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  1. Hi, I've felt like Fates dumps everything on skills instead of stats and for me that's part of what makes its' gameplay so annoying. Either you have an awesome class with good skills or you have a class with bad skills and all you can do is get out ASAP otherwise you're making the game harder on yourself (like oni skills are quite niche, have very little utility, and even though I used it often in RD, I feel like the movement-related skills like shove are not really useful in this one, maybe because all I can put on the frontlines is the bulkiest units since everyone dies in 2 hits except them, which means I don't really need to move people around and shelter is there if needed). So I've thought of trying to play the game with absolutely no skills (sadly it's impossible to get rid of personal skills, so 0 skills outside personals since we can't do anything about them...). If anyone is interested in this, don't hesitate to post here your thoughts about it (is it funny? challenging? does it change several units' viability? I already think of archers who are simply mediocre without quick draw and Setsuna would greatly suffer from that for sure). Also, do you find it funnier with- or without skills? I'm gonna try it in BR, I don't think it would be funny at all in CQ where it's already annoying with skills. *RANT AHEAD DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW MY THOUGHTS ABOUT DEBUFFS, THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE FE FRANCHISE SINCE 3DS AND MY BROKEN 3DS: Ennemies spamming poison strike, seal def/spd and steel shurikens is really unfun (for me at least), I'd rather give ninjas and myrmidons a little more damage and delete seals and stat debuffs if I were allowed to. On paper it was a good idea...in game it's awful when your Effie who's supposed to be a tank shows single digit def because of a gimmick they added like "hahaha that's so funny to have no defense left in a game where ennemies hit like trucks, have 3-10x more units deloyed than you each chapter and don't even hit your unit if they can't damage it, making the only real tanks in the game nearly useless just because we could do it! hahaha have fun with this troll game!"... Please kill Intelligent systems and replace them with actual humans. And then we have ennemies with freeze, entrap and hex rods... Yeah, fire Intelligent systems, please... they're complete trolls... I don't even want to play 3H with the directions taken in the 3DS games and the whole Hogwarts bullshit. If I want that I go play Harry Potter and that's it. On top of that it means I don't have to buy the Switch, since my 3DS broke in half and the screen can separate from the main part at any moment if I don't hold it tight (FML), which means I'll have to buy a New 3ds to also be able to play Xenoblade...cash cow, here you are! END OF RANT* So, I really want to play like the old days before everyone had 2-6 skills and before you had to check every ennemy skill and your own to calculate how much damage you'd take, and forget to count attack stance ennemies, their skills and you don't even know who they will attack with...yeah, this game went too far for me, tooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, so faaaaaaaaaar that I usually take a strong champion from another castle and spam gold DLC to buy the skill build I want to use as much as I can. I'm probably bad at this game, but I don't want to play in normal mode, it is so much easier that some chapters feel like a Pet Shop game.
  2. I've been trying to make the most optimal parings for my newest Revelations run and im to determine how optimal they are. A bunch of the pairs I believe will turn out well but there are two that will be godawful. These choices are based on dozens of discussions, polls and personal experience. Any thoughts on making these pairs better? All Underlined Pairings are already married and cant be changed. None of the children have been collected yet. I'm on Chapter 13. Pairings: FeMu x Saizo - Nohr Noble Kana Jakob x Orochi - Basara / Butler Dywer (Leftover Pair) Azura x Kaze - FK Shigure Kaze x Azura - Mstr Ninja Midori Silas x Mozu - Paladin Sophie Xander x Charlotte - Paladin Siegbert Leo x Sakura (Witch) - Grandmaster Leo Benny x Peri - General / GK Ignatius Keaton x Camilla - Great Lord Velouria Arthur x Beruka - Wyvern Lord Percy Odin x Elise (Witch) - Witch Ophelia Lazlow x Hana - Swordsmaster Soleil Niles x Setsuna - Sniper Nina Ryoma x Kagero - Spear Master Shiro Takumi x Rinkah - Sniper / Kinshi Kiragi (Leftover Pair ) Saizo x FeMu - Nohr Noble Asugi Kaden x Hinoka - Basara / Nine Tails Selkie Hinata x Selena - Hero / Mstr o Arms Hisame Azama x Effie - General Mitama Subaki x Oboro - Spear Master Caeldori Hayato x Rahjat - Sorcerer / Witch Rhajat Leftovers: Felicia I found that almost all of these pairs were the most optimal based on the Growth percentages for a given childs class with the exception Nina, Rhajat and particularity Dwyer and Kigari. So If I threw Setsuna, Rinkah, Felicia, Orochi and Nyx in a pile what would be the best way to arrange them for thes ake of Nina, Rhajat, Dwyer and Kigari?
  3. I personally think that Hoshido is more moral in values, in my opinion, because of how they want peace. That's just my view of it.
