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Found 17 results

  1. Hello everyone! Ya boi Arden here. So I'm making an FE4-style hack on FEGBAeditor, and I made a bunch of holy weapon sprites for it, and I thought I'd share them all with you! Granted, I'm new at sprite art (like very new) and most of these sprites I made using an incompatible palette and had to drag them through the GBAeditor filter in order to use them in-game, but I hope you all enjoy! I would make a drop box and share them with everyone, but I think I'll wait to make a drop box for the full rom hack. The sprites use different design inspirations. Some are based on their original sprite art, some are based on their concept art, some even use tcg art, although I didn't really use Awakening designs, since I find most of them ugly. I didn't include a Mystletainn sprite cuz I'm still working on it. I don't know why, but I cannot for the life of me make a half-decent looking Mystletainn. Ares is hiding that crap. Pls halp. The List: Balmung uses concept/tcg art, All the magic tomes use in-game sprites, Gae Bolg/ Gungnir use concept art, Helswath uses concept art, Tyrfing is a mix between in-game sprite and concept art, Yewfelle uses in-game sprite, and Valkyrie uses the very specific in-game sprite you see on the holy blood character screen. Edit: Sorry the images are so smol, nothing I can do about that.
  2. I just started playing Genealogy of the Holy War, and I gotta say, I'm loving it. I'm currently up to Chapter 1, and I've already planned my pairings. I know that kids inherit the items in their parents' inventories, and that the only way to trade items is by selling and rebuying them, so item management is much more important than it is in Awakening. I'm just wondering, what items should I give to the parents so their children can perform the best? Here's the pairings I'm planning on doing: Sigurd x Deirdre (obvs) Quan x Ethlyn (also obvs) Lex x Ayra Midir x Aideen Beowulf x Raquesis Lewyn x Erin Azel x Tailte Holyn x Bridget Claude x Sylvia So, what items should each unit have before the end of Chapter 5? I'll use a guide so I know where items like the Brave Axe and Pursuit Ring are located, and I'm planning on buying everything from the armoury that I can, so obtaining the items isn't a problem. Thanks!
  3. I just started playing FE7 and I'm nearing the end of Normal Lyn Mode. I'm wondering if the assets are determined by the items of full price, or if they are halved by this sale equation for shops? What about prices that have decimals in the calculations, are they rounded up or down? I'm wondering because I'm trying to save up for Lyn's White/Blue/Red Gem that she gets when she's recruited in Chapter 15, and if I've already dropped below the wealth threshold, if I did, I might as well use the knight crest & energy ring to my liking. From what I've found what gem you get is determined this way: For reference, I've used the glitch to take Wallace's Knight Crest, and I used the Angelic Robe on Florina since I intend on using her as much as possible. Would using the Knight Crest on my preferred unit (Kent) & using the Energy Ring on who ever needs it be more beneficial or would trying to save up for the gems be more beneficial?
  4. There have been some interesting weapons and items over the course of Fire Emblem history, and I feel like 3H is in a special place as far as weapons and items go, given its departure from 3ds art style and constraints. Geosphere, or something like it (FE11) In Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon, there is an item that deals damage to everyone on the map called the Geosphere. It's 20 Mt damage dealt to all units, and I feel like an item like that could be useful for strategy. Now, 20 Mt might be too much or too little, but I think the idea has some interesting potential uses. Shaver Tome In NMoTE and Shadow Dragon there is the Shaver tome, which aside from being effective on fliers also has the distinction of being what is essentially a "killing tome". I love and hate killer weapons, but I believe that is the point of them. I like the idea of mages being able to crit as well as melee classes. There are many more, but those are my initial hopes to see return. What do you folks want to see come back?
  5. What the title states. What if we could put armour in our unit's inventory and have them give bonus in stats, skills, or status effects. I feel this would really work well with Three Houses and what looks like a pretty big inventory with 7 spaces. Armoured classes can have basic armour with different types (I.e. Iron, Steel, Silver) and there being special armour that give +5 DEF and maybe skills like Pavise. Would that work well?
