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  1. I just completed chapter 22 and Marth's paralogue. Overall, a neat chapter and paralogue. However, there is one thing that confuses me: If I understand correctly, chapter 22 reveals that the ring Lumera wanted to give Alear contained the rest of Lumera's divine dragon essence, which would've made Alear completely divine dragon as a result, and Alear now has the ring, infusing them with that power and making their hair and eyes completely blue. At the same time, after Alear dies a 2nd time, the twelve emblems use their secret one-time ability: the Miracle, to revive Alear as a living Emblem, and they convert the ring into an Emblem ring that stores Alear's Emblem powers. The Emblems say that they could've used this ability at any time, and it was shown in an earlier chapter that they originally were considering using the Miracle to revive Lumera, so it evidently wasn't necessary that Lumera's gift be used as the emblem ring; any ring would've worked. However, Alear is only completely blue-haired while in Emblem form; they are still blue-and-red by default. The other emblems' hair colours aren't all blue, so Alear's hair being completely blue in emblem form is from being infused with the essence Lumera stored in the ring. But, if it is from being infused with more divine dragon essence and not from becoming an Emblem, then shouldn't Alear's hair and eyes be completely blue all the time by now? Making this even weirder is that, as I learned from using engage+ in the Marth paralogue, the person that is using the Alear Emblem (in this case, it was Ivy) has blue-and-red hair even though Alear's hair is completely blue as an Emblem. Maybe I'm overthinking this, but I just find this really confusing. Is there an explanation that I missed?
  2. I've recently started another maddening run after failing a spin the wheel challenge Ironman maddening run. While doing it, I had two characters I really enjoyed that were reclassed to nonmeta builds I guess you could say. I wanted to share and also hear any fun non meta combos you have done. First is Martial Master Kagetsu. I was blown away by this. He looks so good as that class. His bases along with growths/max stats helped the martial master weaknesses. (And of course starsphere on top of it). I ended up going with a mix of Lucina on him when I needed the bonded shield(100% regardless) or chrom when I wanted max damage. Both give him speed and dex, but chrom gives way more damage, especially while engaged. With the flash fist, along with the speed from those 2 emblems, you will be quadding majority of enemies in maddening. I used a lot of books on him and got him lunar brace and speed/dex skills. Giving him over 40 speed and close to 40 dex. I also engraved my weapons for crit. At max stats, with chrom you'll have over 40 str and be at exactly 40 magic. When engaged that magic goes up to 50. So this gives you a viable option with Robin's magic weapons to attack from ranged, or to simply add even more damage to your fists due to how arts damage is calculated (str+magic/2). With the crit damage skill as well and lunar brace, I was just wreacking havoc on everything. Plus Kagetsu looks so badass as a Martial Master. The other was Sage Chloe. No surprise here since Chloé is a solid unit in just about anything. One thing to note though is her speed(+3 maxed) and she has growths that fit into a caster or hybrid. She looks great as a sage, and her personal skill is easy to proc for extra damage. (Works super well with the dire thunder ring) I used Camilla on her just for the extra speed. And for flying status when needed (which came in super handy) I could go on and explain more, but I think you can imagine how well she does. Plus having a sage with over 40 speed and nova is great. (Overkill, but fun nonetheless). What nonmeta combos have you done?
  3. Corrin and Camilla with DLC let the unit they sync with use Dragon Veins, which are determined by the class type using them. I want to get a discussion going on Dragon Veins, to get a different perspective on which ones you all find useful. I don't have DLC yet myself, but I'm including Camilla just to get discussion going around her too. As a reminder, links to the effects of the Dragon Veins: https://serenesforest.net/engage/emblems/corrin/ https://serenesforest.net/engage/emblems/camilla/ Of course, there's other benefits that these emblems offer too beyond Dragon Veins. Corrin with Draconic Hex and Dreadful Aura, Camilla with Soar and speed stat bonuses. Just as a few e.g. Feel free to include those too for your reasoning. Personally, with Corrin, my favorite classes to put them on are Coverts and Mystics, slightly preferring the latter. I find that Fog and Fire are the ones I mostly default to when using Corrin!Alear, so I ended up switching Corrin to a Thief, Sage, or Celine as Vidame if I was using her in my playthrough. My reasoning for liking Corrin on a Thief is because Knives apply Poison, which is really nifty utility combined with Draconic Hex and Dreadful Aura. Fog granting Avo+ is useful too for letting other units EP more reliably, as well as applying move penalties on enemies. My reasoning for liking Corrin on a Sage is because 3-range (el)Thunder / Thoron access to apply Draconic Hex and Dreadful Aura from safe range. Fire also costs more move to get through, like Fog, and the damage it deals to units can also be used to set up something like Wrath on your own units (damage applies before the vein disappears on your turn). I've started preferring this one over Fog more recently myself. What are your favorite Dragon Veins from these two emblems? What units and class do you sync them with?