  4. So as most of you already know, in Fire Emblem: Fates, there is a DLC mission called "Royal Royale". In it, you must select a Royal Team from either Hoshido or Nohr. Depending on which side you complete this mission with, determines what kind of reclassing seal you'll receive. Completing the mission with a Hoshidan Royal gives you a Dread Scroll, and with Nohrian Royals an Ebon Wing. What I'd like to know is, on Hard mode (and Lunatic would be nice too) is there a simple strategy to complete this map with both teams? Though I have completed this map before, it took me a full day and a huge amount of frustration. I just wanna know if there's a simpler way to do it. I've tried the whole Elise being easy mode thing, but honestly that only seemed to make it harder for me. Thanks for any help! <3 EDIT: oops I put Beach Brawl instead of Royal Royale. I'm a big smart.
  5. I've already played through both Conquest and Revelations (I really regret buying Revelations in all honesty) and I'm curious. Is Birthright REALLY worth it? From what I've heard, it's too easy, and the story is almost as bad as Revelations plot. I'm really only considering purchasing it for the path bonuses at this point because I really don't see it being anything special. Figured I'd post about it though, to see what other people though in comparison to what I think. Thanks! :)
  6. After like 7 Lunatic+Hard Playthroughs of Conquest I've decided to make a Tier List for it. I'm looking to make it as accurate as possible. Being an efficient unit (high move, shelter, ability to kill at 1-2 range or bosskill, etc) makes the unit go up, not having these qualities or having them but needing more effort makes them go lower. Here we go: Rules: -Conquest Lunatic Classic Mode -Full recruitment, No Deaths. -No DLC or Bonus items. -No outside my castle visiting feature. -No cooking or capturing. -No invasion battles. -Efficiency (slower than LTC but not slow enough to where we can just casually take 10 turns in a map to grind someone up. Think of it like if chapter 12 takes 2 turns in a LTC run by bumrushing ryoma, efficiency takes a bit longer to ensure that it is reliable to do so. So like 6-7 turns. How many more Turns efficiency takes varies from map to map, but basically whatever seems reliable and fast) Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Camilla Top Tier Corrin Azura Xander Jakob (Ch2) Leo High Tier Beruka Silas Niles Felicia (Ch2) Mid Tier Effie Kaze Elise Selena Shura Arthur Peri Gunter Low Tier Nyx Keaton Charlotte Laslow Flora Felicia (Ch16) Izana Bottom Tier Jakob (Ch16) Benny Mozu Odin [spoiler=List in Picture form] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier [spoiler=Important Commentary on v1.0 Unit Placements] First Tier belongs solely to Camilla, for obvious reasons. She joins as early as Chapter 10, with ridiculous bases in every stat with amazing growths that ensure she stays obscenely good throughout the game. She flies, has good weapon ranks, good classes and a decent personal skill. She's extremely dominant and doesn't need resources to perform at her best. Second Tier kicks off with Azura, her dancing is invaluable throughout the game and it becomes kinda broken with Shelter units around. Corrin is an amazing, reliable and versatile combat unit for the entire game. She can pull off a myriad of classes too well, with cavalier or wyvern being her best options. Xander joins kinda late and wants your Speedwing. Those are his only flaws. Godlike 1-2 range and durability make him too useful in most of the lategame maps. Also has Shelter if you weren't already satisfied with him. Jakob is an amazing unit that joins you early and can go Paladin with a Heart Seal. While this does mean he starts E rank weapons, it offers too many benefits for that measly cost. It means you get an 8 mov unit early on. It means Jakob gets elbow room with just 1 level. With another level you get another Shelter unit. He even gets Defender early to skyrocket his already good combat. He just keeps getting better and better with little cost. Silas joins early with nice bases and growths, has a really good and abusable personal skill in a high move class. High Tier kicks off with Niles, who is a really good unit that joins you early and has a ton of unique uses. He gives movement on pairup, gets mov+1 himself, has the ability to lockpick, has no trouble doubling, etc. He can even go bowknight later on and have like 10 mov. That's kind of amazing. His growths in areas other than spd means he can and often will fall off later on when enemy stats make the jump though. Then there's Effie, with her high str and good personal skill giving her clutch offense early on. She can go Great Knight and keep killing and tanking things. Kaze joins later than in Birthright but is still pretty darn amazing. He has amazing spd that lets him double basically forever and has good 1-2 range offense thanks to shurikens. Very useful unit but too frail to be exposed to too much combat. Leo, much like Xander, joins late and wants your Speedwing, but has really good bases and a tome that makes him a 1-2 range nuke. He has good bulk on both sides and is just really solid at combat. Felicia (Ch2), while inferior to Jakob in every way possible, does have the ability to go Strategist and have good offense (but terrible defense) early on. She's like a better Elise without Dragon Veins to me since she can do combat to get more exp than elise and get going faster. If she doesn't go strategist she's still a nice support unit that can eventually be a flame shuriken nuke. Upper Mid Tier has Elise at the top. While Elise is really solid, I feel she's not a High Tier unit. That would mean she's just one or 2 spots below Leo and there's a very clear difference between them in performance. Elise comes early with a pony and is good at her healing job. Eventually she can be a playerphase nuke too with her amazing mag and spd growths. She can never really do EP combat thanks to her hp and def though. Beruka's bases are really solid and she flies. Her biggest downside is her Spd base being super low and her growths being on the poor side. Still, she's a flying unit with good single strikes and that makes her useful enough. Selena, much like Beruka, joins with solid bases early on. She's in a much more inferior class than Beruka though. She can pull off Bow Knight