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Found 18 results

  1. I am at the mid point of my maddening playthrough (rng run) and after sinking over 150 hours into both my playthroughs, it really makes me wish the avatar character had the ability to go more than just melee damage. Has anyone reclassed their Alear? If so what did you turn them into/why? I am thinking of turning Alear into a flyer maybe.
  2. Hello, I have gotten started playing FE12 Hard mode. I wanted to get used to the game before I try Lunatic mode. I’m at chapter 1 and while I have some ideas about who reclass early on but I’m not sure on what to start with. So far, I have made my male avatar a mercenary then reclassed him into a pirate so I can work on my axe rank. I do plan on eventually turning him into a Hero. Unless I should just stick to merc for now. My other units are Ryan as a Archer, Luke as a Myrmidon, Rody as a Cavalier, Cecille as a Mage (though I am considering Pegasus Knight instead), Gordin as a Archer, Draug as a Knight (though I am considering a Dark Mage instead) and Arran as a Paladin. If any can give me some reclassing tips to at least get me started that would be great. Thanks in advance.
  3. I´m currently trying this out, but I think my reclass path was a bit too basic [going Monk (not mastered) > Mage (mastered) > Warlock (not mastered) WR (not mastered) > WL], though currently my major problem is accuracy rather than damage. Note, my current run is on AM Maddening chapter 14, and I just found out I have to get the support with Gilbert, so no Crusher yet. Also, I guess, that I haven´t yet seen her perform as WL. My question is, how best to go about building her in general? With her accuracy problems right now, I thought that I should have gone Archer to get Hit+20, as well as get Darting Blow because right now even Armoured Enemies seem a challenge for her to double. But the problem I have with these is, that realistically I´m spending time in classes that Annette won´t be very good at, since they are STR based damage on top of it lowering her chances of getting more MAG to hit harder later on, which seems the point of that build. Then I thought, rather than getting Hit+20 and Darting Blow, should I not just spend as much time as possible in Mage, get Fiendish Blow while working toward Valkyrie to get Uncanny Blow. Because if getting her to double accurately weakens the main means of dealing damage with her build and is unreliable due to potential lack of MAG on top of it than that doesn´t seem that great. Additionally, Uncanny Blow seems better than Hit+20, if I understand it correctly, in that Uncanny Blow gives more HIT during attack but not otherwise out of combat, but Hit+20 always applies, which seems unnecessary, since her EP potential is not that great, even with WL enhanced stats. On top of that, with getting Valkyrie you also have her in a class that won´t just hinder her usefulness while working on necessary weapon ranks (since I can´t realistically estimate when you reach what weapon rank levels). So that, in essence, her skill set would look something like this: Axe Prowess X, Fiendish Blow, Uncanny Blow, Mag+2, (Authority X?) and then slap Nuvelle Flier Corps (or any flier battalion that doesn´t decrease MAG damage and increases HIT) on top of it? Also, what I don´t understand is, how does Lightning Axe actually work and interact with weapons/skills? Does it take the DMG you would have dealt with your weapon + skill and turns it into a magic damage attack, essentially retargeting it toward RES? Could I get Death Blow and have it be part of the DMG calculation as well as Fiendish Blow by some weird shenanigans?
