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  1. hi specta! it’s been a long time and i’m not sure if you even remember me, but i wanted to thank you for something you did around when we first talked in 2014.

    you were talking about fashion in ipc and i mentioned something among the lines of, “i’d like to wear skirts, except they don’t look good on me” and you replied, “don’t be silly, there’s a skirt for everyone!” maybe you didn’t think much of it then, but your comment made me start researching skirts that night, and eventually i became confident enough to wear them in public. this was also the start of my passion for fashion! i had always casually liked it because of playing style savvy, but irl i had no confidence to wear anything outside of hoodies and jeans and plain shirts; now, i consider fashion probably my biggest or second biggest interest, and i almost exclusively wear skirts outdoors. the dreary and dull clothes that filled my closet were gradually replaced with clothes i sincerely looked forward to wearing every day, and i was voted best dressed in high school! and this is all because of some offhand comment you made five years ago. i’m not exaggerating when i say that that moment is probably the biggest impact on my life that something so small has made, and i am genuinely incredibly grateful for it. sorry if i bothered you and thank you for reading ❤️

    1. Specta


      kinumi I would never forget you!! it's so fun to hear from you again!!

      i don't have words for how happy I am to hear all of this. i never would have thought i'd make an impact, but it makes me day to know i helped you find something so positive. i'm so glad you have found something you love and makes you happy because that is the most important thing and it's the best part of fashion ;__; thank you for sharing this ❤️ we have the PASSION FOR FASHION together

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