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Found 7 results

  1. Character sheet! Current Chapter List: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 2x Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 4 (Continued) Chapter 4: A Royal Headache (Continued) [spoiler=Nefarious]"Sir, I've returned," she said, heading into the dimly lit office space, and coming up to the desk. She hung her head and scowled. "You failed then, did you? What of the new bodies? Where are they?" He didn't lift his head, simply continuing to watch his quill write, making sure it was taking his thoughts down properly. "They were... Disposed of. A group of mercenaries made short work of them. I do not think they would have made able bodies, if they were dealt with so quickly." She tried to excuse her failure, hoping it would slide. "Then, since you survived, I suppose you would make an able body?" He asked, glancing ever so slightly towards her face, which was now turning from shame to fear. "Sir, I, I-I've always done my best to help you... Please. One more chance. I have a feeling they'll be making their way here. Their leader questioned me about the note that was left. I am sure such powerful people would jump at the chance to explore the unknown. If they come here, you'll have more bodies than you'd ever need for your work." She smiled a bit, trying to hide that fear. Much to her pleasure, he looked back down at his paper. There are never enough. His face twinged with anger for a moment, but settled back into apathy. "I suppose," he mumbled, "but you will go to meet them, and see if you can take care of them before they reach the castle. I don't want to have to clean up any messes inside. It would make the current subjects rather... Unruly. You don't want that. I don't want that." "Yes, sir. Of course." She bowed slightly, and thanked the stars for her luck, despite having to go back out into that cold. Even if it meant giving her life, there was no way she was dying on a testing bed. ---------- The morning after came slowly for everyone, Makin, Ingverd and Vriska included. Despite normally being an early riser, presumably, having extra heat in the bed made Makin sleep a lot longer than she wanted to, even if there was no rush to leave quickly. She collected her things and herself, and yawned her way into the foyer, hoping the mercenaries would be ready and raring to get walking. And as inviting as the couch looked, to sit on while waiting, she decided that it would be best to stand and wait. She might've fallen back asleep if she had. Someone else was already awake, though, and getting their wagon ready. Isabelle was outside, brushing her horse, and making sure the reins were attached properly. Perhaps she didn't seem like one to be proactive, but when it came to making sure her own properties were in check, she was always on top of the ball. She'd even made space for some of the mercenaries to sit if they got tired of walking for too long. She wasn't entirely inconsiderate. As long as they didn't talk to her... Ingverd had woken up after Makin, but was far slower in his getting ready to leave than her, still fiddling with clothes and his weapons. Part of him really wanted to stay here longer. Maybe with more effort and time he could make a real impact on the place, rise through the city guard by fighting and working at the arena, get close to Marius, make a difference... But it seemed all so unrealistic, if Marius himself was still unable to make a change from the inside, with all his influence. And then there was Valha... Things had taken a turn for the better, at least in his mind, but he didn't know how to make them go any further. Was she even ready for that? Was he? He didn't know. Playing around was easy; you just didn't get attached, but now that he had... Well, new emotions are difficult to deal with, even for adults. He sighed. He got dressed. He wandered downstairs. "Morning, elf," Makin said with a wry smile. "You seem tired. Not much sleep?" "I suppose you got a lot... No, not really," Ingverd responded seriously. "Too much on my mind. Hopefully some old fashioned mercenary work will help clear it up. I need to get the blood flowing back up here so I can think straight." "Oh... Well, I hope you get the chance to." Makin was a bit surprised. Almost disappointed, too. She'd sort of wanted some of his witty banter to wake herself up more, but if he really wasn't feeling it, she'd have to wait for the rest of the mercs to wake up. Someone could provide, she was sure. Wonder what's on his mind that's got him this shaken up. Might be the town. Wouldn't be surprised... All the while, Vriska continued to snore.
