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  1. Right, I forget, Engage doesn´t have Weapon Durability? In that case, let her have a Mag + Res + Lck% chance to upgrade a Tome weapon once per map and if fully upgraded change the tome upwards. (so Wind+5 has a chance to become Elwind etc.)
  2. Minerva - Whitewing Ward: Flying Units negate Bow weakness. (I guess you could call it Iote Shield, but Whitwing Ward sounds better imo.) Merric should grant a bonus for Wind Magic and Linde should have Light mag- oh. Well, let her ring give a not insignifcant chance to not consume a weapon charge and a lesser chance to restore one (effect limited on a per map basis). Ogma could do something with Smash weapons, or sword weight in general, man is built like a brickhouse after all.
  3. I prefer using the FE names abbreviated, with the exception of Sacred Stones and Silver Snow, for that is an abbreviation I´ll never use. Other than that, I think numbers are just as fine, I don´t think it´s particularly difficult to understand what they refer to, are in my opinion more clear in regard to Binding and Blazing Blade and frankly, if you have an interest in a fandom it´s not demanding too much as well as just being a sign of interest to know them. Only thing I don´t like is using abbreviations like BinBla, BlaBla and whatever else someone may use - may as well write the full thing. I also think BS Emblem is too obscure to be counted (and devoid of actual playable content, like, 4 maps?), Heroes is too different and Tokyo Mirage and Three Hopes don´t belong in the FE-verse for differing-gameplay-reasons and they´re only really sharing the names of characters.
  4. Ah, but you see, they make you play more Fire Emblem, and you enjoy playing Fire Emblam, thus they are actually extremely good, yes? *taps forehead* Let´s change it to Glorious Influental Person of the Presumably Good People. Actually, scratch the good, that too carries implications and change it to Glorious Influental Person of the Blue Units. ... then again, colourblind people are gonna hate this one. Damn.
  5. Not an unpopular opinion, more like one no one ever though of (and why would they, kek): Frailty isn´t a category to a player who resets and neither are gameovers. Boom, just like that Nyx got better... if she had a hitrate, lmao. Edit: Actually, Robin is the worst Lord, because they make everyone else look bad. Well, except my Main Man Freddy.
  6. I remember there being some profound discussion (maybe not, I might be fantasizing) about the meaning and intent behind achievements and unless it´s been mentioned already, they probably also exist because developers want you to try out shit in their game (I´ve heard of some stupid set ups and decisions in grand strategy games, that no normal person would otherwise willingly do), as well as a "HAHAHAHA you have found the extremely hidden ultra secret interaction of which only Dave the Intern and his Supervisor knows! Mwahahahahah" - or something along those lines. Not that I´d have any reference for that.
  7. Capturable unit. Which chapter? Paralogue 22? I´m completely stumped here and I can´t find anything on a capturable unit called Nina and your list doesn´t have a pic attached to the capturable character. Edit: Nvm, it´s just randomized names lol. Prisoner - Fire Emblem Wiki