  4. Update: @Cysx will be helping to collate future information. Check out their own master post here! @kienquocsi will also gather their findings, including some Japanese translations. Here's their bulk post! LAST UPDATED JAN 5TH 2023: Added Emblem Micaiah and Armor unit info. P.S. The above timestamp does NOT speak for the earlier linked posts which are being maintained separately. If something's missing here, they'll likely have you covered 🙂 With the new burst of Emblem Ring info I thought it'd be nice to have a place to keep track of all the gameplay minutiae, for people who want an easy to access way of knowing what's changed from previous titles. Hopefully you'll be able to help fill in the holes I miss. EMBLEM RINGS: Each Ring has a Bond level with a cap of 20. Skills and weapons are unlocked as that level increases. We've seen screenshots (such as this one) where Bond seems to cap at Lv 10 instead. However we've also seen hints of maps based on prior FE titles, so my assumption is that we'll need to complete an Emblem-themed Paralogue to unlock further Bond Levels (maybe 20 isn't the cap either?) We don't yet know if Bond Levels are tied to just the Ring in question or between specific Ring + Unit combinations (i.e. we don't know if you have to farm Bonds with each character you want to use a given Ring with). Emblems grant the following perks: Stat bonuses (these bonuses also increase with the Bond Level) Synchro Skills (that are active as soon as you equip a Ring) Engage Skills and an Engage Attack/ Engage Technique (that are only active while Engaged). Techniques are non-combat special moves. When Engaged, the base unit also gets access to the Emblem's current inventory. Engaging can only be done with a full Engage meter and has a three turn limit (though we've seen units with a 4 turn countdown too). The Engage meters we've seen so far have seven segments that fill up by defeating enemies (Alear's Prf sword, Liberation, has an effect that fills an entire segment when defeating an enemy: it remains to be seen how difficult it'll be for other units/ weapons). The Engage meter can be filled completely by ending a turn on a tile marked with a blue circle, called "Emblem Energy" in Japanese. Aesthetically, the Engaged character's outfit will change to a mostly-white one based on the Emblem's attire, their hair will change to a color associated with the Emblem (e.g. faded blue for Marth, lilac for Sigurd) and they will have "wings" based on their Class' Style (see below). In Alear's case, only the blue parts of their hair will change. With the exception of Sigurd, the "associated color" seems to be the color of the flame each Emblem holds in the mural. P.S. I assume each Emblem will let you use their signature weapon at a high enough bond level, but we only know for sure with Sigurd and Byleth so far. Marth and Corrin have the Falchion and Yato on their persons though, so... (All weapons that are shown equipped by their Emblems but not yet in the lead character's inventory will be marked with (?) after them.) Marth: Beginning Emblem Equipment: Rapier, Mercurius, Falchion(?) Synchro Skills: Perception (increased evasion), Break Defenses (if you break an enemy, gain an extra attack at 50% strength. Stacks with Divine Speed), Unyielding (if unit has <20% of max HP at start of turn, gains 20% HP). Engage Skills: Divine Speed (grant an extra attack with 50% damage, Dragons gain HP equal to damage dealt)*. Engage Attack: Lodestar Rush: deal 30% damage 7 times, 9 times if equipped by a Dragon/ Mystical unit**. Sigurd: Emblem of the Holy War Equipment: Ridersbane, Brave Lance, Tyrfing Synchro Skills: Canter (grants a fixed "Canto 2". Can be upgraded.), Gallop (+5 movement for non-cavalry, +7 for cavalry). Momentum (grants +1 Atk for each space moved before initiating combat. Only applies to the first attack). Engage Attack: Override: deal damage to all enemies in a line and move to the other side of that line. Celica: Emblem of Echoes Equipment: Seraphim (effective damage against Corrupted enemies), Recover (staff), Ragnarok (seen in inventory but only used with Warp Ragnarok thus far) Synchro Skill: Holy Stance (can be upgraded. 50% of damage taken from Corrupted enemies is inflicted on those enemies as well; HP can be reduced to 0 this way), Resonance, Favorite Food Engage Skill: Echo: can attack twice with 50% damage each time. Each attack costs 1 HP (Echoed attacks can still double). Engage Attack: Warp Ragnarok: warp within attacking range (1-2 tiles away) of any enemy within 10 spaces and attack (costs 1 HP). Flying units can warp up to 15 spaces away instead, while Mystical units deal 20% more damage. In Celica's trailer we saw someone able to warp a max of 16 tiles, which suggests the warp range is upgradable somehow. Other Engage Attacks may be upgradable too. Lyn: Emblem of Blazing Equipment: Killer Bow (increased Crit rate), Mulagir, Mani Katti**** (Mani Katti may be the second weapon unlocked instead) Synchro Skill: Desperation: you can make a follow-up attack before the foe can counterattack. Engage Skill: Call Doubles: create afterimages that can attack alongside you in Chain Attacks. They also draw aggro from nearby enemies. Engage Attack: Astra Storm: use a bow to deal (low?) damage x5 from a distance. Covert units get an additional +10 to the range limit. Corrin: Emblem of Fates Equipment: Dual Katana (reverses the weapon triangle), Kodachi, Dragon Fang***, base Yato(?) Synchro Skill: Dragon Vein: change the terrain based on the unit's battle style. Dragons can choose which of these effects to use: Vein of Protection – creates earth pillars that boost Def/Res. For Backup? Vein of Water – creates puddles that lower Avoid. For Cavalry. Vein of Mist – creates mist that boosts Avoid. For Covert. Vein of Greenery – creates ivy that negates Break. For Armoured. Vein of Succor – creates a glow that heals HP per turn. For Fliers. Vein of Flame – creates flames that inflict damage per turn. For Mystical? Vein of Ice – creates ice pillars that hinder movement? For Qi Adept Other Synchro Skills: Dreadful Aura (attacked enemies and those adjacent to them have movement locked to 0 for 1 turn), Dragonic Hex (decreases enemy stats after battle) Engage Attack: Torrential Roar (damage three enemies in a line AND change terrain below them to Vein of Water) Byleth: Emblem of the Academy Equipment: "Heroes' Relics": Byleth will grant equipment based on the user's class style (we don't know if each weapon is exclusive to a given class though). Equipment seen so far (judging by Blutgang, each may retain the effective damage granted by their combat arts in FE16): Dragon: Aymr, Creator Sword, Vajra-Mushti Backup: Blutgang (effective against Dragon and Cavalry enemies) Flying: Luin Covert: Failnaught Mystical: Thyrsus (magic attacks get Range +2) Qi Adept: Rafail Gem (Dancer only?) Cavalry: Areadhbar Armored: ??? Sync Skill: Divine Pulse: If you would miss an attack, Byleth gives a chance of it hitting. Engage Skill: Instruct: boosts a given stat for all allies within two spaces. The stat is dependent on class style: Dragon: +3 to all 7 stats. Flying: Res +5 Mystic: Mag +4 Backup: Str +4 Qi Adept: Lck +10 Cavalry: Skl +10 Covert: Spd +5 Armored: Def +X? Engage Technique: Goddess Dance: all allies in cardinal directions get stat boosts (based on the above breakdown, perhaps?) and another action. (Unlike the other Emblems covered thus far, Byleth doesn't seem to have a specific style of unit he works best with, instead offering unique features to all of them - outside of maybe Dragons getting more weapons.) Roy: Emblem of Binding Equipment: Wyrmslayer, Lancereaver, Binding Blade(?) Synchro Skills: Endure: If your HP is >30% at start of combat, any fatal blow will leave you with 1 HP