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  1. This game makes use of character portraits and backgrounds generated with AI. If that doesn’t jive with you, it is recommended that you click out of this thread now. Hello once again, Serenes Forest. Adarya and I are excited to show off in earnest our first collaborative project. Originally debuted as part of the MARTH (Make A Really Terrific Hack) contest on FEU, it is now well on its way to becoming a full-fledged game. Featuring a (human-written, don’t worry!) story of a runaway queen grappling with the might of two warring empires to make the continent of Avra safe for her children again, this game’s presentation is further enhanced with expanded battle animations, numerous unique backgrounds, beautiful custom tilesets, and a visual style reminiscent of Radiant Dawn, and even some limited voice acting to create one of the most appealing SRPG Studio experiences yet. Notable gameplay features: Choice of playing with either single or double-RNG The Weapon Triangle (Swords, Lances, Axes), which grants Accuracy ±15 The Trinity of Magic (Light, Anima, Dark) and (Fire, Thunder, Wind), which grants Attack ±3 and Accuracy ±15 Fixed weapon ranks like in Genealogy of the Holy War and Engage Enemy targeting lines like in Engage AS = Spd - Wt (you need 5 more AS than your opponent for follow-up attacks) A Fates-like Skill system in which each character has a unique personal Skill and can learn more dependent on his/her class Spreadsheets: Characters Classes Skills Weapons/Items Dropbox link (8 of ?? chapters) Discord server Known Issues: There is no notification when learning a new Skill outside of battle, i.e. by getting a Level Up from Staff usage. Remaining Mov display when selecting where to move a unit doesn’t account for screen scrolling. This feature is turned off by default. There is a tiling error in the Prologue that allows Stella and Sirius to walk through the upper wall and out of the training area. This should be a minor issue since there’s nothing important outside and this is a Rout map in which none of the enemies move. Credits: Screenshots:
  2. Hey there, everyone. So here's my creation. It's not really remarkable, but I figured I might as well share it. I call it Micro Emblem. NOTE: This game is no longer to be publicly distributed. I kind of hoped I wouldn't have to address this directly, but I guess I do. The download link wasn't 'broken', I disabled it intentionally. I do not want this game to be publicly distributed anymore, so please do not post download links in public places, e.g. in Reddit posts. I believe I'm within my right to ask that. Of course, if you want to privately share copies of the game, I can't exactly police that, nor do I want to, but be aware that if I see another public mirror I will ask for it to be taken down. Please understand. Below is a list of changes made in version 2, left here for the record.
  3. Download (You'll also need the Lex Talionis engine to run it. Download that here: https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lt-maker/-/jobs/artifacts/release/download?job=build_engine then stick the lion_throne.ltproj file found above in the folder with the other .ltproj files and start the engine!) A fully custom and open-source Fire Emblem fangame https://gitlab.com/rainlash/lt-maker Discord server for the Lex Talionis engine: https://discord.gg/dC6VWGh4sw Summary The Lion Throne has 11 chapters of innovative objectives, custom classes, a fully functioning custom skill system with activated skills, a Tellius-style base menu, area-of-effect spells, an actual difficulty curve, Xbox 360 controller support, and much more! Journey with Ophie, Prim and the rest of the Resistance as they attempt to restore the rightful heir of the Lion Throne to her place. Their fate is in your hands. Both the engine and the game (while essentially complete) are still in Alpha, so you may encounter bugs. I am only one man and cannot catch 'em all. Tread carefully! If you do encounter any bugs, please send me a PM or place a comment here describing the events that led up to the bug, so I may squash it as soon as possible. The file Saves/debug.log.1 will have the most recent error in it. Please send that as well if you can. Thank you!
  4. Howdy, I'm Argo Sleuf. I'm trying to spread word about a project a friend of mine is working on called Elegy of the Wayfarer. It is a pirate-themed strategy game that is being developed by Wayfaring Spartan, and we are looking for help on development support and soundtrack design. It is currently planned to have a main vesion on the Lex Talionis engine to generate interest and maybe if it is popular enough we can make a second release with more mechanics like ship building and dungeon exploration on a different engine. If you'd like to help, you can find us on Michael Harding's discord here: https://discord.gg/f2Utf4C Or if you'd like to just follow the project, the community there is relatively active on updates there too. Not to mention cozy. Hope to see you there. There is a dropbox with concepts here (Yes, there are Soul Caliber 6 models and edited sprites. Our current lead artist is busy with school, and that was used to mock-up designs for characters before getting an artist.): https://www.dropbox.com/sh/60r5e25jyp1gnr4/AACyIzaS2apeUkzCTikhfqX3a?dl=0 The story goes as follows: In the days of old on the world of Unirae, there were three large islands that housed a hub of human civilization in the middle of the Iridescent Expanse. That was until three hundred years ago, when a great serpent rose from the sea and brought destruction upon the central island of Orobraltar for fifty years. After years of enduring the calamity, a coalition of nations was formed that sealed the serpent away with the power of the Sealing Star and the Sealing Spike. The sealing of the Serpent ended the Era of the Serpent's Calamity, and brought forth a new era. Nearly two hundred and fifty years after the serpent was sealed, Unirae stands on the precipice of another cataclysm. The ever-watchful eye of Agaeliu Empire is set on the neighboring Orobraltar Archipelago. The Empire’s elite are planning an invasion to claim more land for the Empire’s expansive plantations. Those in power have seen the writings on the wall, recognizing the cycle of destruction beginning anew. All hope of averting this lies in the hands of the heir of the Grand Duchy of Devanin to the west, a Pirate Lord from the south, and the allies they gather. The destiny of these two lords and their followers are inexorably linked to the coming calamity, whether it is averted or not…