  4. So, I just beat Chapter 9 of Conquest Normal, and I've heard Chapter 10 is a real doozy. I only have one Heart Seal and two good choices to use it. On the one hand, reclassing Jakob to Paladin will make fighting Takumi easier, but on the other hand, making Mozu an Archer will make dealing with the enemy Sky Knights a lot easier and help provide extra chip damage with the ballista. So, who should get it? Jakob, Mozu, or someone else entirely? For a bit more context, this is my current party: Ryan (Level 1 Wyvern Lord; +Speed/-Luck) Jakob (Level 8 Butler) Elise (Level 8 Troubadour) Silas (Level 11 Cavalier) Arthur (Level 8 Fighter) Effie (Level 10 Armour Knight) Odin (Level 8 Dark Mage) Niles (Level 9 Outlaw) Azura (Level 12 Songstress) Nyx (Level 9 Dark Mage) Mozu (Level 7 Dread Fighter) Haitaka (Level 10 Spear Fighter)
  5. If you've seen my first post, this is an addendum to that. I'm planning on starting Awakening over, this time on Hard/Classic, and I'm willing to grind and reclass this time, preferably with the SpotPass bonus boxes since I can't afford DLC. This time, any skill the parents can have is fair dinkum. I don't care how long it takes to get it. I'm in quarantine and have nothing better to do. I also have some ideas on what skills I want to pass, but I just want to confirm with you guys if these are good ideas. Which ones are the best to pass down to each kid? (Also, keep in mind that my avatar's asset is Magic and his flaw is Luck.) My current plans: Lucina: Aether and Galeforce (Chrom x Sumia) Morgan: Any male-exclusive skill (preferably Wrath) and Vengeance (Ryan x Tharja) Owain: Galeforce and Aptitude (Lissa x Donnel) Kjelle: Aegis and Hit Rate +20 (Sully x Stahl) Laurent: Tomefaire and Acrobat (Miriel x Henry) Cynthia: Galeforce and Aether (Sumia x Chrom) Brady: Galeforce and Swordbreaker (Maribelle x Lon'qu) Yarne: Lancebreaker and Pavise (Panne x Frederick) Severa: Galeforce and Luna (Cordelia x Kellam) Nah: Swordbreaker and Aegis (Nowi x Ricken) Noire: Tomebreaker and Counter (Tharja x Ryan) Inigo: Galeforce and Swordfaire (Olivia x Gaius) Gerome: Swordbreaker and Bowbreaker (Cherche x Virion)
  6. So, I got Awakening for Christmas, and I've been playing it almost nonstop. I'm currently up to Chapter 11, and I'm already planning my child units. For my first playthrough, I decided to go in semi-blind and not worry too much about the best combinations of skills. I wanna save eugenics for my second playthrough, or whenever I or my mom has enough money for the DLC. I'm playing Normal/Classic, and it's already pretty easy, so I don't wanna ruin it even more by making overpowered war babies. I'm just planning pairings that I think would work well from a character standpoint and/or be funny. Even so, I still want to improve my children's battle performance somewhat and acquaint myself with how inheritance works by passing on skills that their parents learn through their normal class progression. What skills should each parent have in their bottom slot before beginning the child paralogues that they can unlock without excessive grinding and with minimal to no reclassing? For context, here are my planned couples along with their current/default classes: Chrom (Great Lord) x Sumia (Dark Flier) Ryan (My Unit; Tactician) x Tharja (Dark Mage) Sully (Cavalier) x Stahl (Cavalier) Lissa (War Cleric) x Lon'qu (Myrmidon) Nowi (Manakete) x Donnel (Mercenary) Panne (Taguel) x Gregor (Mercenary) Maribelle (Troubadour) x Vaike (Barbarian) Cordelia (Pegasus Knight) x Kellam (Armour Knight) Miriel (Mage) x Henry (Dark Mage) Olivia (Dancer) x Gaius (Thief) Cherche (Wyvern Rider) x Virion (Archer) So, what skills can be obtained without too much effort that are worth passing down? I've already got some figured out. For example, I know I want Lucina to inherit Galeforce from Sumia because it's such a broken skill, I'm planning to give Nah Aptitude so her growth rates become absurdly high, I want Brady to have Despoil to help get some extra gold once he promotes to War Monk, and Armsthrift seems like it'd be a good skill for Yarne because it might help save money on Beaststones. I'd appreciate some input on what naturally-learned skills are worth passing down. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I wanted to try a run with Witch Rinkah, no skillbuying for her, reclass as soon as My Castle is accessible, and Malig Knight/Wyvern lord Felicia (wen for Malig knight for magic growth but might end in wyvern lord with magic weapons). Well, doing that on hard in BR, and so far it's very easy, Rinkah has approximately the same defence as average Silas, enough speed to double every ennemy except swordies/thieves/ninjas, average mag (although with witch base mag she has about the same magic as Orochi, while having more HP, def and way more speed). So we have a hard hitting magic unit with cavalier level defensive abilities, free tonic/potions seeking to save money, and she kills everything except anti mage units in 1 round. Felicia has average strength and def with above average magic and resist compared with similar units, early access to str+2, lv 10 wyvern skill to switch places, savage blow, soon trample, giving her 7 physical damage vs non mounted ennemies and 5 magic damage. She can also get rally def whenever I switch her to wyvern lord and then sword breaker for easy axe berserk. I also picked up Setsuna, don't know which class she's gonna go into, maybe ninja after lv 10 archer for quick draw and more strength/def/HP so she can pick locks and poison strike. I guess she makes a good master ninja/mechanist depending on what you want her to do (mechanist allowing her to use her bow rank and stronger weapon type is nice too with bonus movement being quite useful in some situations with BR open maps). I also found out how useful it was to pair Hinoka with Setsuna in their intro map since Setsuna can double and tank mages and double onis with Hinoka backpack (she 3HKOs the onis in this chapter at base). Don't know who I'm gonna use on top of them. MU is really stat screwed (only stats that got more than 2/3 level ups at lv 8 were HP and strength, making him/her a fighter with swords and dragonstone...with Charlotte level defensive stats and Silas/Effie level speed, so I'm not using MU outside Felicia backpack, which he does well anyway). I like the vanguard and Lodestar skins so I might use some males with DLC classes. Just don't know which ones are gonna be the chosen ones. Now I let you suggest things to try since I've largely seen in my diverse playthroughs that weird class paths often make the best units. Who should get lodestar in your opinion? The class is really poor growths-wise and sword locked, a poor man's swordmaster/master of arms.
