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  1. hi folks, I'm gonna teach you how to insert portraits into FE4 so here's a step by step guide, pay attention class 1. First thing you need is a portrait, and the size of Jugdral saga portraits are 48x64. For this tutorial I'll use a picture of my furry kitten OC, Lamia. EDIT: Consult this post later on in this topic about a palette fix required for portraits as a very important first step: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=43520#entry2683698 2. In order to format it correctly for insertion and to make the mouth movement accurate, this is what it needs to look like: It's much the same as GBA portrait insertion, although that's automated now Here's a guideline to where the mouth is replaced: Follow these above examples in order to prepare it for inserting. Once you have it correctly set up, save the portrait as a .BMP image type, as a later step requires it. 3. Download this makeshift ROM file (don't worry it's not an actual game, just a placeholder thing to help portrait setup): https://drive.google.com/open?id=1sRawpsb7M0UJHDd7DjQ5Qs4MI9JTCpo1 The above ROM is set to be just the right size to fit your portrait. Grab your favorite SNES graphics editor (YY-CHR, Tile Layer Pro, etcetera) and check for the Import Bitmap feature, choosing your portrait. The editor should be set to SNES, 4BPP. Once it's in, make sure you actually DO have 16 colors, and that the FIRST color in the palette is the background (black in this image). Don't worry about correcting the colors in the editor, since you'll need to adjust the palette of it in the ROM itself. If all 16 colors are registered but the background is using the wrong color (this happens to me in TLP), save it as an SMC and use YY-CHR's color-swapper tool for a quick fix. If you have trouble getting all 16 colors in (like, one or two are missing) then convert the BMP to a 16-color format with something like a GIF editor/animator like GIF Movie Gear. It will save BMP files to the minimum amount of colors, while preserving said colors unlike MSPaint. Once you have it set up, save your portrait as an SMC file (SNES ROM). This will make it ready to compress. 4. Speaking of the compressor, this is what you need: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oGKii9yT5Y3weA__l-dqPEZS-frGF3wp Contained within is a compressor for FE4 (and also FE3 but I don't have data on that) along with a readme. You don't need to have your portrait in the same folder as the program. If you have your SMC file of your portrait ready, all you have to do is drag your portrait's ROM onto the 'old' or 'new' FE4 compressor. I think the only difference really is that the newer one uses slightly less space, but I kept both of them in the zip in case of errors and whatnot. This will create a yourrom.BIN in the same folder as the file you dragged onto it. This BIN contains your compressed portrait data. 5. Refer to this data I stole from the FE4Binary collection: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1yFCE-AASWIUxg0zlSO3mQhuRxFjWcZdM This contains all of the addresses of portrait data in the (headered) ROM. The numbers counting up are the reference, which is then used in the Portrait Pointer Editor in Nightmare. 00 is Sigurd, for example. The first address is the location of the compressed data. Sigurd's portrait is at A67B5. Now, open your portrait's BIN file in your hex editor of choice and copy all of the data. Find a portrait you want to replace (Sigurd in this guide), make sure you don't overwrite the next portrait, and replace one portrait's data with your own. Now, save the ROM, and open it up in your emulator to check if it loaded properly. 6. If you're successful, now's the time to change the palette. The second number in the portrait data list is the palette; Sigurd's is at CAA00. With this, all you have to do is figure out what is colored by what, and change it to the appropriate 256-color byte pair. Each single color uses 2 bytes. I personally use GBA Color Picker in order to match the colors as close as I can. To make a certain color in the palette more visible, I recommend setting one color to FF00, which turns it into a bright red, making it way easier to detect and find out what color it needs to be. Additionally, make sure that when adding your colors, the two bytes are switched around in the ROM. 7. After toiling around with that, along with all the testing and reloading, you should slowly see your portrait come to life within the game itself. 8. Eureka! Enjoy your inserted portrait.