and Pegasus Knight rather well. The latter making her a flying Rescue user. She will be useful, much like Beruka but she won't be winning any mvp awards either. Shura joins late and costs you a Boots if you recruit him, but he can be useful as a Bow Knight with 10 move and has nice bases. Arthur closes Upper Mid. Being an early joining unit with a good support class and the ability to be another Shelter unit if need be. Mid Tier. I felt like these guys needed the tier gap because there's no way they're on par with the upper mids. Peri kicks off the tier. She has average bases and growths in a good class and joins decently early on. She can use Shelter right away too. Gunter provides amazing pairup bonuses to Corrin, can use Shelter, can fly and he can grab quite a few support skills like Rallies really easily. Not an amazing combat unit, but a valuable support unit. Laslow joins along with Peri in C12 and has decent bases. His spd holds him back, but he's usable. He's mediocre, but usable. His rally is neat to have for free. A lot of people will give me heck for my Charlotte placement I bet, but she doesn't give move. Her str spd pairup bonus is amazing for sure, but needs more mov. And she's terrible at combat. Low Tier: Now we get to the losers. Nyx is awful. She could maybe be early-sealed to Dark Knight and be decent in like one map but that's about it. She really is hopeless as a combat unit. She can go Bowknight and be a 10 move support unit but there are better options for that and they can do combat too. Flora joins with a B rank in staves in C19 so she can use entrap. She has good skl and mag, making her pretty accurate with staves too. She has that niche going for her. Staff rank is hard to build. Felicia C16 joins late and is extremely bad, but she can heal kinda well and maybe do decent chip with Flame Shuriken here and there. Izana joins suuuper late, but he has 2 rallies and can use staves on things. Keaton, while he does have nice bases, he joins at a time when no one wants a 5 move unit with good 1 range combat. This holds him back sooo much. Bottom Tier: These are more losers than the losers. Jakob C16 can be another Shelter bot maybe and heal for less than C16 Felicia if he stays Butler. Benny can instaseal to GK and give move and str def on pairup but that's about it. Mozu can be a decent sniper if you want to go through the hell that is training her and spend an early Heart Seal on her for some reason. Odin is the worst character in the game from what i've played. His bases are laughably bad and his spd growth cripples him even more. He will always be mediocre at best even if you do train him. He can probably do better if sealed to samurai asap, but heart seals are heavily contested resources. [spoiler=Bonus, ranking the Nohrian kids] Top Tier High Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier Percy and Sophie in the top as they are likely to exist because their parents are great/good. Percy has a Wyvern, with good stats everywhere and a huge defense stat that makes him actually really handy to tank things. He can get Shelter from his dad and fly, which is really good. Sophie is a Cavalier, which means she gets Shelter right away, has a good dad and often will join with good bases. She usually does well no matter who is her mom. High Tier: Nina is likely to exist thanks to Niles being an amazing unit himself. She's on the very frail side but she has good offense and has the mov+1 skill to make her even better. Ophelia doesn't have a good dad, but wow her offense is really good and she can go Dark Knight. She's a nuke. Too bad about that dad of hers...Kana can inherit good stuff like Wyvern to help out. His/her stats are mediocre/average at best but he/she can be made into a useful unit more often than not. Dwyer is decent if Corrin married Jakob and inherits the good stuff, otherwise he's just a healer on a pony like Elise but worse. Mid Tier: Midori can go Mechanist, which is a good class for 1-2 range nuking things. She's decent at best though. Siegbert isnt likely to exist before the very late maps thanks to Xander's availability. He's really average I find and strictly inferior to Xander. Soleil is a late joining Laslow without his Rally but with the ability to potentially be made better through skill genetics...not very promising. Can probably go Bow Knight and do decently. Shigure...it's painful to pairup Azura in Drafts! omg she's the worst!!!!! Now that I got that out of my system, Shigure can become a Rally Speed bot later on which is probably handy if he does manage to exist. Low Tier: Forrest is a late joining healer thanks to Leo's late arrival. Velouria isn't likely to be in play and doesn't offer much. Bottom Tier: Ignatius. Yeah...his dad is bad, his paralogue I hear is impossible after a certain point (havent done it myself yet) and hes probably just a pairup bot GK like his dad. Previous versions: [spoiler=v1.0] Axe Wyvern Waifu Tier Top Tier High Tier Upper Mid Tier Mid Tier Low Tier Bottom Tier
  7. Hi, guys! After more or less successfully clearing Birthright on Hard Mode, I am attempting to conquer Conquest (get it?) on Hard next. I made it past Chapter 10 with my low-man strategy and it worked semi-well with my current strategy setup. I wanted to ask you guys what you think of my idea and how I could improve/change it. The thing I'm doing is: I always have my units paired up to block enemy Dual Strikes and I will leave one of the two units as pair-up fodder for the other, i.e. they won't get any EXP past Dual Guards. I may Master Seal them to give the lead unit better bonuses. Here are the pairings I'm currently planning to go with. Lead unit will be named first. +Str/-Lck Avatar + Great Lord!Selena (both will be trained) Archer!Mozu + Lodestar!Silas Camilla + Keaton (currently Beruka) Leo + Felicia Witch!Elise + Odin Xander + Charlotte I do plan on getting some of the kids and training them up. Kana and Velouria come to mind, but I'm not sure yet. The units mentioned above will do most of the fighting. The rest of the team will either consist of children or filler units, which will be benched later on (like Effie and Arthur or Niles for example). Anyway, for those of you who already cleared Conquest: Is this approach favorable? Or will I hit Rock Bottom soon enough and if so, how could I prevent it from happening? Thank you guys in advance! :D