instead. (Possibly a reference to Binding Blade's innate healing?) Engage Skills: Transcendence: Raises your level by 5 and can breach the level cap (of 20). Dragon characters get 6 levels instead. Engage Attack: Blazing Lion(?): attack enemies three spaces in a horizontal line before the unit (with a second row behind it for Dragons) and sets the terrain on fire in a 3x3 square right in front of you afterwards (similar to Corrin's EA). This fire "hinders movement" (either by inflicting damage as per tradition or straight up denying movement, we don't know). Leif: Emblem of Genealogy Equipment: Like Byleth, Leif has a variety of weapons available (a reference to FE5's Master Knight). His Engage Skill lets him switch to advantageous ones on the fly (see below). Weapons seen: Light Brand, Killer Axe, Master Lance (1-2 range brave lance) Synchro Skills: Vital Shift: reduce damage taken if WTA exists against foe. Vantage Engage Skills: Adapt: When attacked, automatically change the equipped one to one with WTA over the foe. Engage Attack: Tetra Trick: A four part attack with a sword, axe, lance and bow. Can break sword, lance and axe units. Qi Adepts can break all enemy weapon types. Eirika/ Ephraim: Emblem of the Sacred Equipment: Rapier (both?), Sieglinde(?) (Eirika), Siegmund(?) (Ephraim) Sync Skills: Alternate: Freely swap between Eirika and Ephraim, which changes the other available Sync Skills. Lunar Brace (Eirika): boosts damage dealt based on foe's Def, Solar Brace (Ephraim): heal 30% of damage dealt. Luna (Eirika), Sol (Ephraim)? Engage Skill: "Sacred Twins": combines the above Sync Skills into singlular, stronger variants: Sun-Moon/ Eclipse Brace (combines both of the above) Blue Sky (combines "Luna" and "Sol") Engage Attack: Twin Strike: the fused unit and remaining Emblem attack with a sword and lance in unison. So far we've only seen this done with Eirika as the main Emblem: This attack can break both sword and axe units. Ephraim has effectiveness against Corrupted units. Cavalry bonus: Ephraim's damage is increased by 50%. Ike: Emblem of Radiance Equipment: Hammer (this is a unique Hammer that's treated as a heavy weapon, more on that later). Sync Skill: "Resolve" - increase Def and Res by 5 when HP falls below 75% Engage Skill: Anchor; reduce Evasion to 0 but halve all damage taken (Dragon units get 60% damage reduction instead) Engage Attack: "Triumph(?) Aether" - increase Def by 5 (10 for Armored?), Res by 5 and user cannot counter attack that turn. At the start of next turn, release AoE attack to every enemies within 2 tiles and heal proportionally to damage dealt (heal 30% damage dealt, cap at 10 per attack?). Seems to be locked to Sword and Axe (at least not Lance) Micaiah: Emblem of Dawn Equipment: Shine - lights up a 5-radius area around the target after use (so it's going to be useful in fog of war maps). This illumination weakens by one tile at the start of each turn (like torches in past titles). Other weapons are Nosferatu (heals based on damage inflicted) and Thani (effective against cavalry and armor enemies). Sync Skill: Staff Wielder - the wearer can use staves regardless of their current class (as opposed to other Emblems that only unlock other weapon types when Engaged) Engage Skill: Amplify - increases range of staves by 5. Staves will also affect the four adjacent tiles to a target when applied (e.g. healing five for the price of one or changing five tiles of terrain). Engage Technique: "Great Sacrifice": Fully heal all(?) allies at the cost of your own HP becoming 1. Dragons keep 30% of their HP instead. Lucina: Emblem of Awakening Equipment: Noble Rapier Sync Skills: Dual Strike: wielder can Chain Attack even if they aren't of the Backup style Dual Assist: A Backup style unit or one with "Dual Strike" has a 35% chance of performing a chain attacking when a nearby ally attacks. Engage Skill: Bond Shield: has an 80% chance of nullifying damage taken by nearby allies (Qi Adepts have a 100% chance instead) Engage Attack: All For One: all allies within two spaces join in for Chain Attacks. Alear's Dragon style will get all style specific perks. Considering at least some Emblems have two different perks for two different skills, this sets Alear (and any other dragons we get) up as able to get the most out of any given Emblem with such split bonuses, so this is something to keep in mind when planning your loadouts. ABOUT BYLETH (not a spoiler for FE16 or FE17, I'm only isolating it because this is purely speculation)\: * The Engaging with Emblems trailer says this is an Engage Skill, but Alear is seen using Divine Speed without Engaging at 1:04. ** In the Engaging trailer at 4:39, the Mystical Citrinne gets a Type Bonus for this skill, so it's possible that either Mystical units also get the added attacks OR that skill descriptions will change to match Alear's Dragon type when they equip a Ring (the original example showed it getting boosted from the Dragon style). *** We've only seen these equipped when using their respective Engage Attacks so far, so we may need to take this with a grain of salt. **** At 5:04 of the aforementioned trailer, Merrin seems to have Mani Katti in their inventory (based on its appearance in this image). Considering Sol Katti is considered Lyn's strongest weapon in-universe, I'm not sure what to make of its absence even at Bond Level 20. Then again, Byleth's inventory seems to change based on who he's paired with at various points in that trailer, so maybe something similar is happening here. Or maybe each Emblem has their own supply of excess weapons you can swap in and out based on circumstances? EMBLEM BRACELETS: DLC Emblems are introduced inside Bracelets (presumably to avoid plot holes with the "12 Rings" main plot), with the first three of the four DLC Waves introducing some. WAVE 1 (Jan 20th 2023) EMBLEMS Tiki Equipment: Eternal Claw, Smash Tail, Ice Breath Sync Skill: Starsphere's Protection: boost stat growth rates (i.e. increase the odds of stats increasing when levelling up) Engage Skill: Dragon Transformation (turn into a dragon, but we don't know how many spaces this occupies on the map) Engage Technique: Divine Dragon's Blessing: give an ally another health bar. Claude, Dimitri, Edelgard (the active Emblem seems to switch at the start of each turn) Equipment: Failnaught, Areadhbar, Aymr Sync Skills: Working Together Friendly Rivalry: change to a random Emblem at the start of the turn Lineage: Boost EXP gained by 20%. Gambit: Raging Flames (Edelgard). I assume "Wave Attack" and "Ashes and Dust" are here instead when the other Lords are active. Engage Skill: "Combat Art" (some kind of buff?) Engage Attack: "Continuous Flower-Moon-Wind Flash": Attack with Aymr, Areadhbar and Failnaught in that order. CLASSES: Classes are divided into "Styles", that are used to determine (among other things) which Emblems they get bonuses from. Right now we know of the following styles: Dragon - seemingly unique to Alear (as mentioned earlier: Dragons are said to get all style-specific perks from Emblem Rings) Qi Adept - Martial Monk, Dancer (are able to "Chain Guard" when at max HP, which lets them block an attack on an adjacent ally in exchange for 20% of their own HP). Backup - infantry sword/ axe/ lance units (these units can "Chain Attack": if an ally attacks an enemy within their own range, they can join in and attack first - with reduced DMG it seems) Mystical - infantry mages (this style negates enemy terrain bonuses during combat) Covert - infantry archers/ dagger users (this type gets twice the bonuses from terrain) Some (unpromoted?) Covert types such as Thieves have 5 Mov compared to other unpromoted infantry classes' 4 Mov. Flier - guess Cavalry - you have three tries Armored - and the first two don't count. "Flier, Cavalry