  5. Here's some random changes I did on feel to berwick saga, lunatic txt file is a readme/script file for bws editor xdelta is a patch file, use either to patch it onto a translated berwick saga iso, which uses the aethin 2.3(starts with two) version translation patch. Have fun ig BWS_Hard_mode.xdelta BWS_Lunatic.txt
  6. TL;DR: Google Drive link to ups patches (patches for FE8U!!!) Are you tired of waiting for FE Switch news? Do you want to escape from the bridal Sanaki controversy? Do you need a break from shitposting on reddit? Look no further than this thread! A little over a year ago, I delved into the vast and scary world of GBA Fire Emblem romhacking. Today, I'm very happy to announce that my pet project, Fire Emblem: Heaven's Bloom, is complete and playable from start to finish. Features: 19 chapters (inc. prologue and endgame) patches for both easy and hard mode the FE8 skill system, courtesy of circleseverywhere a character-focused story which takes itself seriously 37 unique support chains w/paired endings for some original map, battle, & boss music, and some original cutscene music (was planning to replace everything with my own but I'm not a composer ;_; might finish this in the future) The story begins in the Kingdom of Adestria. Hundreds of years ago, Humans competed for survival with magically gifted beings known as 'Fae'. Over time, a breed of 'Half-Bloods' emerged, descended from parents of each race. The Half-Bloods chose to ally themselves with the weaker Humans, and the Fae were destroyed. The Half-Bloods then turned on the humans, using the powers of their Fae blood to subjugate and enslave their magically-inert cousins. A little over a hundred years have passed since the subjugation. Our main characters are two Half-Bloods: Lord Cassius Malberry and his sister, Fordra. Hoping to find the cure for a horrible disease, they hunt for an ancient Fae tome... The story is not deliberately edgy, but fair warning: it does involve some mature topics such as racism, (off-screen) child abuse, and (off-screen) torture. Gameplay-wise, I tried to live by two main philosophies: 1. Give players lots of choices when building their strategy - All promotion items are master seals, so players may promote their characters in any order. Since FE8 was used as a base, branching promotions work as expected. Shops throughout the game usually stock large varieties of strong weapons, earlier than one might expect. Most maps have multiple avenues of approach. Finally, one of the main characters is a staff user with very high magic, and staves such as sleep and silence have had their durability increased, allowing players to make much more liberal use of these dynamic options. 2. Encourage players to use all characters. Some support chains are fairly significant to the development of the world or the backstory, and I didn't want these being missed on the bench. Playable characters tend towards higher bases and lower growths, so it's harder to train a single monstrous juggernaut, and characters can remain relevant even if their exp distribution isn't being constantly watched. Further, the deployment limit is high enough that benching characters isn't necessary. Regarding difficulty, I honestly have no idea how hard or easy this game would be considered relative to other FE games. My perception is skewed after playtesting it so much and learning the optimal strats for everything. Easy mode reduces enemy bulk across the board (hp, def, res, and spd), reduces all stats of enemy bosses, and removes skills from some enemies. I would definitely recommend Easy for FE beginners or people who have only played SS/PoR. You can always replay it on Hard mode later Known/reported glitches: If you encounter any more glitches, please inform me so that I can look into them! Easiest way to contact me would probably be a DM on twitter (@EAA_Len) or reddit (/u/Roosterton). I admit to not checking these forums as often as I should, but I will probably be checking this thread for a few weeks at least. Full character list w/recruitment information: Full support list: (* denotes paired ending on A support) Special thanks to: Jake "Firefly" Turner (@SSBB_Firefly on twitter) for making the first ten maps of the game very aesthetically pleasing. KidCinder for fixing & improving battle palettes Attila for specific portrait help & feedback People who have streamed or done Let's Plays to raise awareness: IrisZ, Shinkou, Attila, Kiederen the players who have provided truly great feedback Every single person who has contributed documentation or other resources to the FE romhacking community, but especially Nintenlord for his event assembler and NGmansion for FEBuilder. GabrielKnight for his hatless mage battle sprite oracle_of_fire and Aviv for their 'sister' battle sprite With that said, I'm going to stop talking and let the game speak on my behalf! Google Drive link to ups patches Imgur album with screenshots from the first two levels Changelog so far:
  7. Much like with the past LP, I considered starting in April 1st, so I could troll everyone by starting something in the day you don't start things for real. Maybe pretend I'm going to LP Blazing Sword or something like that. But then I realized I'm really bored and want to spend the next few months writing shallow essays over way too many screenshots once again. Plus, I've a free week, I need something to do with myself. So now-- Oi! What is this? Give me more intro bits so I can do my opening shenanigans! I've been doing it since the second LP! What a load of baloney! ...Ah, well. In any case! Hello, everyone! It is I, Saint Rubenio, the person who writes subpar humor to accompany his bad gameplay! I have once again returned to send my units to their deaths, one after the other. This time around, I am leaving behind KagaSaga, returning to its inferior sister franchise... Or am I? "Ruben, I don't remember any FE with a title screen like that!", I hear you say. Or not, because even if you don't know what this is, you can probably guess. Indeed, for the first time