  8. Also posted over to r/fireemblem. Happy birthday to the future king of Nohr!
  9. I have one of the best teams ;) you won't stop me! SeraphPunchOnline MODEDIT: yo don't doublepost
  10. My theory is that Nohr and Hoshido dont actually exist, in DLC 5 I believe of heirs of fate, shigure mentions that they were in valla to which shiro and siegbert reply that they were at the opposite factions castles,but shigure says that it was all and illusion, the same illusion that may have been seen by their parents, now it makes sense, back in the before awakening DLC when Chrom said Nohr and Hoshido were mythical worlds, because they are.
  11. I think bringing up Micaiah to the Robin vs. Kamui poll is going to cause some topic derail, so if we want to continue to discuss this topic we should do it somewhere else. So, I'm of the opinion that Micaiah is superior to Kamui by a long shot. Both Micaiah and Nohr!Kamui are kind of unique amongst FE protagonists in that they side with the "morally wrong" side. So how do Micaiah and Kamui stack up in their choices? Micaiah has more of a reason to pick Daein, for starters, because no one on Daein actively tried to kill her and during the period following the Mad King's War, she actually grew to love the people of Daein and their kindness in the face of adversity. Kamui's reasons for picking Nohr are … well, their siblings. Which is fair, but there is that sort of minor thing where King Garon your so-called father literally tried to kill you twice by the time chapter 6 rolls around. And Kamui has no plan as to what they're going to do once they get back to Nohr. The narrative treats them differently, too. Micaiah is allowed to do morally questionable things and get called out on it. The game doesn't really see her as a hero or a villain, everything we see is through the actions of the characters in the game. Micaiah knows that history may see her as the villain, but she accepts it because saving Daein is more important to her than how anyone else sees her. [spoiler=RD excerpt]Micaiah: I… I want to save them all. The world is a better place with people like them in it. Sothe: I know how you feel, Micaiah. That’s why we started all this. We’ve always been fighting for them. But this war we’re in… It’s not just. We’re fighting on the wrong side. Micaiah: I know. I don’t want to see anyone die. It’s ironic… I’m killing with no malice, because I don’t want anyone to be killed. I… What am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to stand back and let all of Daein perish? Is that the “just” thing to do? Sothe: … Micaiah: If that’s what it takes to be just, then I want nothing to do with justice. I’d rather be hated and feared like Mad King Ashnard. I’d rather the dark god take my soul. I’m going to save my people, Sothe. If the rest of the world paints me as a beast to be reviled and hated, so be it. But Kamui, on the other hand, doesn't really get to morally questionable things and get called out on it. Their (and Aqua's) plan to invade Hoshido (which carries with it a high probability of killing Kamui's Hoshidan siblings and innocent Hoshidans) is akin to doing nothing, and they don't even try to tell the other Nohrian siblings about Garon being a slime monster. But the biggest things that set Kamui and Micaiah apart are 1) the game's narrative and tone regarding them, and 2) the degree of self-centeredness shown by Kamui and Micaiah. Kamui is very self-centered. The entire conflict is about them. Killing Hoshidans who are only defending their country? Oh no, it's all about Kamui and how it's such a mark on their "pure, innocent" soul to have to spill blood and we should pity them. Those Hoshidans who are going to die? They don't matter, outside of what they do to Kamui's conscience. [spoiler=Conquest excerpts]Avatar: ... My happiness is a small price to pay for the good of the whole world. I will continue to fight for Nohr and follow my father's every command. If I must sacrifice my soul and walk the path of evil to end this war, so be it. Even if no one understands why I'm doing this... Even if they grow to hate me… (Conquest 15) Can't find the script for this right now, but in Conquest 24 (Hinoka's chapter), Kamui is just talking about how they have a dream about how after the war (aka after Nohr conquers Hoshido) they want to be able to laugh with their Hoshidan siblings like a family. After one of them may possibly be dead. Without giving a single fuck about how the Hoshidans are probably feeling about them razing their land and betraying them at their lowest point. Nope, all about Kamui. If I looked long enough, I could probably find other examples, but there is a stark contrast in just how Micaiah and Nohr!Kamui act. Micaiah doesn't throw herself a pity party. She made her decision and she stands resolute with no whining, whereas Nohr!Kamui whines before they throw themselves a pity party, saying how this is for the good of the world and this is going to take such a toll on THEIR happiness with no consideration for the people they are invading. And the story even treats them like a hero for it. tl;dr Micaiah is the hero that we needed and deserved in Conquest. Also, please stick to comparing only Nohr!Kamui to Micaiah in this topic. Neither Birthright!Kamui nor Revelations!Kamui are in a similar situation to Micaiah or Nohr!Kamui.