  6. Hi, I wanted to see if people were thinking the same as me, so I went to look on the net for topics on it, but I didn't find any. Awakening and Fates, the latter even more, are stupid in early game, especially in early game. Why? Because. BECAUSE...: EARLY GAME units simply don't come with any kind of healing items, while ennemies hit as hard if not harder than ever and your units have low bulk and trash avoid, + terrain bonuses went through axe nerfs (literally cut forest avoid bonus in two). You have like 1 potion, 3 uses on 10 hp regen, for 3 chapters, and weak ass healers to patch up for this when heal staves have also been nerfed with an axe in their skull and a stick in their ahole. You have to waste gold on potions if you want some just because you don't get any before long. Remember GBA FEs? 80% of the playable units came with a healing item, sometimes 2 (usually potion+elixir). Were the games easy? NO. You literally need the jaegan in FE6 on the highest difficulty if I must believe people who played it, and he's needed for FE7 (another easy FE) on HHM. SO potions can be given in numbers to the player without lowering difficulty, and actually LET THE PLAYER position his units as he wants, because he doesn't have to protect a weak ass healer who get 2HKOed by E-rank weapons from the 1st chapter till the end of the game. Canto even let your mounted units use items and move again! The game is so malicious it even gives you mid-game skills that you want at any cost in order to change this, because you can't waste much money on healing items when you have to use it after each EP on chokepoints (it also makes it safer than using healers who can be targetted by 2 range ennemies). This is especially true for conquest, where you can't buy 1-2 range staves without visiting castles. In previous games, the sole accumulation of free hp recovery items allowed you to go on without needing to buy any most of the time, meaning: 1. you could heal without putting anyone in danger; 2. you could use your money to buy weapons that broke instead of costing your arms and legs for being unbreakable while having hp recovery; 3. you could still buy it when you were short on it but it was rare. You could also keep a 6 man or more team fully deployed wihout needing to dance for healers to keep up with everyone's 2 hp. Another point is that, unlike in previous games, Fates is NO HP EMBLEM. Which means, seal def or 1 shuriken hit and you're gone within 1 or 2 turns without an ELIXIR. Hell, previous FE games gave you a second healer with a tier 2 staff that had 20 base hp recovery, but Conquest gives you only basic staves forever (I'd gladly trade my 4 uses freeze and 2 uses rescue for 2 tier 2 healing staves any time! ANY TIME biatch! freeze is useless if it can't hold those groups of 3 ennemies coming all at once and abusing attack stance on my 10-14 def units with 17-23 damage EACH, not even talking about the absurd seal def faceless that come from the beginning even in hard difficulty in chapter 7). If I had to compare with my most played game, the easy TSS, it would be like this: << Hey guys, my Franz has been def blessed! he has 9/10 def at level 5 on chapter 2/3! - Don't be too full of yourself, fool. The ennemies in the next chapter hit for 15 damage with 95 accuracy and drop your def by 5. - WHAT THE F!!! - Not a game for casuals, sorry noob! >> All this while forcing you to waste your ridiculously low initial gold into potions if you want to play differently than just going out of your way to protect your healers who have to heal 3 units from all sides of a little but bush heavy map which helps both you and your ennemies tank more hits while being a pain for your healers to keep up while not dying themselves. Final point, promise: 3 uses potion. 2 uses concoction. 1 USE ELIXIR!!!! (Intelligent systems, whoever may have designed the game this way, fire him/her, make them GTFO of your designer team.) It's only FAKE DIFFICULTY and it's already said that fake difficulty is a piss poor way to give the player some challenge (like having 3 difficulties with a crazy jump between each to the point we wish there was 1 more difficulty between normal which is a walk in the park for the most part and hard which can make you tear your hair apart. Not even talking about lunatic I think it's nonsense in any 3DS game but hardcore gamers seem to like it so call it "Hell mode" or "Armageddon mode" or anything cool from Diablo 1/2/3 instead of lunatic (a lunatic person has good moments and bad ones, FE lunatic has bad moments and very bad ones). What are your thoughts on this topic guys? Open debate! Edit: more readable, corrected some mistakes. Edit 2: Also, forcing you to waste gold to reach stat thresholds just to survive is also fake difficulty and a poor design where you could just buff a little the base stats for your units not to need 1000 gold of tonics per chapter per unit to stay healthy enough not to be in death range for the whole chapter (like in chapter 10 conquest, children paralogues in FE 13 and 14 and Donnel in his paralogue in Awakening). Mages don't have to suck for us not to use them for soloruns. They can just be good but not gamebreaking. Have a little def could let them play like they are average physical units (not knights like FE13 dark mages) but not just plain useless because of 0 accuracy or 0 dodge or 0 avoid or 0 hp etc. Mage balance is a great work of Fire Emblem and it still has to find a good state. Just ask for my opinions on mage balance and you would have the same classes as physical in magic (magic myrmidons, magic knights, magic cavaliers etc.) or just let every cass be hybrid so you can halve your work on classes and use the time gained to balance units instead (Odin vs Xander, most obvious garbage balance example, or RD Tormod vs RD Haar, or Micaiah vs Ike).
