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    trying hard to balance out the two facets of my personality.....

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  1. I can play if there's a game. Just drop me a PM somewhere to poke me.
  2. My reads were completely wrong this game, urgh.....
  3. That is some convoluted PR. I only regret not mass roleblocking night 1 as that may have saved Shin from being killed and allowing him to get his vig shot off. Was kind of wanting to hold the mass roleblock for a clutch roleblock later on in the game but realised it was the wrong move when Blitz and Shin died.
  4. In case it wasn't obvious enough, I was the reason behind the lack of kills during the last night phase.
  5. ##Vote: desudesudesudesudesudesu for being scum.
  6. It's a mass role block that role blocks everyone in the game at the same time. It's also one-shot.
  7. The first votal is still wrong and has me listed twice...
  8. I'm still unwell irl so I don't have the mood or well-being to post any more than this for now, sorry...
  9. Prims and Gaius, I voted Michelaar but it's not reflected in the votals. Also, I confirmed that it was a mod error by Gaius that caused the miller not to appear in the first votals. It's not mentioned in my role PM how those messages will appear but Prims's vote count has my name in red so that probably is how the messages are supposed to appear?
  10. I'm not really feeling well today so I don't think I will be able to make a post. If or when I recover later on in the day or tomorrow morning, I'll take some time to participate in the game. Sorry guys.
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