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Found 124 results

  1. Florence + The Machine covered Stand By Me earlier this year for FF. Now the is out, plus two new songs! (Yes I bought them.) I'd like to know peoples opinions on the songs, and if you think it fits well.
  2. Just wondering what's the arena theme for New Mystery of the Emblem? If you could lead me to a YouTube video that would be great
  3. Are you feeling musical? Have you ever put on sick tunes with your group whilst plotting the deaths of specific people? If you've answered yes to either listening to sick tunes or plotting someone's death, this game might be for you! Hello Hi Hey! Welcome to Everyone Is Music Mafia, the mafia where people may not know the difference between A minor and A major or if mayonaise is an instrument. This is the first time I've hosted an EIMM so please forgive me if we have growing pains. Lord Gaius will assist me in co-hosting this mafia. (It's obviously a good idea to take on a huge project for your first time) If you post anything that caters to me or something that I end up liking, you'll receive a big bold A+ from me. We will collaborate (or at least attempt to) with Bulbagarden and Pokemon Showdown. [spoiler=Rules (Just like the rest of this post, shamelessly stolen and edited from Paperblade" s and Refa's game)]1. Don't edit in thread posts. (Editing is only allowed if you've contacted me about it, if it's for grammar reasons please note as EDIT: grammar) 2. You can either post in thread or communicate via OC (please send all OC logs to me via your Role PM, Discord or Skype, thanks), just don't spam the thread. THERE IS NEVER A NEED TO MAKE SPAM POSTS EVER. 3. Don't be a jerk, unless you have beef in which case you can't help it. 4. Night 1 is 48 hours, Night 2 and onwards are 24 hours. This may be negotiated and/or extended, however I will only extend it to a max of 4 hours upon majority, unless a decided time is unanimous. I will not be overly lenient towards extensions. 5. Once I have received all actions, and the night ends, said actions are considered locked. If you don't submit any actions or announce your intent to idle, consequences vary depending on severity. 6. Everyone will have one Bullet Proof Vest (BPV) to start. All users have a base factional kill. You will be notified if your BPV has been hit. A BPV will only protect against one hit. If you are targeted by more killing actions than vests that you have during a night, you will still die. 7. You can target yourself, but why would you do so anyways. If your role benefits from being shot, your own shot won't count unless stated. (e.g if shots on you are re-directed and you place a shot on yourself, your shot will fail; roles that have the ability to regenerate BPVs from being shot, BPV disappears but no BPV regenerates) 8. You can target the dead, but I can't guarantee that will do anything. Maybe they might not actually be dead... 9. Should your action fail for any reason, it will count as never having been done. Please ask me for clarification if you're not sure about this. 10. Every player is on the player list (see a list of them below). 11. This game uses aliases (see a list of them below). 12. Wincons and/or roles may be related to the characters, so I take no responsibility for that. 13. You can't copy-paste your role PM (sorry, but faking it would be hard imo) How to Sign-Up: 1. Post on the thread /in. You can privately PM me you're joining and I will announce it for you. 2. Create an alias, Choose a song/instrument/artist/character it's recommended to choose somthing music related (you don't have to), Choose a music genre (see below for music genre). 3. PM me these details 4. Chillax unless you're one of those people who sign-up after May 19th [spoiler=Music Genres] Asian Pop Jazz Video Game OST R&B Neoclassical Drake Rap Country Classical Important Dates: Voting Ends: May 13th at 8:59:59 PM PST (if further voting is needed, we will make the 2nd voting much shorter. In the event of a 50-50, it'll be decided by a coin flip) FINISHED All Role PMs distributed: May 25th Sometime before June 1st Sign-ups close: May 19th at 8:59:59 PM PST (exceptions can be made) Alias list released: May 30th Game Start: June 1st WE JUST STARTED THE GAME NONE OF THIS MATTER ANYMORE LOL. Contact Information: Skype: Jiac2001 Discord: Jiac#7962 Everyone Is Music Mafia Skype Group: https://join.skype.com/BuxLM8o9zHd4 The main hub for information, skype details and such, to meet your EIMM needs. It's a helpful tool to get you in contact with other players. Dates may be negotiated if agreed on as a group. We will go by a majority rule because this is kind of like a democracy, but not really because I have the final say. I will announce standard win conditions upon release of role PMs or Alias List. I think that is all, maybe if I missed anything I'll fix it later. [spoiler=Players Signed-Up] 1. Javelinlover 2. Zeonth 3. SB. 4. Lil Bean 5. Blitz 6. Drumbeats 7. Faerie Knight 8. Zexy 9. Makaze 10. Paperblade 11. Magnificence Incarnate 12. rssp1 13. Ms. Bunch 14. Spieky 15. Vigvig 16. Prims 17. Mitsuki 18. Euklyd 19. Clarinets 20. Toren 21. leetic 22. Dream/Koneko 23. sylveonzoroark 24. BT. 25. Zephias 26. Redja12 27. Vendetta/Kinumi 28. ReturnofMCH 29. Nine/Fen 30. Nightmare 31. Kirsche 32. Reiyson 33. Izhuark 34. acidphoenix 35. Ken Masters 36. Da Letter El 37. Rapier 38. TheCapsFan 39. sayakrow 40. King Gilgamesh 41. Ice 42. Slife 43. Chen 44. Elieson [spoiler=Full Alias List] Alto a small dog Cadenza Caladborg Craze Divide Dusk's Aria Faladorian Flash Funky Student Funnel Game Gladiator Ghost h Hyundai Kitty Leaf Leo Lightbringer Locrian Lotte Lowenherz Ludivico Einaudi Lune Martyr mcnuggets Mr. D Styles Nicholas Pettrica Obesqious & Delightful Paul McCartney Popguin Professor Hottie Quaff RandomPunster Resinol Medicated Ointment Requiem Steely Dan Tarit Town Tranquillo Yuna Zelnite "The love child of Papa John and Cory Baxter if he was aged 20 years and became Tim Allen from Home Improvement." [spoiler=Alias of Secret Players Refa and Monde] Current Players Alive: Elieson Mitsuki SB. Currently Alive Alias: Craze Funky Student Tarit Music Note Groups: A Major Chord A Minor Chord B Flat Major Chord B Flat Minor Chord B Major Chord B Minor Chord C Major Chord C Minor Chord C Sharp Major Chord C Sharp Minor Chord D Major Chord D Minor Chord E Flat Major Chord E Flat Minor Chord E Major Chord E Minor Chord F Major Chord F Minor Chord F Sharp Major Chord F Sharp Minor Chord G Major Chord G Minor Chord Dead List: Caladborg - Prims Divide - Paperblade Faladorian - Kirsche Flash - Slife Hyundai - Redja12 Leo - Makaze Lightbringer - Izhuark mcnuggets - sayakrow Nicholas Pettrica - TheCapsFan Requiem - Rapier
  4. Yo! Earlier today, a notable SF user had an excellent idea: Why don't we make a thread in which we vote for a user who will post one song daily for a week? I, along with several others, thought this was a pretty neat idea. Unfortunately, this user seemed to be plagued by laziness, so I volunteered to create the thread for him-- and you guys! So here's how this is gonna work: [spoiler=THE RULES. PLEASE READ THEM.]1. Throughout each week, we shall vote for a user. The user who receives the most votes in that time period will be dubbed the Weekly Vicar of Music. 2. The Vicar will be tasked with posting one song every day for a week. 3. The Vicar may talk about the song, the genre, why they like it, etc. Others may discuss the song, too, of course. 4. In the meantime, other users may vote for who they want to be the next Weekly Vicar of Music. 5. I, Esme, will keep track of the votes. No need to worry! 6. Preferably, the Vicar should put his or her song in a spoiler tag for the sake of making things look neat. 7. In order to vote, simply make your text blue and bold and type out who you wanna vote for. Also, here's two small things that I encourage: a. The Vicar must try his or her best to make their seven-song selection as diverse as possible. This is to ensure that we do not get bored. b. BE NICE, WIENERS. [spoiler=Vicar Hall of Fame]Esme (Pages 1 - 2) I might add more rules in the future if necessary, but I think I got all my bases covered. Anyway, let's get this started! I'll be this week's Vicar so we can get things started.
  5. Touhou is series of 2D vertically-scrolling danmaku shooting games made by Team Shanghai Alice, with five fighting game spinoffs co-produced with Twilight Frontier. For more info, check http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Touhou_Wiki I like the music, art, characters, and a little bit of the story, but I can't play gameplay because I'm still figuring out how to play Touhou on mac. Favorite Character? (this isn't a poll because there is too many) Probably Youmu, because I just wanna cuddle her ghost half.
