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Your Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

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I'm not sure why I decided to create this topic, but I did, and now it's here, so deal with it. I guess I've just been playing a lot of Pokemon recently, and I even watched some episodes of the anime, and it got me to thinking; what were my favorite Pokemon anyways?

So, thirty minutes minutes spent analyzing the over 700 Pokemon (but not really because I don't care about Unknown) later, and I came up with a list. But CLEARLY my list is flawed and filled with serious Gen. 1 bias because I'm OLD, so I'm curious to see what your favorite Pokemon are! There are no wrong answers except Unknown.

Oh yeah, here's my list. It's full of serious Gen. 1 bias.

10) Chansey


This picture says it all, who can't like Chansey (I will ignore all yes')? Chansey was ridiculously hard to get in the original Safari Zone, so when I found out you could get one in Unknown Dungeon, I was ecstatic...Of course, I never used it, but that's beside the point! Then Chansey became super bro in the newer generations thanks to Eviolite, which is just swell.

9) Garchomp


Admittedly, I'm not really into the newer generations as much (mostly...because of lack of effort, I'm hoping to get X &/or Y &/or Z though!), but sometimes a new design can even catch an old fart like me by surprise. I mean, it's a freaking land shark, that's like the best thing ever. Also Garchomp was so good that it was considered UBER, which is bro, although I'm not sure if that's changed recently or not. Either way, land shark. Bad ass.

8) Eevee


Eevee is wonderful. He's like the "X" of Pokemon, with infinite potential that becomes more and more apparent as the generations go by. Plus, he's Gary's starter Pokemon in Yellow version. Sorry, let me rephrase that again. MOTHERFUCKING GARY OAK's starter Pokemon in Yellow. That's like, all of the bonus points right there. Not to mention most of the time when you get Eevee (except in HG/SS where they fucked it up), he's usually a fairly high leveled bro who can exceed even your starter, provided the right initial investment is there. And he can fill all of the gaps in your party lineup, no matter what it is!

7) Latios


Latios has like, the best typing ever. Psychic types are awesome. Dragon types are awesome. Latios is awesome. Also didn't hurt that he was the bro member of my team when I was playing Pokemon Online. His design is also pretty neat, and as I do like Blue over Red, a reason why he's here on this list instead of Latias...not to mention the whole Pokemon Online thing and being a higher tier. Clearly there is no place in my cruel heart for second place!

6. Charizard


Do I really need to say anything? This guy was the reason I bought Pokemon Red in the first place. Just seeing his profile plastered over the box art was enough to get my 8 year old self begging my parents to buy a Game Boy Color for this game. Not to mention he was one of the few Pokemon Ash fully evolved in the anime, and fairly early one at that! Charizard's so rad.

5. Mewtwo


Back when I first played Pokemon, it took me like forever to get to the Elite 4. Constant resets, running around for hours to get an Abra, getting lost in every dungeon for at least 5 hours or more (including Mount Moon), and even a few complete do-overs when I realized I wanted a different starter! But yeah, the whole Pokemon Red endgame is really well done, and I felt like I had accomplished something by the time I finished it (mainly, wiping my victory in that smug jerk, Gary Oak's face). So I was totally surprised that there was an endgame, because games didn't usually do that! And Mewtwo was at the end of it! And he was freaking ridiculous! IT WAS SO AWESOME GUYS ALSO HE WAS COOL IN THE ANIME MOVIE WHICH WAS ALL PRETENTIOUS BUT I LIKED IT ANYWAYS SO THERE FUCK YOU

4) Articuno


Articuno is. There's just something about it that's so graceful and majestic and also more importantly he starts out with Ice Beam, which is the coolest move in Pokemon...I was so mad that it barely features in Gen 2 or the Gen 1 remakes. SO MAD.

3) Pichu


Bet you weren't expecting a Gen 2 Pokemon this late in the list! And Pichu at that, rather than Pikachu! To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure why I like Pichu so much. I can give you like 50 reasons for Pikachu, but like, 0 for Pichu. I'm not sure I've ever got one in the games! Maybe it's just because he was so adorable in SMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASH, or because he's like Pikachu but MORE KAWAII. I dunno, man.

