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Found 19 results

  1. If you didn't know about the route split but are savvy enough to know that something is fishy when it comes up, you MIGHT realize that you may lose Edelgard and Hubert for good when you don't side with her. Meaning any player who has invested resources (seals, EXP, teaching points, free day activity points for Tea Time or Meals) into them will of course want to side with her so all that stuff wasn't wasted. There may also be a chance a player made one of the two their Dancer. Would be pretty bad if you lost that one, wouldn't it?
  2. Chocolate Kitty


    In concepts for now because no release or screen shots yet. GET ME THE F-- Thank you :) But it's a thing, full steam ahead. Renamed from FE6: Anniversary because that ship has sailed lol. What else is important... Current Progress: Chapter 1 -> Int1 That's all for now, I'll try to post an update every week. But we all know how good I am at consistency so... :x PSYCH THERE'S A RELEASE CHEA [spoiler=2016 SCREENS] [spoiler=June 2016] [spoiler=July 2016] [spoiler=August 2016] [spoiler=September 2016] [spoiler=December 2016] [spoiler=PSA] Somewhat of a request, but most of FE6's villages/house conversations have never been recorded/documented anywhere, specifically anything past Ch10B(Ch10A does not have any recordings though). So, if anyone either has village/house conversations from the rest of the game on file or feels like grabbing some from the game and documenting, that would be a huge help. Obviously, this isn't important right now due to the planned first release being only up to Ch8x, but it should help speed along the process to the second, third, final releases. If you do decide to submit anything, a pastebin link would be nice, specifying what villager is speaking(loosely, balding villager man is good enough for example), and what house it is(possibly numbering the houses on an image of the map and referencing them). Thank you in advance! Be sure to check and see what anyone has posted before going on a search of your own. Chapters 10/11A Chapters 13/14 Chapter 15 Chapter 17A Chapter 21 [spoiler=Modified members of the cast] Geese/Gonzales - Relegated to Routes A and B respectively of the Western Isles Garret - Removed due to redundancy MAYBE I'LL BRING HIM BACK probably not Niime/Joder - Relegated to Routes A and B respectively for Ilia and Sacae Karel - Removed due to not really contributing anything to the cast/story Lycia Arc: Release | Notes cya
  3. Well I got kinda bored and wrote this... here ya go SF A Scholars Vision of the Outrealms There are many realms that separate us from countless others, a collection of points on the proverbial axes of the multiverse. These are in a group term referred to as the Outrealms. The realms upon the X-axis of the multiverse are separated by time. At the proverbial origin lies the Corerealm, or in lay man's terms the realm of the Gods. It is a realm of a single instant where the Architects of all dwell, you see time does not flow in the Corerealm and the Architects are the only entities that can process such a realm. If you or I or any living creature, were to enter the Corerealm we would be eternally frozen, our nerves would be unable to transmit impulses to the brain or organs and we would be completely unaware of the rest of our existance, a rather tragic fate, don't you agree? As we move along the X-axis, time begins to flow. The first inhabitable realms come into being, realms capable of sustaining life and as we get farther and farther away from the Origin time begins to move faster and faster. It could be a moment quicker it could be a millennia faster. You could spend ten years in a realm and find that not an hour has passed in your home realm, as equally you could spend but a moment in another realm only to find that when you return, all you knew have been dead for a hundred years. Realms in which time flows more quickly than that of your realm are referred to (by the inhabitants of your realm) as Deeprealms, and those in which time flows more slowly are referred to (again by the inhabitants of your realm) as Shallowrealms. There is yet another realm on this axis, the Farrealm. This is a realm on the opposite extremity to that of the Corerealm, a realm where time moves so quickly no organic being can call it home. It is where the soul goes when the body dies. (As a rather grotesque fun fact, an Aum type staff opens a rift in realms to pull a soul from the Farrealm back into its former container. It does this by releasing a torrent of souls from itself and pulling back the desired soul and forcing it into the soul's former body. That's right an Aum staff is made by absorbing people's souls. It takes around 1000,000 souls to make an Aum staff) This Farrealm is absent of joy and pleasure however it is also absent of misery and strife and you can spend an eternity with your loved ones, a blessing or a curse? You decide. Now the more mathematically inclined of you may be wondering "Well if that's the X-axis, where is the Y-axis in all of this?" And my dear observant reader I may tell you to put your mind at ease, for now, I shall reveal all. The proverbial Y-axis, being rather difficult to explain in words can be crudely summarised as 'A realm that does not follow our law of creation, but is still the work of the Architects.' These realms include The Realms of Smash Brothers, The Realms of Mario, The Realms of God of War, The Realms of Grand Theft Auto and thousands upon thousands of other Realms. The multiverse is far greater than can be explained by one scholar, so I hope you yourself will ponder and research the many Realms, but keep in mind that the life of a Scholar of the Realms is a lonely one, you may meet lifelong friends in other realms, but you will also lose countless others to the cruel embrace of time, be warned! —A Scholar lost to the Realms
  4. Hello and welcome to Snake's Art Dump ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ Drawing is fun. I'm trying to get into the habit of drawing and posting my artwork more. Most of my stuff's either on my Tumblr (... which is admittedly pretty scarce) or dA (also scarce, lol) so the stuff I'm posting here is like my sketch dump, kinda? Also, I like to work with (semi-)/realism the most, but cel shading is fun too. :u [spoiler=Obligatory FE drawing]My current Tactician for Lunatic+ run: [spoiler=I dunno where I was going with this] [spoiler=Some One Piece artwork I did for a Secret Santa] [spoiler=Gintama stuff from last year] [spoiler=Old iPhone drawing] I downloaded some cool painting app and decided to burn a few hours (ref used)
  5. Hey there. Whilst I'm not working on anything major just right now, I don't want my skills to dwindle too much. So in the meantime I'm gonna do some stuff. It'll mostly be maps, but I might do some OK-ish sprites sometime later as well. It'll be a slow roll, but here's what I have so far: [spoiler=Maps] [spoiler=Sprites]
  6. So, as the title states, these are random questions about children & ETC. More questions might be added or taken away. Question 1: Can you buy skills from FemKanna to MaleKanna & vice versa, or no? They are both Kannas, but different gendered Kannas. (Same question for MUs) Optimizing Questions: Question 2: What would be the optimal skills to pass down to MU!Kinu & Nishiki!Kanna? Question 3: What would be the optimal skills to pass down to MU!Deere & Jakob!Kanna? Question 4: What would be the optimal skills to pass down to MU!Midoriko & Kaze!Kanna? Question 5: Optimal skills to pass down to MU!Sophie & Cyrus!Kanna? Question 6: Optimal Skills to pass down to MU!Shigure & Azure!Kanna? Question 7: Optimal Skills for MU!Ophelia & Odin!Kanna? Question 8: If my male character were to marry a Hinoka!Kinu, what skills would Hinoka need to pass down & what skills should be passed down to Kinu!Kanna? Question 9: If my male character were to marry Kagerou!Ophelia, what skills should Kagerou pass down & what skills should Ophelia pass down to Kanna? Question 10: If my male character were to marry Luna!Velour, what skills would Luna need to pass down & what skills should Velour pass down to Kanna? Random Questions Continue Question 11: If you buy a skill for a character (example, Lethality for MU), can it be passed down to their child like a normal skill? (Lethality bought from mycastle mu passed to Kanna)
  7. So I've just started up again in university and the subject of my English class is Lord of the Rings. I'm excited to read, but this is a very long and intimidating text, so I'm considering buying an (unabridged) audio book. I'm just wondering if you guys think this would be a good idea, because anyway I go about it, the audio book's expensive, and I'd have to buy it on top of the solid version to keep track of page numbers. Also, has anyone else used an audio book in a similar situation and could tell me what they experienced? (as far as results are concerned)
  8. Junk