  2. Welcome, ladies and gentleman! I have a great pleasure to inform you that I am working on a new hack: Fire Emblem: The New Dawn! The story picks up where FE6 leaves us (Bern being defeated, Idun unsealed, Roy learning the 'truth' about the Scouring) and tells the story after ten year,s when the allied occupation (Lycia and Eturia) of Bern ends. Meanwhile new disorder erupts in Lycia, as some of the nobles are displeased of Roy's new kingdom (which he formed after the war). Unrest raises on the Western Isles due to lack of competece of the new Eturian king. Isles, despite gaining partial independence are still owned by Eturia in some parts. A young sacean girl named Sarnai is passing her final trails before becoming a true sacean huntress. All these three stories are connected by a sinister cult, worshiping that what used to be... FEATURES: a) Reworked promotions. I added some new classes and made the already existing not to double. For examble, the armor knight now promotes to (of course) General or Vanguard (heavy knight with lances, bows and magic), archer has 'hunter' and the second chosable class, etc; b) Compeling, epic story with a darker overall tune comparable to FE4; c) Fates of many characters revealed at once (many are dead, though :D); d) Custom animations for most characters; e) Epic and moving end to some stories unfinished in the previous games. RETURNING CAST: - Roy, king of Lycia - married Sue (not Lilina and this is a plot device!) - uniter of Lycia, most do not understand his dream. Believes in humankind; - Sue, queen-consort and true heir to the Caelinian throne. Mother of prince Hector of house Pherae; - Lilina, marquesses of Ostia. Has some doubts about Roy's monarchy, but supports him nonetheless. Still has hots for him; - Priscilla, marquesses of Cornwell - the house was rebuilded by Roy; - Echidna - Queen-regent of the Wester Union. Tries everything in her power to stabilize her homeland and cease any hostilities with Eturia; - Milidain - new king of Eturia. He is bad at being king and relies on his trusted advisors do rain in his name; - Klein - helps Milidain with his work. Is often sent as the embassy of the king; - Danyan, the Silver Wolf - raises the new generation of famed sacean nomads; - ??? - the defender of Sacae, known as the Beast (can't reveal this one, it's too hilarious); - Nino - the new archsage; (-ish? not really, very powerful. Speaks with ghosts); - Lugh, Raigh, Jaffar - Nino's family. Along with her try to avert the inevitable fate; - Gwynevere - the new queen of Bern; - Idun - snapped out of it. Finally. - and many more... NEW CAST: - Theodore - marquess Arphen; - Daria - daughter of Erik; - Darius, son of Erik - Hector - son of Roy (yes, he has THE NAME) - all the others marquesses; - Gren, knight of Arphen; - Gerard, illian merc; - Jeff, very bad spy thief; - Elizabeth - cleric; - Thorne, new marquess Thiria, Roy's trusted advisor; - Sarnai - young huntress from Sacae; - Big chuck of characters that are in a way spoilerish. If anybody wants to help, I would welcome it openly. You can contact me eaisly. I should reply the same day. Progress info: ACT I: - Lycian arc: 5/5 chapters made! - Interlougue 1: done! - Sacean arc : 0.5/5 chapters made - Interlougue 2: done! - Eturian/Islander arc: 0/5 chapters made ACT II: - Mid arc: 0/3 chapters made - War of the Sun God arc: 0/6 chapters made ACT III: - Return of the Old Gods: 0/5 chapters made - Final arc: 0/3 chapters made Total: 5.5/32 chapters made Credits: Credits.txt Regarding the potential hype: Don't. I know that there are people that will hype my hack. I firmly believe that it will be good, very good. But I don't want enybody to expect more than can be done with the limited human resources (ie. me) and the engine I work on (ie. FE8). If you believe that it will be revolutionary - you'll be disappointed. Just - don't hype.
  3. Hi, I'm pretty inexperienced with hex editing, but I'm trying to change Sigurd's portrait into Arvis' and vice-versa (original, I know /s) I've figured out how to change portraits, but I can't find any database listing which portraits belong to which characters. Does anyone happen to know which number is Arvis' so that I don't have to keep trying each number individually? Thanks in advance.
  4. I’ve been starting up a YouTube channel where I post footage of my art process. My goal is to draw every single Fire Emblem character. Check out my art and videos! For commissions please contact me via email: [email protected]
  5. Hello! I’m Blade and I am a pretty new person when it comes to spriting nowadays but I improved a lot this past year! Here, I’ll post up portraits because who doesn’t like them? They are pretty to look at (not always). I also have an art thread on the FEU Forums. I seek for critique and feedback so I can be the best spriter I can! EDIT: June 25th, 2019 "Party Colors"
  6. BBHood217

    My OC, J.G.

    I don't believe I've ever posted this here before. It's a portrait of an original character of mine that I made years ago: It's a frankenstein hybrid of Fir, Nino, and a civilian kid. Her name is J.G., and yes she's a mage. And.. that's all I got, even after all these years. In my spare time, I've been trying to figure out how to make an FE game out of her and I still haven't succeeded. Oh well, I'm sure I'll think of something one of these days. Here's the portrait animated: And here's her combat animation: I used Lisandra_Brave's female ponytail mage as a base. The single sprite is in 16 colors, for GBA insertion purposes. Here's her map sprite: Just an edited pupil, but it works well enough for me. I'm quite happy with what I've done so far, but of course there's still more to be done. I gotta make her map sprites and promoted class, and then I gotta figure out what to do with her.
