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  1. ugh, first day of spring quarter and now leaks come out T_T... good bye sleep
  2. didn't really pay close attention, but looks like seraphim (angel) is slightly modified: 7 attack (-1 down from 8). everything else looks the same, i think?
  3. offense: 4528 w/ rank at 4400--thankfully i didn't decay below 5000!
  4. P much impossible to break 4.5k w/ this team :'( .. hopefully i don't decay below rank 5k
  5. waaaaaaait really? :O omg... i really should try to summon robin/effie or someone then LOL
  6. Current arena team (recently swapped out 4* camilla for tiki to try to get top 1000, lol)! Effie and linde destroy me but I don't have any 5* lance and axe users
  7. Only had enough to summon one... so glad I pulled tacomeat!! :^)
  8. i'm not ~too~ crazy for the story (just make it not terrible and delete face rubbing) and whatnot, but i really do hope they push for gameplay similar to conquest's bc i immensely enjoyed the challenge/fun a) for gameplay - before fates, i was very iffy about infinite durability, but after playing, it was nice!! one of the previous posts mentioned something about limiting "slayer" weapons -- i agree. but i was thinking more of having the slayer weapons more of a player phase weapon; ie) the weapons will do little to no damage to other units / have more drawbacks when facing other units - the pair up mechanic is vastly better than awakening's, however, there should be more incentive to use the attack stance/change guard stance...b/c the game just felt like "use guard stance just so enemies can't attack stance you" more than anything, honestly - changes to silver weapons... i don't think i've ever found myself using anything above steel tbh (hard/lunatic cq) // - change what forges do? - make silver/steel gain more mt while iron would gain more acc or something?? not sure - weaken pair up stats(?) - have more risk/reward //time pressure for side objectives vs main objectives i.e.) losing valuable chests / gold etc (i think the chapter where you recruit charlotte + benny would be an example-ish) - i can't really think of anything else, but i like the personal skills, nerf to ranged weapons - pls avoid maps like the kitsune one + pls let us save before the final map q.q b) console - pls be on the 3ds bc i am a broke college student!! :^)
  9. i think i was only able to afford one (i had to sell some stuff, though). the game never really "showers" you but it does lightly give away some free ones. from what i recall there should be another cavalry and foot unit promotion items in the following chapters (13 and 16 respectively i believe). there are definitely a lot more shops that sell you promotion items (foot, mounted and winged, chapter 16 prep is one). however, i don't remember seeing another mage promotion item haldia turned out pretty well for me--he was a little bit iffy in the beginning, but once his str got going (his growth seems pretty high) he was able to one round most enemies. other early-game units i found worthwhile: dune (archer), ash (blue axe user) and both pegasi. troy and melody are amazing units--not too sure about zayed (i didn't recruit him) hope this helps!
  10. i believe the boss of chapter 10 (hoelun and elva's chapter) drops a calvary promotion item. the shops in 11 (fortress invasion) have a couple of cc items as well!
  11. i'm glad you finally finished 15! everything got immensely difficult for me :-//. and no, i'm currently on 19 and she (hoelun?) has not promoted so far. also note for everyone: please please make sure you have all available units for shirutins party (and stock up VERY well). going in blindly w/o understanding pretty much all of the text has made me p much decide to go back to an earlier save. for shirutin's party, i'm missing hilda, linker, siegfried, nera, jemuran and elva.... l o l i have no clue how i got past 17 with missing half the cast... but 19 has made me realize it's way too painful and difficult for me and i don't think i can finish the map when only two units are strong enough. anyway, here's a recap of some chapters: chapter 17 i'll add in chapter 18 later, but it was a breeze compared to what 17 was. and 19... i have no other words but pure punishment :'(
  12. aww, it's okay. keep trying! and yeah, some chapters are insanely difficult. chapter 17 gave me the biggest headache so far @_@. agh i should've trained shirutin and co more, but i didn't know :'(
  13. place zeid adjacent to the attacking character. other than that try to use someone w/ the best chance of killing him in one hit and pray :-// lol i'm not sure if there's a proper way to do it . i ended up promoting haldia (the swordsman) to do it
  14. something going wrong before each 5 turn interval always seems to be the case :p. anyway, zeid gets his promotion item (a bouquet of roses) at the end of 15. he gets a pony! chapter 16 turns out to not be really a "map" but more of a preparation chapter. the team gets divided into zeid's army and shirutin (the long haired bow knight). what's important is that during an earlier chapter you chose whether troy or dune (or no one) assists them--this same character will be forced to go with shirutin. anyway, talk to each house and really easy units come out and it becomes essentially a free gold mine of exp. tons of stores are available, including one with all the promotion items. that's basically what happened, i'll update on the next map when i'm finished! edit: just went and did the "real" 16 chapter 16: and now looking at chapter 17 we switch to shirutin's party..and man oh man i regret not using ANY of these units (except dune) god i wish i put troy here instead @_@... qq sigh. make sure to stock up on items for shirutin's party!!! the little boy thief leaves and you DO NOT have access to a convoy
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