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  1. Enjoying myself, basically at the end game. He's not doing anything crazy different, but he doesn't need to do anything too different to be fun to be around either.
  2. There was a skirmish I just had an option of doing that just sent waves of flying units, with my allies all split up, which... I was not going to do. I don't get why Skirmishes are so brutal.
  3. Ah, I much prefer class skills stay solely on the class they start with. I'm not sure what aside from a similarish Engage-like setup of "equip X extra thing" would work for it. Weapons would be interesting. I feel like you'd want another game of no durability though which does take away options.
  4. I enjoy the super mode and the way it ties in to skills, so I wouldn't mind seeing it return. If they want them to be characters they could be legendary weapon spirits or the like really, which would be fine with me. Or perhaps a way to explore deities or the like which FE doesn't really do much of. Either way I do think it's fun, and I think I'd prefer they keep doing it some sort of supernatural way.
  5. I think it's fun, though not sure it's my favorite. I do miss having weapon buffs/debuffs depending on the triangle advantage. Also not a big fan of the ranged one but that's something else entirely.
  6. Hmm, Saphir almost works for what I wanted, which was a second female character for the Lythos section, presumably a counterpart to Vandir. Also more along the lines of what I'd want for Alear coloring wise I think, less monotonous white. Not sure what to make of these characters at the tail end of things, definitely curious to see who all winds up playable.
  7. It would be odd if bosses could be beaten down that easily. I approve of their efforts to keep bosses relevant. As far as the Flier stuff goes both the lack of promoted Pegasus and gender lock on Pegasus are silly, especially when it’s currently the only gender lock in the game, and likely to remain so. Also worries me about the DLC given Dark Flier seems like a decently likely option, or just more gender locking stuff in general. It’s minor but it’s definitely an all around loss, especially if it’s why we have Griffon over Pegasi for the promotion.
  8. I mean I would imagine Hyacinth is some sort of Sage variant. Maybe he could be on a griffin to round out the group, but I'd be surprised if he was not a tome/staff unit. As for Sfolgia Archers are part of the covert category, but who knows. I'm not saying they definitely would be but I feel like they'd wind up closer to their kids as opposed to being something further away.
  9. That would be nice. Though I am a touch miffed how many horse units we have if the idea is to bring more utility to non mounted units. It kind of undercuts the point I feel. We will see how it turns out in practice though.
  10. I could see them being playable. Though they are probably too close to one or both of their kids which would be a bit depressing. That said I’m hoping the DLC is full on new characters when we get them.
  11. Ooh. Those are nifty. I like the idea of Calvary on something other than just horses too. Giving them dragon equivalents is nice.
  12. I mean Hard mode is intended for Veterans I believe. That’s what I’ve heard said many times now. In spite of the name Normal is Easy mode. Games with a lower difficulty being the exception but still.
  13. From what people have said even with ten charges it was challenging enough. Now, they probably aren't major FE fans, but to me it says that it's hard enough that you'll probably wind up using them all, and so long as the difficulty is primarily stuff that is on the field as opposed to off the field reinforcements this is a positive step for people who are against it, as it means the game is being extremely tactical. I'm not really worried as I've never had any issue not using it unless needed so it'll just depend on how difficult the game is now.
  14. Well, if it’s meant to parallel fairy tale true love stuff it’s not like every guy can pair up with every girl in this. Tying it to supports would be a bit better.
  15. I think at least for Alear/the Avatar everyone should be bi, it’s just the answer that is happiest. Having more varied pairings outside of Alear is good though. It’s better than the previous “almost everyone is straight and wants the Avatar with a handful who are bi”.
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