  2. So, Donny is blessed, in my opinion, with Armsthrift, which is a skill I smack on any unit who can get it. Literally. But that's just about all he has going for him. For a skillset, I'm looking at Bowbreaker, Axebreaker, Sol, Limit Breaker, and Armsthrift. I don't really like the idea of Counter, because in the few situations where it's been useful, it's killed the enemy, robbing me of my precious EXP. :< But I also don't like the idea for Donny to have Aggressor, Resistance +10, mainly because I have far too many units with those skills, and I can't picture the idea of Donnel being... aggressive. Whatever, are there any other options that I should consider? *winces* +5 HP? Also, I plan on having him Father Brady, but that's a skillset for another day. ^-^
  3. So after reading the character descriptions from this LP (near the bottom of the page), I decided to try my hand at doing something similar myself, only with FE13... because I was bored and had nothing better to do. I was only bored enough to do descriptions for the Gen Wunderkins, apparently. I probably think the descriptions are more witty and clever than they actually are (and some of them I don't even get anymore), but that's how it goes when you have an overinflated ego (which is why I made these thread because that ego was cruising for a bruising). Also Euklyd helped me with 99% of these, so props. Anyways, keep in mind that the descriptions are not entirely serious (although I'd like to think that they're fairly accurate :3), so don't feel offended if your favorite character didn't get the optimal description (and more importantly, don't spend pages arguing about it here). That being said, if there's anything you feel that can be changed or improved (or you just don't get a description, feel free to mention it (or just leave your general comments, that works too). Just as long as you're not expecting a quality answer, of course! CHROM: The heroic, well-respected lord. Bit of a hypocrite. AVATAR: The charismatic, amnesiac tactician. Bit of a player. LISSA: The perky, tomboyish cleric. Bit of a brat. FREDERICK: The no-nonsense, Chromosexual great knight. Bit of a pyromaniac. SULLY: The foul-mouthed, straightforward cavalier. Bit of a tryhard. VIRION: The clever, womanizing archer. Bit of a legend. STAHL: The helpful, perpetually hungry cavalier. Bit of a bro. VAIKE: The confident, absent-minded fighter. Bit of an egomaniac. MIRIEL: The methodical, perfectionist mage. Bit of a nerd. SUMIA: The ditzy, kindhearted pegasus knight. Bit of a hate magnet. DONNEL: The incompetent, peculiar-speaking villager. Bit of a pothead. LON'QU: The unsociable, woman-fearing myrmidon. Bit of a hunk. RICKEN: The endearing, animal-loving mage. Bit of a shota. MARIBELLE: The proud, sophisticated troubadour. Bit of an elitist. GAIUS: The calm, relatable thief. Bit of a sugar-fiend. PANNE: The independent, apathetic taguel. Bit of a xenophobe. CORDELIA: The hard working, beautiful pegasus knight. Bit of an eidolon. GREGOR: The mature, easy-going mercenary. Bit of a swell sword. NOWI: The energetic, childish manakete. Bit of a pedobait. LIBRA: The calm, attentive war monk. Bit of a zealot. THARJA: The sadistic, self-centered dark mage. Bit of a stalker. ANNA: The friendly, iconic trickster. Bit of a con artist. OLIVIA: The antisocial, talented dancer. Bit of an exhibitionist. CHERCHE: The loyal, composed wyvern rider. Bit of a dragonkin. HENRY: The cheerful, cruel dark mage. Bit of a punslinger. SAY'RI: The determined, old-fashioned swordmaster. Bit of a nonentity. TIKI: The naive, revered manakete. Bit of a deadbeat. BASILIO: The quirky, badass warrior. Bit of a possum. FLAVIA: The brave, informal hero. Bit of a sore loser. PRIAM: The sociable, powerhungry hero. Bit of a throwback.
  4. http://www.feplanet.net/sprites-tools-statsheet WHY IS IT DOWN?! **weeps**
  5. So I came up with this weird idea in math last week. What if we did a draft with classes instead of units. Eventually I came up with this the weirdest draft ever. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Great lord, Grandmaster,Dread fighter, bride, and Dancer are free for all to use. 3. The game will be played on Hard Mode Classic. 4. The last round of drafting is reversed. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may: pair up with undrafted units and trade with undrafted/drafted units (but must not be in range of a drafted unit when battling) 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to: pairing up with drafted units, meatshielding, healing and supporting with drafted units. 3. NPC units may do as they please without penalty. 4. Paralogues are optional and are free up to 10 turns. 5. Challenge battles are banned. You may have undrafted units clear a challenge battle to shop, though any items obtained must be discarded/cannot be used or sold. 6. Map shopping is allowed, excluding items sold from Anna Merchant shops. 7. Mothers are drafted with their children, but are drafted at the same time as the rest of the units. 8. Use of items obtained from event tiles, the barracks and renown items are banned. 9. Use of DLC and Spotpass (including Free Content) is strictly prohibited. (See below) 10. Forging is allowed. 11. Renown is allowed up to the large bullion. 12. Each DLC is optional with the exception of the golden pack and is free up to 10 turns Extra: 1. The Rescue staff can only be used once per turn. 2. A unit that activates Galeforce may not move. Taking another action with Galeforce other than using a healing item is worth a penalty of 10 turns. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units performing any disallowed action is worth a penalty of 4 turns, 2. Undrafted units pairing up with drafted units is worth a penalty of 20 turns instead. Exceptions: 1. Ricken and Maribelle are freein Ch.5. 2. Nowi and Gregor are free for Ch.8. Teams: Bearclaw: paladin, dark knight, battle cleric, swordmaster, bow knight, villager Dragon: Great Knight, wyvern lord, sage, manakete, berserker, sniper Horace: falcon knight, griffon rider, trickster, taguel, sorcerror, Valkyrie Randa: hero, warrior, dark flyer, lodestar, assassin, general Classes remaining Basically you draft a promoted class and any unit that is in a class that can promote into that clas or any unit that comes in that class can be used. (You can also use three second seals to get characters into those classes.
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