in my LPing career(?), I am going to play an unofficial title! Sun God's Wrath, created by one @Blademaster! - my favorite fanmade FE out there. Without further ado, bring in the questions! Ruben, why are you playing this and not X? X is probably not as good as this. Seriously, I love this game. I wasn't expecting it to be as amazing as it turned out to be. At its core, this is just GBAFE, but with a few minor tweaks and additions here and there, such as: - Thracia's capture system. ...What, you need more? I mean, I didn't. As soon as I read that this hack had capture, I was sold. But if you want more, there sure is more! - Thracia-style scrolls that increase your growth rates and negate crits. - Fatigue, because Blademaster loves Thracia and wants you to know it. - PCC, for the same reasons as before. - Movement and constitution growths for everyone. - Three tiers of promotion, combined with TearRing Saga styled promotions. Sort of. - The best usage of the skill system I've seen in any hack. Beats a few official FEs, too. - An overhauled magic system where every type has its place. Mostly. - A really unique cast where just about every unit feels distinct and memorable. A few examples include: Earlygame archer that's somehow the best unit in the game (that is not a joke), tanky mage built around crits for damage, 15% move growth knight, magic-based archer, a literal witch with a flying broom... - Rewards and penalties depending on your turn count, to encourage fast'ish play without outright forcing it. - Bodybuilders. - And probably something or other that I'm forgetting right now. Seriously, this hack has so many mechanics, it's incredible. Still unconvinced? I suppose all I can do now is show you. You know, not "now", now is not yet the first proper update, but... well, you know what I mean! Ruben, what is this game's story? Any good? The creator himself admits that it's just kinda there. And, honestly, I don't think I would call it "good." However... maybe it's just me having bad taste, but I find it really fun to watch. The first five chapters or so are kinda whatever, but then the story goes completely off the rails. Seriously, this game's story is so insane and has so many twists and turns, it might have you feeling whiplash by the end of it. Plus, it's really funny at times. It doesn't take itself too seriously. I mean, the game is a direct sequel to the poster boy of what hacks looked like before The Last Promise. It's a game that even Blademaster himself advises against playing. Making a sequel to that is an utterly terrible idea, but somehow, in a really weird way, it works. I love it. I wouldn't call it a super serious, deep war drama or anything like that, but sometimes you don't really need that. Ruben, what about the fanfic? That still a thing? For those of you who are new here, in my past LPs I've been writing a sort of weird sidestory with OCs of mine who travel around and have dumb adventures. Nothing too amazing, just a nod to veteran readers and a little something I do for fun. If you don't like them, feel free to skip all the segments. I'll try not to meddle with the main story in any significant way. Can I spoil things, Ruben? No. If you absolutely must, in spoiler tags and with a big warning on top, please. Applies to both gameplay and story spoilers. Let's be mindful. Ruben, I demand that you use X unit! Go ahead and ask! I cannot promise to keep them alive, but I'll do my best. Which isn't much, as those who have been around for my past LPs can confirm. Honestly, it might be better to ask me to bench your favorites... How often can I expect an update? Same as usual: An update every few days. Schedule might vary as we go, I'm not the most consistent of LPers. Ruben, before you forget - the rules. Yes, yes, of course. In my first LP, I broke every single rule. In my second LP, I straight up forgot to set any and had to make them up as I went. In my third LP, I set a few exceptions to cover my back, and I ended up being unable to use them due to circumstances. In my fourth LP... actually? I think everything went smoothly in my fourth LP. Let's keep that up, shall we? - This is an Ironman run. That means anybody who dies remains dead. - On the matter of game-overs, this is a soft Ironman. If any of the lords die, I'll just reset. There are other game over units, however. What I shall do if those die is up to you - check the poll above. - As always, I will not warpskip. I'll probably use warp for other purposes, but warpskipping is boring to both perform and watch, so I'll not do it. - If the need arises for adjustments or new rules, we'll talk about it when the time comes. I know, awfully vague rule. I probably won't use this, anyway. DISCLAIMERS (Read this or I'll hate you forever) This LP will contain: - Profanity. I swear like a sailor on a bad day. - Blood and gore. The game doesn't have any, but one of my gimmicks is that, when people die, I edit their portraits to be all bloody and awful. Watch out if you can't stand those things. I'll try not to go too far with this, in any case. - Dark humor. Also bad humor, at times. - Injokes that new readers may not understand. I cannot imagine what a nightmare it must be to start reading my stuff and encounter the same five recurring jokes that I've been using for the past years. See what I meant with "bad humor"? - I hate all the popular FEs. Try not to hate me too much when I inevitably diss them. - Unhealthy amounts of character deaths. Growing fond of playable characters is unadvised. That's about all I can think to say here! All I can ask now is that you vote on the poll, and stay tuned for the first update, which will, as always, come out in a couple of days. Wish me luck, and may my units be spared from the wrath of the gods! And my bad tactics. Mostly my bad tactics.
  8. Play the hack here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D7yayrLJXeiCs0fmoum0OYS-b-nA4EvB/view?usp=sharing More details here: https://feuniverse.us/t/fe8-black-dragon-arc-1-the-wolf-and-the-swan-ver-1-0-in-progress/10477 This is very rough and not exactly great, but then again, this build of the hack was made in just over a month entirely by me. Hope you enjoy it, and even if you don't, I appreciate your feedback (provided it's constructive in nature). I'm frankly just glad to even be able to have made this.
