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Found 15 results

  1. all my $$$ goes to her kappa old link sticky'd stuff
  2. So a lot of people are posting their teams in the main threads (the Spoiler and non-Spoiler) so I thought hey, I think this warrants a thread! EDIT: removed all the crap here since new stuff and also this thread is kinda full spoiler 'mons now https://twitter.com/KazoWAR/status/788279824796229632 This is a link to a tweet where you can download images of all of the in region available Gen 7 'mons is here, which you can also find from here. https://richi3f.github.io/pokemon-team-planner/ A Sun and Moon team planner, I recommend using this. It can also randomize and sort by various parameters. It's pretty much the best thing every honestly.
  3. I've been lurking for centuries, so i finally decided to make my own profile here. So, hi. I guess. This isn't my first forum or anything, and I've already read the Code of Conduct. So hopefully I remember all that crap (reasonable and smart crap) Here's the fire emblem games i've played. -Most of Blazing Sword before i lost my save file (f**king emulators!), working my way back there. The "speed up" option on emulators really helps grind out those Nils levels. (Yes i know about the whole getting Nils to level 7 thing, a friend told me) -All of Awakening on Normal, Classic. Helped me get my motor skills back in my wrist after it snapped in half :) -All the way up to Chapter 19 of Conquest. Doing paralogues for XP. -Currently emulating Path of Radiance and i'm on the first level listening to the slightly repetitive victory theme (par for the course in FE it seems, but thats fine) while typing this as a motivation to finish typing all this
  4. Yo! Earlier today, a notable SF user had an excellent idea: Why don't we make a thread in which we vote for a user who will post one song daily for a week? I, along with several others, thought this was a pretty neat idea. Unfortunately, this user seemed to be plagued by laziness, so I volunteered to create the thread for him-- and you guys! So here's how this is gonna work: [spoiler=THE RULES. PLEASE READ THEM.]1. Throughout each week, we shall vote for a user. The user who receives the most votes in that time period will be dubbed the Weekly Vicar of Music. 2. The Vicar will be tasked with posting one song every day for a week. 3. The Vicar may talk about the song, the genre, why they like it, etc. Others may discuss the song, too, of course. 4. In the meantime, other users may vote for who they want to be the next Weekly Vicar of Music. 5. I, Esme, will keep track of the votes. No need to worry! 6. Preferably, the Vicar should put his or her song in a spoiler tag for the sake of making things look neat. 7. In order to vote, simply make your text blue and bold and type out who you wanna vote for. Also, here's two small things that I encourage: a. The Vicar must try his or her best to make their seven-song selection as diverse as possible. This is to ensure that we do not get bored. b. BE NICE, WIENERS. [spoiler=Vicar Hall of Fame]Esme (Pages 1 - 2) I might add more rules in the future if necessary, but I think I got all my bases covered. Anyway, let's get this started! I'll be this week's Vicar so we can get things started.
  5. I legitimately want to know why this episode was rated so highly. I'm not saying this episode was terrible or anything (it was average), but best episode in the entire show? seriously? better than episode 9 last season? or episode 9 in season 2? or any of the episodes in season 1? It's got 9.9/10 on imdb for crying out loud!
  6. Noticed you've lost a game, and could care less for awhile. Then, out of nowhere, you get this weird frickin' craving to play said game. So you go looking for it, turning over every cushion on the couch, all looking for this game. For me, right now, that game is Bravely Default. I played like, halfway through it, got bored (Because if you didn't know, the games enemies kinda get reused multiple times near the end) and I just put it next to my bedside one day. Months later down the road, I can't find the bloody game, and I have the strangest desire to play it. And it doesn't help that I have to be conservative of the Demo, either, that I have for it. I have like, 24 uses left.