  7. Nothing much just a few portraits I made.
  8. So, I love all three of the GBA games equally. I don´t think I have a favourite but what I do know is that I prefer Fe8´s portraits by far. They are clean, crisp and they don´t have washed out colours like in fe6 and 7. So I decided to redo fe7-6 portraits in fe8 style. I wanted to keep true to the original design of the characters so there are no crazy colours here. I also wanted to use fe8 colours as they come (for the most part), I only adjusted them whenever a fe7-6 colour was too unique and couldn´t find a fe8 counterpart. At the moment I only redid fe7 main characters. If people like it maybe I can make a patch to insert the sprites in-game but I don´t know anything about hacking yet so it make take awhile. Feel free to point out any inconsistencies. Also, I´m not entirely settled on skin colours. UPDATE: I changed my mind and decided on Fe6 first! The Fe7 mugs in the comments are outdated. Here´s what´s currently done,
  9. I just noticed that the generation 1 characters in FE4 all face to the left (their right), and all the generation 2 characters face to the right (their left) in there portraits. I'm just wondering if anyone else noticed this.
  10. Since adding portraits has been figured out for hacks of Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem, I'm wondering if is anyone interested in doing some minor edits of the DS Era portraits? I have neither the know how nor the tools to do it myself. To start with, a mini portrait version of generic soldier, Ruffian and Fightmonger, so they could potentially be used as actual units in a hack. Comparison of Mini portraits used for a unit to see the style used in Shadow Dragon and its DS remake. This unused portrait in Shadow Dragon was ripped somewhat messily and could be cleaned up a bit. A link to the sprite sheet it was ripped from. > New Mystery portraits tend to be somewhat brighter in New Mystery of the Emblem, so brightening up the portraits not used in New Mystery of the Emblem could be an interesting activity.
  11. GBA portraits are cool! I try to make some! And I fail miserably because the optical illusion stuff throws me off. How do their anime eyes work??? I can draw well enough but this is something entirely different altogether, so please, advice would be cool! Or anything else. I’m really having trouble figure out the gba fire emblem style, is the thing. Top one is most recent, bottom one was my first real attempt. And yee they’re all my own OCs lol
  12. Where may I find portraits for editing? I can't seem to find them for making my own portraits in Usenti and Paint
  13. Hi! So I have been scouring the internet for the past few days trying to find portraits of when Berkut is being influenced/possessed by Duma. For the life of me I can only find one of them and nothing else. If anyone knows where I can find all of them thst would be great, thanks!
  14. So uh, in a sort of attempt to show off what I've learned in the past three or four months (spriting is still very new to me), but also because I'd really like to join a project of some kind, I'm posting some of my mugs on this forum. I have a lot of ideas, stories, stats, characters, etc., and due to my inability to understand hacking (it makes my head hurt profusely every time I try to get back into it), I can't really do anything with them. But that's beside the point. Here are some of my portrait splices. A few are older than others, and thus have a little less polish because have yet to come back to them (namely Taren and Tyken, the blonde boy and girl, respectively). My favorite one so far is Simon, the pale boy with the black hair. His hair actually originated from Lute, and I transformed it into a solid bowl cut His sister is Ramona (I hope you can tell which one that is just based on appearance). The others are Afrey (pink haired dude yes I am aware his color scheme is similar to Makalov's), Beaumont (green headband guy, Beaumont is a temporary name, I made this mug without really knowing what would come out of it), and Crystal (black haired girl with her eyes not showing) Anyway, totally open to constructive criticism And if anyone knows of any FE projects currently looking for portrait making, writing story or support content, etc., please let me know, I'm up for it
  15. So, I have a concept and I'm working on a new fire emblem game that would be set after the events of FE8. I currently need some script writers, portrait makers, code writers and sprite designers. If you can help or know any users who can please let me know! Thanks! :) P.S I have map design and script writing mostly covered, but any help would be helpful! :)