  8. Welcome to Fire Emblem 7 Pick My Edits: Pink Suit Edition! What started as an excuse to practice ROM hacking and figure out if Assassins pick up desert items became a full PME run by a single vote (see below). Now, not only will I be doing a run of Hector Hard Mode with a "horribly mutilated team" of units in suggested reclasses, but even the game itself will be horribly mutilated with all manner of silly edits. How this works is that, for each character, I will be assigning them a new class as well as adjusting their growth rates. Their new growth rates will be their original growth rates, minus the generic growth rates for their original class, plus the generic growth rates for their new base class. I'll also be adjusting their weapon ranks and equipment to match their new classes. Editing their bases is not necessary- because of how a character's base stats are determined, changing their class is enough to accomplish that. I'll try to use as many characters as I can, but I can't make any promises because A) I cannot recruit both Karel and Harken, and B) I am not very good at video games, even the turn based RPG ones, so I may find myself reverting to a core team of powerhouses. Every character has already been reclassed, but other edit suggestions are still welcome. These suggestions can be of any kind. Changes to weapon stats, putting new items in different locations, having Dorcas start out poisoned (this is something someone suggested and that I'm doing by the way), or simply giving things new silly names or other cosmetic changes. Unit Reclasses: Marcus (Paladin -> Assassin) @AnonymousSpeed Lyn (Lord -> Pirate) @Florete Rebecca (Archer -> Wyvern Rider) @Ether Geitz (Warrior -> Paladin) @eclipse Jaffar (Assassin -> Druid) @eclipse Renault (Bishop -> General) @eclipse Dorcas (Fighter -> Pegasus Knight) @Michelaar Vaida (Wyvern Lord -> Blade Lord) @Joe Cool Bartre -> Bardtre (Fighter -> Bard) @ping Heath -> Feath (Wyvern Rider -> Thief) @ping Canas -> Can-ass (Shaman -> Knight) @ping Eliwood -> Eligood (Lord -> Monk) @Dayni Louise -> LOffise (Sniper -> Sage) @Dayni Hector -> Hectorino (Lord -> Knight) @silveraura25 Wil (Archer -> Thief) @HTAS Serra -> Serra-sama (Cleric -> Wyvern Rider) @HTAS Nino (Mage -> Mercenary) @garbaeg Lowen -> Lordwen (Cavalier -> Hector Lord) @Hylian Air Force Matthew (Thief -> Archer) @Kubson Wallace (Knight -> Fighter) @Kubson Ninian (Dancer -> Mercenary) @Kubson Harken (Hero -> Berserker) @Kubson Erk (Mage -> Soldier) @Tuvy Lucius (Monk -> Fighter) @Ruminant Farina (Pegasus Knight -> Mage) @Ruminant Pent to OnPent (Sage -> Sniper) @Shiinoobi Fiora (Pegasus Knight -> Dancer) @Pengaius Guy -> Dude (Myrmidon -> Cavalier) @Pengaius Nils (Bard -> Priest) @Pengaius Athos -> Sohta (Archsage -> Magic Seal) @Pengaius Dart (Pirate -> Myrmidon) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Kent (Cavalier -> Cleric) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Isadora -> I a soard (Paladin -> Swordmaster) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Karla (Swordmaster-> Archsage) @Dinkiniensis Pontifex Sain (Cavalier -> Mercenary) @saucegoblin Rath (Nomad -> Pegasus Knight) @RexBolt Eligault (Thief -> Eliwood Lord) @RexBolt OsWing (Knight -> Wyvern Rider) @Interdimensional Observer Karel -> Kareling (Swordmaster -> Valkyrie) @Interdimensional Observer Florina (Pegasus Knight -> Cavalier) @Koumal8 Raven (Mercenary -> Shaman [F]) @Koumal8 Priscilla (Troubadour -> Nomad) @Garlyle Hawkeye (Berserker -> Nomad Trooper) @Garlyle Other Edits: If you'd like to play along or otherwise share in this experience, I'll be releasing several patches. One will just be the unit reclasses, while I'll be playing with the "complete" patch. Original Opening Post: Original Poll Questions and Responses:
  9. I'm nearly at the halfway point of conquest (i'm at the cheve chapter) and i'm actually wondering who to use my great lord seal (either camilla or azura, leaning more towards azura since she needs some stats) and that actually got me thinking: What classes did you guys go for when reclassing characters? (Avatars, units, etc)
