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Found 17 results

  1. Basically what it says. Press the key word in the middle until you have a sentence/paragraph of sorts (?). I’ll start. The app works fine for a free version of this game.
  2. Sire

    Another Eden

    Official Site: https://en.another-eden.jp/ Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq6aIC_4t9A * * * * * Another Eden is a free to play JRPG on mobile devices. It has heavy inspiration from the Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross titles, with veterans Masato Kato (Chrono Cross, Chrono Trigger, Xenogears) and Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenogears, Chrono Series) "working on"/"contributing to" the game. A Nintendo Switch port is planned, but no further information has been provided. (Personally, I'm hoping for full voiceovers, as the mobile game only has partial due to space concerns.) The gameplay is straight up classic JRPG that one would normally find on consoles (so JRPG storylines, JRPG grinding, and so on). The only mobile aspect of Another Eden is the gacha element for new characters. While Gacha characters generally perform better than the story cast, it is entirely possible to play the game with just the main guys. No other mobile things, such as Stamina or community features, are present. Another Eden is just a classic JRPG, on mobile devices, with a gacha element for obtaining new characters. - - - - - - - - - - As for my personal experiences, I was recommended the game from guild mate from a different mobile title. I watched some trailers and did some research, and despite not having played the Chrono games, the premise of Another Eden sold me to download it immediately. I ended up actually playing the game some time later. Currently I'm at Chapter 11 or so, having just unlocked "Another Force" which is a special combat feature that lets characters constantly act while the gauge decreases. I haven't grinded for anything outside of doing side quests, but I'm starting to feel the difficulty rise (Lost a boss encounter, and I was unprepared for a sidequest encounter). Story has been pretty enjoyable thus far. Nothing spectacular has hit me yet (save for one early sidequest that was a collab with Famitsu of all things), but the story has been above average compared to other games I've played. I've loving the game thus far, but I have no idea how endgame works or what happens once I finish the main scenario. The fact that Another Eden is closer to "classic JRPGs" instead of being a "mobile JRPG" is a refreshing change of pace, especially since there is no pressure whatsoever to play each day (outside of the daily login bonus). Maybe this changes at max level since I'm still playing the main campaign, but I don't know much beyond what I've experienced. All I know is that I'm currently enjoying the game enough to make a post about it to see if anyone else is playing. * * * * * So yeah, that's pretty much it. Another else playing Another Eden or interested in trying it out?
  3. Yep, a Mario Kart mobile game is in development. The real question is, will it be free to play or will Nintendo charge $10 like they did with Super Mario Run? The movie is real.
  4. Heroes was very first mobile game. Since I really enjoy(ed) it, I'm interested in more mobile RPG gachas. I also have Tales of the Rays, but unfortunately not really played yet. Does anyone here know about one or two more mobile games which are somewhat from the RPG genre where characters from the same series but different parts are merged(except Pokemon GO)? Thanks in advance!
  5. Remember how they announced Animal Crossing Mobile last year and then we heard absolutely nothing? You probably even forgot that it existed. Well, for those who do remember/are interested in it, an Animal Crossing themed Direct will air in Japan this Wednesday. I personally don't care at all about Animal Crossing but i thought it would be nice to notify those who do care. Source: https://nintendowire.com/news/2017/10/23/animal-crossing-direct-announced-upcoming-mobile-game/ Update: Direct confirmed for NA and EU regions for tomorrow at 8:00 PM PST.
  6. Hello all, I want to begin this post by stating I am in no way trying to stir up trouble or even disparage anyone's views. I understand there are differences of opinion but perhaps after reading this post there can be some dialogue about future policy changes to the app. Additionally I admit a personal bias that i love this short mobile game, its addictive, charming and easy to pick up whenever. That being said I recently saw a video on Mangs youtube channel Mangs does Lps of Fire Emblem, I love his videos ( and yes it counts as an LP, come on guys hes not that bad. He's definitely been improving since he learned how 'led-geys' work ;) ) anyways, he made a response to another youtuber and associate of his Mekkah. again mad respect for both of them and there is no animosity between them myself or hopefully anyone of this community. I just want to share my thought on this. They both said their piece and made their points. For myself this was the first time I had thought of the possible ramifications of what 'whales' or those who spend extraordinary sums on the game might feel. Certainly there is a level of personal choice here, but it inherently preys on those who are susceptible to (well not manipulation) but influence. I'm still trying to figure out how I feel about it all. So this is where I begin my own process of reflection and research. Firstly I created a Nintendo account for a child and was rejected, saying I needed adult supervision as the age i listed (7 years old) was too young to be eligible to create an account. So I used my actual linked Nintendo account created for FE Heroes to permit my 'child' to make their own account. The process is quick and simple and for the first child account requires an initial expense of 50 cents. Nothing for an adult or dude with a job, but impossible for a kid (at least one without their parent's card). So I delete the app, redownload it onto my phone and am about to set up the new account in a brand new game when I was presented with a grayed out icon of the account. The child account was unable to link their account to fire emblem heroes and so I just re-linked my own. Why is this relevant? Well i wanted to see how easy it is for impressionable youths to waste money on FE Heroes and it turns out strictly speaking, they cant. Children accounts don't look to be able to even link to the game. The reason I wanted to experiment with this was to examine how Nintendo deters kids from gambling their parent's money away. I'm relieved to say