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  1. @Ice Dragon what was the japanese name for Fallen Heroes again? my apologizes, I forgot where you mentioned that.
  2. So I found this site that counts the monthly revenue of gacha game https://game-i.daa.jp/?アプリ/ファイアーエムブレム+ヒーローズ . Even without this, it's clear the game is declining in revenue, huh. in a different note, @Ice Dragon , i know FEH runs in the same server for all parts of the world, but do this site counts total revenue of a game or just JP server revenue?
  3. Is it just happening this year, or since last year? that you have to sign in to MyNintendo account to vote?
  4. I am sorry, but it rubs me the the wrong way that it sounds like culture is NOT meant to be shared. Even in reality, many people do like it when foreigners wear their traditional clothes, that's why traditional formal clothes rent is a thing. You're telling me only Chinese can wear qipao? Or the other way around, like Middle Eastern people only can wear turban all the time? In reality or in fiction cultural appreciation is always nice, that's why it's not fun if the banner only represent one game.
  5. Just because it makes the majority of vocal people whine doesn't mean it's a bad idea financially, for all the whining for every Three Houses banner there is, it's a financial success, Meanwhile, for example, Ashera banner was received with warm comments by Reddit communities as well here, but financially it flopped. And for companies it doesn't matter if you say you love it, what matters is that you buy even if you complain it's bad later. These vocal people are the same as the one who complain for spam of latest games, ones that actually makes money, and yet didn't bother to whale to show older games show. You support them by whaling in banners, not commenting on their twitter accounts. And we know in most gacha playerbase, the players are silent, that they don't feel the need to express their joy of playing the game with words online (as their money already did) There is Genealogy? Sure, because Japan loves Genealogy. It's a fact that Japan are more willing to spend in gachas, that to make this point, last year FGO makes 24 USD million overseas, excluding japan, when it makes 248 mil in japan only. Sure, when it comes to FEH, the japan only revenue is 66% , not as extreme as FGO's 10x compared to global, still, point is, if it makes money in japan they will still do it. as for the leak itself:
  6. I think for earlier April Fools joke, they drop the joke they will make FEH based fighting game, ala Dissidia. Anyway, a lil question, is there anyone who is a minnow but still a paying player , but uses chinese phone? can you buy using chinese phone despite the OS isn't actual Apple/Android?
  7. So, basically HACK is a middle finger to what Kaga believes axe is. Huh. The Japanese speech pattern pretty much confirms what you spoilered I quote myself from the next banner speculation thread in this post, see above.
  8. While 2/3 of the FEH playerbase is indeed outside Japan, 2/3 of the revenue comes from Japan. Like most gachas most whales are from Japan. And Japan pretty much ignore/dislike SoV when Jugdral is very loved there, that's why there was never any Genealogy banner that is flat out bad . It matters more if it sells to the Japanese whales than to the overseas minnows, so by all means Jugdral banners are not risky. Still unlikely for Echoes tho
  9. two dancing units, both are flying ranged, and this is not even the dancing banner. also is new year reserved for heroes OC now or what? lastly ugh. kinda want that duo peony to carry me in tier 18.5 (if I decided to skip the banners to come) but this banner's basically is kinda like legendary/mythic hero banner with total of 8% chance, but worse as you can still get nonfocus pitybreaker. Even worse if you consider last year unit as pitybreaker. Ugh.
  10. That I can't open any read more from my in game notif, or any of the costumer support (inquiry & feedback) feature
  11. I'm sorry I asked a lot lately, but where must I inquire FEH about my game's error? I can't open any of the customer support options
  12. I still get the 7 others, but Hector? Leg hector is still good fodder, DC + VF is still good. Yes, there is other DC sources in main, permanent pool like OG Hector, Nagi, or Nailah, as well other VF sources like Idunn, MGrima, or Caineghis, I still think Leg Hector has fodder value.
  13. 1: Get Rika Suzuki herself. 2: Get her to talk to the likes of Yana Toboso, Ayami Kojima or Kiyo Kyujo. Profit . edit: anyone knows when Plumeria is returning? is it April? I can't open read more in any of the in game notifs
  14. Eldigan looks like Castlevania character what the, (specifically Walter from Lament of Innocence), I'm a sucker for EGA I'm so sold sob
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