  10. Man, I'm in such a "share my opinions" mood lately! Anywho, this is my personal thoughts on reclassing and grinding. Now let me get the lesser of the two out of the way...grinding. At first I wasn't too fond of it, especially with Awakening and Fates, but after a while...I realized, I...actually don't have too much of an issue with it. It's been in the series since, well, the arena was introduced. Not only that, I enjoy grinding the arena in the GBA games, and for Sacred Stones, while I personally try to keep it to minimum, I never found it too much of an issue. Sure you have more freedom to do so in Awakening and Fates, but it's just as part of series as a lot of other things(it has RPG in SRPG for goodness sake, it can't help it )! Thinking about it, the issue really came from the other main topic...Reclassing. Ok, I'm gonna be blunt here. Reclassing is kinda broken in my eyes. Even though Fates tried to fine tune things, it's still kinda a broken system as a whole. It allows you to grind and grind and grind till you get all the stats and skills you want. It kinda breaks the game...but not in "fun" kind of way. Especially since some skills are kinda broken all on their own. For example(and I know Awakening wasn't as fine tuned and was experimenting with this new thing), Counter was BROKEN since ALL physical attacks deal back the damage dealt to a unit. All you need to do is reclass a unit multiple times to raise their resistance to a high degree, stick a bow on them, and you have a unit that's pretty much untouchable in almost every sense of the word! Galeforce lets you move again if you kill another unit(it's pretty much the #1 skill in Awakening because almost EVERYONE goes for that skill)! I don't need to say more on that. Nuff said. In Fates, Replicate lets you make 1 copy of yourself, pretty much making another unit to control...another skill I probably don't to elaborate how broken that can get. The seal skills, all of them can make your foes so feeble. Lethality, for both games, seeing it's possible for a one hit kill...hopefully I've made a point here. Now to be fair, the skills aren't the main issue, it's that it's pretty easy for most units to access these skills! To bring up Sacred Stones again for a second, while you could grind to your hearts content, you could only grind till level 20/20 and then you were done since you could go any higher then that and you couldn't change your class and start again from level 01 or Level 20/01 with most of your previous stats intact. Sure it made the game easier to break, but not to the levels of Awakening and Fates. So...why do I care? Its optional, so it shouldn't be such a big deal, right? Well, like I said, it breaks the game to no end. That and, I know it's an extra feature but, facing others in MyCastle and Wireless battles(or Streetpass battles from Awakening) means I have to deal with that almost all the time! I'm the kind of guy that prefers to keep everyone in their main classes and keep their main skills. However, everyone online has such powerful skills that I either have to pray for a miracle or hope that I fight someone who stuck to the original character classes and skills like me in order to win/stand a chance! I mean, why use tactics when having the best skills on almost every character can get the job done all on it's own! And that's another issue...originality. Reclassing kinda makes some characters lose some of the uniqueness they may have had. It also kind of in turns makes them more like numbers then relateable people(although that's kinda more prominent in Awakening honestly. It's still in Fates, but maybe not as much). I don't hate reclassing, but it's quite unbalanced. Even with Fates, it's pretty bad. I know it can help some characters to do better(because some characters like Felicia can kinda lose steam halfway through the game), but that isn't the most likely reason people like(or use) reclassing. If they have something like streetpass or Mycastle or wireless battles in FE15, my enthusiastic drops when I consider how little chances I have when everyone can grind stats and skills to be the best...again. That's just how I feel about it though... ...so, any thoughts? Agree, disagree, do my opinions suck ? Tell me your thoughts(if you want). I'm curious to see what others think!