  16. Hey anyone who's willing to help me, I have plans for a new Fire Emblem Fan Project, I currently have writers covered but anymore would be helpful, also for map design so all I need is sprite makers, portrait makers and code writers but if you can help in any way it would be greatly appricated. If your interested then private message me or comment interest/people who could help and I'll put in the effort A huge thanks to anyone willing to help and those already helping :)
  17. Circles has given me permission to do this, so let's do it. Time: February 18 until February 25 Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible GET THE PACKAGE HERE ------------------- All right guys you know the drill - same as the Chapter Creation Blitz and the Mapping Blitz, our goal is to make as many mugs as possible in the space of a week. At the end of the week all of the submissions will be released as a package free for anyone to use in their projects. Guidelines: All skill levels welcome - DON'T WORRY if you've never made a mug this is the perfect chance to start! Splices are allowed, existing characters are allowed keeping in mind your submitted mugs will be free to use and edit by anyone Images should be GBA insertable format (including eye/mouth frames and minimug) Please no TLP style minimugs (lazy face cutouts) Submit by posting in this thread, the corresponding FEU thread, or directly sending it to me Useful Resources for Beginners: Ti
  18. I'm working on a RWBY crossover hack, and thought I'd share some of my sprites. Battle animations: Weiss Video link with custom sound effects My first ever battle animation, started out as a simple Eirika edit. Pyrrha Video I managed to get the pre-battle frames working. You can have a short (30-40 frames) animation at the start of each battle if you remove all C commands from Mode 9 (or 11 for ranged) and add 10 idle frames before the start of your dodge and after the end of your attack. There's no crit yet, just a scribbled concept. Blake Video My favourite so far, a mashup of Lyn/Myrm/SM. Stick figure WIP version Yang My first attempt at a full custom. Ended up being only mostly custom. Ruby Portraits To be honest these don't interest me very much compared to battle animations. I've done a lot of the characters but the quality ranges from simple splices to straight recolours. Have a look anyway: I'm slowly updating and adding portraits to replace the splices/edits with customs: Ruby Weiss Blake Yang Qrow Cinder Emerald Torchwick Adam Coco Jaune Nora Pyrrha Ren Sun Scarlet Sage Neptune Penny Winter Misc. Weapon Icons
  19. Hi there! Before I start describing stuff I'd just like to thank you for clicking my thread. After a long time of playing and watching fire emblem (and various romhacks of it), I always thought it would be so cool to be able to make a game myself. So, I decided I would, and got to work conceptualizing and toying around with FE8. Now I'd like to present the (still growing) fruit of that work, Fire Emblem: The Flame of Tomorrow! THE FEATURES: A brand new story (more info below!) Brand-new and revised classes 3 promotion tiers (May or may not be for every class, depending) Varied objectives - no rout maps Scary (powerful) monster classes New and revised items, spells, and weapons ...And more! THE STORY: Long ago, the continent of Panthia was a (mostly) peaceful and prosperous one. Until suddenly, a mysterious otherworldly power tore the earth asunder. The once prosperous capital state of Ancia now lays in ruin, and demonic creatures rise from the rift left from "the Collapse". The Ancian governmental power is unable to afford to keep things in check. Tension grows between Ancia and their neighbor Derrain, who refuse to lend aid, and have build a great wall between them to try and stop the terrors. Our protagonists, twin brothers, Sanders and Ackard, are not nobles, nor rebels - they are scholars, seeking to learn about the mystery behind the Collapse. WHAT I NEED: I'll keep this section short: artists and writers. I have very little artistic talent, and would also love any assistance with my writing. Things that need to be made: Mugs, maps Things I would like to be made: Animations (high priority), map sprites, class cards, music Note that my standards are not sky high - if you can splice convincingly I have no complaints as long as it looks good. Once again I'd like to thank you for reading, and would love any and all criticism as well!
  20. A bunch of old mugs. Pretty basic splicing. Matthew base is waaay too obvious on these. Would probably change the face if I ever felt like redoing them which I don't. The chin is very off. I don't quite know how I would fix those. Eh, decent. Plain. Boring. Orson hair curl. These are alright, if basic.