and Armored" seem to apply to all fliers, cavaliers and armors respectively, regardless of their specific class/ weapon availability. There are nine base classes, each with two branching promotions each (think FE2/ 8/ 15). Of these, one promotion is a direct upgrade to the base class while the second trades some strength in the starting weapon for proficiency in another weapon or a mount. For example, the Sword Fighter (B Rank Sword) can become either a Swordmaster (S Rank Sword) or a Hero (A Rank Sword + B Rank in either Lance or Axe). The secondary proficiency is chosen upon promotion and can't be changed later, a la FE9/ 10's promotions. As you may have noticed, this means classes are once again locked to specific weapons as in titles before FE16. Weapon ranks are also fixed depending on class as in FE4. There are also two "Special Classes" that do not promote: Thief, which can be reclassed into, and Dancer which is specific to a single character, also like pre-FE16 titles. And as with those titles, all classes have a level cap of 20 with the exception of those two special classes. If I had to guess, I'd say those two cap at 40 instead. This isn't proven, but is what happened with Azura's custom Songstress class in Fates. In addition to the above, Alear and the Nobles have unique classes (that otherwise follow the Lv 20 cap rule). Each noble of a given country start in the same base class but promote into unique Advanced Classes. Speaking of Advanced Classes, only these have Class Skills that are unlocked at Level 5 (Special Class Skills are unlocked at Lv 25 instead). List of all generic class stats (as well as one of the Noble's two classes) c/o @Tharne: List of Class Skills and Proficiencies c/o @Hiroki and @Azz: Huge thanks to all three of you! CLASS CHANGING: Class Changing seems to be somewhere between 3H and the 3DS games in terms of flexibility, with some Tellius influences thrown in: Master Seals (can promote to an advanced version of the unit's current class) and Second Seals (can side- or downgrade) return from the latter. Units can switch to any class if they have the required weapon proficiencies (e.g. a character with a talent in axes can promote to any axe class of an appropriate rank). Units can gain other weapon proficiencies from Emblems. Similar to the Tellius games' promotions, there are variants of (some) classes that allow different weapons, e.g. a Hero with sword and lance access alongside a Hero with sword and axe access. WEAPONS/ COMBAT: Weapon durability is gone! Staves (at least healing staves) still have durability though so Celica having a Restore staff could be very helpful (I assume Micaiah will have a staff and/ or Sacrifice too). Weapon durability may have been replaced with a "pros and cons" system a la Fates. For example, some weapons are now called "heavy weapons". When initiating an attack using a heavy weapon (such as Greatblades, Greatlances, Ike's Hammer and Aymr), the user is forced to attack last but will trigger Smash, which pushes foe back 1 tile. If they hit a wall or another unit (i.e the tile they are supposed to go to is occupied), they will be Broken. Heavy weapons cannot double. Weapons can also be forged (adding "+#") to the end of their names. The extent of this is still unknown. Weapons can also be imbued by an Emblem (e.g. here's a weapon with Sigurd's symbol), which grants extra stats based on that Emblem. Each Emblem can only infuse one weapon at a time, but this infusion can be moved around so you aren't locked into a weapon once you infuse it. We've seen some weapons returning from Tellius (e.g. Greatlances) so there seems to be a wider variety of them on offer. On top of the existing weapon triangle returning, we have a new relationship of martial arts (i.e. brawling) beating all ranged weapons. Staves have been split into two categories: red and green. Green staves are healing ones, while I assume red ones are offensive (e.g. "Silence" in older games). About Daggers: Daggers can poison enemies Poisoned units take more damage from attacks and poison can be stacked. Poison can only be cured with Restore Staffs or Antidotes A list of weapons and their stats is being compiled in this spreadsheet by @Cysx. For weapon and skill icons, check out the following image. Thank you for collecting these @Aggro Incarnate, and thank you @kienquocsi for the translations! BREAK: Break is a new mechanic. As mentioned above it can be inflicted by Smashing an enemy into something/ someone, but the primary means of inflicting it is through battle. When attacking with WT advantage, you can "stun" an opponent, leaving them unable to counterattack until their next action. The exact criteria is still unclear though - you may need a high enough weapon rank as well (or maybe a higher rank than the opponent has for their weapon), since we've seen some examples of WTA attacks not breaking the enemy. Breaks can happen in the middle of a fight too, so you can stop an enemy from countering and immediately follow-up if you're fast enough! (I assume Marth's Break Defense makes this easier to do.) However, Armor units are immune to being broken due to WT disadvantage. It's unclear if Smashing can still break them though, or if there's going to be any skills that allow breaking them in battle anyway (like the aforementioned Break Defense, possibly?) OTHER: Characters also gain equal SP in battle to the regular EXP, though we don't yet know what this is used for. Skill assignment as in FEH, perhaps? So far the UI shows room for 8 inventory items: five for each character (with their currently equipped weapon separated from the rest) and three items from their Ring. As mentioned at the end of the Emblem Ring section, it's possible that the Emblems' inventory can be customized or varies for each recipient, so I wouldn't be surprised if they all have more than just three possible items to offer, not just Byleth and Corrin. Not a technical detail per se but maybe an important one lore-wise: all the Emblem characters are explicitly referred to as "Emblem X" (e.g. "Emblem Marth") in subtitles and by Marth himself, so they seem to be copied from other worlds and not taken a la Heroes. They also all have purple eyes instead of their natural ones to further demonstrate this. The Spirits of the Fallen mechanic from Three Houses is back. If you had an online membership, these would appear on the map where other players died (yellow spirits) or their enemies died (purple spirits). Stepping on the former spots would grant EXP and restore weapon durability (maybe they'd add to the Engage Meter here?) while the latter gave items. Just like Dark Souls! Units can be poisoned. The "Xs" next to each of those units may indicate either deeper levels of poisoning or be a countdown until it is healed. Treasure chests are returning, as are thieves that will try to loot them and escape from the battle if you don't catch them in time. Paralogues are present. Buildings you can enter to talk to NPCs are returning. Enemies that can destroy those buildings are also present. Locked doors are present, but these can either be unlocked or broken down (like walls in past games). Breakable walls also seem to be present. DRAGON'S TIME CRYSTAL: This is this game's Divine Pulse/ Mila's Turnwheel. We don't know if damage and accuracy are pre-rolled a la 3H, but it can be used to undo your actions if you make a mistake. Normal difficulty gives you unlimited uses while Hard and Maddening give you ten, though it's currently unknown if this is the starting or even a fixed number of uses. --- I didn't want to talk about characters or plot since that could get spoilery (and I wanted this to act as a source for pure technical info, like a preliminary wiki even). Please let me know what I missed!
