chrom." HP: 40 Atk: 29 Spd: 29 Def: 29 Res: 22 BST: 149 Weapon: Gronnwolf+ Special: Ignis A Skill: Defiant Res 3 (5*) B Skill: B Tomebreaker 3 (4*) Being one of the earliest Heroes released through a Grand Hero Battle, Robin is a all around average Green tome user with limited merging ability and no variable in stats. Unlike her male counterpart, Robin is unable to attempt to patch up her middling stats through merges and IVs which would otherwise allow her to perform much more efficiently. And with the advent of growing Powercreep, more units are easily able to outperform Robin with ease. But Robin does hold a small niche in being one of few units able to check both Reinhardt and Brave Lyn under almost any circumstance due to her god HP, solid Defense and passable Resistance. While she's not the best unit around, she's more than capable of working as a check in Arena Assault. Builds: Classic Raven (Budget) The Horsekiller (Hyper Budget) The Owl The Nino Robin's really a unit who performs best in their own niche rather than attempting to follow the norm for Mages. Raven is certainly the most effective set she has, and even with just standard Gronnraven, she's certainly worth building for Arena Assault as an extra Brave Lyn, Reinhardt, or other Archers and Blue mages counter. And while I'm at it, I might as well show off my own Robin.
  9. Time travel. It's seriously confusing as f*ck! Awakening did not explain to us exactly what happened in the original timeline. Only gives us the bare minimum. However, here, I will discuss with you what I think happened in the original timeline based on the information that has been given to us by the game and other sources that I could remember from. And you guys can chime in and give me your thoughts on what might have happened. So similar to Awakening being separated into three arcs, I'll do the same thing. Plegia Arc The biggest thing that we can draw from this is that in the original timeline, Emmeryn died at Validar's hands and the Fire Emblem was stolen. Along with that, Chrom sustained a critical injury that apparently scarred him for life. Now due to this, it's obvious that the Plegian War lasted longer, as it was Emmeryn's sacrifice that made her a martyr and the majority of Plegians to desert en masse. But she died here and thus was no martyr. However, I do not think that Lucina's birth was ever delayed. Rather, even with the war lasting longer, I think the birth of everyone does still happen in the proper course. So Lucina would be born around the same time as the infant Lucina in Awakening was born in. However, with Validar possessing the Fire Emblem, he also held Argent and Sable, two of the five gemstones. He only required the remaining three, two of which were located in Valm. Valm Arc Now here's where I am making several theories that I think actually has support behind it. See, Valm invades Ylisse after they had successfully united the continent. However, if the war with Plegia lasted longer for Ylisse, then 2 years is much too quick for Ylisse to even try to put up a response and handle it. However, note this: Say'ri cannot support with ANYONE but Robin and Tiki in Awakening. Why is that? Simple: Say'ri died in the original timeline. The Yen'fey that we recruit in the final paralogues, he explains that he never joined Walhart, and this led to Say'ri's death. However, note that Yen'fey's involvement actually plays a MAJOR role in the story. Yen'fey shows in Awakening that he was someone to be feared. In fact, many dynasts were too terrified to take on Walhart and Yen'fey when the two were working together, but the moment that Yen'fey died, all the dynasts went under Ylisse's banner. So if Yen'fey never joined Walhart, this would obviously mean that Walhart would have to deal with a lot more resistance, which would very well slow his entire campaign down. So if Walhart eventually won and united Valm, it would have taken quite some time. And he would have ultimately claimed Vert. Yen'fey, having failed to save Say'ri, abandoned the resistance against Walhart, which led to Walhart's victory, and Yen'fey eventually ended up in the past. To anyone that might ask why Yen'fey resisted Walhart in the first timeline, but surrendered in the Awakening timeline, I can only believe that it has to do with Emmeryn. If he got word that Emmeryn's sacrifice led to a mass desertion of the Plegian army, he intended to do something similar. Where by joining Walhart and holding as much fear and power as Walhart did, Yen'fey's death would crush much of Walhart's grip on the continent, and this would lead to the Ylissian army becoming victorious. Anyways, original timeline had Valm have a