  12. As many people have stated, Fates in general has had weak writing overall, with a plurality of the ire directed at Conquests. I've had my complaints as well, but I figured I'd offer a solution, rather than just retread old ground. Without further ado, my changes... (Note, I'll use female Corrin in this case, because that's what's on the box.) My first change would be right at the branch of fates. I think the story would be better served by Nohr outright conquering Hoshido right at the beginning. Really, after assassinating the queen, why does Nohr's army just leave? This is never really addressed very well. It would have been the perfect time to strike, since the army was temporarily leaderless. It also fits the traditional Fire Emblem story of one nation invading another, but this time, we see it from the other side. It also helps remove the gripe many people have where Corrin is bringing peace by invading a peaceful nation. In this scenario, the deed is already done, and Corrin tries to help change Nohr from the inside, like they advertised. The reason could also be painted as more gray. Garon could paint it as conquering Hoshido for their resources to feed their starving masses. At least that way, it would make more sense to Xander and others to follow. Even if Garon is an omnicidal slime monster, he could at least pretend not to be. Ryoma and the other royal siblings escape at this point, and begin to build their resistance force. There could be a map or two where you mop up the remaining Hoshido soldiers and some much needed world building. They could comment on how merciful Corrin is, taking prisoners before Hans gets to them. One of these prisoners early on could be Azura, abandoned by the Hoshidans after the invasion. She could get a special release, being a former Nohr princess and all. Azura can let Corrin know Garon's slime nature, and this can be a plot point that is the driving force going forward. At this point, Corrin can confide in Leo about her misgivings and Leo can give her his prep speech about appearing to be evil. Now, Corrin has been given a command, maybe a base. Now Corrin can use this chance to change things from the inside. Think Oskar Schindler during World War 2. Corrin gathers prisoners and puts them to work in her base. Outwardly, she can say they are her slaves, and they are digging ore and working the fields for the good of Nohr back home, but in reality, she's keeping them safe from the likes of Garon and Hans. Slavery is a terrible thing, but we're supposed to be dealing with gray morality here. Once we're past the initial phase of the game, we can move onto the next stage. Corrin has made a very efficient base of slave labor and has been appointed ambassador to the neutral countries for a PR campaign, basically to keep them from aiding the Hoshidan resistance. She could visit the Wind/Fire Tribes, Nestra, Izana, etc. One scenario could be visiting with the leaders, then getting attacked by the Hoshidan resistance, led by Takumi and Hinoka. Corrin uses this to say "We came in peace, and now these barbarians are attacking both of us, putting your leaders in danger!" Izana's map could be doing some favor for him to get a magic orb to reveal Garon's true nature. Each map could have some different fluff to it, but that's the basic idea of this arc. Also, around here, Hinoka is taken captive. It's okay for a boss to escape occasionally, but it's silly to happen every time. Garon of course, continues to commit atrocities. Your base continues to collect slave labor and be highly efficient, but Corrin does her best to keep her prisoners alive. Hinoka is now her prisoner, and she confides her plans in her. Around this time, Azura has gathered her magic reagents and shows Corrin and Leo slime Garon. Elise and Camilla join in, because they trust Corrin, but Xander is not let in on the plan yet, since he's too loyal to Garon still. Now, Iago comes snooping around our castle and sees our evilness quota isn't high enough, but we kill him right here and now, making sure to hide his body. The next arc of the game is eliminating the Hoshido resistance, capturing Sakura. Takumi goes down fighting, refusing to let himself be taken prisoner. Following this victory, Garon orders the death of Sakura. Hans takes her away, with Corrin powerless to help her. This is the point where Xander is ready to believe the slime allegations of his father and joins Corrin. At this point it's civil war, unfortunately, before Corrin can move her army into the open, Ryoma attacks, blaming Corrin for Sakura's death "She trusted you, and you let her die!". After defeating Ryoma, he believes you and forgives you. At this time, Garon's forces attack. His cover has been blown after losing Xander's support, and he's ready to kill Corrin. Ryoma takes a fatal blow, protecting Corrin. Now, we simply have a map or two where we take out Hans and the few elite soldiers loyal to Slime Garon before defeating the Slime King. We can now have our happy ending with Queen Hinoka and King Xander forging a peace to last the ages. tl;dr Make Corrin resist from the inside by trying to take prisoners and run a Schindler castle. The Castle could be integrated into the My Castle feature. I don't think my proposal is perfect, but I feel this would be an improvement.
