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Found 40 results

  1. Featuring 'Around Grandbell in 5 Seconds or Less' (linked because of the 11MB file size) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/1k4fsadrs4n0aps/fe4map-4080b.gif I held the right button the entire time, with Y after a few seconds and then kept holding it while I held the speed throttle button, and I left the ZSNES clock on for a real-time account would have recorded a video instead but I don't have a video capturer and ZSNES's recorder doesn't record in real-time (unless you guys really WANT five minutes of scrolling) from this I learned that FE4 does not support more than a 64x64 map (which is all maps except the prologue) but I had to take a looksee for myself, as the limit goes to 4080x4080 alas! world-sized maps are still out of our grasp (unless I missed something)
  2. That's the original post... [spoiler=1st Edit]1/23 Awesome, sounding like we have a lot of interest in this... so I guess we'll get a contest up soon, in the meantime while I finalize/figure out rules lets have some thoughts on what the community would enjoy! The poll is now up to get a sense of what we'll try with Format and Topics/Themes... [spoiler=2nd Edit]1/24 ...and the thread/contest is up! Hope you enjoy! [spoiler=3rd Edit]1/27 added to the title, tribute to Aeo finally getting thru to my stubborn, sleep deprived ass to be more casual. :) CURRENT EDIT: 1/28 So, took out the first poll as we have the first contest up and going well. Second poll on themes/topics will stay. New poll added as there was some debate about how people wanted to be able to vote. ...so go vote, and discuss. (Found a quirk...If you have already entered a vote in one of the earlier polls, you will have to choose delete my vote in order to re-enter voting) [spoiler= Copies of Old Polls] 1/28/15 Copy of the first poll: Contest Format. Copy of the Second Poll: Topics and Themes, original votes. ...animations ended up getting some more votes after we put the first contest thread up. At the original time posted, animations did not have enough votes/interest to make it a category. I'd like to try and have a week focused on animations though. Think that'd be great to spice things up and develop those skills. :) ...OK, votes got borked due to Question 1 Poll being deleted. Poll 2 is still reading the old multiple choice votes despite now being a single choice vote now... UGH... Ok, rejigged it, Question 2 back in right place... Please recast your votes. Edit: so... First comp. Entry vote is up... Go vote! EDIT: ...2nd Comp vote is on! Go vote! [spoiler=Helpful Tutorials] Here's a good tutorial on use of colors in pixel art and spriting... and some others that may be a bit more advanced... but good reads anyways... Thinking in Color -Excellent easy to understand tutorial on how colors effect your pixel art/sprite. Definitely worth the read! Derek-Make Games: 10 step custom sprite tutorial -great quick, easy tutorial on custom pixel art/sprites. So you Wanna be a Pixel Artist? 11 part series. -A bit wordy, but very well done in-depth look at the world of pixel art in general, from map tiles to sprites to animations. BwdYeti's tutorials are very recommended reads as well. Please share if you know of any other excellent tutorials! :D ...so here are the links to BwdYeti's custom battle sprite tutorials... Shared with his permission. I found his second tutorial, along with the Thinking in Color very fascinating on palletes... Hoping to apply those to my next couple sprites now that I understand it a bit better. BwdYeti's Custom Battle Sprite Tutorial #1 -kinda old, from before 2009... But a great look at the process of creating custom battle sprites from the Best Battle Spriter around... Then and now. Yeti's custom tutorial #2 -his second tutorial, even better than the first! Great tips on creating a custom pallete that fits with GBA battle sprite colors. A must read for anyone doing battle sprites! --- Anyways, hope these help! Good luck, and good spriting! ;)
  3. Okay, so I decided that this would be a good idea for some reason. Basically, I really like Hamtaro and I thought that I should document Hamtaro Ham-Hams Unite for everyone. In fact, since it is such a shortish sort of game, I think that I might actually do a blind LP of Ham-Hams Heartbreak afterwards if I really enjoy this. I'll probably do the playing and upload right after this post, though it could take just a teensy bit of time. So without further ado, I give you [spoiler=Youtube Video that isn't actually me playing because you know, screenshots]
  4. There's a lot of stuff that can Jarate us off in For Glory, play styles, certain ditto matches, certain characters, not having any walls to jump on when you're playing as Little Mac... But what do you find fun? Certain character matchup's, just how things pan out in fights, what gives you good feelings? Do you have a specific story to share? For me, it's playing as Kirby and running into a Shulk-even when I don't manage to copy the Arts, the matchup always puts a smile on my face.