  7. For me, one of the stranger idea introduced in Radiant Dawn was arcane cards. I felt there were poorly implemented in the game due to few non magical characters in the game having a high enough magic stat to use it properly. In addition to the 1-2 range, and low which made it difficult to use. If it were going to be in up coming Fire Emblem game, it can benefit hybrid classes the most. Perhaps it can have different properties such as debuffing, or lower movement?
  8. Since this game does have DLC and any characters except Alm and Celica can reclass back to Villagers using the new Reclass item. But, what kind of Special DLC Classes, Items, Skills, and maybe a character rewards do you like to see it happening for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia just they did with Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates like how they added Dread Fighter, Bride, Dark Falcon, Bastillian, and Witch as a DLC reward? I personally wanted to see if they can might add the Swordmaster class from the April Fools prank from the Japanese website that was shown from this April Fools day, Dark Knights, Dark Fliers (or Dark Falcon), Great Knights, Assassins, War Clerics, and/or Dancers since we did saw those Dancing Girls were in Zofian Castle that was shown in the Fire Emblem Direct as a DLC class. I know that Dread Fighters are third tiers from the Mercenary line for Echoes, but I personally wanted to see Witches to be playable in Echoes since Fire Emblem Fates have Witches returned and got a chance to be playable for the first time. For DLC Skills, I do wanted to see if Vantage, Lethality, Aether, Weaponfaire skills, Weaponbreaker skills, Gamble, and Shadowgift return as a DLC skill. For Items, I'm not exactly sure which one to pick besides Scrolls and DLC Reclass Items? If there doing a character reward if Alm or Celica's team goes to one of the Xenologue maps that a character needs to be rescued like how Fates have Anna in her own map and she joins as a DLC character. I do want to see if they can might add Anna join as a DLC, add one of recurring characters like Jake, one of the Fates characters, or other characters in the previous Fire Emblem games, or it be a completely brand new character.
  9. This is a fairly fast and quick thing. Title says all so about FE1 the item storage I can`t seem to find when I search the limit and it`s been so long since I played FE1 so I forgot. So do any of you remember how many items you can store in the item bank in this game? I know the number was quite low and I need to know the exact amount because I am an item hoarder in fire emblem I buy a lot of everything cause ya know? Always will be ready for anything that way. But I remember FE1 it being hard to keep supplies for everyone. Thanks in advance because I will hoard the space up quick fast in no time. Also am I the only one who has a buying addiction in FE? Lol :P I just can`t ever feel properly prepared with having a ton of items haha.
  10. Does anyone know how to change/swap classes and give items? I tried in Army editor for FE 6 and chapter unit editor for FE 7 Nothing works I want to change for example, Roy to manakete enemy edition with firestone, Lillina manakete Fa edition with divinestone, Perceval to king with brave sword and Eckeash and Karel to the dark dragon with dark breath or this secret dark dragon stone. Idoun, Idoun edition, Eirkia to manakete myrhh edition with dragonstone and Ephraim to manakete Morva edition with wretched air and Eliwood to fire dragon with fire stone and Canas to dark Druid with Erekshigal, and also adding these S ranked tomes earlier in FE 7, adding the enemy only weapons to playable characters in FE 6. And editing the stats buff that weapons gives, like Duranadal give +5 strenght And making weapons ubreakable. Does anyone know how to that? I remember applying changes and saving rom.