2. Dragonair


Dragonair really nails that whole mystic thing that dragon type pokemon (used to) have going for them. Earlier in the game, you see Ekans rather frequently. You know, the Pokemon whose name is SNAKE backwards GUESS WHAT ARBOK IS KOBRA BACKWARDS AND MUK IS KUM BACKWARDS SO CLEVAR. But then you see Dragonair, who resembles a snake (it even has the little rattle at the end!), but isn't...it's something more. Which is why I like it so much.

1) Mew


Best Pokemon ever. I'll write a detailed reason later, running out of time! Remember to post your favorites, I'm looking forward to them! Unless they're Unknown! I'm dreading those!

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10. Skitty: :awesome:


9. Krookodile: Such a beast. And the only Unova Pokemon I really like.




7. Ampharos: Such a beast.


6. Celebi: There's something I love about Celebi. I can't put my finger on it, though.


5. Torterra: Such a beast. Every time I play Platinum, I ALWAYS start with Turtwig.


4. Meganium: Haters gonna hate.


3. Vapereon: Such a beast. And my favorite Eeveelution by far.


2. Rayquaza: Definitely my favorite legendary. I had good times playing Emerald in the past and just destroying everything spamming Outrage. Fun fun fun. Shame I couldn't use it during the Battle Frontier, though.

And finally...


1. Shinx: ...Enough said.

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Better respect the Luxray.


Froslass is a pretty cool Pokemon


Master of Time.


4ever was the best movie


Coolest Legendary bird ever




So underrated it hurts


So cool


Second best Eeveelution ever


Best Eeveelution

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I'm so old school I don't even include pics

or I'm just lazy

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It's a tie between the two sleeping giants.



Muscle bound and brutal.



A gorilla that will rip you apart.









Within the top three and we get my favorite non starter a kickass beast.



Second favorite starter. Probably better, but no matter how much I love it, and its ability to solo the elite four/champion it just doesn't match the top.



Nuff said.

Last favorite.


She just creeps me out.

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This is really hard for me because I have so many Pokemon to choose.

Image courtesy of Bulbapedia.net

10. Flygon


The only Dragon-type Pokemon that I genuine like. I really like it since the overall design is so damn good. It managed to attain balance between "pokemon-ish" and "animal-ish" (like other Generation III Pokemon, expect to see them more below). Gameplay wise, Flygon is not too overpowered and quite decent all around. I also like how it cry sounded too.

9. Walrein


Have similar reason as above, balanced design and rather good cry. Quite versatile in battle thanks to its balanced stat. Too bad Walrein so lack of presence in the manga. Only Archie/Aogiri ever used one.

8. Serperior


I'm Grass-type guy, and always be. Even in the next gen on so forth I would pick Grass-type as my loyal starter. Out of them though, only Serperior that I really liked. Good design overall, and with good moveset and stat, Serperior is comparable to Grass top tier. If only it is part of Dragon type, I will really happy.

7. Nidoking


Big, purple (no not Barney). and horned badass looking Pokemon. Although it defining trait, the ears are really look like rabbit, this is possibly one of the few originaly designed Pokemon that didn't really have any real-world counterpart. Too bad the stats are too subpar and have too many weakneses for a Pokemon with "king" in its name. My favoritism might be come from the fact that Nidoking is commonly Giovanni/Sakaki signature Pokemon. Also that 8-bit cry.

6. Braviary


One of the best designed Pokemon of Generation V for me. Really powerful Normal/Flying type pokemon beside Staraptor, but Braviary win over me because of that look. If it have more speed, I'll be a happy man. Also the name is really cool.

5. Volcarona


I love Bug-type nearly as much as I love Pokemon itself. Sadly they always come weak, though some like Scizzor, Heracross, and Foretress fix that, it is not until Volcarona that I feel Bug-type received its long-deserved (well the creator said he was inspired by bug catching) strong Pokemon. Well designed, great name, beastly stat and move, how could you not love this one?

4. Swampert


None of the Water starter I really liked except Swampert, the normal looking one beside Feraligatr. But it type combination win me over, and just like other Generation III Pokemon I like, the design is really balanced all around. Though it can stand on two legs, it doesn't really resemble human like Blaziken, which is I really not fond of. Should I mention stats and moves? Well, not really special but still decent.