  9. Basically what happens when the likes of Mortis Ghost and Claude Higgins get their hands on Fire Emblem Fates. So this is a fangame, done in RPG Maker XP, so it will not have the same mechanics as Fire Emblem Fates. In fact, it will have very similar mechanics to OFF by Mortis Ghost (along with its own fangames, including UNKNOWN). But it is based off Fire Emblem Fates and pretty well 99% of the content is Fire Emblem Fates, even if portrayed differently (e.g. not the official resources). Okay so what happens is there is a Revelation timeline, created over a Conquest timeline but then Conquest tries to take over (hence the creepypasta-esque name Conquest.exe) and a huge struggle ensues. Like UNKNOWN, there will be multiple endings, based on the player's actions and the methods to get them will be secret (meaning the game itself won't give you hints, you'll have to find out for yourself or ask others how to get all the endings). It's going to be incredibly dark and stuff. It centres around the Avatar and her (headcanon) married family - Ryoma, Kana and Shiro and their determination to keep the timeline stable and protect it from characters from the Conquest timeline (but of course the other characters from the Rev. timeline will be assisting). Then along comes a Puppeteer... The Puppeteer decides to help the Rev!Characters out (if you don't want to help them out, then don't play at all, it's that simple) but evil ensues. So yeah, take care out there, my friends, and- YXZvaWQgc2VwcHVrdQ==
  10. Version date: 12/23/2019 A Fire Emblem fangame by BBHood217 Characters created by MageKnight404 and LordGlenn Lex Talionis engine by rainlash Over the years, MageKnight404 has contributed interesting and entertaining stories and characters to the FE community with his romhacks. This is my tribute to him and his creations. Join Heather, Julie, Joshua, and many of MK404's original characters on an adventure full of exciting gameplay, little references, and a standard plot to save the world. Screenshots (old): Features: - Runs on the Lex Talionis engine by rainlash, it is NOT a romhack. - 12 chapters of good ol' FE gameplay with features like skills, AOE attacks, and a turnwheel. - MK404's original characters from his romhacks (FE404, both Sacred Dawns, and Yuri's Side Story), plus one brand new character exclusive to this game. - Map sprites and combat animations by the FE community, including MK404's works from his romhacks plus a few animations not featured until now. - Branching promotions for some classes, and also promotions are automatic upon going past the level cap. - Easily usable as a reference along with the Lion Throne and the Lex Talionis site's wiki to make your own FE games with this engine. This fangame is complete, as in there's a defined beginning and ending. More work could probably be done on it but after a year of working on this, I desire to try my hand at something else for a change. Perhaps something original with my very own characters instead of someone else's. Regardless, any feedback provided (whether to me or to rainlash, about this game or the engine it runs on) would be greatly welcome and appreciated. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d04lqvmx6514k0p/The Raymond Chronicles.zip Installation instructions: - Download the game. - Unzip the folder somewhere. - Run the exe file and enjoy. Yep, it's that simple. The game is perfectly capable of running on its own, independent of the Lion Throne or any other Lex Talionis game. With that being said, the version of the engine this game uses is and trying to run it with any other version (older or newer) is not recommended due to possible compatibility issues.
  11. Alright here we go, so I am making a FE fangame using the Lex Talionis Engine (Beautiful thing btw, go check it out) and I thought I'd try out something interesting: So you know endings right? And you know how many games (Including FE games) have good and bad endings? What would you say if we applied that to every single chapter in a fangame, where certain conditions would need to be met for a good ending of the chapter. So for example, you know chapter 6 of Sacred Stones? The one where you get better rewards at the end of the mission depending on how many people you save? Imagine it something like that, obviously not every chapter should have something that forces you to do some ultra complicated task, sometimes it could just be something like recruiting that one enemy instead of killing him, y'know, simple stuff The game would then track the number of Good/Bad endings the player has gotten so far, and I can imagine things changing in the game, like the dialogue being more negative as the cast is barely able to scrape by, or becoming more positive when they do well. But this could also have an effect on the gameplay, like getting a different personal weapon for the Mc depending on how many good/bad endings you got. And it would obviously affect the final ending as well, depending on how many chapters the game would have (My set goal for now is around 10-12 with a few small x chapters mixed in) there could be loads of final endings depending on what you did. This obviously requires every single chapter to have like at least 2 different versions, even if it's only dialogue changes. But I think this is something I could manage, seeing as I haven't set myself a time limit or anything. So far I have tried this out with very simple conditions like "Don't have unit x die" or "Kill unit x before turn 10" stuff like that, but I also tried one more complicated condition (Being, "keep a unit alive", "have that unit visit a village" and "have that unit attack the boss with a specific weapon that you get from the village" all in the same map) and it adds an interesting challenge to the mix, as you aren't strictly required to do all of that, unless you want the Good ending. (This Next part isn't as important and if you're in a rush you can skip it, it just talks about some gameplay changes) Here's a rough overview of how the story's gonna look (Spoiler free obviously), some details may change but generally this is how I envision it: I would absolutely love to put a link here where you could download my work so far and try it out for yourself, unfortunately I am not yet at the stage where I would want to share anything even remotely close to a demo or a beta, everything is still way to temporary and unfinished, but if this somehow get's popular, I'll do my best to get around the first 4 chapters into a state where I am happy with them, so you can try them out. If you have read this far, then I have to thank you very much for taking the time to do so, I would appreciate if you could tell me what you think of the concept so far, should I make it the focus of the game, having everything revolve around it? or should I focus more on something else? Oh by the way, The title for the game will be "Tales of Iluma". I'd but that somewhere in the title of the thread, but as long as this is still in the "Concepts" catagory, I think the current title fits better (I'll update it as soon as we progress past the point of "concept")