  11. Hey guys, I am gonna go right to the point: Does anyone know, if there is a patch to include the Iron Rune in FE8, or does anyone have an idea on how to "transfer" the Iron Rune from FE7 to FE8? Maybe someone seeing himself able to do that with ease? Thanks for your answers, Luke Herzen
  12. So I'm finally starting work on a long-planned hack, and in my current concept the main lord gets the super legendary weapon, albeit in a de-powered/sealed state around 2/3s of the way in the game, and gets the ultimate version of said weapon near the end. Think something like the Noble/Grim/Alpha Yato then turning into the Blazing/Shadow/Omega Yato. I was wondering if there was some kind of event routine you could run to essentially replace the weapon (e.g. remove the weapon from inventory then add the new one). Any ideas?
  13. This Started as a Smash 4 Data thread, it has been turned into a general one. Smash 4 Data is in this Post Smash 64 Smash Bros Melee Smash Bros Brawl Smash 4 Series (With a playable character) Content, including Trophies, Music, etc No reason other than I'm absolutely bored, I always think of people talking about representation in Smash, so I've decided to catalog what things exactly have representation or not. I mean this in terms of things that effect the game, such as stages, characters, items and Assist Trophies perhaps, Pokemon gets a huge boost from Pokeballs as is, but I feel like counting it as a single thing, or else it would be a no contest. Stages will also be both the 3DS and Wii U set totals. Music and Trophies may come later, but holy crap I am not doing that right now. Bold Green Numbers mean the highest count at a quick glance. My numbers may be slightly off and if they are I apologize. Characters Per Franchise Stages Both Wii U and 3DS Items - This is counting character created items Assist Trophies Totals for now Had to do a minor edit because I realized I forgot to count Robin's tome and Levin Sword as items, i'll probably edit in Mii costumes later as well. Edit #2 somehow forgot Zelda on the totals, which is now fixed.
  14. Just a quick question, but is there any feature in if besides DLC notifs that involves Spotpass specifically? I'm aware of online features as well as Streetpass and whatnot, but from what I see nobody in my area has the game, and I can't access the eshop and therefore can't download the new update. (That said, I'm not here for a solution to THAT problem.) Reason for asking: I have an undying lust for Nohrian items.
  15. Why hello there everyone! well I was recently playing Tear Ring Saga and I had Maruju go with Holmes on the very first route split and got the Sylpheed magic early as a result now that is normal. The thing I am wondering about just to be sure as I may have by mistake found something that no one else has yay I may have discovered a glitch that no one else knows! Well on chapter 21 when Sennet and everyone shows up I had Alicia speak with Alfred and after the talk something I did not expect happned. I got another Sylpheed tome!! this can`t possibly be normal as as far as I know ☆ rank weapons are one of a kind in this game and you can never get more than one copy unless you abuse the Krisheenu glitch to duplicate items so yeah is that normal to get another one? or have I found something that no one else has? if I have possibly found a glitch then I guess it is time to spread the word around to any Tear Ring Saga players heh.
  16. Hello guys well I need help again I am on chapter 30 of this game and I trained up most all units I want to use but am having a problem getting the super rare Dragon Flute. As I trained Mahter, Frau and Sasha. Well getting the Dragon Flute is not the problem I know where it is located. The problem is changing which chests are able to be opened in Morse Tower F1 and the contents. I heard there is an RNG trick where you reset the game? well I tried that and I am getting the exact same items now I kept saving and resetting but nothing so maybe I am doing the steps wrong? do I have to actually play through F1 each visit? as what i am doing is I step 1.Save step 2.enter step 3.reset step 4.enter again but the chest contents have not changed :(
  17. Statboosters are very nice, but also very rare except you have acces to a secret shop in the game. So it's at least for me often a hard decission, when I give them to my units. Normally I don't like to use items early in the game, because I don't know, if the investment will pay off for me. A example would be Sanaki in FE10. She joins with 2 strength. The consequence is that she cannot use her tomes without massive speed penalty. Many people would give her energy drops to equalize her strength issue. But they're very rare and precious, so I give her E-tomes instead. An other example would be Donnel in FE13. He has very poor base stats, but excellent growths. So I give him an angelic robe, energy drop, speed wing and a draco shield. When do you use statboosters? - early in the game to prevent any base deficits - during the game, if an unit doesn't level up in a certain stat - waiting for the end - depends on the situation
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