3. Beedrill


You might be curious, why is this ridiculous looking Pokemon with drill sting as it hand and really weak stat almost ot the point unuseable can managed this high? Read Pokemon Special manga and see how Giovanni/Sakaki managed to pull trick with this one off, especially against Lance/Wataru's Dragonair and Dragonite.

2. Alakazam


Alakazam is always elusive to me, because it seem nearly unattainble since the only one who play Pokemon in Generation I era is only me. It spoon dual wielding is a symbol of power and badassery. I always cherished my first obtained, long-lost Alakazam because I never forget how happy I am to at last have that spoon dual-wielding moustached fox-like Psychic Pokemon.

1. Haunter


Though Gengar is much more powerful and mischiveous Pokemon, Haunter is always more sinister and cooler for me. If I always crave to evolve my Kadabra to Alakazam, Graveler to Golem, or Machoke to Machamp, I never have the same thought with Haunter solely because Haunter is just so damned cool. Also read Electric Tale of Pikachu to see further reason why Haunter deserve this spot for me.

That's it, really hard for me to choose through. I must put aside Eevolution because I share the same love to all of them except Silveon (I still yet to accept that ridiculous looking ribbon should part of it design). Therefore, all of them should go to honorable mention with this awesome pictures.










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Shin's top 10!

10. Brobasaur


Best jerk in the anime.

9. Blissey


Horace fears THE WIFE.

8. Hitmonchan


Wears a tutu, beats up chumps.

7. Gastly


Da original goast.

6. Kingler


Eats all da cookies.

5. Gloom


Ultimate stoner

4. Geodude


Quite a dude, and a bro. Someone say a dudebro.

2+3 Diglett and Exeggcute


Because of this image.

1. Magikarp


Too good.

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This list was a little difficult for me to make, but I got one now. ^^


10. Aggron - It's actually a bit of a surprise that I have a gen 3 Pokemon in this list, simply because I don't actually like gen 3 or most of its Pokemon. But Aggron is one of the very few that I love! This guy is so badass and awesome. I was also lucky enough to get a shiny one with the perfect nature in Emerald. ^^ I really gotta beat the Hoenn league soon so I can transfer him to my Black 2 and then to X later (assuming X and Y will be able to communicate with gen 5 games)!


9. Fennekin - When I first saw this little guy on Jan 8, I was like "Omg, that fox is SO adorable! And it's Fire type! I'm choosing him in these new games!" I've always favored the Fire type and I like cute canines. ^^


8. Ninetales - Ninetales is just so gorgeous and graceful! And Fire type. ^^


7. Luxray - Luxray was my all time favorite at one time, but I don't really remember why. Probably had to do with the anime episode Luxray Vision. In which the electric lion was badass, imo. Also love its design. ^^ I also think Shinx is quite adorable. But I've grown to like some other Pokemon more these days. Still, I'll always love Luxray anyway!


6. Litleo - Another adorable lion! And this time it's Fire type! I squealed the moment I first saw this little guy. I'm even tempted to catch a male and female, name them Simba and Nala, have them breed, and then name a female hatchling Kiara. lol


5. Infernape - Here's a real irony for you. I like dragons, but dislike monkeys. But I hate Charizard and love Infernape. Infernape is the most badass and awesome monkey I've ever seen! He was especially awesome in the anime. He lifted Team Rocket's huge machine and tossed it aside like it was nothing while an Electabuzz (that was trained by Paul no less) could barely hold it up! Apey is also so good that it's statistically the best starter (not counting Blaziken with its Dream World ability). And it's Fire type. ^^


4. Lopunny - I think bunnies are cute and Buneary and Lopunny are absolutely ADORABLE! And yes, I'm aware of what Lopunny is based on (Playboy bunnies). I still find it to be totally cute! Dawn's Buneary is also totally cute, especially when she blushes and showcases her crush on Ash's Pikachu. :3 I also like Lopunny's gracefulness.


3. Zebstrika - I have to admit one thing right now, I adore horses and other equine animals! So naturally, I love Blitzle and Zebstrika! I was hoping for an electric zebra line for gen 5 too! And Zebstrika is a totally awesome design!


2. Rapidash - Like I said, I love horses! And Rapidash is not only a beautiful horse/unicorn, but it's Fire type! :D Ponyta is also really cute!