  7. Copy of this topic: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=42188 Blame boredom and a lack of creativity for this existing. 00: Reimu Hakurei 01: Mai 02: Shizuha Aki 03: Komachi Onozuka 04: Satori Komeiji 05: Yuyuko Saigyouji 06: Koishi Komeiji 07: Marisa Kirisame 08: Wakasagihime 09: Raiko Horikawa 10: Suwako Moriya 11: Ellen 12: Youmu Konpaku 13: Kotohime 14: Yuuka Kazami 15: Rumia 16: Sakuya Izayoi 17: Hong Meiling 18: Star Sapphire 19: Iku Nagae 20: Luna Child 21: Rika 22: Shinki 23: Lyrica Prismriver 24: Shiki Eiki 25: Nazrin 26: Reisen Udongein Inaba 27: Nue Houjuu 28: Sunny Milk 29: Shinmyoumaru Sukuna 30: Minoriko Aki 31: Sanae Kochiya 32: Lunasa Prismriver 33: Aya Shameimaru 34: Mononobe no Futo 35: Chiyuri Kitashirakawa 36: Ichirin Kumoi 37: Yoshika Miyako 38: Yuki 39: Sekibanki 40: Unzan 41: Patchouli Knowledge 42: Remilia Scarlet 43: Merlin Prismriver 44: Kisume 45: Yamame Kurodani 46: Ran Yakumo 47: Yumemi Okazaki 48: Yukari Yakumo 49: Utsuho Reiuji 50: Yumeko 51: Mima 52: Genjii 53: Koakuma 54: Flandre Scarlet 55: Cirno 56: Suika Ibuki 57: Tewi Inaba 58: Byakuren Hijiri 59: Chen
  8. Since Jprebs battled Sanae in New Super Marisa Land and defeated her, I had to make this thread. And since I'm true to my word... I hope Boney and J enjoy. :V
  9. I decided to do a Monster-party playthrough of FFL2 (note this has nothing to do with that NES game that has the cool Prototype that nobody's allowed to play) because bored and why not. Apparently a party full of monsters is a bad idea, which is why I figure it'll be fun. The only downside is that I'll only be able to beef up half of my party to max level, but on the upside I don't have to give a crap about equipment and can easily sell everything for healing items. The HARDEST part of this challenge, however, is the screenshots, because the text constantly scrolls by itself at a moderately fast pace, so I end up missing shit A LOT. Ugh... Right, let's GO! Exposition! And we meet our hero, Sasha, the Baby-D. The "D" most likely stands for "dragon" but she looks more like some kind of snake, so I dunno. The game starts off with Sasha's dad waking her up. "Damnit Dad, you know how hard it is for me to fall asleep!" So as it turns out, Sasha's deadbeat dad is running away from home because deadbeat dad. Except he's not THAT deadbeat because he gives us OPrism. IT'S PRETTY BUT I NEED MY DAD MORE THAN THIS PIECE OF BUTT! ;n; "He's not coming home is he... ;n;" Silly Sasha, your dad went through the ROOF, not the window. Sprite layers betrayed him! This is how long it took me to get this started because of how often I had to restart to get a good screenshot. Also notice how Sasha's mother is a human. After trying to figure out how two humans can give birth to a dragon/snake thing, I let the text scroll more. "You're leaving me just like my husband did... *sniff*" Except actually, Sasha's mother is understanding about it, telling Sasha to go ahead despite Sasha second-guessing whether she should leave her mother all alone. Except "Damnit Mom, the whole point of going on an adventure like this is to NOT have to go to school." Then after a needlessly flashy transition I get told stuff I already know. Sasha is displeased with the fact that her teacher has engrish. PROTIP: The "S" in Mr.S stands for Schoolteacher. Maybe. He then goes on to tell me more stuff about the MAGI (caps lock is important) mentioned at the start and how they're being able to form a statue of a goddess that becomes an actual goddess if I find them all. Also said Goddess is hot which explains why Sasha's dad runned away to find all the MAGI but then raises the question why he gave Sasha part of said goddess. He also tells me OPrism is able to tell me how many MAGI are left in the current world. Sadly it doesn't tell me WHERE in the current world they are, so it's almost not useful. Then after "Good, I hate you!" Except really THEY WANNA JOIN TOOOOOO. Crap I gotta name them? I'm taking a slime an Imp and another Baby-D. What will I name them? Find out next time! You know, if I don't forget about this like everyone else does with their PTs.
  10. My older sister had me drive around an empty parking lot for a half hour, and...I think I'm getting the hang of it. I'm having a little trouble getting my turning and speeding in check, and I applied the brakes hard a few times (never again), but not bad for a first day. Just wanted to throw this out there. Maybe some tips would help me.