  11. Okay. So recently someone posted a thread asking which class path should they take with a particular character. And after posting in that thread, I realized something: that's actually pretty important, because I've played this game so many times now and that trips ME up as well. So this thread is here for any questions or suggestions related to how and when you should promote/reclass characters and in what order. Just one rule though: before we start launching into the complex world of second gen, let's sort out as much of the first as we can, okay? Also, I have the Spotpass Six listed, but they're really kind of optional unless we get a hold of some experts in those fields... same with the Anna section, since they can only marry the Avatar and that's the only time most would bother messing around with reclassing for them. Excellent! I'll add a few myself to get started. Chrom Offensive Build: Lord 20 > Cavalier 10 > Paladin 15+ > Great Knight 15 > Great Lord 20+ (courtesy of my sister) Support Build: Lord 20 > Cavalier 10 > Great Knight 15 > Sniper 15 > Bow Knight 20+ (by me) Lissa Offensive/Support Build: Cleric 10 > Sage 15 > Dark Flier 15 > Valkyrie 15 > Sage/War Cleric 20+ (by me) Frederick Sully Virion Vaike Offensive Build: Fighter 20 >> Hero 20 > Dread Fighter 30 > Berserker 16+ > [optional: Warrior 20+] (courtesy of Meteor) Stahl Offensive Build: Cavalier 10 > Dread Fighter 16 > Myrmidon 10+ >> Swordmaster 16+ > Great Knight 16+ > Paladin 20+ (courtesy of Meteor) Support Build: Cavalier 10 > Great Knight 15 > Swordmaster 15 > Sniper 15 > Bow Knight 20+ (by me) Miriel Kellam Sumia Lon'qu Offensive Build: Myrmidon 10 > Dread Fighter 16 > Wyvern Rider 10+ >> Griffon Rider 16+ > Swordmaster 20+ (courtesy of Meteor) Donnel Offensive Build: Villager 10 > Dread Fighter 16 > Mercenary 10+ >> Hero 20+ (courtesy of Meteor) Ricken Offensive Build: Mage 10 > Cavalier 10 > Great Knight 10+ > Paladin 15 > Dark Knight 15 > Sage 20+ (by me) Maribelle Gaius Panne Cordelia Gregor Nowi Libra Tharja Olivia Cherche Henry Offensive Build: Dark Mage 10 > Thief 10 > Trickster 15 > Dark Knight 15 > Assassin 10+ > Sorcerer 20+ (by me, but this one was obvious. :P) Anna Say'ri Offensive Build: Swordmaster 15 > Dark Flier 15 > Griffon Rider 15 > Wyvern Lord 15 > Swordmaster 20+ (by me) Tiki Basilio Flavia Walhart Yen'fay Emmeryn Aversa Gangrel Priam Discuss/suggest/request away!
  12. Ever since buying skills has become a thing, I've noticed a lack of interesting character reclassing in Fates. Everyone is either a Swordmaster, Master Ninja, or a Nohr/Hoshido Noble. Which is fine! Those classes are common for a reason! But I'm curious to hear if anyone did something different. Like making Effie into a healer, or making Kaze into a samurai. I, for example, made my Avatar an Outlaw with +Luck/-Skill.
  13. I'm Currently trying to build some decent bond units. A tricky challenge and i tought i had everything figured out. I don't know why, but ond units are incapable of learning skills from themselves. since reclassing my bond unit would not allow them to return to the class they started in (the one i want them to be >.>). I figured i could obtain all the skills from their available classes by following this process. (i do not know why this doesn't work) Create a save with the unaltered units in their basic class on the unit roster of that playthrough. (so as not to lose them if a mistake was made) Create a second save to power level the unit through the class line and obtain the skills. Update the unit's logbook entry with the new skills. Return to the first save file and learn the the skill from the reclassed/trained unit. Update the logbook entry with the original unit that also has the skills. this would leave the heart seal options available. repeat the process for the remaining class lines. aqcuiring all available/desired skills. final update of logbook entry. purchase the unit on the desired playthrough. (Ghostly Grind... err Gold.) Seemed pretty solid to me. are the bond units able to learn skills from their own entries in the logbook? any information would be appreciated. I did snoop around for this topic, no luck. In case i missed it, please link me to the topic.
  14. Let's say you are a level 40 Great Knight and you use a Parallel Seal to make yourself a Brave Hero. Would you gain the skills Sol, Axebreaker, Patient Assurance, and Stubborness?