1. Keldeo - Keldeo became my favorite not long after I first saw him! He's a pony! An ADORABLE little pony! Well, he's actually based on a kelpie, but he looks like a pony too. I'm not a fan of the Water type, but I love the way Keldeo uses his water! He can actually FLY using his hoof water jets! Meaning he shoots water from his hooves. I also really like the moves Sacred Sword and Secret Sword. And I especially like Keldeo's Resolute form. :D

Oh, some honorable mentions would be Bellossom, Garchomp, Talonflame, Suicune, Ho-Oh, and Articuno. I have to admit, I'm REALLY liking the gen 6 designs so far!

Edited by Anacybele

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Volcarona: it's so fluffy and warm. I love to hug it like pillow.


Lilligant: it's so elegant, so beautiful! God, l love it!


Spheal: small, cute and looks like a ball.


Froslass: it's so beautiful, like a shy girl ~ ohhhh


Glaceon: another elegant and beautiful pokemon.


Mismagius: beautiful and attractive ~

Rapidash: beautiful, elegant and strong looking.


Gardevoir: beautiful and elegant.

Edited by Char

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1. Lapras


2. Lugia


3. Blastoise


4. Froslass


5. Rapidash


6. Glaceon


7. Lilligant


8. Jirachi


9. Altaria


10. Absol


My top two are tied for my ultimate favorite.

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Let's see, and in no particular order besides from number 1 because I have trouble doing things like most favorite, 2nd favorite, 3rd favorite, etc. except when I absolutely know for certain, and I don't know for certain in this case except for number 1.

And no pictures because I don't feel like it.

Number 1: Jigglypuff.

Jiggly is awesome, no debate. It's cute, adorable, and just plain awesome.

Number ?: Bulbasaur.

I have no clue why people loved Charizard so much when this little guy was around.

Number ?: Butterfree.

When I was a little kid, I loved butterflies, and so when I saw this guy in the anime, I loved him from then on. It's usually in my team whenever I play a Kanto game.

Number ?: Lugia.

Lugia is better than Ho-oh. And Lugia is just plain awesome.

Number ?: Mewtwo.

Since I started my main Pokemon game experience in the 3rd gen, this guy was still the 'supreme ultimate power awesome dude' Pokemon. It's just one of those 'too awesome and powerful to not like' guys for me.

Number ?: Lilligant.

Lilligant is actually my most recent Pokemon to add on to my top 10, but I just love it. Especially since it reminds me a lot of Belossom.

Number ?: Slowbro/Vileplume/Belossom.

This is actually a tie because I can't decide between these guys. Slowbro is just a cool dude, Vileplume is a good Pokemon, and Belossom is just cool. So I guess this is like a tie for 10th instead of a mystery slot.

Number ?: Electabuzz.

I just really like Electabuzz. It's pretty awesome.

Number ?: Serperior.

Serperior seems so uptight and snooty, but it's so awesome. I can't decide if I like this guy or Bulbasaur more.

Number ?: Dragonite.

Dragonite is amazing, I just love it because it's so awesome. I have 2 on my Soul Silver team, and I think that says a lot about how much I like it. It's totally my favorite dragon, and in my opinion the best one.

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1. Exeggutor

2. Slowbro

3. Weezing

I don't care to think about the rest, but these guys are my Top 3.

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I'll just sort of assume they're all male where applicable, I just can't call them "it".


Pidgeot is one of the prime examples of why gen.1 is my least favourite set of Pokemon. It's.. a bird. Not very interesting. It's stats aren't that great either. So why do I like it so much?


A powerful psychic who can also take hits. The MVP of my last Pokemon White run.


It's Eevee. But in my favourite type.


The dragon of many generations past, he still kicks ass. And he always seems to be happy. Lance has got 3 of these guys, he knows what's goin' on.


He can be anything. He's so cute! The starter of my first Pokemon game, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness.

5. 199.png

A Slowpoke who decided not to take the conventional Slowbro route and become.. a gentleman. Classy.


My list was mostly complete until I realised I'd forgotten this guy. You can kick off Pidgeot if you want. N's signature Pokemon, as well as a really cool gimmick ability.