  5. Hello there everyone, I'm good ol' Kanethedragon. Currently I'm a student aiming towards making a hit into the game industry, but I still got quite a bit of time ahead of me before that. I'm a passionate fan of Anime as well as video games and am on constant update with the seasons for both industries (even though 90% of games I mostly experience through vids rather than in my hands due to never having the $ for it all.) I have a youtube account that hasn't seen much content from me til recently ever since I started it up back in 2010, and said recent content being added is done through streaming from twitch and then exporting the broadcast. I also happen to know my way around programs like photoshop and illustrator and am a certified associate for both programs (though certainly not an expert.) Other than that, the anime I watch and games I play are varied. I have a relatively decent pc that I use for a few stuff from steam as well as Osu! and FFXIV. I also play Leagues of Legends every now and then if anyone's interested, but I don't get on it too often and I tend to know how to work my best around Ahri and a bit of Ashe and Akali. When it comes to console games, on the Nintendo side I have just recently got into Fire Emblem with Awakening and am currently in the midst of support grinding and netting copies of Limit Breaker to maximize my entire army's stats. I also technically beaten Lunatic, but I never got the children and nearly my entire deployed group died (it's classic) so that's why I'm over-grinding currently so that I truly beat Lunatic and then move to L+ Classic (which I plan on using the free emblem once available to snatch my MU because I am never going to run CH3 ever again without a guide. I needed to pull all the strategy out of my head when I did that on my Lunatic run to not get anyone killed.) As of right now my main unit is sitting pretty nicely with a Dread Fighter +Mag/-Lck Armsthr/Ignis/Lifetak/Aggressor build and holding the Book of Naga, a forged Bolt for Crit and Damage, Mercurius, Vengeance, and a forged Brave Axe for 16 Mt and 80 hit. Outside of FE, other Nintendo console-based games I play include the LoZ series, Rune Factory Tides of Destiny for the Wii and 4 for the 3DS (and hopefully 3 eventually), Smash Bros (only have SB4 on 3DS so far though), Pokemon, Gunvolt, and a few others. I also have a few games on my wishlist for Nintendo consoles which include Fatal Frame 5, Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, quite a few LoZ games, Rodea: The Sky Soldier, KH3D, Eternal Magna, Xenoblade and others you may or may not know of. Continuing with the games, I also happen to be a dedicated Playstation fan of late as well. The starters of this include my current favourite video game franchise of all time Ar Tonelico, as well as other games like Hyperdimension Neptunia, Disgaea, the Atelier series, and I have a profound interest in low-key games for consoles I don't own yet (specifically the Vita) like Operation Abyss, Freedom Wars, Danganropa, GODS EATER and others that I currently don't have their names in my mind. As a denomer, I am somewhat fluent in Japanese (can read some kanji as well as hiragana and katakana) and I am capable of generally translating information from Japanese releases. I also happen to be a huge japan-o-phile/anime culture fanatic, borderline what some may jokingly or seriously call a filthy weaboo. And speaking of that I'll go into my anime interests. As of right now I'm watching shows from this season which include Punchline, Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid, Kekkai Sensen (or Blood Blockade Battlefront...and I'm REALLY lovin it so far), DanMachi (Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon?), Fate Stay/Night UBW, Owari no Seraph (Seraph of the End), Kyoukai no Rinne (RIN-NE), and Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku (Mikagura School Suite). Shows I've watched include Dog Days all seasons, To Aru all seasons, Hayate no Gotoku! up to Cuties, Kill la Kill, Aldnoah Zero (S2 sucked horribly though..music was great), Space Dandy S1, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Higurashi Kai, 11eyes, Shugo Chara, This Ugly Yet Beautiful World, Mouretsu Pirates, Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi, Sacred Seven, Eureka 7 all seasons, K Project, Kiddy Grade, Tokyo Ghoul S1-2, SAO S1-2, Log Horizon S1-2, Fairy Tail up to ep 10 2014, as well as many others. Basically when it comes down to it, I'm relatively well-versed in anime and have known quite a few that are relatively good but might've been passed up by most and vice versa. And there ya go, all there is to know about Kanethedragon. And if I haven't mentioned it already, I'm a Floridian, so there you are. I also have a rarely used Deviantart under my name as well as a twitter and facebook account which are connected to my youtube and twitch accounts. And with that, I hope to see you all in the forums ;P