  12. I’m hosting a Three Houses D&D/Rp game thing that would ideally include 21 of you folks! You don’t have to be an expert or anything at D&D nor Roleplaying, simply join and try it out if you’re even remotely interested! This will be played entirely over discord so send me a pm to be invited! The game itself: There will be primarily three big parts of the overall game. Class Sessions, “Weekends” and Battles. Class sessions are small periods where everyone will get together in their classes’ voice chat and “Train” a specific proficiency in a weapon, just like in Three Houses, and the professor will give everyone a little “lesson” that will be a hint towards things to come, whether they appear on the “weekend” or during battle, the professor will have given you ample information to react to this unknown threat. These class sessions should only last about 7-10 minutes each anyway and won’t actually require work of any kind, everyone can hangout and chat if they would like. “Weekend Time”: The discord will have several voice chats labeled as different areas of the 3H monastery. During this also 10-15 minute time you will be able to hop between each chat and different events will occur, but ultimately where you are at the end of the 15 minutes will decide what you gained or what event you will be involved in that “Weekend”. Finally combat/battle: There will be large scale battles like the battle of the eagle and lion where EVERYONE is involved head to head and there will also be a story that goes along with this huge game. Friends may turn against eachother or maybe not! You can also recruit others from other classes. There will be non-head to head fights as well where a single class will face off against enemies, and outside of “In-School” fights people can die if they run out of health! Because we are on classic that would mean you are dead forever, and you will be temporarily removed from the discord until the story comes to a conclusion. More about how the combat functions will be provided when we start! We hope to meet on weekends and it shouldn’t be incredibly time consuming but I’m hoping it’s more fun than anything! I also plan to stream the whole thing on twitch for those who are too afraid/were not able to join! I love all you community and send me a message if you wish to be a part of all of this!
  13. Hey guys im new to this site but i have a small group of friends online and we have the idea for a fire emblem fan game, id like to discoss it more on my discord, idk if i should be posting this here or not, i tried to post this in another section but it wasnt working? So im sorry to the admins in advance if this breaks some kind of rule, but anyways i need people to help with the romhacking as well as with story and characters, also i would be paying whoever is romhacking the game, the story is a bit on the long side explanation wise, but there are 7 main protaganists, and they all have seperate views, i know it sounds clunky but like i said, join the discord and ill inform you as soon as possible, thank you!
  14. Quick note: In the future I'll eventually move these topics to the fan-game discussion forum. But for now, the ideas are broad and general enough that I think it makes more sense to discuss them in the context of the FE games we already know. Once I get to discussing more specific ideas that are further divorced from the context of any previous FE game, I'll swap over to fan-game discussion. Last time, I floated an idea for making skill and luck more valuable by tying them to a meter system instead of an RNG chance of crits/misses. It wasn't popular. Let's try the opposite approach. Instead of a system that removes most RNG, what if we actually increased the random factor, but reduce the punishment factor? But first, why do I want to change these aspects at all? Here are a couple reasons: I think 3X damage crits are horrendous. There's strategic merit in needing to have a backup plan. But 300% damage crits don't create those sorts of situations. They're more likely to be instant resets. It's certainly not a common problem, but that doesn't make it good design. Skill and luck feel underwhelming. That isn't to say they aren't important stats, but most units have, in a word “enough”. Individually, each point into one of these stats feels less important. There are a series of changes here, feel free to voice your opinion on all of them, or just each individually: Change 1: Make luck, not speed, the primary factor in dodging attacks. The formula changes in most games, but speed is always more important than luck. Sometimes by a factor of 2, or 1.5, or even 3. I think this needs to be reversed, so that luck is 75% of your dodge rate, with speed being only 25%. I was also considering making speed 0% of the formula. I think this is totally fair balance-wise, as even with the changes to doubling I proposed in the other topic, speed is still an insanely useful stat on its ability to let you double, at all. I'm also admittedly drawn to the simplicity of binding each stat to one purpose, instead of having formulas become complicated blends of stats in various proportions. But despite all this, it would also make speed a totally worthless stat to gain for someone already fast enough to meet relevant doubling thresholds. Luck's role in evading crits and your own hit rate remains unchanged. Change 2: Reduce critical damage. I've got 2 separate ideas on how to do this: First, we could reduce the 300% damage rate to a flat 150%. The only problem I have with this is the potential for confusion on if that extra 50% rounds up or down on odd damage numbers. Second, we could change the formula entirely. Getting a crit now adds the unit's skill stat directly to their strength/magic. This will mean lower crit damage across the board in many cases, but will be more notable for enemies as they typically have lower skill stats anyway. However, enemies might also do more damage with crits under this system, too. An enemy that would've done 0X3 damage off a crit may now deal actual damage. If this change were implemented, I'd include a “Crit Damage” number in the battle preview, so that players could see at a glance how much total damage they could take in the worst-case scenario. Change 3: Double the effect of skill on the critical hit rate formula. This means that players and foes alike will now have a greater chance of scoring a critical hit. Seeing a crit rate won't be rare, even on an enemy with a good chance to miss. This makes skill more desirable, since each single point gain is basically worth twice as much now, in terms of crit chance. It will mean enemy crits will be something you see far more of, but due to the above changes, you're far less likely to instantly die to one. Perhaps counter-intuitively, I think this will also make luck more valuable, despite being comparatively less effective at reducing crit rate now. A point in luck will seem more valuable when it's reducing the crit rate of a dozen enemies from 4% to 3%, instead of the 0% to 0% “change” we usually see. The enemies with crit rates in FE games are usually the ones with Killer weapons, where oftentimes no amount of luck will reduce their crit rate by an appreciable margin. This isn't an entirely novel idea – Thracia 776 and Fates both halved the effect of luck in reducing crit rates. While not quite the same as doubling the effect of skill, changes have been made in the formula to increase crit rates before. Still, if this becomes too much, and it very well might scale too drastically for higher levels and lategame maps, here are a few simple tweaks: Make skill 1.5X as important for crit rate instead of 2X. Make luck 2X as important at stopping crit rate. So essentially, if the attacker's skill = the defender's luck, no change. But each point of excess skill now has twice the implications on crit rate. Again, I think this makes both crit and luck more valuable. TL;DR: Make luck, not speed, the primary stat in the evasion formula. Make critical hits more likely for both the player and the enemy, but reduce critical damage. As they say “Crit happens” but now an unplanned crit is more likely to put a player onto the back foot, forcing them to come up with an emergency strat, instead of outright killing a unit. More chaos, but also more control.