The final battle battle of Pokemon B/W was probably the most epic thing I expect I'll ever see in this franchise. I like Zekrom and Reshiram, but I think this guy best represents it. A moveset of Dragon Pulse, Surf, Fire Blast, and Focus Blast, to go with his stats, he was not easy to take down.


I don't know what it is about Lapras that I like so much. He just looks so calm.. I guess? If possible, I'll always make room for him on my team, despite his less-than-perfect stats.


Despite my disclaimer at the top, I well never acknowledge the fact that Gardevoir can be male. Look at her! Ugh, anyway.. Emerald was my first (main series) Pokemon game, and she is my favorite to use in the game. So loyal, so classy. Close contender for Number 1.


It's from my favourite evolutionary line. But with sword arms. And a decent movepool and stats. Really cool cry. I like everything, really.

Whew, finally done. In case you haven't noticed, my favourite type is Psychic.

Edited by Hacksorus

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1. Swampert

2. Salamence

3. Shiftry

4. Grovyle

5. Rhyhorn

6. Hydreigon

7. Metagross

8. Ninjask

9. Scizor

10. Steelix

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Sure, why not.

Pics are B/W 2 Sprites from Bulbapedia.

10. Lugia


One of my earliest memories as a kid is me playing silver and getting stuck in the dark cave for 2 hours and getting through whirl island to find Lugia at the end. Remember this was a time where I didn't use the internet at all and had no idea what was at the end of this, so I was pretty excited. Master Ball Use. (I'm not going to go into Ho-oh, I thought it was a Fearow and didn't bring any pokeballs with me, thinking it wasn't worth it, and I didn't know saving before the battle was a thing)

9. Emolga


When I first saw Emolga i Reeeallly liked its design. I mean, it was an awesome electric flying squirrel! Who doesn't like that! Sadly I couldn't get one on my White team due to the fact that it isn't very good and that getting it is a bit hard. Still, this is my favorite electric rodent and probably will be until a new, more awesome one comes along.

8. Latias


Really the [email protected] combo could be here, but Latias is the one that I used in most of my games because I seem to get the one that Latias is in. I like the design (Something about the animation in Gen 5 makes it seem more natural) and typing, and they are pretty strong too.

7. Keldeo


I was actually thinking of making the event Keldeo at level 15 be in my White 2 party, but then I forgot. I really like this guy's Resolute forme, that horn is just awesome. His design sort of grew on me over the years and now he is one of my favorite.

(Disclaimer: I don't really like the normal forme of Keldeo, but it's still okay)

6. Lanturn


Aside from Chinchou being one of the most awesome names in all of pokemon, Lanturn's typing is probably one of my favorite and I actually like the stats on this Pokemon. A bulky Water/Electric type? Cool! I just like the idea of having moves like Surf and Discharge on the same pokemon.

5. Snivy


Before Unova, I almost exclusively used fire types as my starter. (Charmander was my first Pokemon) But that all changed when I saw Snivy, and I knew I had to use him. He's probably my favorite starter of all of the regions, which is saying something because Cyndaquil and Blaziken are pretty awesome. Only issue is that I didn't like the fact that Serperior doesn't have legs. He's still cool, but eh.

4. Togekiss


Togekiss is awesome. Togetic is already pretty cool, but he was one of the few pokemon blessed in Gen 4 to have an awesome 3rd evolution with great stats. Togekiss has access to a lot of awesome attacks including Sky attack and Aura Sphere, adding on to my like for it. As you may have guessed, I tend to like streamline pokemon such as Togekiss and Latias.

3. Eevee


I admit I don't know if I'd like it as much if it didn't have a crazy amount of Evolution branches, and I tend to use at least one of those in every single Pokemon team I've had. I can't really tell what it's based off of, a fox just seems to different from it. But that's what makes it cool, being a pokemon that looks natural and doesn't have leaves or fire sticking out of it. I'm planning on making a Youtube channel with it's name in it.

2. Braviary


I'd be lying if Snivy or Emolga was my favorite Gen 5 Pokemon. I actually like a lot of gen 5's designs (Booo!) and Braviary is my favorite. Partially because it evolves late, partially because it's design looks awesome. Sort of the same deal with Eevee, it looks natural in a game where some really weird designs are commonplace.