its difficult for kids to waste money, but the account that could link to heroes was my own, meaning a parent could still give access to heroes to their child via the parental account. The child could then theoretically use a card to purchase orbs without the consent of their parent with no interruption by Nintendo. I've purchased orbs previously to see what it was like and I imagine a kid with my card or theoretically a kid with their parent's card could just as easily waste money. Do i think it likely that a 7 year old would abuse the trust of their parents and work out how to set up an account or else 'borrow' their parent's card for the purchase of orbs? Not really, but the potential is there. So what ought be done? I don't think there is necessarily any moral imperative for a outright boycott. However, as difficult as it is, I think there should be a precaution in place to make sure only the card holder can purchase more orbs. This sounds like a fools errand, any policy by Nintendo could implement would be a hassle to anyone who wanted to purchase orbs and was a rational adult. Perhaps children accounts should be made to be able to link to heroes for tougher parental controls. This likely isn't a very frequent issue. I doubt many 7 year olds are playing a pseudo chess game so maybe no action is really required, or even the inability to link children accounts is in of itself a deterrent to prevent kids from playing the game in the first place. Perhaps more contentiously there is the question of Whales, the players purchasing all the orbs, should there be a check on what a rational adult chooses. One man with complete agency spent 1000$ on Heroes http://www.usgamer.net/articles/fire-emblem-heroes-player-spends-1000-never-gets-hector-or-leo I certainly cant tell others what to do and i enjoy the game immensely, but upon reflection, updates are only available due to continued support and spending by whales, those of us who don't really purchase orbs are still set to benefit. In the end I don't have a solution, but this is the community that solved awakening on lunatic+ so I know you guys are fairly clever and maybe you can see something I don't. I don't mean to critique anyone's view on the matter, I personally think something but I'm not sure what, can be done to restrict children spending (if indeed that is even an issue) and also to perhaps discuss whether the whales indeed are rational or are else being influenced to make decisions they otherwise would not more so can there really even be any regulation or effective policy to conserve peoples wallets if they claim to get benefits from spending on orbs and see it as equal in worth to what they spent. Certainly the alcoholic example is of note here, the similar self destructive tendencies can be hazardous to the wallets of the susceptible but really I'm at a loss of what can be done without infringing upon the agency of others.
  7. So I want to know, cause I've been thinking should I inherit setsuna to my robin or not what would you recommend. Shes been good but if I can trade up for something better I will do it. Is robin even worth it?
  8. So my first and final team in my line-up is. 5 Star Camilla 4 Star Cordellia 4 Star Setsuna 4 Star Eliwood Pretty good it kicks butt so what are some other teams out there that you guys are doing well with what are some of your teams.
  9. They have a map together!!!! Implied canonical relationship or just a coincidence? I would go with the prior.
  10. So about these special maps how do I go about getting them.
  11. So i just now beat it and I have to say Im pretty dissapointed story wise. Endgame team LV 25 Camilla LV 15 Arthur Lv 15 Selena Lv 9 Sharena Dont get me wrong its still a very enjoyable experience just kind of lack luster story wise.
  12. So who is your best unit as of right now mine is a five star Camilla.
  13. So is there a chance Ill get this today? Has nintendo even posted the time of release for it yet. I stayed up till 12 last night waiting for it.
  14. There's been a trend over the past year- whenever Nintendo says anything about mobile, a lot of discussion is generated. And this being the internet, negativity and cynicism tends to drown out the other opinions. Here's a selection of quotes from Nintendo Life and their two articles related to Super Mario Run: As you can see, a lot of people are... passionate on the subject. Do you think that they should be worried, or that things are mostly fine? Basically, will mobile have primarily negative longterm effects on Nintendo was we know it or mostly positive? Here's what I think: in their outline for mobile, Nintendo said that they would use it to try and draw people to their own software and hardware. They also said that they want mobile to become a "pillar of profit" (I made a topic a while back based on that comment). To me, everything they've done has been in-line with what they've said- Pokemon go has earned them money directly, caused a spike in Pokemon merchandise, and is hanging steady (last time I checked)- Super Mario Run will probably have a similar effect. I don't think they're selling out to mobile or anything of the sort- this is a smart business decision to make money and advertise their brands. Though it is a tad odd we haven't heard anything concrete from Nintendo about the NX, people are jumping to conclusions with the worst-case scenario in mind. Given the behavior of certain groups of people on the internet in general, it's almost like they want something to hate and be afraid of.
  15. I've had some trouble at clearing Mission Card #3 completely. The missions I need to do are: 1. Achieve 35K score 2. Clear out 100 coins or more I've already done near 31K on Chimecho stage with M-Gengar, Haunter and Ghastly, so I guess it's just about having luck or something. But I've ran out of ideas for 100 coins. I've done Meowth stage with +5 extra moves but failed. Any ideas to do these and clear Card #3? Fyi I'm by stage 154 so far.
  16. Hello, before anything, thanks for any help, ans sorry for my bad english. Now i want the soudn when someone in My castle gives you an item, for using as a ringtone in my mobile, for apps like whatsapp :D if you can send me that sound, i will thank you, and if you can link me other SFX of Fates it will be better!!
  17. Screenshots below: http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/library/events/151029/05.html http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/28/9633272/nintendo-smartphone-game-miitomo http://ca.ign.com/articles/2015/10/29/nintendo-and-denas-first-mobile-game-is-miitomo-launch-delayed-to-2016
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