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Who will be on the next Three Houses banner?


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1 hour ago, Diovani Bressan said:

I was saying more about character, not role.

About role, yes... she is a supporting character during Lyn Mode. About character... he is just a skirt-chaser.

That's fair.

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Sain has a strong sense of loyalty too though, and he can get pretty serious. I loved when he told off Lundgren for insulting Kent in their boss fight convo! And then he backs off Lyn for Kent in their support and roots for him to win her. He's a skirt chaser, but a great friend and loyal ally. And he's so damn funny! XD

@Jave Like how Ike and Roy got into FEW because of Smash, right? Oh, wait, yeah, that didn't happen. -_- (sorry, but that will always annoy me...)

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Well, regardless of who gets in, I would say it’s fair to assume that any and every female student (unfortunately) has a twice as likely chance of getting in over a male student 🙃

I wouldn’t be surprised if we got timeskip versions of someone like Petra before getting someone like our first Raphael...

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