  6. so this has been bugging me since I got my import copy back in June of last year heck I even speculated that one of the GBA games battle themes would make it into the arena over a year ago take a listen I plan on uploading my own video tommorow listen to the background music I also find it kind of weird that I can't find this paticular piece in the offical ost or in the game's sound test if you can link me to a video that has the music playing in it I will edit it in now listen to this having a somewhat music skilled background I honestly believe that the arena's theme after 2 months of listening and comparing is FE6's battle theme. though you may say it's not the exact same go back and listen to all of the other arena themes and tell say that they sound the exact same as the original piece. I find it to be much more subtle than what the other games did
  7. Hello. I was wondering if anyone knew of a download link for the Fire Emblem Fates/IF Soundtrack that released on the 27th. If you would please link it below, It would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  8. I've had a Spotify account for just about 2 years now, and while I do like it (especially with premium), there are some songs that I can't find on it. Then TIDAL springs out, and while I generally ignored it out of longevity, I've noticed that it (TIDAL) has exclusives that I wouldn't find elsewhere, such as The Life of Pablo (that apparently just released on Spotify today) and the just released today Twenty88. So my question being for anyone who has TIDAL, is there any other benefit besides that that I might want to consider before making the switch? Such as how much its premium is?
  9. https://soundcloud.com/egyptsdragoneyes/fire-emblem-fates-aquas-song-new-arrangement-cover
  10. https://soundcloud.com/theosmeo/sets/serenes-forest-submission
  11. https://soundcloud.com/rethel34/twin-roads
  12. I don't know if this has been done! But I couldn't find a topic like this, so if there is one... Sorry in advance! Well, I really like Renka's voice (also Aqua/Azura as a character) and the grunts Garon makes throughout it just pisses me off So I just removed his voice in the song! My editing skills are bad aren't the best but this is still way better than hearing the extra noises in the background!!! Enjoy! Nohr: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-nohr-version Hoshido: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-hoshido-version Renka vocals only: https://soundcloud.com/j-n616/hitori-omou-renka-vocals-only
  13. There isn't really a music section here other than song writing I guess, so I'll just put this here. Hello and welcome! It's always been a habit of mine to just sing along with video game music as I play. And, when I'm alone, I would sing those songs to myself that just happened to be stuck in my head. So, I decided to perform these songs through a cappella and share them with the world! If you're familiar with a man by the name of Smooth McGroove, you'll know what to expect. I just uploaded a Halloween special at the time of this post, so here it is. I think it's my best work yet. If you want to save the best for last, though, check out a few of these samples from my older works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=veSDzMEApc4 (Shadow Man from Mega Man 3) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VBxw6h2r51o (Hospital from Earthbound) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e__D7F3B0b8 (Dive Man from Mega Man 4) You can check out more on my youtube page. https://www.youtube.com/user/GigaEXE I hope you like them, and I plan to do some Fire Emblem songs in the future. Possibly soon!
  14. I wanted to make a topic about the ost of Fates since it is coming out soon in Japan. Personally, I'm excited to hear more after getting a taste of Azura's song. When I saw Sumeragi being shot down by a barrage of arrows while hearing Azura's singing in the background I felt chills! One of my favorite things about Awakening is the music so I have high hopes. Also, can't wait to hear the recruitment theme, since every Fire Emblem goes for a certain feel. (My personal favorite is the one in Radiant Dawn)
  15. rough guidelines we listen to 2 albums every week every member submits an album (once in a while-ish, don't overcrowd the list) you submit an album by posting its name, a short introduction, and where possible a link to a full stream of it (youtube/spotify/etc.) if not possible, y'all know how it goes weeks start on sunday and end on the following sunday we all write down our thoughts at the end of the week i think this is fine, but do speak up about whatever. i don't think this kind of thing needs any additional spreadsheets or formal entries or whatever. so i'll kick it off: [spoiler=Pescado Rabioso - Artaud] Luis Alberto Spinetta was an argentine music legend. Pescado Rabioso was one of his many projects, but this album in particular is my favourite of his and generally considered his best. Most of it is carried by a simple acoustic guitar, but there is so much raw emotion throughout and his song-writing is so masterful that it really doesn't seem that way somehow. Maybe my favourite aspect of Spinetta is his poetic lyricism, which sadly a lot of you will not be able to appreciate. Psychedelic, folk rock, blues https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPbm0kkzTWk QUEUE This Week: (Disinnocence)Windmills - Broken Record (Ambling Falchion) [spoiler=Upcoming/Past Weeks] Upcoming: Gorillaz - Demon Days (TheCosmicDude) Kendrick Lamar - To Pimp A Butterfly (Marusu) youtube link has dead songs, but it's on spotify in full Past weeks: Pescado Rabioso - Artaud (fuccboi) Slint - Spiderland (Dijon Mustard) Lianne La Havas - Blood (Phoenix Wright) Pianos Become the Teeth - Keep You (Disinnocence) James Townes Earle - Midnight at the Movies (ThatCosmicDude) Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon (Marusu) Board of Whores - s/t (Ambling Falchion) The Weeknd - House of Balloons (fuccboi) Panda Bear - Person Pitch (Dijon Mustard) King Crimson - Discipline (Gaia)