1. Breloom


What? Yes, BRELOOM is my favorite Pokemon, out of all +649 of them. I honestly have no idea why, I guess I just like it, and the typing is just wicked cool. I guess a lot of the same reasons I like Lanturn.

Honorable mentions go to Umbreon, Tirtouga, Charizard, Giratina, Salamence, and a couple others I probably forgot.

My favorite type? Probably FlyingIC_Big.png.

Edited by Melonhead

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1. Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard (Blue)

My first Pokemon in my first Pokemon game.

2. Espeon (Silver)

Leveled Eevee up until it learned Bite, then evolved it into Espeon. This thing murdered the E4 almost single-handedly.

3. Ampharos (Silver)

It was always a reliable attacker for me, and chunky enough to take hits well.

4. Haxorus (White)

A one-man wrecking crew with a battle axe for a head.

5. Braviary (White)

Like his look, and he's also my best flyer in White.

6. Suicune (Crystal)

Hard to choose between Suicune and Entei, but I like the "mythology" of this one better.

7. Umbreon (SoulSilver)

Like the design, and it was a great meat shield for my SS team.

8. Garchomp (Platinum)

It's a land shark, and that's awesome. Also, I could always rely on it to clear a room.

9. Volcarona (White)

Nothing to say here than hasn't already been said. This thing can kill with just a menacing glare.

10. Audino (White)

I don't like using Audino much. I love kicking their asses. Kinda feel guilty though. It's like killing buffalo just for their hides: I only like Audino because it gives great Xp.

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10. Lucario


He's pretty popular. One of the best designed pokemon ever. He's cool, swift and powerful. An extremely versatile competitive champ that can run dozens of sets and be equally good at any of them.

9. Staraptor


A pidgey clone that can actually do some work. Meaty attack, close combat and a mean look makes this bird stand out from the rest.

8 .Gardevoir


One of the best designed pokemon, if not the best. Beautiful and elegant. I think everyone had their own favorite during their RSE playthroughs, despite her super rare encounter rate, she is worth it! Not too shabby competitively in RU and UU. She is versatile and can be offensive or a support teammate.

7. Togekiss


This flying pudge is a dick. Fallen out of usage, though it is still one of my favorites.

6. Whimsicott


Wait, Togekiss doesn't hold a candle to how much of an asshole this thing is. I love the cute and whimsical design. It really looks like a trickster, and boy does it trick the hell out of you.

5. Gyarados


Intimidate is my favorite ability. 4th gen gave it love with dragon dance and waterfall. One or two DD and it becomes very hard to deal with this "dragon".

4. Jolteon


Best Eeveelution by far (imo...) Blisteringly fast and it can lob out thunderbolts all day in the rain. It can also scout with baton passing, protect its fragile self with subs and can also help out the team by passing its subs.

3. Azumarill

Wrecking ball in disguise. This thing is cute and destructive. Put on a choice band and go to town. It helps that it is so fat and can take a lot of punishment to compensate for its speed. Oh, Aqua Jet also helps xD

2. Starmie


I used it on my first run on my Green version in 98. It has always been a favorite and it finds its way into my competitive teams way too often. I use it as a sweeper, but it can also run the crucial spinner set. You just can't beat 115 speed. Tied for the most fast water pokemon and does it in style.

1. Breloom


My favorite during my days playing Ruby. I always had one when I didn't pick treecko. Breloom represents grass type at its finest. Due to grass being terribad offensively and defensively, Breloom teaches us that typing and poor stats still can't keep a good pokemon down(grass/fighting isn't the worst though). Breloom uses more than just brute force to force an opponent into submission. Subseeding, sporing, poison heal to keep it healthy from status and damage. It can jostle for position and once it does, it can blast opposing pokemon in the face with its 130 attack with technician'd mach punches or 225 bp focus punches. Too good.

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I couldn't figure out my 10 most favorite pokemon, so here's a top 8 instead.

8. Lugia - 249.png

Why? I don't really like legendaries, but Pokemon 2000 was my absolute favorite movie because Lugia's song is beautiful. Also, shadow Lugia was awesome.

7. Ninetales - 38.png

She was one of my favorites in the original PMD. Also one of my favorites in Pokemon Emerald

6. Ampharos - 181.png

My favorite electric mammal thing.

