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Found 16 results

  1. Hello! So I am working on my own game in SRPG studio yet I have come across a big problem. That problem being that my maps won't end and I have no idea what to do. I have created ending events and auto events but they always are so messed up. With Auto Events they automatically occur the minute the map starts, while I cannot get ending events to trigger. Any suggestions?
  2. I am surprised that there is no thread for Forging Bonds yet despite it already announced two days ago, so here goes The units of this time is Loki ( red ) Aversa ( yellow) , Owain ( green) and Kliff ( blue) . The bonus units of this is the EX versions of the accessories from the previous Forging Bonds, Maid Headdress EX, Reading Glasses EX , Sacred Stardust EX, Knight Headpiece EX , and the initial versions of the accessories of this Forging Bonds event. (Tactician' s Hat, Plegian Crown, Wings of Darkness, and Explorer' s Hat. Also, schedule for the multipliers: Taken from reddit( source) https://old.reddit.com/r/FireEmblemHeroes/comments/9qlnui/forging_bonds_dueling_desires_predicted_bonus/
  3. Event Assembler originally by Nintenlord! FEU Thread Future Planned Features Since I'm editing EA and incorporating new changes, as well as USING the new features, I thought I'd make a thread specifically dedicated to its maintenance and download. This is that thread. It did seem awkward to me that our most useful/powerful tool gets buried in the forums, and the latest version isn't in the OP of the thread it is on. With me developing for it as well as posting this thread, I can keep this post updated. Download Tools at FEU's EA Formatting Suite. Latest Version Download: Event Assembler V11.1 (Thanks @Stanツ_) Latest Changes: Previous Version Downloads And Short Description:
  4. I've been trying to get a custom map/event to work in Fire Emblem 7, but after turn 1 (Meaning both allies and enemies have all finished their first actions) The game reloads and starts up the opening cut scene, with the "Nintendo 2003" text and such. Resuming the chapter automatically brings me back to the starting sequence as well. I can load the map with the same events as the prologue, just with the map different, and it works fine. However, if I load the custom event on to the map, it only works for a single turn. Here's the event I wrote. Nothing too complicated, just made for a really simple test event to make sure I know what I'm doing before I start anything long-term:
  5. So I decided to make my own question topic on this instead of keeping it within the event assembly problems thread Heres my code: Everything in EndingScene is straight from the base prologue events, so it shouldn't be a problem. No idea what causes this I could really use some help. Upon loading the chapter I get a black screen endlessly, thanks
  6. My problem is that I'm making my first village and I'm loading text with the TEX1 code and it works with any random text in the game but when I use my custom text the game crashes. Here is what I put in FEditor: [OpenRight][LoadFace][0x16][0x01] [OpenLeft][LoadFace][0x3E][0x01] [OpenRight] Who are you?[.][A] [OpenLeft] Yer mum pussi.[.][A] [OpenRight] wow, bud. Real mature.[.][A] [OpenLeft] LeL.[.][A][X] Ignore the meminess and vulgarity its just test script.
  7. Please somebody help me out: I have here events for chapter 1: #include EAstdlib.event EventPointerTable(0x0A,ThisChapter) ORG 0xE80000 ThisChapter: POIN TurnBasedEvents POIN CharacterBasedEvents POIN LocationBasedEvents POIN MiscBasedEvents POIN Dunno Dunno Dunno POIN Tutorial POIN TrapData TrapData POIN Units Units POIN $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 $0 POIN BeginningScene EndingScene Units: UNIT 0x42 0x07 0x42 Level(2, NPC, 1) [2,2] 0x00 0x00 0x0 0x00 [0x04, 0x6C] NoAI UNIT TurnBasedEvents: END_MAIN CharacterBasedEvents: END_MAIN LocationBasedEvents: END_MAIN MiscBasedEvents: CauseGameOverIfLordDies END_MAIN Dunno: //DO NOT TOUCH WORD $00 Tutorial: //DO NOT TOUCH WORD $00 TrapData: END_MAIN ALIGN 4 BeginningScene: MUS1 0x06 _0x0E22 0x28 _LOAD1 0x1 Units ENUN MOVE 0x42 [4, 5] ENUN CUMO 0x42 STAL 60 CURE TEXTSHOW 0x90B TEXTEND REMA ENDA EndingScene: ENDA // Events // Manual Movement // Scripted Fights // Units // Shop Data MESSAGE Events end at offset currentOffset The problem is, as soon as it gets to showing the text...it freezes. BUT IT ONLY FREEZES IF I CHANGE THE TEXT OF 0x90B For example: If I leave the text (0x90B) like this (Regular text): [OpenMidLeft][LoadFace][0x04][0x01][OpenMidLeft]Ahhh[ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A][0x02] No![.][A][X] It works fine... But just for changing the portrait, like so: [OpenMidLeft][LoadFace][0x45][0x01][OpenMidLeft]Ahhh[ToggleMouthMove]...[.][ToggleMouthMove][A][0x02] No![.][A][X] The game freezes completely. Does anybody know why? Thanks for listening...