  6. Sup, yo! I'm Draco, as 4% of you might know! And today, I'm here to present the worst most unique thing I've ever had come to the top of my head~! This originated in IPC, but I figured I could take it a little farther I guess. I dunno why I had this idea. But I did, so here we goooooooooooo!! Bear with me that I'm bad with explaining, but the basic idea is that I provide a scenario and whatever it is you have on you at the moment. Then I give you a few choices on what to do next. Say you're in the Astral Realm. There's a chest in front of you. I give choices like this: >Open the chest >Don't open it >Exit the area Select the one you want. Be sure to include the > and say it word for word, or at least close-ish. [so saying stuff like "OPEN THE CHEST, WOOOOO" is usually A-OK with me. Usually.] I'm only including a couple people at once, so join in quick if you want! Also, making a character for yourself is optional, but I would prefer if you did. For sure include your preferred weapon. Okay, finally, here's the scenario. Let's say you're a nomad in the desert. [No, not FE7 style nomad.] Your attire is a little raggy atm, but it can improve. It basically looks like FE7 thief. You have a little rusty dagger on your belt on your waist. [Btw, this can definitely change eventually along with your attire] Stuffed in your cloak is a few coins, not a whole bunch; not enough to buy a whole bunch. There's a village accross the desert. Travel to it? >DO IT >Nah, mate. Don't do it. I haven't figured out what would happen if you chose not to. Probably involves dying.
  7. Hello! When we reach 200, it will go back to one. 1. Spin the bottle
  8. WOSSUP MY HOMIESt tablet posting from school so let's cut to it WHAT IS DUOLINGO? duolingo is a free online language learning program that owns shit and you should be a member of it. it's very eurocentric presently but they're slowly diversifying, the content is mostly (entirely?) user made so somebody needs to have a wild hair to start a program. the languages that exist include spanish, french, geman, danish, swedish, irish, portuguese, italian, and probably some i can't remember. turkish and polish and russian and others are en route! there's also an app on your preferred app/play store, but i recommend checking the site as well since there's a lot of explanatory text before each lesson that isn't included in the (at least apple) app for some reason. WHAT DO I DO? do a lesson a day, do ten lessons a day, hell who cares! plug away at one language or five! use the "english for native x speakers" programs if english isn't your native language! (note: cannot vouch for quality of these) they're just grammar/vocab lessons but if you get deeper you can start trying (badly) to translate wikipedia articles and shit, it's really cool! WHY THIS THREAD? three reasons: 1: we can all follow each other and keep each other motivated and laugh at integrity dipping his toes into everything! 2: there are native/fluent speakers of tons of languages on this site, let's make em work! taking the german course and something just doesn't make sense? post about it and i'll make ike-mike answer if i can't! 3: learning new languages fucking owns even if you only learn a bit and i think everybody should do it! nobody will be surprised to learn that i am RNIntegrity and that i would be happy to be anybody's support program or study buddy because learning languages is like the best thing ever.
  9. Founded on the principles that the Oxford Comma is punctuation worthy of recognition throughout the English Language, the Oxford Comma Guild strives to support clarification of all things ambiguous! The Oxford Comma Guild supports those who support it! With SecondWorld and myself as Co-founders, and Hattusili as our local expert in the field, the Oxford Comma Guild will do nothing but bring confidence to those communicating in English.