5. Sableye - 302.png

This little guy helped me in my numerous challenge runs of Pokemon Emerald, such as the low level draft or the low time draft. It's sorta gimmicky, but I love gimmicky pokemon and it's pretty clutch. Also was a cute little helper for Dusknoir in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of X

4. Gardevoir - 282.png

I always spent time looking for the 2% Ralts in Emerald because Gardevoir is awesome. Also the original PMD

2&3. Espeon and Umbreon - 196.png197.png

Others can like Charizard or other starters because of nostalgia, but my very first starters were these two. I remember I solo'd Colosseum with these two on my very first playthrough and got completely wrecked by a Tyrannitar in Mt. Battle haha. Colosseum for the win!

1. Grovyle - 253.png

I could fangirl about Grovyle for ever. He is my absolute favorite character in PMD omg. His special episode is my favorite and it's just amazing. Definitely one of the best written characters in Pokemon imo.

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1. Leafeon

Most of you saw this coming. I find it to be absolutly perfect in everything. Cute, awsome, the best type, defense. Hnnf, yes. Fun Fact: Leafeon is the first Pokemon I singled out as my favorite.

2. Weavile

Not going to lie or anything, but I fell in love with it beause of the Lucario movie. Which compelled me to catch a Sneasel in Pearl just to evolve it into a Weavile.

3. Gallade

He's so cool. So cool. And Knightly in a way.

4. Mandibuzz

She's a vulture, I love vultures. Cool looking as well, yes.

5. Drapion

Look at it, those claws, that everything. All of its everything.

6. Lilligant

Hm, yes, Lilligant. Adorable. I love 'er.

7. Fearow

Hehe, Fearow. Drill Peck? Drill Run? Yes hnng yes. Too cool, second best bird Pokemon of course.

8. Escavalier

A knight bug? Yes please~

9. Mawile

Oh man when I first ran into one in Ruby I had to have it. Cute.

10. Mienshao

Cool and elegant, kung fu too stronk. Kind of cute too.

Honorable mentions go to Dodrio, Gardevoir, Porygon2, Rhyperior and every fossil Pokemon. No images because you all should know what they look like.

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This is hard


Honorable mention: Flaffy

10. Dragonair

9. Mew

8. Feraligatr/Charizard

7. Espeon

6. Articuno

5. Cyndaquil/Piplup

4. Grovyle

3. Suicune

2. Pikachu

1. Giratina-O

Ah, they're all so adorable <3

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1. Breloom


What? Yes, BRELOOM is my favorite Pokemon, out of all +649 of them. I honestly have no idea why, I guess I just like it, and the typing is just wicked cool. I guess a lot of the same reasons I like Lanturn.

1. Breloom


My favorite during my days playing Ruby. I always had one when I didn't pick treecko. Breloom represents grass type at its finest. Due to grass being terribad offensively and defensively, Breloom teaches us that typing and poor stats still can't keep a good pokemon down(grass/fighting isn't the worst though). Breloom uses more than just brute force to force an opponent into submission. Subseeding, sporing, poison heal to keep it healthy from status and damage. It can jostle for position and once it does, it can blast opposing pokemon in the face with its 130 attack with technician'd mach punches or 225 bp focus punches. Too good.


I can't tell if that's a coincidence, or just freaky.

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This is hard


Honorable mention: Flaffy

10. Dragonair

9. Mew

8. Feraligatr/Charizard

7. Espeon

6. Articuno

5. Cyndaquil/Piplup

4. Grovyle

3. Suicune

2. Pikachu

1. Giratina-O

Ah, they're all so adorable <3

I guess your username, avatar, and signature express that love of yours?

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10 Meganium


definitely my starter for the Johto region

9 Aggron


Fuck yeah so awesome

8 Haunter


fav Ghost

7 Nidoking



6 Salamence


awesome dragon

5 Latias


her Brother is pretty awesome as well

4 Rayquaza


awesome legendary

3 Vaporeon


Favorite evee evo

2 Articuno


he's like

the only ice pokemon i use >_>

ice types so bad ;/

1 Charizard


Charizard is the reason i wanted to play pokemon. badass mang

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Heehee, a lot of my reasons for liking pokemon are their appearances~ I've never really thought much further than my top 4-5 or something, so the top part of this list is probably the order I'm least sure of...

