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Lil Bean

Everyone is Mafia Mafia: The Glorious Revolution (GOOD JOB KONEKO, ENIGMAR, AND REINFLECHE)

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Bet you didnt expect yet another eimm game did ya, me and Monde will be hosting this kinda sorta historical themed game for new players and veterans alike so sit back and try not to cry.

(thank u monde for this incredibly edgy backstory) In the forest of Serenes, destruction looms over its people. As its government collapses, so does order, and as the people rise up, chaos follows. The citizens of Serenes call for change, but change is unknowing. It is not certain who will prevail in this grand battle, but whoever shall will go down in history. The historians of the future will look to the events of these upcoming days and understand truly why it became the way it did.

[spoiler=Stolen from Pbs game stolen from Pbs game stolen from Refas game stolen from Pbs game] 1. Don't edit in thread posts.

2. You can either post in thread or communicate via OC (please send all OC logs to me via your Role PM, thanks), just don't spam the thread or the mods will get mad at us.

3. Don't be a jerk outside of the usual confines of the game.

4. Night 1 is 48 hours, Night 2 and onwards are 24 hours. This is negotiable before the game starts but not after. 5. Once I receive all actions and publicly declare that, said actions are considered locked and the phase ends. If you don't submit any actions or announce your intent to idle, consequences may be dire.

6. Everyone will have one Bullet Proof Vest (BPV) to start. All users have a base factional kill. You will be notified if your BPV has been hit. A BPV will only protect against one hit. If you are targeted by more killing actions than vests that you have during a night, you will still die.

7. You can't target yourself unless your role specifically states that you can.

8. You can target the dead, but I can't guarantee that will do anything.

9. Should your action fail for any reason, it will count as never having been done. Please ask me for clarification if you're not sure about this.

10. Every player is on the player list (see a list of them below).

11. This game uses aliases (see a list of them below).

12. Wincons and/or roles may be related to the characters, so I take no responsibility for that.

To sign-up: Send Monde (Cohost) or Lil Bean (Cohost) your alias and character on SF or on Skype. It is encouraged to be a historical character but you dont have to if you dont wanna tbh.

Also, it is encouraged not to give out your alias pre-game and only AFTER the game starts

This game will most likely start the first week of August, possibly starting July 31st if there are more than 30 players.


  • 1 Acidphoenix
  • 2 Balcerzak
  • 3 Blitz
  • 4 Dragonflare7
  • 5 DrumBeats
  • 6 Einto
  • 7 Elie
  • 8 Enigmar/Ms Bunch
  • 9 Freezing Hellfire/Heart of Ice
  • 10 Hannah
  • 11 Kirsche
  • 12 Koneko/Dream
  • 13 Makaze
  • 14 Paperblade
  • 15 Reinfleche
  • 16 Reiyson
  • 17 Riptor/Ken Masters
  • 18 Rssp
  • 19 SB
  • 20 Shubaka
  • 21 ~Summer~/JIAC
  • 22 The Red/Bling/Vendetta
  • 23 Toren/Daiya/Regret
  • 24 Zeo

[spoiler=Living Alias List]

  • 1 Baxter
  • 2 Desdemona
  • 3 Flame
  • 4 Gnarly
  • 5 Ocean
  • 6 The Ghost of Mafia Past
  • 7 Xinnia

[spoiler=Living Player List]

  • Blitz
  • Einto
  • Elie
  • Enigmar
  • Koneko
  • Rein
  • SB

[spoiler=Dead Alias List]

  • 1 BLOOD
  • 2 Caligula
  • 3 Composite
  • 4 Crapitalism
  • 5 Jin
  • 6 Karma
  • 7 The Legendary Guitar Man
  • 8 Lil Monde
  • 9 Lobizón
  • 10 Madness
  • 11 Martius
  • 12 Ming
  • 13 Reign
  • 14 Sprite
  • 15 StabbyStabber
  • 16 Turquoise
  • 17 月食

here's the mafia alias resource i made if you want to try to guess people's aliases. Will be updated before game start. Also available on my profile.

Edited by Lil Bean

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[spoiler=Alias List, will be put up on game start but for now waluigi]014d709277.png

Oh, hell yeah, I'm all in for that Waluigi booty

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in 3 win. which historical period are we going to be? 20th century philosopher? Roman Emperor?? mid Xing Dynasty peasant author?

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I'm expecting detailed lessons from each person about their characters btw.

TFW you only googled "top 20 historical figures" and picked the one that sounded less german

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Whoever chooses Marx is totally getting cult


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Whoever chooses Marx is totally getting cult


This is a bannable offense.


Team Instinct

(not playing)

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Oh my god where did you find that? It's fantastic.

totally not late, but my little brother lmao.

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