  8. With the Christmas Robin and Tharja being discovered in the datamine of the game, it's probably safe to assume we're going to be in for quite a few events in the future, holiday or not. So, what would you be most interested in for an event, or would be looking forward to. I personally think it'd be pretty neat if we could get a Valentine's Day event this month, especially since it's coming up, and since it would probably help a lot with keeping users playing near the beginning of the game's life-cycle. So, what do you think? Any thoughts or ideas on events you'd want?
  9. Both websites for Cipher Sai have now been fully updated with event information and a merchandise listing! Main Site Merchandise List & Images Here's a text list of what all will be available: S1-S7 Artbooks (S7 is new) 2 new playmats (1 is a mystery) 2 binders (brown is new, blue is from Caravan) 3 new clear files 2 ballpoint pens (sisters is new, dot art is from Caravan) Jugdral can badge set (originally from C91) 4 sets of sleeves (originally in player boxes from C91, now sold separately) In addition, there are some special marker cards that will be available at the event itself featuring art of a bunch of lords, Risen King Chrom, and Seliph. There will also be a concert, draft tournaments, and other events. Cipher Sai will have two events, one in Osaka on February 19th, and one in Tokyo on February 26th.
  10. So I want some tiles to change within an event such as the opening or ending of a chapter (like in FE8 chapter 9 on Ephraim's path when Tana is captured by Gheb). Thing is I'm not entirely sure how to do it, I tried reading Arch's guide to chapter construction as it has helped majorly but I inserted my tile changes using tiled...sooooo I don't know what to do because I did my tile changes the easy way...
  11. Ok, so in an event I want to kill off a unit, but if someone skips an event that unit is still available in the prep screen/link arena. I solved this by making the event unskippable but the string of text after that is obviously also unskippable. I want to make it so the KILL event is unskippable but keep it so anything below is skippable (because nobody wants to keep reading the same text over and over). Heres the code: NEVENTS FIGH UnitID UnitID EventName 0 Kill UnitID // I want the make event skippable code here TEX1 TextID REMA
  12. Does anyone have the text files for the currently existing events for FE8? I tried following Arch's video tutorials for the prologue but it didn't work and I think I might have an easier time just by editing a currently existing text file (like the prologue events) at least to start. Does anyone have them? Thanks!
  13. Hi. These days I´ve been learning how to make events. I made one and it has a problem. When i move one of my units the game freeze. The others thing work and if I end my turn without moving my units the enemies act normally. I´m really confused about what have i done bad. I wish something could help me ;-; .
  14. Upon assembling my event in Event Assembler the message it gives me is: Finished. Messages: Tutorials disabled 1 warnings encountered: #ifdef's are missing at the end So even though it reports no errors, the event data is apparently not written into the game's data, and though I've tried to look it up and fix this error myself, I can't find anything regarding #ifdefs. (Also, if it changes anything, I'm using Fire shell Zeta as a base ROM.) So, my question is , what are #ifdefs and how do I fix this? Here is the event code
  15. Ever since last week, I've been using tools to modify a game, so I'm new to romhacking. My question is: Is there a way to move an event from one chapter to an earlier one? I'm looking to give Roy a promotion at the end of chapter 16, and if so, will it affect the recent translation patch?
  16. I've been poking around in the chapter events for FE8, and I've noticed something about how the game loads reinforcements. Those of you who hack FE8 may know of the strange and complex ways that it loads reinforcements, but from what I've found, reinforcement events only look complex - they're no more so than FE7 reinforcements in practice. Let's use Chapter 8 as an example: [spoiler=Chapter 8]On Turn 5, this event is triggered: label18: _SETVAL 0x2 0x88B7698 CALL label38 _0x0228 0x7 ENDA Notice how the _SETVAL 0x2 command specifies a location of the ROM; this is the offset of the unit data of the reinforcements (Two mages and a thief in this case). These reinforcements do not appear in the disassembled chapter events, so yo'll have to edit them with Nightmare. Anyway, continuing on, we call label38: label38: _0x1020 0x4 CALL label27 _0x0228 0x9 _LOAD_WHATEVER 0x1 ENUN _0x0220 0x9 _0x1020 0x0 ENDA [...] label27: _0x1020 0x1 _0x0220 0x2 _0x0320 0x8 _SETCONDITION 0x0 0xC 0x0 FADU 16 ENIF 0x0 _0x1020 0x0 ENDA I am pretty sure that the LOAD_WHATEVER 0x1 command is loading units from the offset stored in Memory slot 2, i.e. the value defined from _SETVAL 0x2. It's a form of assembly, essentially. The rest of the code looks opaque, but here's the deal: The majority of it is generic, and can be used for any reinforcement event in the game. Only a very few parts of it are different for different chapters or events, and even then only for special cases (such as when loading player units or triggering a convo during the event). [spoiler=For example...] A different reinforcement event in Chapter 8 goes like this: label17: _SETVAL 0x2 0x88B7648 CALL label38 _0x0228 0x7 ENDA It is exactly the same as the previous event but for where it points to to load units from. They both call to label38 simply to save space. Here's a slightly different case: In Chapter 10B, the game uses a single turn event to load two sets of reinforcements, one after another: I hope these notes will help anybody brave enough to work with FE8 events; in the future I may write on the different ways the game loads reinforcements consisting of player units that do and do not already exist in memory.
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