  13. I'm attempting work on a fan fiction involving two friends, one taken by Nohr, the other escaped to Hoshido. In this particular scenario, the two friends inhabit a village in Nohr that has been involved in attempts to rebel against the nation. As punishment, Nohrian forces are sent in, and the friends are caught in the crossfire. I already said that one would have been taken captive by Nohr as a prisoner of war, which begs a few questions... Nohr-Related Questions I know Nohr take prisoners (i.e. Kaze and Rinkah), but what could possibly warrant such? Would they only take important individuals, such as rebellion leaders or advisors? (I get then, in this instance, why they'd take Rinkah, since she was important as the Flame Chieftain's daughter. Kaze, not so much...) Would any prisoners of war be assassinated immediately by the Royal Family as tests of strength, or would they be tortured for information (and perhaps later on killed or held prisoner/hostage)? Another aspect, since I've tried to understand is how some individuals become retainers, which is another part to my story. Leo, for example, allowed Niles to be his retainer despite his attempt to steal from the Nohrian castle. Would it or could it seem acceptable for a Royal Family member to take on a prisoner as their retainer if they proved their strength and capability? Hoshido-Related Questions Most of these are just similar to the Nohrian questions. The circumstance I have for the Hoshidan friend would simply be she escapes to Hoshido in an attempt to flee the Nohrians, but it captured in Hoshido and interrogated. Without money or anything to her name, she explains herself and her desire for asylum in the more peaceful nation, and eventually comes to serve the Hoshidan Royals as a retainer. Regarding retainers, would it be believable if a Hoshidan Royal took on this girl (assuming she proved her strength and capability) as a retainer? I also assumed Hoshido would be more sympathetic to someone seeking asylum from Nohr, and would thus be more willing to trust her (with others of course being naturally suspicious of her). Does any of this seem reasonable? I'm not looking necessairily for in-game information (already looked, from what I have seen there's not much to address my questions). I simply want the input of thos on serenesforest. Any and all opinions are graciously welcomed. Thank you.
  14. Specifically the royals. I would say: Xander/Ryoma - Mid (possibly late) 20's Camilla/Hinoka - Early 20's Kamui/Corrin - Late teens (nearing 20) Leo/Takumi - 16-17 Elise/Sakura - 14-15 I'm guesstimating from the ages of Awakening since the artist is the same. So then I would put the majority of the cast's age between 17-22, which makes me feel relieved. Having too many child soldiers squicks me out.
  15. Hey guys and gals! With the new Fire Emblem comes the new wave of pairing threads, so I guess I'm gonna contribute to that. I'm looking for some advice for my Conquest playthrough. I made my Female Avatar a +Mag -Lck. I'm leaning towards having her end up as a Sorcerer or Onmyoji (suggestions for that as well?) and I really don't know who to pair her with. I took Diviner as her second class because of the access to Mag+2/Future Sight for early game and for Tomefaire, and because Rend Heaven is just so fantastic to pass to everyone. I want to optimise this run but I'm not so comfortable with Nohr children yet, since this is my first playthrough with Nohr. I don't mind the pairing to not be the absolute best because I'm only on hard mode. I'm thinking of a few potential husbands and need help with choosing: Leo: I guess that would make two great children, but I really don't want to pair her up with her brother, even if not related by blood, just seems too weird to me... Alright enough sentimentality, I'll do it if I must, but it just doesn't feel right to me :P (remember Owain x Lucina?). Odin: God this guy is just so epic. Always been a fan of Owain. Anyway, I guess he could make a good father for a mixed Nohr Noble Kana and his good skill stat benefits having skills like Dragon Fang/Rend Heaven. Like Leo, not a lot of class diversity. Forrest: Kana would just be so damn great with Forrest as a father, but I don't really know if it's better to have two awesome children or one godlike unit. I'm really open to suggestions for other potential husbands, as well as for ending classes/skills for the children. Thanks for the help! TorterraX
  16. Hey guys, I'm having a bit of trouble at Nohr chapter 20 "Winds of Change" So my units are about on par with the enemies, a bit stronger in fact so they can easily keep up in the combat side of things. But the problem and what keeps getting me is the map's hazard, the wind. It keeps pushing you forward and or pulling you back from the progress you made, and it does that to the enemies too, and that usually left my weakest units exposed for the enemies to just wail on them. Can you guys help me with some advice for this level? I'd be much appreciated. I'm playing on hard difficulty by the way.