harder time, and thus did not have as much resources as before. Ylisse likely was able to match the power enough to break in and fight back, but Basilio is ultimately killed by Walhart. Walhart ultimately claims Gules by this, thus holding two of the gemstones, and Tiki ended up also giving the Azure Gemstone to Chrom. Of course, it's debatable on whether Tiki joined in the original timeline. After all, Lucina in the chapter we see Tiki the first time implies that Lucina and Tiki never met in the original timeline, so don't think of the Future Past in here for their meeting. Ultimately, Chrom defeats Walhart and claims the two Gemstones from him. Or what could have happened is that Validar had Excellus steal those two Gemstones for him. Grimleal Arc Given the amount of time, there likely has been a number of years that passed, either through those two wars, or other ways. Overall, the kids are all born and they have trained a bit as kids. However, likely Validar lured Chrom and the others and ultimately attained the final Gemstone. This led for him performing an Awakening ritual to release Grima. Chrom and the others intersected him and tried to stop him. But even though they had won, it is revealed that it was too late, and Grima was unsealed, possessing Robin and striking Chrom at the spot he had been scarred, ultimately killing him. And thus Grima was released, and the remaining parents and children ended up taking the fight, though the parents all fell one by one. Robin Biggest factor in some of these things is Robin himself. We have no idea who he was originally. His personality might in fact have been a mystery. Robin's personality in the games is due to him lacking his memories. Without memories, he's more interactive and wanting to learn about as much he can. It's mostly a way so he can have new memories to have a sense of identity back. However, would Robin be the same if he was with his memories intact? Maybe not. If his memories were intact, whatever happened to his past, or maybe him even being aware of his Grimleal connection, and this could make him a bit more distant with others. Without the bonds that tied him to his friends, he would actually be more susceptible to Grima's influence, eventually making it hard for him to even try to resist Grima and thus succumbed to his influence. This one is though a lot more speculative, since we have no understanding of Robin's backstory.
  10. I was wondering, in smash 4, what the use limit and regeneration time on Robin’s tomes (Thunder/Thoron, Arcfire, Elwind, Nosferatu) and the Levin Sword.
  11. I believe the best lord in my opinion is Lucina, and Kris is the worst. (I counted the avatars as Lords, because they are relevant to the story and they can't die, or you lose.) Image Below indicates my favorite and least favorite lords.
  12. So after Robin's sacrifice to kill Grima, he dissolves into nothingness. I wonder how long did it take for Chrom and Lissa to find him again? My guess is took about a year or two for them to finally meet Robin again. I'm taking in account the character endings happen before the final cutscene afterward Robin's ending happen.
  13. I'm just curious basing on their stats, and their personalities.Which of these is better? The Avatar, or Child unit? (I suppose I put this in the wrong category again.)
  14. So I finally cleared chapter 3 of Lunatic mode in Awakening (thank god!) and my Robin is now at level 10 which means she can use a second seal. I don't have access to Nosferatu tomes yet but was wondering which would be best; reclass into pegasus knight and go for Galeforce A.S.A.P. or go for dark mage/mage to continue to benefit from her +Mag?
  15. The Avatar (Robin.) Can marry anyone, so comment on who your avatar married.
  16. Some highlights: As previously surmised, M!Robin and F!Robin's combat intro are exactly the same. M!Robin shows off his C5, but the finisher is actually different this time. Instead of a big lightning ball, he conjures pillars of light to strike the ground instead. Though, it could be his C6. Frederick's Axe glows with a green light during his finishing blow in his Musou ttack. Due to that, it's highly likely that his element is Wind. Robin's critical hit is shown during Female Robin's segment: lots of fire explosions before a flare of light. What appears to be Lissa's Awakening Musou is shown. So... for known elemental users: Fire: Camilla Thunder: Chrom, Lissa, Lucina, Ryoma Wind: Frederick, Takumi Light: Rowan, Lianna, Marth, Cordelia, Hinoka Dark: Corrin, Xander All: Robin, Leo, Elise EDIT: Added Ryoma to the known elemental users list. The pillars of light that Robin does is also most likely his C6.