  15. I'm really intested in seeing pictures of Fates characters in classes outside their default trees. In particular, I'd like to see how they look in their natural reclass option(s), as well as ones that are completely unfitting to the character (say, fighters as mages and mages as fighters, for example), as I'd feel that would be good for a laugh. In addition, I would like to see what male Kamui looks like as a Mercenary, Fighter, Bow Knight, Hero, and Berserker. I'm thinking of taking either Mercenary or Fighter as my secondary class tree, but I'd like to see how Kamui looks in those classes first. Also, I would like to see Felicia, Sakura, and Matoi in those classes too if it's not too much trouble. I'm planning on marrying one of those three and I'm aware that Kamui can share his/her secondary class tree with his/her wife/husband. I'd like to see female Kanna in those classes too, if possible. If anyone can take the time to help me, I'd greatly appreciate it.
  16. So I've been debating what Cordelia's final class should be. See, Sumia, who I constantly compare her to, is a more supportive class for me, with the Skill Set of: Lancefaire, Dual Guard+/Luna, Limit Breaker, Iote's Shield, and Renewal/Galeforce. I'll swap Dual Guard+ and Renewal out for Luna and Galeforce when she's not a supportive role, aka not someone's partner in Pair Up. (Which, with Chrom being the leader, is rare mind you) Overall, with Cordelia's generous Skill Set, regardless of her final class I'll have Iote's Shield, Limit Breaker, Armsthrift, Galeforce and... I'm debating between Sol and Lifetaker, but I'll decide when the time comes. So, at first glance, she's obviously more aggressive than Sumia, and that's how I plan to use her. Thing is, I'm keeping Sumia as a Falcon Knight, no question, but odd thing is, Sumia would be better as a Dark Flier, and Cordelia better as a Falcon Knight. It's funny, too, as I'm leaning toward Cordelia being a Dark Flier. The reason for this is due to, again, her flexibility to be aggressive, and with Armsthrift the idea of wielding Tomes won't go to waste. (On a side note, if I decide on Cordelia being a Falcon Knight, the skillset involving Bowbreaker and Tomebreaker, replacing Iote's Shield and Sol/Lifetaker is appealing) So, any ideas? Suggestions?
  17. Can anyone who's played the game and is experienced with the game mechanics help me with this question? Let's say I want to optimize my units in-game as much as possible. When would I begin to reclass, disregarding skills (because that just makes everything more complicated and I'd rather have this questions answered first). For example, let's say I want Sakura to end up as a War Priestess, but I want to make sure she maxes her stats as much as possible before reaching 20/20. Should I switch her class to Pegasus Warrior early on to help cap her speed/strength? What would be a general rule for reclassing in order to max stats? Or is there none, and am I just being overly simple? If you'd like to say something about reclassing for skills too, please do! Any information is appreciated :)
  18. Alright guys, I have an old MMU file that I... got bored with because it's Normal and I'm getting the hang of Hard Mode. However, I am unwilling to overwrite it because it's been blessed with a bunch of perfect levels and lots of nice items, I'm sentimental that way. It's at Chapter 16, no kids except Lucina recruited, which then gave me a fun idea to finish this off. Mug some vegetarian Risen, buy about Grima's weight in Second Seals... RECLASS EVERYONE. And I want suggestions to make this as ridiculous as possible. I don't care how good or bad they'd be at their new jobs. Also no one has touched a second seal prior to this. My only rule is this if anyone makes a list: Up to three people can be in the same class, but they can't all be the same gender. (Ex. If Gaius and Stahl are Myrmidons, Sully can become a Myrmidon, but Gregor cannot.) That means for gender-restricted classes, up to two can be that class. EVERYONE'S FATE (Chosen ones in bold) Chrom: Archer / Cavalier Frederick: Knight / Wyvern Rider Lissa: Troubadour / Pegasus Knight Sully: Myrmidon / Wyvern Rider Virion: Mage / Wyvern Rider Vaike: Thief / Barbarian Stahl: Myrmidon / Archer Miriel: Cleric / Dark Mage Sumia: Knight / Cleric Kellam: Priest / Thief Lon'qu: Wyvern Rider / Thief Ricken: Archer / Cavalier Maribelle: Mage / Pegasus Knight Panne: Wyvern Rider / Thief Gaius: Fighter / Myrmidon Cordelia: Dark Mage / Mercenary Nowi: Mage / Wyvern Rider Gregor: Barbarian / Myrmidon Libra: Mage / Dark Mage Tharja: Archer / Knight Olivia: Pegasus Knight / Myrmidon Cherche: Cleric / Troubadour Henry: Thief / Barbarian Donnel: Fighter / Mercenary Anna: Archer / Mage
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