  11. [10:38 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: its ok not everyone can be a brony [10:39:30 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah i'm just a bro [10:39:39 PM] Hiro Protagonist: or so i tell myself at night [10:39:44 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: haha [10:39:50 PM] Hiro Protagonist: if you say BRO a lot you become a BRO prolly [10:39:57 PM] Hiro Protagonist: just like those RPG characters [10:39:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: BRO [10:40:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A HERO [10:40:07 PM] Hiro Protagonist: said shirou [10:40:22 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: nowai shirou's a SUPERHERO [10:40:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: IM GOING TO BE A SCIENTOLOGIST but that doesnt work that way you have to give the church wads of bux [10:40:36 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: like in that one bad ending in heaven's feel [10:40:54 PM] Hiro Protagonist: yeah but the good ending was a bad ending because saber died [10:40:59 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: troo [10:41:25 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: I like how when you get the bad end where you try to keep her alive [10:41:27 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: they're like [10:41:33 PM] Hiro Protagonist: although you got to play from Rin's perspective i guess because ever since the prologue i was like CANT WAIT FOR THIS AGAIN jk the prologue sucked there were no death scenes [10:41:40 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: UNFORTUNATELY SABER MUST DIE IN THIS ROUTE [10:41:46 PM] Hiro Protagonist: GET FUCKED [10:41:47 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: IF YOU LIKE SABER GTFO [10:41:48 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: wow you can't skip farina's recruitment convo even after you payed her [10:41:57 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: she must be hectors troo waifu [10:42:01 PM] Hiro Protagonist: wow horace [10:42:03 PM] Hiro Protagonist: urrite [10:42:06 PM] Hiro Protagonist: irrefutable proof [10:42:08 PM] Hiro Protagonist: brb making a thread [10:42:17 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: haha [10:42:26 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: i hope farina is actually on my list otherwise i just wasted a lot of money [10:42:31 PM] Sergei Zinovijev: YES [10:42:34 PM] Hiro Protagonist: i was going to say something about F/SN but i forgot [10:43:02 PM] Hiro Protagonist: hahaha horace [10:44:43 PM] Rohan Kulkarni: i dun see thread [10:44:53 PM] scorrikitty: i ate it I await the inevitable lame replies and non sequiturs. Just know that I didn't expect better of you, so neither should you! Not that this thread deserves any amazing replies, but it'd be nice if it got one! Or over 10,000.
  12. Exactly one year ago, I joined this wonderful community called Serenes Forest. Its been a long year since then, and lots of things changed for me, but SF has managed to remain a constant anchor for me in my turbulent life. I have so much pent up gratitude for the people I have met and gotten to know here looking back these 12 months, and I feel that I should pay my dues; it's the season of gratitude, after all. I have lots of people to thank for my amazing first year: I want to thank Kaze_Ninja17 and Ace Tactician for being my first friends here. We had all joined pretty recently, and I was still trying to find my way around here, but you guys were so kind and I think fondly on the conversations we had about Awakening, cosplay, other games, life, and just about anything we felt like talking about. Stay awesome, guys! Kaze, I really miss you, so please come back someday! I want to thank shadowofchaos for his LP of Japanese Awakening before the NA release. Even if it was just for fun, it really tided me and I'm sure many more people over until the the English release and was very thankful whenever I saw and watched the occasional update for the short time I had been here. And seeing all of your funny jokes and videos, as well as the sage advice, was great too. :) I want to thank all the people who helped me on my first run of FE4 (especially PKLucas531, Guy Starwind, Ranger Jack Walker, Soledai, Tables, and Baldrick). You guys gave me so many hints and tips; I'm not sure I would