  5. So far, both Marth and Celica have different titles: the Emblem of Beginning and the Echoing Emblem respectively, so it's apparent that every other Emblem will have a title based on their game in some way as well. There were some fun suggestions in the JP tweets thread, but I thought it may be fun to make this its own conversation. So, what do you think? UPDATE: Now that we know what half of the Emblems do, I thought it'd be time to give this thread an update to now also ask what you think they'll do and what weapons they may have. The ones we've seen so far are already plenty powerful after all and pay homage to their home titles: how do you think the rest will homage their past selves and origins? Also, do you think there'll be any duds in the batch? P.S. As of this update, we're still missing info on Corrin, Lyn and Byleth and know nothing at all about Leif, Roy, Eirika, Ike, Micaiah or Lucina.
  6. So today's Game Awards just revealed a new trailer for Fire Emblem Engage. They just announced an Expansion Pass is coming to Fire Emblem Engage. They just revealed the new Emblem Rings that are coming to DLC are the Three Houses leaders, Edelgard, Dimitri, & Claude (just showed off their pre-timeskip outfits) and Tiki (the younger version and currently the only Manakete Emblem Ring using Dragon Powers). Other type of content mentioned in the Wave 1 info are In-game Support Items, In-game accessories, and the Silver Card. The first wave is going to be on January 20th. Nintendo just dropped the trailer right now.
  7. Fire Emblem Fates: Upgraded, the way Fire Emblem Fates is meant to be played. About this hack: What this hack plans to do is change a lot of things in the game to balance it better, make the game harder, fix the story, and fix many inconsistencies with the localization, so you could call this Fire Emblem Fates Deluxe, or Fire Emblem Fates Definitive, I intend for it to have a feel like that, some of the changes are: Katanas give avoid and effective speed but have lower strength. Most Nohrian weapons are given more might and a little less accuracy. Bows were given more accuracy, and might. Silver weapons no longer debuff after use. Daggers have a new small edit. The Yato gives some stat bonuses. Weapons like the Kodachi can now follow up! But weapons like the Spear cannot. Most Birthright Boss’ weapon placements are changed. Some boss themes are moved around. Xander and Ryoma can now have a special theme for their final fight in Birthright and Conquest! (Information at the Questions and Answers section, and link is in the downloads section) Xander has been buffed at his final fight in Birthright, as well as a new gameplay change was added for it (Lunatic and Hard Mode only). All Birthright bosses have been buffed. The Siegfried and Raijinto have been differentiated more. The Fujin Yumi and Brynhildr give a very small bonus. Birthright, Revelation, and Hero Battle enemy stats are now decreased slightly on Hard mode and greatly on Normal mode. Many translation errors, like Setsuna’s personal skill, Nyx’s death quote, Hinata’s death quote, Oboro’s death quote etc. are fixed. Changes the unit creation screen Boon and Bane text to be like Awakenings. Changed the main lord’s death theme. (Information on how to change it back is at the Questions and Answers section, Question 6.) Most Vallites are buffed, on Lunatic and Hard mode. All Invasions are edited. Added Scaling to the Hero battles plus change 14! Lilith now has Dragon Ward as a personal skill! As a result of change 1 and 5 the Yatos changes are much more varied. Xander has a new description. Ryoma does too. So much more... It also plans to add in plenty of new supports as well as audio in supports, chapters, paralogues, and perhaps some characters, as well as use some of Team IFs translation text to change the games text to properly express the characters different feelings and make different supports clearer, this hack also plans to add recruitment methods for characters in the Birthright path (such as Sakura being able to recruit Hinoka), and mothers being able to recruit the children characters, this hack also plans to add a few custom DLCs, as well as add Hoshidan and Nohrian Festival of Bonds and a new Apotheosis called “True Apotheosis”… yes I know that’s a lot, maybe I should go ahead and call this Fire Emblem Fates Ultimate. (Everything in the hack is bound to change, and is in no way affiliated with Nintendo or Intelligent Systems.) Previous version: .4827 Current version: .4848Rev5 Hack Status: Stalled Be sure to take a look at the screenshots. The change log, and logo are present in the links below, if you enjoy the hack be sure to follow me to stay up to date with the latest releases of Fates Upgraded, and give it a like. Also feel free to comment, ask questions, make suggestions and whatever else, but most questions can be answered by reading the change log, or the Questions and Answers section, thank you and enjoy! Hack progress: I split the hack currently into two version, the Faithful version, and the Upgraded version: The Faithful version: The version that is currently being worked on, is a version that does lots of edits but doesn’t change the game too much. The Upgrade version: The version that changes a lot about the game, to make it more varied and enjoyable, such as every chapters goal in Birthright not being Sieze, Rout, or Kill Boss. Faithful Birthright Edits: Complete Faithful Birthright My Castle Invasion edits: Complete Faithful Birthright Paralogue Edits: Complete Faithful Conquest Edits: Chapters: 25, 27, EG done. (I don’t think I’ll be doing anymore edits to it.) Faithful Conquest My Castle Invasion edits: Complete Faithful Conquest Paralogue Edits: Complete Faithful Revelation Path Edits: Chapters 6-15 are done. Faithful Revelation My Castle Invasion Edits: Complete Faithful Revelation Paralogue Edits: Complete Upgrade Birthright Path: Not in production… Upgrade Conquest Path: Not in production… Upgrade Revelation Path: Not in production… DLCs: Not in production… Items and Descriptions Editing: Complete (Until further notice.) Support editing: Not in production… Script editing: Not in production… Recruitment Methods: Not in