  15. I'm creating an FE-inspired game and wanted to spark some discussion on mechanics I may implement. Starting simple today: What if both player and enemy units could only double attack on their respective phases? Assume they still need some amount of speed to do so. It makes sense intuitively to me that you'd only be able to double if you took initiative. If put on the back foot by a foe who gets the first attack, of course you'd only manage one attack in response. What effects would this have on gameplay? Here are my arguments: 1) This change puts emphasis on player phase. It's more important to be more active now, clearing out enemies on your turn. 2) At the same time, it doesn't make enemy phase entirely worthless. SRPGs without countering at all tend to be very slow. I think allowing one counter attack will keep the pace up, but you'll rarely be outright killing foes with a single counterblow. 3) This serves as a direct nerf to speed. It's still ridiculously useful (you need it to double), but now you only double a fraction of the time you would have been able to. 4) Armor knights, as a result, are now the premier enemy phase units. They tank best, and deal more return damage in a single blow than any other unit. 5) Enemy placement needs to be deliberate. I can't just spam enemies on a map and expect players to mop them all up on enemy phase. Similar alternatives: 1) The speed threshold for doubling changes based on who initiates. You may only need 3 more attack to double when you initiate, but when that same enemy attacks you on their turn, you need 6 to double. 2) The doubling threshold remains the same, but the initiating unit gains a speed bonus. This could create situations where units of comparable speed can double each other, but only on their respective turns. I prefer my original concept over the alternatives, because I believe the latter 2 ideas, while interesting, still lead to a meta where speed is too important – perhaps even more important, because of the higher requirements for doubling on enemy phase (alternative 1) and guaranteeing you avoid being doubled (alternative 2). But what do you think? Do you like any of these ideas? What benefits or challenges do you foresee in a game implementing these concepts?
  16. Ideas for a FE-inspired game #2) Meter-based crits and dodges. NOTE: To be clear, when I say “dodge” I'm referring to avoiding attacks entirely. I think some FE games use “dodge” to represent your ability to avoid receiving a critical hit. Last time, we discussed changing the double-attack system so that players only double on their own phase. Let's discuss a more drastic change to stat functionality this time. What if, by default, all attacks hit their mark? Instead of skill and luck providing you with small percentage chance bonuses, they now fill two separate meters. When the critical meter is full, your next attack will automatically crit. When the dodge meter is full, you'll automatically avoid the next attack. The formula for filling these meters would look something like this: Crit meter gain = your skill – their luck. Dodge meter gain = your luck – their skill. Perhaps divide the end result by 2 or something, if this feels too “swingy”. So just like in FE games, the frequency of crits you'll perform is based on your skill vs. the enemy's luck. Same goes for dodging attacks. You just have more control over when it all happens now. Some further stipulations I'm currently imagining, but which are open to change: - The meters max out at around 20-30 points. - The meters only charge when you attack. - Your meter only charges once per round of combat, regardless of how many attacks occur on either side. - Both you and the opponent always gain at least 1 point for both meters, even if the above math says you'd get nothing, or even lose meter instead (IE, their luck > your skill). Here are my arguments for such a system: Skill and luck are often seen as “dump stats”. When people judge the quality of a level-up, it usually comes down to gains in your relevant attack/defense stats, and your speed. Very rarely is anyone truly happy to receive a level up of only skill and/or luck. Under this system, with proper balancing of the amount of points needed to fill the meters, skill and luck become incredibly useful stats. Every gain in one of those stats is a tangible and immediate boon to the frequency with which you gain the ability to crit or dodge, instead of a minute % chance. Maybe it's more a matter of psychology than fact, but I think those stats would just 'feel' better under this system. They're not useless stats by any means, but the vast majority of characters have “enough” to get by. Characters with seriously crippling accuracy, or those that are prone to being crit on all the time, are generally rare, and for a simple reason – they're not fun to play with. One or two can usually get by OK thanks to stat boosters to patch them up, but under this new system, a player-controlled unit with low skill or luck isn't a complete gamble to use, which allows for more diversity in viable stat spreads. No more complaints about 1% crits or 99% misses. These systems aren't entirely novel. Fates had a meter-based dual guard mechanic that was generally seen as a vast improvement to the random nature of the equivalent system from Awakening. And Heroes uses cooldown-based specials in place of crits. I'm basically just proposing that we tie skill and luck into these systems, to give them a more consistently-useful function. Speed now has nothing to do with dodging attacks. As an aside, enemies would likely be given smaller meters to fill, since any single enemy isn't expected to live long. An enemy with a “killer” weapon, might even start out with a full or nearly-full crit bar. Another solution would be to assign enemies to small squads that share critical and dodge meters. The enemies won't gain their shared crit bar if they don't get a chance to attack, so this change, like the one I proposed last time, would encourage player phase activity. Another implication of this system is that it would be impossible to dodge or