  10. I would love to know the opinions you guys have of my families that I have on Fire Emblem: Awakening. Both romance and tactical wise. Please no spoilers for anything after chapter 13 D: MyUnit is called a female called Sabine. What is your unit called? Chrom x Sumia = Lucina + Brady Chrom x Sumia = Cynthia + Stahl x Sully = Kjelle + Owain Gaius x Cordelia = Severa + Donnel x Nowi = Nah + Libra x Tharja = Noire + Vaike x Lissa = Owain + Kjelle Ricken x Maribelle = Brady + Lucina Gregor x Olivia = Inigo + Frederick x Sabine = Morgan + Virion x Cherche = Gerome + Lon’qu x Miriel = Laurent + Kellam x Panne = Yarne + (Note: I've only got Owain, Brady, Inigo, Morgan, for boys and Lucina and Kjelle for girls so far children wise. Therefore their isn't many children pairings yet.) :) Thanks
  11. Playing as white against easy AI Anyone can post whenever Say your move and I'll pick the most common/random one using an RNG if there's a tie/no common moves I'll update in timely intervals, 3 hours minimum for each turn, longer if need be, i'll wait for at least 3 responses. I'll start e2 -> e4 btw I'm not actually that good at chess, just thought i'd test this idea out. Future FE games maybe?? :O
  12. Riolu is one of my favorite pokemons (and it's evolution too) however, i don't have it registered in my pokedex so i can't get one by trading (but tbh i hate trading, especially when we talk about this kind of pokemons) Digging a little more in the pokemon wiki, i've found a way to get a riolu, i have to go to the safari zone and place certain objects in the meadow zone but the problem is : I HAVE TO WAIT 70 DAYS, idk about you guys but i don't want to wait that much, searching a little more in the wiki and youtube i found that you don't have to wait 70 days, in a video in youtube about how to catch a riolu, on the comment sections, some people stated that they didn't wait that horrible amount of time, in fact they said that they just waited one day.... the question is: do you guys know what do to get riolu in a lesser period of time? (sorry if i have some grammar errors)
  13. I am a decent Spriter, or is it just recoloring? Ah either way, I have a story and most of the chapters down in my head and I've been trying to find someone who knows how to do a hack. So i came here because i know this is a great place to find help. Now I do have a friend who says he knows what he's doing but he wont actually do anything or actually get started. I really want to get this started and I need someone who knows what they are doing. Not that i even know how complicated this is or even how easy it may be I just don't want to lose the ideas I have.
  14. SO It's back for real this time, with a few modifications to the old version. Ask for clarification if needed. Guidelines: -Submit your entry via PM to me, Kitty of Time, I will post them all anonymously and reveal the entrants after the voting is over -Make your maps original, don't copy/steal someone else's design. -If you have any constructive criticism to offer to an entry, feel free to post it in the main topic(Keep this civil) -If your map is being talked about and you want clarification, PM me this as well and I will ask it for you - If you want to re-submit your map after changes, just re-send it to me. Fun Links: GBA FE Tileset Zelda Tiled Ganondorf Mappy Vaati Requirements: Since this is a new fresh round and competition, let's start off with something simple. Size: 15 - 20 x 10 - 20 (150 tiles to 400 tiles) Tileset: FE8 Green Dark Blue Must have at least 1 coastline and 1 mountain range. Additional Information: Winners shall pick the next map to be revamped, any map from FE(or anything similar to FE ex Tear Ring Saga) that isn't GBA FE for obvious reasons or a new map and tileset like normal Winners of 3 contests in a row are barred from entering the round following their 3rd victory. They are still allowed to submit a submission, but I will post it separate from the poll. All participants must vote in the round they entered or they will be barred from entering the following round. Refusal to cooperate consecutively will result in multiple bars. Due Date: September 22nd, 2013 I totally didn't just take the last due date and change the year :x Winner Count: Round 1 - ???
  15. So, I just got KH1.5 from my dad we had this religious thingy over the weekend so he forgot to give it to me but i wouldn't have been able to open it anyways so oh well But he just gave it to me, and I'm about to open it! Then my mom's going to bring KFC apparently, and I can fully enjoy Kingdom Hearts FULLY
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