production… NOTE: Though this hack is made for the US versions of the games, you might be able to use them with any regions files with a bit of work. Screenshots: There are too many screenshots to display so click on the link here and choose which ones you' d like to see. For Version .4825 Very few screenshots are outdated: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/w14wsf1xec0s8/Version_.4825 For Version .4848: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/7ny099s8efoq3/Version_.4848 Downloads: Fates Upgraded Change log version .4848Rev5 link with Notepad ++ text colors: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b6uhc32n113uymt/Fates_Upgraded_Version_0.4848Rev5_Changelog.rar/file Fates Upgraded Special Iron15 and new song link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/15i1nzookc41u61/SpecialIron15AndNewSong.rar/file Fates Upgraded Faithful Edition Version .4848Rev5 for the Birthright game link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ja2zb8pwkd9obf6/FatesUpgradedFaithfulBirthrightGameVersion.4848Rev5.rar/file Fates Upgraded Faithful Edition Version .4848Rev5 for the Conquest game link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hqw6skteulcr13j/FatesUpgradedFaithfulConquestGameVersion.4848Rev5.rar/file Fates Upgraded Faithful Edition Version .4848Rev5 for the Special Edition game link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2imgl9p379psng7/FatesUpgradedFaithfulSpecialEditionGameVersion.4848Rev5.rar/file Special thanks and credits to: God (Jesus, for always leading and encouraging me), SerenesForest (for the use of this site to publish the hack), GBATemp (for the use of that site to publish the hack), FEUniverse (for the use of that site to publish the hack), Thane98, DeathChaos, Merrill lianne, Geodude, and everyone else that helped out. Again, thank you all! ☺️ Questions and Answers: Question 1: How do I even load the hack!? Answer: You will need to use a file patcher, like the LayeredFS in Luma CFW, if you haven’t installed Luma yet here is a link to all the information for it: https://github.com/AuroraWright/Luma3DS/wiki Question 2: How do I open the .rar file? Answer: You can use WinRAR for that (even after the trial period you can keep using it for free). Question 3: Why isn’t the new theme for Ryoma and Xander already loaded in the hack? Answer: EDIT: The theme sounds good, but the Iron 15 file is really large and could take up too much room on a SD card so I left it out of the hack, but it can be put in and used in the game, instructions are around the bottom of the Changelog. Question 4: Why don’t I see any changes in Birthright? I’m playing on hard mode. Answer: EDIT: This is a problem on version .4792, but with the release of .4825 this problem should be fixed. Question 5: You composed the theme for Xander and Ryoma yourself? Answer: No. It was taken from another game and added to Fates Upgraded same with the main lord’s death theme. Question 6: How do I add the changed main lord death theme? Answer: 1. In the hack files either: FatesUpgradedFatesBirthrightGame.rar, FatesUpgradedFatesConquestGame.rar, or FatesUpgradedFatesSpecialEditionGame.rar 2. Go in the "LumaLayeredFS" hack folder of the game hack (eg. FEFatesBirthrightFatesUpgradedLumaLayeredFSFiles) navigate to and then enter the folder "stream" in the folder "Sound", once inside delete REMOVETHISMESSAGETOADDIT from the filename "sys_gameover_E1.dspadpcmREMOVETHISMESSAGETOADDIT.bcstm" and you're done. Question 7: Is this hack compatible with Gay Fates? Answer: I’m not sure, but I don’t think so, it would probably require some effort to make the hack work with it, whether it’ll take little or a lot again I don’t know. Question 8: How do I revert the changed chapter names? Answer: 1. In the hack files: FatesUpgradedFatesBirthrightGame.rar, FatesUpgradedFatesConquestGame.rar, or FatesUpgradedFatesSpecialEditionGame.rar 2. Go in the "LumaLayeredFS" hack folder of the game hack (eg. FEFatesBirthrightFatesUpgradedLumaLayeredFSFiles) 3. Navigate to and then enter the folder "@E" in the folder "m", once inside delete or what I recommend, rename the file "GameData.bin.lz" to something else and rename "GameDataWITHVANILLACHAPTERNAMES.bin.lz" to "GameData.bin.lz" and you're done. Disclaimer: Everything changed by the hack is bound to change, and is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Co., Ltd., Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc., or Namco Tales Studio Ltd. in anyway. All non-original Nintendo Co., Ltd., Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd., Bandai Namco Entertainment, Inc., or Namco Tales Studio Ltd. materials including but not limited to characters, images, music, ideas and specific expressions thereof are copyright, the usage of such materials in the hack is transformative, for non-commercial purposes, and will not have a significant effect upon the market for or value of the materials, and is thus exempted from liability under the Fair Use Doctrine. Taken from my post on FEUniverse: https://feuniverse.us/t/fire-emblem-fates-upgraded/5093 Which is taken from GBATemp: https://gbatemp.net/threads/fire-emblem-fates-upgraded.502519/
  8. I purchased a hard copy of this game along with a Nintendo Switch a few weeks ago. I spent over $500 so I could play the latest installment of the Fire Emblem franchise and I am rather unimpressed. I have been a fan of Fire Emblem for nearly 20 years now and I hate to see the series lose its identity. Design: The maps were generic, bland, too similar and repetitive. Graphics: The overall game environment is of good quality, including the objects, the backdrop and the textures. However, the character models and special effects leave much to be desired. Animations: The hair physics and facial animations during cut-scenes are impressive at first, but they still could have done much better for combat. (Ex: Miasma is just a purple fire spell.) Characters: Each character is too distinct and tries too hard to stand out. Also, their personalities are very '1-dimensional' and have barely any development. They are tired tropes and awkward. Story: The story was poorly written. The plot was weak and all-too-frankly cliché. Soundtrack: The