crit consecutively. At most, you could only do so every other battle, if you're able to fill your meters up in a single round of combat. Oh, and crit damage may need to be adjusted too. The upside and downside of this system is that it removes almost all RNG from the game. Now the main source of RNG comes from level-up gains, and to some extent, enemy movements. If this becomes an issue, two possible solutions could be implemented: Add random variance to meter gains. The above formulas still apply, but you may gain a bit more or less than that. It could keep you on your toes around enemies with nearly-full crit bars. Add a bit of random variance to regular attack damage. No more than +- 3 points, but enough to keep you guessing. IMO, these solutions are a lot less frustrating than the random chance of missing entirely, or taking a massive 3X damage. It may screw up your damage thresholds on occasion, but that's better than a chance of doing no damage at all. Does this all make sense? If you think I've described anything poorly, please let me know. It's vital that players understand it, so if this sounds too complex I may have to reword some things or even re-think the entire system. What other benefits or flaws do you anticipate this theoretical change would entail?
  17. Hello, I have just joined these forums and I have some questions that I'd like to ask of the good users in the forest. I am in the idea phase for a fan game and have been working on it very slowly for a few years, and it may never be complete due to my incompetence when it comes to learning how to code and stuff like that. My first question is in the title: Geneology, Awakening, or Fates. Which has the better system of Inheritance? For Context the fan game takes place 20 years after Binding Blade and Sacred Stones, and feature the children of the characters from those games. I want to use the Inheritance system to help me build the characters' base stats and growths. I am willing to provide any information needed to help answer my questions.
  18. The Souls of Anarchy: Spurning Staff 27 main chapters A strange main continent, with paralogues leaking to other worlds A myriad of skills: originating from Ylisse, Zenith, and the world of Fates Non-canon FE skills that includes personal skills for each playable character 35+ characters that will soon join the squad - a good amount with tragic backstories A dramatic story with comedic gag elements Some draconic and beast classes with corresponding elements Weapons from the entire FE series, plus a batch of outliers and unique items Battles takes cue from Sacred Stones, Radiant Dawn, and Awakening This fangame acts as a spiritual successor to the roleplay Fire Emblem: Realms of the Cosmic Mirror, currently on a indefinite hiatus, and borrows many of the same concepts and mechanics. It runs on riskrain’s Lex Talionis engine, which was written in Python. The fangame implies you have tackled strategy RPGs at a deep level before and may not be for the faint of heart. While the base game aims to be as difficult as the Jugdral duology, Casual Mode will still be kept just in case. If you’re familiar with my previous roleplay, I might be contacting former players for help on this project. Don’t expect a sequel, because this is pretty tough work. If it is, the sequel may use FEXNA as its base. Discord link for further info and discussion: https://discord.gg/V8WDthQ Progress: Not really begun on yet (or have extra help), so please wait for a first release! Once I gather resources and more development help, I'll keep updated with pictures as soon as possible!
  19. Hey guys! I'm here to finally announce the first public release of my ROM Hack, Under Grey Skies! For those of you who haven't seen my ramblings on the FEU Discord, Under Grey Skies is a project I've been working on since early January. It follows the story of a young villager named Bruce, who sets out with some of his fellow villagers in order to fight in a civil war that, if lost, threatens to destroy their home and country. The gameplay of UGS is heavily inspired by the idea of hard hitting enemies with lower durability, while also utilizing the Circles Skill Patch (though unfortunately there have been some complications with skills due to classes not being able to learn multiple skills immediately upon promotion). This first version contain 7 Chapters, with 14 playable units as well as a completed arc of the overall story and supports (though at the moment many of the supports only go up to C in terms of writing). Attached to this are some basic screenshots from the game as well as links to the patch for you to download as well as the public discord server I have for the project if you have any questions or feedback. Keep in mind we are aware of a few non major but noticeable bugs, so I'll just list them here. -The units Ray and Leanne are currently unable to be Shoved -There is a minor spot in the battle screen that covers up that weapon name That's all, I hope you enjoy! http://www.mediafire.com/file/8vxqyq7csce8yy4/Under_Grey_Skies_v.1.0_Patch.ups https://discord.gg/DmjnMHy
  20. A hack of FE8, Tiding Bonds takes place on the continent of Listeria. One year prior to the story events, an unfortunate accident befell Prince Vincent of Cistellia. Since then, no member of the royal family has been seen besides the young Princess Maya. Terrors have risen seemingly out of nowhere, attacking civilians and sowing havoc wherever they roam. Amidst the chaos rise two lords, the twins Castor and Pollux, wielders of two of the Divine Weapons. However, they are lacking the third to complete the trio. One day, they find a lone traveler clinging to a capsized boat in the harbor. A young mage from Khadein by the name of Musica. Realizing they have found the third, the three set off to save Listeria. Featuring: Mixed melee and magic, the Freelancer class (hopefully), and other features that will hopefully be added should volunteers be willing to help. Right now, I'm a one-man team (and rather new at hacking) in high school, so if I tried to singlehandedly implement all the features I want, I'd probably be nearing my 30s by the time it would be finished. I'm looking for pretty much anyone, though I'm especially in need of mappers and people who can make battle animations. I'm really dedicated to this, and I've already written more than half the script. Thanks to the FEU discord (especially sme) for suffering through my noob questions and helping me make this demo a reality! Credits: Circles, for the female Ephraim animation. And Dancer A, for the first level map. Tiding Bonds demo patch.ups