  17. To start, I'd like to apologize if this is a question that has already been asked, as well as answered, however I did not find one, so I decided to make it myself. Basically, once you tapped an Amiibo Unit 3 times, you can tap them a 4th time to get them to help around the castle. Additionally, if they appear in your Accessory Shop or Armory Shop, they will sell the special gifts (In the Accessory Shop) that you were originally offered when tapping the Amiibo's the first couple times, as well as "Mock Weapons" or "Replica's" of their Legendary equipment (In the Armory Shop) that any Unit can wield. My issue is that I do not have the money to buy any of the Amiibo, but I want to acquire said weapons. I would like to know if I visited someone else's castle if I would be able to purchase the "Mock Weapons" from their Armory, assuming that an Amiibo unit is running the shop. If so, I would like to request My Castle Address' so that I can visit your castle and purchase them. If you'd like, I can give you an accessory of your choice. If I somehow still don't have said accessory you want, I'll just give you a random one. Thank you for your time. <3 tl;dr: Does anyone know if I can buy "Mock Weapons" from other Castles? Could I please get a Castle Address that has Amiibo Units if you can? I can send you an accessory in exchange, of your choosing, if you'd like. <3 Thanks. PS: My 3DS is not hacked, so I can't use a mod to force unlock Amiibo Units either, so this is basically my only option as I don't trust myself enough to try modding it.
  18. Disclaimer: potential FE Awakening AND FE Fates spoilers ahead. So I've been harbouring a crazy conspiracy for a long while that Corrin, through the hardship and suffering in Fire Emblem Fates, becomes the original Grima. And therefore ultimately also eventually becomes Robin as well. That said, I haven't played or completed Conquest or even Revelation. So with that in mind I'm going to share my crazy theory from what I understand now, bookmark this page, and then hide in a bunker until I'm all caught up hehe. And wait with anticipation to read what the FE community will think or say. So... Let the craziness begin! Hoshido and Nohr are considered mythological kingdoms by the time of Awakening. I propose that Corrin's life ends with severe tragedy, which is the cause for Grima's lust for apocalypse for a lack of better words. After the realms of Hoshido and Nohr are brought to ruin, Corrin invades Ylisse as the original Grima. His Risen army; the remnants of his devastated world. Corrin is from a divine bloodline and can transform into a dragon. Grima is a also a humanoid dragon. On top of this, Robin and Corrin are both praised for their tactical prowess. And have white hair. So they share some common traits. Such is the case that Corrin becomes the dark bringer of the apocalypse, that this is the ultimate reasoning behind Selena, Odin and Laslow's appearance in Conquest, as they are on the lookout for Corrin, the progenitor of their realm's doom. And that's all I have now. I appreciate that this is a pretty wild one hehe. I welcome your thoughts.
  19. So I'm thinking of going and doing a hard mode run of FEA and would like to know if there are some basic tips that should help me get through without anyone dying. The plan is to try and actually finish the game on hard mode, although I am not too sure where to start. I would assume that this would be more than a significant challenge for me (I'm not that great at Fire Emblem in general) so practical help would be appreciated greatly. I would assume that this is the point where it would be pointless to pick up Donnel, even though it is tempting to get Donnel!Kjelle.
  20. I don't know if this is just my game personally but I've noticed that no matter how much I increase the skill cap with statues, my amiibos skill cap doesn't go up. However, any other statues will increase other stat caps. Anybody else having this happen?
  21. Hey guys, I managed to join BoomBoomPrints since last June and I managed to make a good amount of artwork that I did. I did managed to get one person buy the Two Pots artwork. But, sorry about with these prices in the site, I kept them as Default and I don't want to lower it since the Raising in case if someone buys it and get the money transfer to PayPal will get lower also. But here's the link of the page that has my artwork. And I have about a total of 33 artwork post it right now. And, I am going to be working on a illustration of a Female Robin holding Baby Lucina. Also, I'm planning using it to go to DigiPen Institute of Technology on my future goal and I am going to get a Lucina amiibo from eBay and getting some of the games also. And by the way, I did asked for approval and Avyen Knight (aka VincentASM) saids it's ok that I can post this to the creativity section. Edit: Forgot to update this thread that I already bought the Lucina amiibo and also, I can take on artwork requests on this thread to work on that has to be appropriate enough and can be upload it to BoomBoomPrints.
  22. What is your favorite critical quote? Please only talk about the Awakening critical quotes considering Fates hasn't come out yet. I'd have to say mine is between "Errr...Rage!" and "Checkmate!"
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