have ever gotten through or at least as smoothly as I did without your help. Glad you guys stuck with me even during all of my bumbling in the early game. Thank you so much for helping me experience one of the most interesting Fire Emblem games. I want to thank the Pokemon sub-forum crew for being all around awesome people; so many friend safaris, so many trades, so many battles. I think I've spent most of my time on SF there after the X/Y release, and I've gotten to know some of you a lot better because of it. Thanks for helping me improve as a breeder and battler; and thank you Richard for putting up with my inexperience in competitive battling and for being my partner in the Doubles Tournament. Don't worry guys, I'm sure we'll get it up and running soon. Hang in there! I want to thank the Mod team for being the cool and excellent people who I've done my best to follow in example. You guys make this place a wonderful forum to spend my time in! And I really appreciate the willingness to help people feel comfortable here. You are all my role models. And more recently, thank you again Balcerzak for the Steins;Gate and anime recommendations. :D I want to thank the people who have been kind enough to add me as a friend. It makes me feel delighted that people actually like me a little and aren't scared off by what I think is my dormant insanity (I'll admit that I am a shipper fangirl at heart, and for some reason you all still accept me in spite of it; but at least you appreciate this part of me, Anacybele XD). I'm happy to know that there are people who share in my interests and love for many of the things I struggle to talk about with the people I know IRL. Thank you all! <3 And a very special thanks to LuxSpes. You have been my amazing PM pal for almost 2 months, and its hard to believe it all started from a simple Pokemon Battle. I want you to know how much I have enjoyed talking to you about almost anything and I really appreciate every message you send. Thank you so much for being an awesome online friend! :3 But most of all, thank you everyone on SF that I have ever had the pleasure to talk to, even if it was only a greeting or quote here and there. Thank you everyone who has ever had a kind thought or comment for me. I haven't bothered to join any other forum because of how fantastic this one has been. I may not be in the best part of life right now, but SF has been my home on the internet this year, and I hope to share many more years with you guys. Thank you again and I wish you all the happiness in the world. ^_^ TL;DR version: OMG YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW HOW THANKFUL I AM THAT YOU GUYS AND THIS PLACE EXISTS! HERE'S TO ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!!! 8D
  13. Hello and welcome to: The JOJ's Florina Emblem Run A screenshot LP of FE7. For some reason I think there's too many of these but at the same time I think there's not enough. So, I'm starting my own. The basis is that I'm going to be overusing Florina. Le start: [spoiler=Prologue] The start screen. Oh wait you knew that already. Entering my name. I think this is the first time I've ever entered the entire thing truthfully. Wow. Nintendo got the name really wrong. Everyone knows Lyn's from Bern. OH GOD I JUST REALIZED. LYN EASY MODE. OH GOD WHY. No, Lyn. I'm asleep. I'm just magically hearing you. I didn't take screens of the beginning conversation because no one wants to see it anyway. Lyn. I'm right next to you. Wow! I didn't know that! Thanks, Nintendo! Lyn was bullying me to move there. What a meanie. So I moved there. So Lyn's saying she didn't expect the bandit to see her that close? Ummmm..... no he's not. Your giant face is blocking him. Lyn killed the bandit. Oh wait she has to. What was Nintendo thinking They're forcing a terrible strategy upon you Some guy. I'm actually kind of scared. This plains dweller just picked me up and expects me to completely trust her. Me: No he's not. Lyn: What do you mean? Me: You're scripted to win. Lyn: What's that supposed to mean?! Me: LYN EASY MODE. Lyn: What? Me: Trust me. I hate it more than you do. Lyn gets a good level. Oh wait. She has to. GOD LYN EASY MODE. IT'S SO..... LINEAR. Once again, Lyn thinks I have the ability to understand conversation while I'm asleep. That's it for the prologue! I hope you enjoyed. Please be brutally honest. I want to improve in every way possible.