looping music became tiring, especially during exploration. Overall: The game went in too many directions, certain parts felt rushed or unfinished. The quests, resource management, character recruiting and weapon maintenance all felt like chores rather than enjoyable game-play. The story had me cringing far too much (especially the voice acting), because the personalities were out-of-place within the setting. The mixing of university 'students' and church 'staff' was a bad marriage to say the least. Fire Emblem is a strategy (tactical) role-playing game of the fantasy genre. The most important aspect of Fire Emblem should be good map (level) design. The satisfaction should come from the success of executing a logical strategy after surveying the map (not grinding levels and constantly exhausting the RNG feature.). The second most important aspect of Fire Emblem should the class-tree system. Each class has a role and purpose, this should compliment the use of strategic thinking. The third and final most important aspect of Fire Emblem should be the main character(s) and story. If the protagonist is silent, then it should be the tactician. If the protagonist is tied to the events of the story, then it should not be silent and play a clear role with a distinct motive. There are other things worth mentioning, but I'll leave it at this. Also the dancer animation arm roll is objectively lame. 5/10
  9. Hello, denizens and lurkers of Serenes Forest. As the previous year died, inspiration came to me with a story idea. While I usually write a lot, it's mostly not stuff I'm confortable to share, at least for the time being. This, however, was something I felt I could. Therefore, I'm putting it here, since it is Fire Emblem related. I don't intend for this to be an overly long story, but for the sake of keeping things orderly here I'll put up a corresponding feedback thread. Where any comments, critiques, or discussions can be sent there. Thread here: As for the story itself, it takes place in the setting of Fire Emblem Heroes. Naturally, however, don't expect for everything to abide by what its presented in there, as the necessary creative liberties are taken in order for the story to function. Now, for all my experience in writing, it's bound I might still commit mistakes. Though well, that's what the feedback thread can be for. So enough ramblings, it's time for: A Tempest of Size I'll post what I've written so far shortly, which amounts to a prologue and the first chapter. After that, I can't promise a schedule for future updates. Though I will try to work on this often enough so updates aren't too scarce.
  10. Got a comment? Critique? Something to say? Well, here's the place for it.
  11. PROJECT DISCORD: https://discord.gg/Z8EwVyp What is this? GFE1R, or Generic FE1 Remake, is a remake of the first Fire Emblem, Shadow Dragon and the Blade of light, aiming to give the game more of a gba feeling. it also features a working tactician system(Screenshots coming later), A halfbody system, skills, and in the future a game modifiers screen which will allow you to modify your game experience(example: making the classes randomized.) Screen Gallery If I want to make a halfbody, how do I make it conform to the format, and how do I submit it? First of all, here is the halfbody hackbox. it is very similar to the normal hackbox, except the yellowgreen-ish part of the hackbox is for the second palette. the body part is allowed to have a second 16 colors(15+bg) palette, for convenience. Here is an example mug. as for how to submit a halfbody, either post it here on the thread when completed, or join the discord and post it there. posting on both is reccomended, though.
  12. I don't know if anyone else has ever seen these pictures, but I assume it is Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, but with GBA sprites. Does anyone have any knowledge on this or anything really about what this even is. I believe this goes here but can anyone help with any info?
  13. I'm remember a quote one time saying, "The Internet is like Ancient Egypt. People writing on walls and worshipping cats." With a quote like that, it makes me wonder, have you like me ever sat down and really thought about what you were typing onto a topic like this one before? Have you ever thought about what it would be like if 500 years from now, humans were somehow able to find a message board of any kind and wonder just what we were thinking? I mean it's a trip to look back on old message boards from the 90s as it is for a lot of us. Just imagine what it would be like for someone 500 years in the future to read this? If you had any of those thoughts before, anything that you felt was important for the human race to know to advance itself in a few centuries from now, now is the chance for you to do so! Basically come up with words of wisdom for the future generations to look back on and be inspired by once they have a chance to read these words for themselves. Provided the human race doesn't die from mass extinction or the internet isn't wiped from existence, let these be the words that offer readers a glimpse of what our lives were like today and how they can better understand us as well. I'll try to give a few examples: - What you are reading is called the English language. This was a very prominent language that appeared on a lot of United States and European websites. We knew that multiple languages existed, but people who weren't motivated enough to lean another one just stuck with what they knew. - This website (https://forums.serenesforest.net) you are on is dedicated to an electronic form of entertainment which we called video games for a specific multimedia franchise called Fire Emblem. In our era it's a fairly popular franchise published by Nintendo and had multiple releases that caused a great deal of controversy among people who enjoyed the franchise and with those who felt it could somehow improve. We're not in the era where we saw wars waged in the name of a Fire Emblem game before so at least things have been pretty calm for us. - Yes, fidget spinners were once a thing. They stopped being a relevant product of our culture about a few months after they debuted though.