  17. I couldn't find a compilation of ALL the average stats in the game, so I've been chipping away at it myself in a Google Document. It's taking longer than I thought it would! Anyway, I believe I am done with the Nohrians. Voila! https://docs.google.com/document/d/12GvkyCZ2D3ZwH4U9FiI7DuR1skFIa0OTWwkbs0lGaik/edit?usp=sharing Three things to keep in mind: 1) I did not account for Partner/Buddy Seals - only base classes and Heart Seals; 2) I did not account for Eternity Seals (honestly, there's no point to); 3) characters that can be recruited at any point after a certain chapter (eg. Flora, Izana) apparently gain extra levels if you take longer to actually recruit them - because I assume that most players will recruit them ASAP in every playthrough, I account for the earliest level that they can be recruited at. I have been using all the resources on this site (Character Recruitment, Character Growth Rates, Character Base Stats, Class Base Stats, Character Max Stats, and Class Max Stats) for this project. If any values are wrong, let me know and I will correct them. I believe I have been quite meticulous with checking my math, but I'm not perfect. Oh, and the last several pages of the document contain the Growth Rates, just because I think it's nice to have it all on the same tab as the averages. :) Remember, if your character hits the level cap and all their stats are below the average stats listed for them, that means your character got RNG screwed. EDIT: Oh, and I accounted for Corrin/Kamui/MU/Avatar/Whatever being +SPD/-LCK, because I assume that's what most folks do. It's what most folks did in Awakening anyway, and it seems to be pretty effective in this game as well. Sorry if this doesn't help you. I can add all the other different Kamuis as well (eg. +STR/-MAG) if requested. EDIT #2: If people complain enough, I suppose I can whip up a spreadsheet version instead. I personally prefer Docs for stuff like this, but everyone's different.
  18. In this discussion, we will be taking a look at Suzie- I mean Kaze from Fire Emblem Fates and turning him into an op streetpass unit. Be sure to leave your build for him below, include class and skills. With the introduction out of the way, let's start the process Who is the unit: So, now that we know about the unit, let's start breaking him down a little deeper. We will cover the unit's class tree, growth rates, personal skill, and all skills the unit can obtain, excluding DLC. But there is one thing I also want to cover with Kaze...There are 3 ninjas on the Hoshido route. 3!!!! So, how do I know which one to use. For now, I'll give the short answer Saizou: DEATH EVERYWHERE! Kaze: The speedy tank Kageroi...Kagerou?: Glass cannon Growth rates: HP, 55-STR, 40-MAG, 0 :(-SKL, 45-SPD, 65-LCK, 20-DEF, 20-RES, 35 *Starting class* Class set: *Ninja* -> Elite ninja or Puppeteer Samurai-> Trueblade or Weapon master So, what class to use? Now I actually haven't experienced Fates yet, but from what I see your best options are Trueblade or Elite ninja. For the sake of this discussion we are going to build an Elite ninja Kaze. Personal Skill: Prayer of Bonds; When the user is the support unit, the lead unit has a <insert your luck stat here>% chance of surviving a fatal attack with 1 HP. Essentially, Kaze can give anyone a free miracle, which makes this a very good skill. Couple that with the fact that he is a tank, have him supporting his spouse, and this can be kind of broken. All obtainable skills: Flowing Strike, Vantage, Astra, Swordfaire, Strength seal, Line of death, Locktouch, Snake Venom, Lethality, Kunaifaire, Puppet Break, Copycat Puppet And now, drumroll please, the top 5 skills you should and shouldn't use in Kaze (in my opinion); Don'ts: 5.Snake venom- When the user triggers the battle, the enemy's HP is reduced by 20% after the battle. If the enemy has renewal or a healer has fortify then this is useless. That is not to say it is a bad skill, it sort of helps Kunais out a little 4.Line of Death- During battles, both damage and damage received +10 I really don't like this skill on Kaze. I get he is suppose to be a tank, but defense doesn't nullify this. He needs to be able to one shot his opponent, something hard to pull of with him unless he gets a crit. 3.Flowing Strike- When the user triggers the battle, avoid +30. Ok...so what if Kaze one shots the opponent...What if the opponent can't counter-attack, like if it's and archer or someone helpless to Kunais? 2.Copycat puppet- Creates a clone of the user once per map with the use of the "Copycat" command. Only useful if he is a puppeteer, this is an Elite ninja build. 1.Locktouch-User doesn't need keys to open doors and chests. Streetpass team...no chests in My Castle...This is useless. Do's 5.Lethality-Chance of instantly killing an opponent, based on skill x 0.25%. Insta death is good in my book. Saizou makes better use of this skill, but come on, IT'S INSTA DEATH! 4.Vantage-If the user is under half HP, they attack first. Hey, this is great for Kaze, give him a brave sword and he might as well start wrecking stuff 3.Puppet break-The users attacks are super effective against puppets. Coverage is all I have to say. 2.Astra-Based on skill x 0.5%, chance of triggering 5 consecutive hits at half damage. If all hit connect, Kaze will do 2.5x his original damage. Nuff said 1.Kunaifaire-Damage +5 if the user is equipped with a kunai. Yay! Stronger kunai! This will actually make his main weapon useful! So their you have it. Building a good competitive Kaze as I recomend. Don't forget to comment your build and also what character I should look at next. I'm Wolfie, and Kaze might as well be the next Lon'qu.