  8. Good company IS, beating the Slime Incest Hentai Allegations.
  9. Adalbert, Albrecht (I´m guessing Albert is the english variation), Leopold, Ernst, Gottfried, Werner, Hartmann, Egon, Klemens, Karl, Maximilian, Demetrius, Ludwig, Wilhelm, Ruprecht, Hans, Peter, Ulrich, Wilhelm/-ina, Andrea/-s Agnes, Elisabeth, Gertrude, Theodor/-a, Margarethe (Margaret?), Hedwig, Eleonore, Isabella, Silvia (since we´ve already had a Rhea) Have we had an Aurelia yet? I mean, there is Aurelis, which isn´t a character, but no Aurelia to my knowledge. Edit: Kornelius, Francesco (I´m guessing Franz), Ladislaus, Olga, Boris, Vivianne
  10. A lot of things would be good, if they were done properly. Grumpy Muppet-ishness aside, I think such a "mechanic" would be better used to facilitate the movement of an army - scouts moving out and returning with information about enemies or escorting characters, even potential recruits or the common lad contribuiting his coin to the wee princes coffers in exchange fro safe travel with an army, characters like Anna being out and about haggling with other merchants and bringing home good deals rather than being a tacky multiverse reference, soldiers moving out and about to secure supplies, equipment and somesuch, which could then be elaborated upon in a Chapter6x, 7x etc fashion - side missions if you will, baked into an overarching time system influencing the overall amount of ressources your march procures versus the preparedness of the enemy. Nothing against having the undeployed sidepieces gain a free level or two, to keep them competitive with the rest of the superstars. Beyond that, if the game suddenly has me deploy all my units in a map for the purpose of unique split army shenaniganising then a lot of these unused scrubs will die, which technically I´m okay with, but also, not really. And frankly, I find it difficult to care for the ceaseless yapping of FE characters in any case, I´m sure as hell not going out of my way to know what woodcutter #3 has to say about a war he most certainly doesn´t have the understanding for, beyond the coin in his purse, worsened still if the supports conform to the "new" FE standard that is the endless attempts at making people shippable.
  11. Not played LiP, but from what I´ve seen an been told it´s more so Sekiro with tighter deflect timings. But yeah, obviously *puts on thinking cap*, skillissue, git gud and to top it off... You cheated not only the game, but yourself. You didn't grow. You didn't improve. You took a shortcut and gained nothing. You experienced a hollow victory. Nothing was risked and nothing was gained. It's sad that you don't know the difference.
  12. Played through and beat the Elden Ring DLC. Modest Spoilers ahead, I suppose? The whole thing was... a mixed bag for me to be frank, though on the positive side over all. The new "area" if we wanna call it that, keeping in mind that it´s a pretty large addition offers a lot of fun "How do I get there" moments, where Fromsoft shows you where you COULD be... but aren´t yet. Certainly, the exploration was the highlight of this DLC for me and the shaman puzzle had me feel downright proud of myself for having gathered the little piece necessary to solve it, obvious as the puzzle felt however. Areas being too empty is an understandable criticism, though I think the only area that needed more was the stretch of field with nothing but dogs before the Shadow Keep... all the other areas either have good reason to be empty and I think it adds to the overall feel of it (that being the Abyssal Woods and Jagged Peak) while in others Fromsoft has you running around like a headless chicken, finding items, dungeons or cookbooks... yeah, woohoo for cookbooks. In terms of enemies... I could be wrong, but I don´t think there are that many new enemies actually... neither from the base game, nor from prior Fromsoft games? The Horned Warriors seem to be a Gundyr reskin with obviously more moves, the Ariandel flies are back, the Yhorm chapel KKK gang is back... I can only really think of 2 enemies that haven´t existed in ER as such and felt truly new, not counting bosses, of which some become regular enemies, in good old Fromsoft fashion. The bosses... I think most people would consider bosses to be the "meat" of a Souls-like, where the players mechanics are put to the test and what not... I didn´t really enjoy the bosses all that much and felt too many of them had attack strings that go on for too long, too many instantanious gap closers, ludicrous AoE and the final boss is, quite literally, too flashy for me - I wasn´t ever really sure which move would come out next, which makes reacting correctly difficult. Though his grab attack is interesting and kinda a cool idea. That being said, if my build wasn´t an obstinate STR build, I may have found some bosses more interesting to fight, but as it stands I don´t belong in the group of people who consider learning a bosses moveset a life altering experience (in a positive kind of way) and instead my madness meter goes up everytime I get caught in a combo.
  13. I´m aware thus the "more" in the statement. And HP Tonics can´t be used by enemies... at least, I´m not aware of any enemies with said items. Oh yeah, staves with such an effect would be cool too.
  14. We ought to have more consumables that adds additional HP regardless of exisiting Max HP, proactively rather than vulneraries/elixirs that are only used when you need your healers offence or don´t have a physic staff yet. It´d also be better for the AI, since their item usage never amounts to more than "run maximum distance from the enemy and chug a vuln"... and still be in range and a 1HKO for any competent flier (stares at SoV).
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