    u r lame

    So it's been a few days and I'm just wondering how does it compare? Was the game terrible, amazing? I'm just curious to see what the general consensus is and if I should buy it. I know this is incredibly stupid but please put story spoilers in spoiler tags.
  9. So basically on my HP pavillion the wi-fi was working fine till yesterday till all of a sudden i got a message saying "unidentified network" no internet access. It won't let me even turn the wi fi back on. The icons are greyed out. I already tried updating the drivers but they are already up to date. All my other devices connect fine. The computer has windows 8 if that helps. Can anyone help me fix this?
  10. Hellos. Recently I've taken an obsession interest with collecting all of the DLC items and Holiday items from non-US games. I'll be willing to trade NA-holiday themed items for foreign Holidays, DLC items for other DLC items, Bells or Golden Furniture for both, etc. Here's a list of all the items I still need, that I'm aware of: -flamenco hat (EUR DLC) -red-horned hat (KOR DLC) -rice-plant bed (JPN DLC) -tam-o'-shanter (EUR DLC) -Top (JPN DLC) -white police cap (KOR DLC) -White/Red/Blue School Cap (KOR DLC) -fedora chair (DLC) -hagoita (Apparently JPN DLC) -tteok plate (KOR DLC) -turkey (JPN DLC) -bamboo grass (JPN Holiday) -girl's day updo (JPN Holiday sale item) -hinaningyo (JPN Holiday sale item) -cucumber horse (JPN Holiday) -dango (JPN Holiday) -eggplant cow (JPN Holiday) -hibiscus (KOR Holiday) -holiday stocking (EU Holiday) -newsprint helmet (JPN? Holiday) -new year's noodles (JPN? Holiday) -rice cake (JPN Holiday)
  11. Junk


    nevermind send this into oblivion
  12. Saw this on another forum. Post pictures of what you think other people look like. It can be based on anything from posts to gender to location. I will start Kinumi
  13. I never finish them. Damn you laziness and crap rng of fe 6 that screws me up that makes me scared to play
  14. share your dreams here if you want to share maybe
  15. i usually just wait for someone to send them to me, i remember sending a friend request to someone when i got here for the first time, bad mistake, i am afriad of rejection heh
  16. well right now it is x and y, whats next? zelda ssb? persona 5? what do you think other than fe
  17. Sorry if it sounds stupid but. how can i replace the face, and battle sprites from characters in a fe rom with custom sprites? i kinda wanted to just change it to a custom character sprites i found because i got a retarded idea in mind.
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