  19. I'm playing Conquest (hard/classic, if it matters) and I wanna try my hand at planning ahead. Is the Lodestar class viable? I know Xander benefits from it quite a bit, but would it be acceptable to not change him into another class?
  20. Pretty self-explanatory, but any help with the following pairings would be extremely helpful! I've organized them according to how confident I feel about them, meaning I'm pretty set on the beginning pairings, but could use a lot of help towards the bottom of the lists. Thanks in advance! Nohr: Xander x Kamui (unchangeable) Leo x Nyx Odin x Elise Zero x Camilla Flannel x Azura (thought Azura could use the defensive support bonus, plus their kids should be pretty great?) Lazward x Charlotte (like this one for the supports/personality more tbh) Kaze x Mozume Silas x Effie Arthur x Berka Benoit x Pieri Jacob x Felicia (basically the leftovers, but don't their modifiers clash?) (Luna is alone, mostly because I dislike her personality) Hoshido: (much more unsure about this list; a lot can be switched around) Jacob x Kamui (can marry Kaze, Subaki, or Takumi instead if optimization deems it necessary) Ryoma x Kagerou Takumi x Oboro (vassal-lord love) Subaki x Hinoka (red-haired Matoi yes) Hinata x Setsuna (balance out Hinata's terrible speed, and vice versa for Setsuna's paltry defense/strength?) ~Yomi x Sakura ~Saizou x Felicia (~=magic moms can be switched around) ~Asama x Orochi Kaze x Hana (I want to avoid doing the same pairings as in Nohr, so if Mozume-Kaze before, none of that now) Silas x Mozume Nishiki x Azura (Rinkah is alone, mostly cause I heard she's a subpar unit)
  21. Right now I'm on chapter 23ish of Birthright (So, spoiler: I'm well into Nohr and have visited the underground part of Nohr's capital), and 17ish of Conquest (So, spoiler: I'm just beginning to invade Hoshido). I thought, given that the premise of Birthright is that you defend Hoshido against the invading Nohr, and in conquest you fight to restore Nohr from within, that Birthright would put more emphasis on learning about Hoshido and Conquest would put more emphasis on learning about Nohr. It could just be that I'm behind on Conquest compared to Birthright, but I seem to be learning more about life in Nohr and Nohr's motivations from playing Birthright than from playing Conquest. Is this genuinely the case? Or is it simply that I'm further in Birthright than in Conquest?
  22. I want to level up my units more and get skills so I can have a good team for street pass and stuff
  23. I currently have Birthright and I'm trying to recruit other people's units in their castle. I want the Nohr siblings. I've beaten other castles from Nohr games using no handicaps and in my castle, but I still can't recruit units. I also seized their castle as well. After beating them, I get the message "Would you like to add a character to your log book" and that's it. I've heard it should say "would you like to recruit?" Am I doing something wrong? And what should I do to get the Nohr siblings recruited in my game?
  24. Who do you plan to fight for? Nohr or Hoshido? Bond or Blood? Redemption or Revenge? (Insert another option here) or (Insert another option here) :3
  25. **[uPDATE AS OF 3/6/16: Added max stat caps based on classes, and weighted growth rates!!]** Hello! This is my first time posting in SerenesForest, so I'm new to this posting thing (so I hope this is okay), but I've made a spreadsheet that can help you organize, as the title says, Marriage and Buddy Seal (partners) for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters in Fire Emblem if/Fates (even though it might be a little too late since it's already coming out in less than two weeks, haha). I tried doing some visual stuff to make the spreadsheet easier to read/make the information easier to understand at a glance, but since I'm not very much on the coding/programming/formula-writing/etc. side, my formulas are a little clumsy/ugly/really bulky/slow, but I promise you that they should work. Before using it, I recommend that you make a copy of it for your own personal use so that--on the off-chance more than one person uses this--your pairings won't get messed up. If there are any mistakes/errors/problems/etc., please tell me, and I will fix them as soon as possible. If you have any suggestions/comments/etc., I would also be glad to address them. Thank you very much for your time, and I hope this spreadsheet helps you, even if it's just a little. **Note: This spreadsheet works for ALL paths.** Version using the Japanese names (in English): Here Revelations version using the localized American names: Here Localized Hoshido-only version: Here Localized Nohr-only version: Here What you can do with it: - Customize Kamui/Corrin based on the asset/flaw/secondary class you choose. - View overall stat bonuses for children based on the marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritances for the Gen 1 characters. - Organize your class/skill inheritances for Gen 2 characters. - View marriage/buddy pairings and class inheritance for the Gen 2 characters. - View growth rates for Gen 2 characters based on marriage pairings of Gen 1 characters. - View stat caps based on classes for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters. - View weighted growth rates for both Gen 1 and Gen 2 characters.
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