  16. (NOTE: I'm pretty infrequent when it comes to updating this thread. I only update when I have something new to show. That is all.) Like many of the amazingly talented artists on this website, I do my own art! Unlike the rest of them, however, I do not draw, which is unfortunate. But in place of visual art, I compose my own (highly unprofessional) music. I try to compose music that paints a picture in the mind's eye that can lead to the imagination running wild with ideas...or at least influence interesting dreams. I've been doing this for a few years now, and while I am nowhere close in skill to the music composition you'd hear in games or popular songs, I still enjoy making music for fun, which to me is all that counts. Sometimes I post my work in the HHH thread, but now it's here in its own thread for the world to see...hopefully. You can find the link to my SoundCloud account here. The link is also in my signature. According to the amount of plays, these are the top 5 songs on my page: Sunlight Circuit Witching Static Funky Automaton Starlight Sea Cirque du Nouba And here's some links to some of the recent work I've done. Beneath the Mysterious Moonlight New Day's Canvas The Ripper or the Reaper An Anomaly in the Void I don't care how others perceive the music I make. Like it, hate it, praise it, crap all over it, it's all the same to me. Some of it may be good, and some of it may not be good, but all I care about is getting my name out there as a sound designer. If you like my work, that's great. If you don't like my work, that's fine, too, but at least do me a favor and be specific on what you like and don't like. I'm always looking to improve, after all. Thanks for listening! I'm also open for sound design inquiries. If you're working on a project that needs some original sounds or needs something cut together, then just shoot me a message and I'll do whatever I can to help.
  17. Hey, it's Paz, who barely appears on the forums. I've made a bunch of MIDIs that I hope you'll enjoy- I exported them in a big sample MP3 for you to hear. If you enjoy the sample, contact me directly or in this thread if you want my help in producing music for a hack. I'll give you both the MIDIs I've made in here and any more that you request as we collaborate. Sample MP3.mp3
  18. Does anyone know where I can find it? I know its very similar to paradise scramble but I prefer this due to the guitar in the battle theme.
  19. Hey guys. So recently I've been mustering up the courage to do Apotheosis Secret Path, and I figured I needed an epic battle music playlist for when I eventually try it. That's where you guys come in. Just post the name of an awesome battle theme and preferably a link to the YouTube video so it'll be easier for me to sort them. Look forward to your guy's suggestions!
  20. Does anyone know where I can find the song that plays in IK on the fire map with Ganz? I believe it also played in the E3 trailer. Sorry to bother but I've looked everywhere. And before someone links me to that huge music dump download, I am at work and cannot download such files onto my work computer.
  21. Introduction Hello children. Today I'm going to teach you the basics of editing FE (and GBA) sample editing. Here you'll learn: All about the voice table Navigating the voice table editor in Sappy Taking existing voices from other songs in the game Creating and editing multi-instruments Creating and editing drum instruments; how to fix the boop Envelopes (Atk/Dec/Sus/Rel) and how to use them Don't worry, it's all very simple and just requires a little bit of occasional maths and a decent understanding of how to use a hex editor. You'll need a working version of Sappy and if you haven't already, please read my explanation of the Sappy UI and if you're using FE7 or FE8, I highly recommend patching your ROM with the12-track patch. This tutorial is oriented at editing EXISTING resources within the ROM, and less so on inserting NEW resources. Still, I will teach you how to use some new resources too. Custom samples and importing samples will be taught in another tutorial. I'll be using the words "voice" and "instrument" interchangeably. Questions within the thread are more than welcome. Also, this tutorial contains lots of hyperlinks to FEUniverse since it was originally formatted for FEUniverse (go figure). I really can't be bothered updating them so you'll just have to deal with it.
  22. Hello, I've got a problem with MIDI insertion using Blazer's tutorial. When i copy data from song.gba and set the pointers like in this tutorial, set the pointer to 0x8000000+adress and launch the game it freezes. P.S. I've tried to open the track in sappy, but it shows more than 100 tracks. What have I done wrong? What can I do to fix this?
  23. So! There was an update to this website and its music offer today: http://renka-web.com/news/news_001.html#clearfile It's a pretty cool set of offers, particularly with the limited edition set. Anyway, apparently, there is an option to reserve/pre-order this on the Japanese Amazon page. I'd love to snag it, but I've never made a purchase on a foreign webpage before, and know absolutely nothing about currency conversion or shipping changes... Anybody have any insight? (I hope this post is in the right place!)
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