  14. Because I wanna LP something, and well, I couldn't be arsed to do anything better with my time. So I asked SB about Let's Plays, reminding him of his VN in the process. In return, I got this. ugh This is Elieson's Let's Play, featuring Squaresoft's 1995 SNES release, Secret of Evermore. FOLLOW MONOCLES AS HE STUMBLES OUT OF A MOVIE THEATER AND INTO AN ALTERNATE DIMENSION OR TIMELINE OR SOMETHING WITH HIS BRILLIANT DOG SIDEKICK, SB IS A DOG! [spoiler=Prologue: Enter the Derp] Sounds Legit This can't be a good sign Oh boy a time! 50% OFF! BUY BUY BUY!!! The Adventures of Loxley, in theatres now. That'd be more interesting than this dimwitted game. You know, this street is boring. Town Central Ave and there's 2 kids and a cat. OH BOY WAIT MORE SALES!!! A wild plot event appeared! Inanimate gyroscopic ball, I would love to be a part of any history that you actually create. That's what she said She said that too WHY EVEN BOTHER WITH THE PAST 3 MINUTES? Meanwhile, in the present; color returns to the universe. yea, totally. I watch The Lost Adventures of Vexx in theatres with my dog all the time. My favorite part was when they let the dog into the movie theatre with no questions asked. What a suck budget. I actually made a home movie with a garden hose in it. Are you blind as well as stupid? Dog ----> Cat. Fuck man, c'mon. Ahh Doughead Software. Software to get you ahead in life. coolshades.jpg Smart dog. The cat went right btw. Probably to alert the authorities of a kid who needs a reverse lobotomy. K I BET THE OWNERS DONT CARE IF WE JUST WALK IN How did you know the cat's name? If he's smart, facefirst into a paper shredder. COOL, BURGLARY AND DESTRUCTION OF PROPERTY! I'M ON A ROLL ALREADY! Just like my daddies' room! All that's missing is the empty whiskey bottle and the leather belt! Ohh observant. C'mon Scooby! No way, a closet and giant lightbulbs! Or that. Sure. We've already burglarized, vandalized and destroyed property. Why stop now. GNARLY GRAPHICS MAN Famous Last Words TM If I were stuck with you as my master, I'd have done the same thing a long time ago. RUT ROH! DA FUQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ
  15. I've always asked myself this question when playing FE8. In most Fire Emblems, it's always at least portrayed as evil and vile -- its usually relegated to villains, people usually "succumb" to it, etc. The most egregious example of this is FE7 -- Canas is constantly worried about losing himself to dark magic (although, oddly enough, both his son and his mother practice it as well despite the dangers of it), Nergal's whole plotline is based on him being a gigantic dick immensely powerful dark druid who lost himself to his magic, and 19xx takes it even further by having the boss state that one can only truly master dark magic by emptying their soul so the void can consume them, and then implies that Nergal has forgotten about his children in his pursuit to become strong enough to save them through dark magic. The only thing I never really got in FE7 is that they also imply Athos is almost as powerful with dark magic (at least, in-game), but yet he shows no signs of this deterioration mentioned by Canas or in 19xx. FE8, however, makes it more controversial. While, on its face, dark magic again appears evil (Lyon is a necromancer, and acts as one of the final bosses of the game), it's not quite as straightforward once you look into it. First, it is explained by Knoll that dark magic is "ancient", and has a long stigma of being evil, which he seems to take offense to. It would then be feasible to say that a demon sealed in ancient times would've been sealed through the use of these dark and ancient magics, into a container known as the dark stone. Now, what happens next is never explained, but considering the stigma, I would theorize that the use of dark magic became strongly discouraged afterwards in an attempt to keep somebody from ever undoing the sealing spell, which then caused the dark magics to be shunned and reviled over the course of centuries. Knoll also explains that dark is the antithesis of light because light represents faith while dark embodies knowledge -- which makes sense, considering light magic is all about healing and impulsively jumping in to a situation, while dark magic is all about prediction, weighing the logic of each course of action, and acting cautiously. The only problem is that Knoll constantly feels remorse for his research in his support conversations, but yet at the same time defends dark magic from both Lute and Natasha. I think he feels terrible that he messed around with forces that he knew little about because of his own greed for knowledge and his desire to impress Lyon and achieve Lyon's dream of helping Grado. He is directly responsible for the release of the Demon King because he sought to use the power contained within the dark stone instead of releasing its true purpose. Yet, at the same time, dark magics will ultimately save uncountable citizens of Grado because it predicts the cataclysm which will engulf the region years in advance, and Knoll resolves to pair up with Natasha and use their unique talents for the greater good. Ultimately, FE: Awakening tried to tie up all of the lore from (at least) the NES, SNES, and GBA Fire Emblems together in one story, although I'm confused as to whether Magvel and Tellius are included in this as well (especially considering FE10 said that Tellius was the only continent not consumed by the flood inadvertently caused by Yune's sorrow). If they are all in one world, then dark magic is either universally evil or it's not, but the conflicting lore on the topic is making this difficult. Any thoughts?
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