10. Sawk


I'm usually not a huge fan of most fighting types =o Usually I just like the pokemon that look cutest or prettiest to me~ But then I ran into a Sawk and he looked so tough and serious but.... his cry sounded so cuuuuuuuuuuute~ It made me fall for him and I caught him and used him and he's a pretty fun pokemon imo~

9. Altaria


A big fluffy bird-dragon?? WANT!!! I adore Altaria~ And his spriiiiiiite 3twBk.gif

I find it very squeeable~!

8. Nidoking


One day I decided I wanted to try to use a new Pokemon. I decided that I would try to get a Nidoking! That's different! And he looks cool. I was very satisfied with him too~ And his cry sounds super neato =3 So I tend to use him a lot now~

7. Mareep/Flaaffy/Ampharos



Mareep and Flaaffy are fluffyyyy~ Ampharos looks so cute and cheery! I'm not a huge fan of slow pokemon and I used to not use them much. I would usually already have my full party planned before I thought "Oh yeah what about Mareep? Oh wait I have no room left =<" But at some point I made room in my team for it~ They're all adorable so I'm happy with them =3

6. Espeon


Oh hi Mew~

When I was a young young girl I instantly thought that I MUST HAVE ESPEON because Espeon was so very pretty! And of course I still really like Espeon~ She (I mainly consider Espeon females since they look so feminine~ It's difficult for me to remember that they are typically male x3) can be a pretty handy pokemon to have too.

5. Furret


I mostly started loving Furret when I found one in Pokepark x3 He sounded so cute and acted so cute and was overall so cute so I started to try using him! He can be a little difficult to use but I don't mind! What's wrong with a challenge anyway?

4. Serperior


When I first saw the starters of Black and White, I wasn't entirely that fond of them, except for Snivy. I thought Snivy looked pretty cute! Then as I checked their later evolutions, I saw how pretty and regal Snivy became!! He automatically became the starter that I knew I would choose. I really really like Serperior. And it certainly earns him some points that he is the speediest starter since I prefer speedy pokemon~

3. Dragonair


Another serpentine-bodied favourite~! I think between Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite, I must prefer Dragonair because he is the very beautiful looking one and I especially like his shade of blue~ I never evolve my Dragonair and I don't care that he's way weaker than Dragonite. When I was younger I used to love Dragonite because of Mewtwo Strikes Back so maybe at some point I can remember how much I used to like him and evolve a Dragonair someday. But I still really love Dragonair a lot!

2. Flareon


It wasn't difficult for me to decide, when I was little, which Eeveelution I preferred. The cutest fuzziest one! I've loved Flareon for forever! I also tend to love a lot of fire types so maybe that could be another reason x3 That or fire types are the main ones that end up looking so fuzzy. It does disappoint me that Flareon has to be the center of all the hate for people who talk about "eeveelution favourites" but since I don't let stats influence my judgement when it comes to favourites, I adamantly stand by my own despite how much everybody else complains!

1. Ninetales


Ever since I used a Flareon gif avatar I've been called Flareohr and I think that might had led some people (mainly FE4 THREAD people because that's where that "Flareohr" stuff originated...) to believe that Flareon was my favourite or something... But I'm sure that by now I've set it straight that I love Ninetales most of all~ Such a beautiful fox! And I love foxes! =D And also she's (I mainly consider them female) fire type!! When I was little I really treasured this holo Ninetales trading card I had of her (at the time I was like "she's pretty and she's strong!!"), though idk where that card went now ;~; It's lying somewhere around the house~

.... And that episode from the anime with Ninetales losing her owner... waaaaah it makes me so saaaaad ;A;

Oh and I absolutely adore Vulpix too~ I wasn't sure where to put Vulpix on this list... But she's somewheeerrreeee out theeeerrrreeeee~

Guess that means Vulpix can go with my honourable mentions... and along with Vulpix, there's Latias, Beautifly, Raikou, Haunter, Vaporeon, Leafeon, Bayleef, Typhlosion, and Articuno. Maybe some others that I'm forgetting too since I just like so many!!

Edited by Freohr Datia

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