  14. Seth is crazy broken in Sacred Stones, like stupid nuts. Granted, all the early paladin/ advanced characters are kinda crazy, but Seth was just... In all of my three playthroughs of the game (so many I know) Seth has been the only character I could put in the front lines, surrounded by 10+ enemies, and he'd come out barely scratched. The other early advanced chars like Marcus and Frederick got nothin on Seth lmao
  15. Before we begin, I sincerely hope this is the right sub-forum to post this thread in. I wasn't sure where to put this text, so I'll try to post it here. If there is a better place to put this, please tell me. With that said, I've spent my free time these last months arranging the Fire Emblem 1 soundtrack with sounds from the GBA iterations of Fire Emblem. I've been uploading my music to YouTube but it's quite difficult for a new content creator to overwin the algorithms and find their audience, so I'm just leaving this here for those who would be interested to drop by and have a listen. The arrangements are not made for insertion into rom hacks, but are simply made for fun in an attempt to enhance the original soundtrack with better samples while still feeling nostalgic. If you're interested and decide to drop by, feel free to show your support by dropping a few likes or comments on my videos. That would really help out in reaching out to interested people and making it easier for them to stumble upon my arrangements. And feel free to subscribe if you're interested in future projects I've planned to create. I consider my work to be completely free to use by anyone in their own creative works; my only humble wish is to be credited if possible and also sending me a link to their finished work as I'm genuinely interested to see the fun things you can come up with. Finally, if you've got feedback, questions or comments of any kind, please post them right here or over in the comment sections on my videos. I welcome all respectful communication. I will be out-of-town for a few days after posting this, but I'll be sure to respond as soon as I get back home again. Thank you for reading and sticking with me. Without further ado, here is the link to the YouTube playlist. Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbd_a-jOdW-oDNTKRu7Vy4IPu48xihVgm
  16. I was drawn my first Fire Emblem fan art since 6 months ago, and here's Female Robin from Awakening wearing in a swimsuit while is swimming on the ocean. So, do you think about my drawing, eh? I want to share with you My Deviantart Link of my drawing My Deviantart Page Check it out about my Gallery on Deviantart And also, I posted on my Booru
  17. Hey, I'm making a ROM hack of FE6 and I was wondering how to edit the title screen where it says "Fire Emblem the Binding Blade"? If anyone knows how to edit the "Nintendo presents" part too that'd be helpful as well.
  18. I have a question for anybody knowledgeable on Fire Emblem and Amazon in Japan. It seems that there are two special editions available on Amazon Japan: 1. A regular Fodlan Collection 2. Fodlan Collection with "Original Panorama Colored Paper" Does anybody happen to know what this Panorama looks like? If someone has a detailed image, I would be grateful.
  19. I forgot why I hated this game so I started playing it again, on chapter 14x Im tired of this game's shit again Why does every fucking enemy consistently hit me at extremely low hit percents? I dont mean like getting hit once or twice from 40%, because that's reasonable, Im talking about getting hit at 12% multiple times from different enemies... then I cant hit at 80%, ok game. 4 characters I was building died bc apparently every enemy has the accuracy of a god and the game displays it as "Lmao, 20%, that aint gonna hit you" I hope Im not just extremely, EXTREMELY unlucky, I hope this aint just me
  20. Hello everyone. As you may have seen from my other thread, I work on an ocarina of time project. In recent events of me learning and modeling NPCs for that project, it had made me remember my ideas I had for an FE5 Hack. Fire Emblem 5 is my favorite Fire Emblem and every since I have played it, I had wanted to make a rom hack for it. I had an idea similar to, I think Arch made it I am not sure, Elibean Nights. It would have been called "Thracian Nights." (Very not stealing I know.) Fast forward to forgetting about that and modding OoT for 2 years, I have came to remember my ideas for an FE5 hack and my brain had a flood of ideas go to it. Some of which I had articulated into a 3D Model and let me show you all (Please note some are more done than others and I do plan to go back and finish the others and I am not a very good texture artist, so sometimes I make due with what I have.)
  21. I'll start off by saying this: "Too many FE characters, too many sword FE characters, too many..." yadda yadda yadda. Please don't bring that here. This thread is for people who may still want another Fire Emblem character playable in Super Smash Bros. If you are not one of those people, then this thread is not for you. Now, on to the topic... Let's hypothesis! Let's say that they announce they're adding ONE more FE character to Smash Bros. Ultimate's cast, and YOU get to decide who it is! You could promote Lyn from Assist Trophy to playable fighter, or bring in someone entirely new. Any FE character you wanted! Who would it be? (The choices on the poll are just the characters I've seen requested the most; if the character you'd pick isn't there, sincerest apologies!) I think you all know by now who I'd pick. Lyn, of course! She's been my most-wanted character since Brawl, it'd literally be a dream come true if she were finally added as a playable character.
  22. Inspired by GrandeRampel's Genealogy topic (which you can find here: CLICK ME!), I decided to do this one since Blazing Blade (that is, FE 7) is my favorite game in the series. No, I don't think BB should be the next banner on the 23rd or November 9th, there's a couple other games that should get a banner first, such as Binding Blade, Thracia, or Tellius. But for whenever we do get another Blazing Blade banner, who do you think should be on it? Rules: -Assume 3 characters on the banner, 1 GHB, and 1 TT -No alts -I realize it might be difficult coming up with much of a themed banner given the characters that still have to be added to the game, but please try to be at least semi-realistic I think the next batch of Blazing Blade heroes should be Isadora, Heath, and Renault on the banner, Vaida as the GHB, and Harken as the TT unit. There are a great many prominent characters still not in the game, such as Nils, Pent, and Nergal, but I feel like all of them are for sure gonna get into the game sooner rather than later. So, I want them to dig a bit deeper into the cast. Isadora would be a sword cavalry unit and the star of the banner, the female they buff up to draw attention to the banner. Heath would be a lance wyvern unit and possible co-star due to lack of lance wyverns in the regular summoning pool, and Renault would be a colorless staff unit and the most likely to demote. These three are together because Isadora and Heath are recruited on the same chapter, and Renault is connected to Isadora through some surprisingly deep support conversations. Vaida could fit as the GHB unit due to her connection to Heath, and it sort of fits with her character in BB as she started out as an enemy in the story before reluctantly joining you. She'd also likely be another lance wyvern. Harken is obviously connected to Isadora as the two are lovers, and he could slide into the TT slot without much fuss thanks to there already being so many infantry sword units in the regular summoning pool already.
  23. What music track from any fire emblem game is your favorite, and why is it Conquest
  24. Even Sacred Stones is my fav game in the series, when you put all bias aside and look at it as a game in general, it's pretty meh to be honest. The story has one of the best villains in the series, Lyon, and other than the dual lord story, thats really all the game has going for it. The overall plot is kinda messy, but in a way where it still works but very oddly so. And may I mention that the game is EASY. Compared to FE 6 and 7, this game is a cakewalk and doesn't show any real signs of difficulty until really late chapters, where your team will be super buff anyways so it all cancels out pretty much. I beat this game four times and I can say, with certainty, that this is the best, worst Fire Emblem game.
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