  21. The Fire Emblem Fangame Exposition Or if you prefer, FEFE, aka FE2 What in the name of hell is this? FE2 is an event inspired(some would say copied) by FEE3 which I will host on my youtube channel, which will showcase the currently ongoing hacks you will submit to me, so you can get exposure, or just show off your hack. how it will work is that you will submit a patch/exe(if FEXP) of your hack to me before the deadline, and it will get played sometime between the 28th and the 3rd of june! What Can I submit? You can submit any FE fangame you made, as long as it is related to FE, and/or is made using the GBAFE engine, or FEXP.(or if you're part of the cool kids, FEXNA.) You don't need your fangame to be finished/released at the same time it gets showcased, you can submit only small demos if you want. When's the deadline? May 20th 2018 is the deadline for submissions. then, 2 weeks later, I will upload the videos of the submissions I got being played, and showcased. as of now, I am the only host for showcasing the fangames, although I may have more hosts later on to help me record submissions/diversify the videos. Extras I would prefer it if you put in the thread here as a reply what you would want to submit, using this format.(of course, you are not forced to do that, you can just pm your submission to me whenever you can.) Name: *Name of your fangame* Creator: *Your name/Team's name* Engine: FE6/7/8, FEXP, FEXNA, or custom. Additional Notes: I hope to see some incredible stuff come out of this, and I hope people will enjoy the submissions as much as I will! for now, see you in a month. List of Submitted Projects: Legend of Avenir, FE8, submitted via FEU thread Tirado Emblem, FE8, submitted via FEU thread The Rise of Kirb, FE8, submitted via FEU thread
  22. My brother recently finished this map using the editor on StarCraft II! This does mean to play it you'll need a battle.net account and have to have SC II downloaded but both are available free of charge ; ). How to play: Open Starcraft II -> At the top click "Custom"-> Just below that click "Arcade"-> Search "Fire emblem" -> click Fire Emblem : Beccas Disaster-> Click "Create Lobby"-> Click "Start Game"! OR click this link battlenet:://starcraft/map/1/293602 Here's some general details: The story follows an amnesiac main character who is accompanied by a cat. 36 playable chapters + optional random battles 26 playable characters Unique skill to each character + spots for 3 more skills gained from classes. Reclassing - after reaching level 10 as a promoted unit, characters can become almost any of the base classes or switch to the other promoted branch of their 1st tier class. Contains lots of humor :P Support gameplay effects are in but vast majority aren't written And just some more notes: Doubling happens with a difference of 3 speed Weapons are unbreakable, balanced by them mostly being obtained through the shop Promoting and reclassing costs gold In the "Options" menu you'll find a checklist to skip attacks, skip movements, and to hide the grid, as well as the option to forfeit a battle, and the "Menu" button which allows you to quit the game The grid is color coded to reveal what each tile is: green for a forest tile, blue for water, white for normal, purple represents a flier only space Game automatically saves after each completed battle, can manually save while in your base ( so you don't have to redo a bunch of stuff like buying items, reclassing etc if you get a gameover on the next level) Should be free of bugs but you never know if you catch any let us know please :).
  23. So, I started doing a lot more work on my fan game, and I wanted to share some stuff. I also have the main character growths, but I don't want to share those just yet, because I'm nervous about what you guys will say. SO for now, here's the base stats, class, legendary weapons and affiliation. Feedback would be nice. FE 12 Heroes Main Character Base Stats.xlsx
  24. After several days of slaving away working on this video, it's finally finished! This video stars the villain, Maya, and her two retainers. As for the game, Fire Emblem Tiding Bonds takes place in the continent of Torrenia. Across the sea from Archanea, it's a land of peace and prosperity. Indeed, the Torrenians even refused to take part in the Scouring. The continent nor the nations in it have any militia or military to speak of. But now, darkness lingers. Monsters have begun to appear, bringing death and destruction wherever they go. It's up to the avatar, a mage from Khadein, to lead an army to Princess Maya who's summoning the creatures. Alongside the avatar are two twin lords from Estuan, a country inside Torrenia, named Castor and Pollux. Together, the three of them need to regain control and restore peace to Torrenia. I'm very happy with how the project's going so far. It's being made using FEXP. Unfortunately, progress is slow since we only have two people on the team including me. Not to mention my programmer/event scripter/map designer/wizard is busy working on his own indie game with his company so both of us are seeing it hard to find time to work on it. We'd love to have more people on the project. Especially people who have experience splicing mugs, coding events, map designing, and other things of that caliber. Hopefully soon we'll have a demo to present, but this is all we have right now.
  25. This game works similar to the FE characters game: You can give some characters a vote. The last remaining character in this list will be the winner. Voting rules completed rounds
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