  21. Hello, I am currently making a PME for fire emblem 7. And I would mainly like someone who could make a GBA portrait for Ceada, Astram, Midia and Marty. I would also be interested in more edits(mainly for items and bosses). I tried making the portraits myself and I just can`t figure out how to do it. I hope someone has the free time to do this. If not, then I hope I will get some more interesting edits. EDIT: I also just figured out i need an Altenna portrait, so if anyone is still interested in making that. it would be greatly appreciated edits so far: Eliwood- doubled growths, but 0 Def growth and base Marcus- Fins 20/1 bases and growths, s- rank lances, d-swords,e-axes. Personal brave lance that gives +10 lck Lowen- halve Def, double res, base 1 atck but Nino's atck growth Rebecca-innes' bases, all her growths +10%, res+50%, starts lvl 10 Dorcas- fe 11 ceada's bases, growths, inventory Bartre- johalva bases,growths and unbreakable brave axe Hector- marty's bases, growths+25% Oswin- 25hp,40 growth 9str. 55 growth 12skl, 60 growth 11spd, 45 growth 6lck,. 45 growth 5def, 20 growth 5 res 20 growth 14 con Serra- Matthew- Matthew and Leila are switched Guy- becomes fir, FE6 hm average bases, average of bartre and karla's growths Merlinus- paladin with capped stats Erk- pents bases, growths and in, a-support with priscilla Priscilla- lvl 1 valkyrie, bases +20, FE6 Karels growths Lyn- triple base spd, +100% spd growth, 0 str And 0% str growth Sain- Saul with +10% growths, Kent- Dorothy with skl/spd +20%, +2 tot all bases Wil- nmd trooper, 20%hp growth, starts with base 6def/rea Florina- lvl Falcon knight with modified stats Raven- becomes kelik Lucius- van use all magic, has pers.wp called "trap card"( aureola) Canas-has prs fimbulvertr tome, +20% to all growths Dart- becomes fargus with brave axe named shanty Pete Fiora- -5spd +3atk +2def, -15 skl/spd growth, +20%str, +35%def, 12con Legault- capped stats but 0 mov Ninian- Pegasus knight, +6 str +8skl, str growth +30%, skl growth +35% Isadora-midia's bases and growths Heath- renamed health, lvl 1 Bishop with martel's bases and clarines growths Rath- has unbreakable short bow that can inflict silence Hawkeye- sniper with a-bows, +8 spd, -15 HP, skl maxed Geitz- Wallace- renamed "wall", str/skl/spd/lck base and growth halved, Def/res base and growth doubled Farina- Falcon knight with 12mov and Bows, 10% decreased growths, has ballistas in inventory Pent- is named "loser", has wils bases, karla's growths, has e in anima and staves Louise- renames slouise, base speed 5, all growths doubled, spd 1% Karel- becomes Lex!Ulster. Is hero with unbreakable brave axe Harken- astrams bases + growths Nino- named 'your god' and has pents bases Jaffar- druid with rievs growths Vaida- altenna's bases and growths, starts with Uber sprear Nils- becomes arvis w/ FE 5 valaflame, gen 1 bases Karla- larcei with shanans bases, growths and unbreakable wo dao Renault- becomes lewyn, has fe5 forsetti, with average 20/16 bases, s anima, a staves Athos- becomes nino item/class changes: Iron weapons now have a devil effect All Generics get silver weapons and +5% growths All javelins are Uber Spears All hand axes are pugis All clerics can use light magic Pegasus knights can dance
  22. This thread is for all of the sprites I will make. I'm hoping that I'll be able to get some criticism on them. I currently only have a portrait to show off, aside from my avatar, unfortunately. I would have more, but this one took me about a week for me to make this, and I'm anxious to see what people think of it. I will add more sprites to the thread later. I'm sure that even though I think it looks beautiful, many more professional artists could easily pick out its flaws.
  23. So I've been playing around with FE11 for a little while now and have had my fun playing with Growth Rates and Base Stats as well as playing around with item stats. (Still haven't cracked the limitations on certain items, but I'll get there.) Anyway, so what I'm currently trying to do right now is change portraits in the game. Specifically remove portraits from the game and replace them with custom ones I made. (There were just a couple of changes I made with some of them and I made one to replace post-prologue Marth, nothing wrong with his face really, it's just a really awkward angle.) Naturally as one might expect with my limited knowledge on hacking and what knowledge I do have being provided by Nightmare. I'm not too sure how to approach this. I keep looking through the decompiled data but I can't seem to even find the portraits and I'm not sure how I'd go about changing them, since Nightmare only gives me the ability to swap between pre-existing portraits and not replace portraits with something else. If anyone is has knowledge on the subject and has the patience to explain to me what to do I'd greatly appreciate it.
  24. So what happens is that I'm trying to insert this portrait I made into fe7 as lyn Lyn(mage)1 Templated.bmp from there, FEditor accepts the file like this I know that the mouths and eyes aren't finished, (in terms of animations) but wouldn't I just get a portrait that stays still? I'm planning on finishing things for animations, but I feel as if I'm doing something else wrong here.
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