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  1. Thank you! The supports are enjoyable to read, I like how they mentioned other characters from their own games.
  2. [spoiler=Charlotte/Kaden] C Support Charlotte: Oh my, Kaden. What are you doing? Kaden: Hey, Charlotte. It's exactly what it looks like: I'm taking a moment to groom. Charlotte: Oh, I see now. Um... Do you maybe need some help? Kaden: Of course! Help is always welcome! I've got some clumped hair; it'd be great if you could try to lightly untangle it. Charlotte: Let me see... Am I doing this right? Kaden: Yeah! You're actually really good at it! Thanks so much for your help. Of course, now that you've been so nice to me, I'll have to repay the debt. Charlotte: Just as I planned. Kaden: Hm? Did you say something just now? Charlotte: What? N-no! It must have been the wind! Kaden: How odd! Anyway, I need to figure out what to do to repay you... Charlotte: Oh, you shouldn't feel like you need to repay me! I'm fine, honest! If you absolutely have to though... I'd want something in a nice golden hue. Kaden: There's something different about you right at this moment... Charlotte: Hah, you must be imagining things! I'm just as I've always been. Kaden: Oh, OK... Anyway, I'll look and see if I've got something to repay you with. Charlotte: Anything with a sheen would be amazing! B Support: Kaden: Hello, Charlotte. I wanted to repay you for your help the other day. Charlotte: Oh, really? Right now? It really wasn't a big deal, you know. But I've been eagerly waiting for you! Kaden: Wait, it's not a big deal but you've also been eagerly waiting? Charlotte: My, that is a bit confusing, isn't it? I even confuse myself sometimes. Don't worry about it! You said you had something for me? Kaden: You wanted something gold, right? I know it's not much, but I got some gold nuggets. Charlotte: Oooh, jackpot! Kaden: Ch-Charlotte?! Charlotte: Oh, excuse me! I'm sorry! I just got really excited at what you brought me. It happens sometimes. Kaden: I can see that. You do have some unusual outbursts... Charlotte: Now then... I can send half back to my mother, and maybe spoil myself a bit... Improving myself will only help me become even more popular. Kaden: Um, Charlotte? Charlotte: Ah, Kaden! You're still here? I thought you'd left already... Oh, but while you're here, do you need more help with your grooming? Kaden: What, right now? I don't really... Charlotte: Oh, don't worry! You said yourself I was pretty good at it. Come here! Kaden: O-OK. You know, you really are a pretty nice person, Charlotte. Of course, now I have to repay you again. Charlotte: Don't worry about that, Kaden! Although...now that you mention it... A Support: Kaden: Hey there, Charlotte. I brought you some more gold nuggets! Charlotte: That's wonderful, Kaden! Your gifts make me so very happy. I just had a thought-where are you getting these from, anyway? Kaden: Oh, you don't need to worry about that... Charlotte: Oh, please tell me, Kaden! Pretty please! Kaden: Well... I guess if you're that determined to know, I can tell you. I was able to sell a bit of the fur from my beautiful tail. Charlotte: Wait, what? Kaden: Kitsune fur is incredibly valuable. Even the tail fur can fetch a good price. And my fur is especially beautiful, so I can sell it for a great price. Some people actually fought over my fur the last time I went to sell some. Charlotte: Oh no! It's actually dangerous for you to do this? I didn't realize... Kaden: A bit, but I'm able to get away just fine if I need to. And it's worth it! You've been so kind to me, I had to repay you! Charlotte: No, Kaden. I can't take this from you. Kaden: What? You were so happy the last time I brought you gold nuggets. What's changed since then? Charlotte: I just mean...you're so innocent and trusting! Kaden: Isn't that a good thing? Charlotte: It is! And that's exactly why I'm feeling so incredibly guilty now. Kaden: Guilty? There's no reason to feel that way. You were kind to me, so I'm returning the favor! Charlotte: But...I wasn't being kind just for the sake of being kind. I really did hope that I would benefit from being nice to you. I'm really sorry. Kaden: Oh, that's why you feel bad? Hahah, don't worry about it! All I care about is that you were nice to me. Charlotte: You'll forgive me? Kaden: There's nothing to forgive. You're my good friend after all. Charlotte: Thank you, Kaden. I feel like an apology isn't enough, though. Next time we hang out, I'll make you a nice lunch. I'll really put my heart into it too! You'll never have had as good a lunch as this! Kaden: That sounds great, Charlotte! But, if you make me a lunch that is that amazing... I'm going to have to pay you back somehow... Charlotte: No! I mean, you don't need to. It really, really is fine this time. I swear. S Support: Charlotte: Oh, hello there, Kaden. Hrm. You're looking a little sad today... Kaden: Is it showing? I never thought I'd be so caught up in worrying as I am now. Charlotte: What could possibly worry someone as confident as you? Do you want to talk about it? Kaden: You're actually interested? I can't tell if you really are or not. Charlotte: Of course I am! Now tell me; is this issue really as serious as you're making it seem? Kaden: Of course it is. And you're even involved. I've felt a bit off for the last few days, and I finally realized why. It's because... I've been worrying about confessing that I've started to like you. Charlotte: ...What? Kaden: And not just like. I think I've fallen in love with you, and I don't know how to say it. Also, I know I'm good looking, but I don't think I could make you happy with just that. Charlotte: I...see. Kaden: And then I was thinking about what would happen after I admitted how I felt. If it turned out you actually hated me, that would hurt so much, you know? And if I messed up telling you how I felt... Well, you could end up hating me, even if you didn't before! Charlotte: ... Kaden: So...that's what I'm worried about. Does that make sense to you? Charlotte: Yes, I understand completely. But... Kaden: What do you think I should do? Charlotte: You're worrying about confessing, right? You can probably stop worrying now. Kaden: What? Why? Charlotte: You...just confessed your feelings to me. Kaden: AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! I misspoke! Or you misunderstood! Both! Charlotte: Kaden, you don't need to worry. I mean... I do like you after all. Kaden: What... R-really?! Does that mean we can be together? Charlotte: Of course! That's the whole point of this conversation! Kaden: That makes me really happy. Now I need to repay you for making me this happy... Charlotte: You don't have to, Kaden! You've made me equally happy as it is.
  3. Happy birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a week late!!!

  5. Happy Birthday!!!

  6. Updated to post 1186 [ Link to the wiki , if you are interested to help out with the wiki, do post in here ] [spoiler=list] Here lies the supports that have not been up on the wiki.
  7. okay jave has released his claims, including frederick/brady!
  8. it's actually my fault because i followed lissa!morgan' entire lines and the only thing i changed was the mother's words for the rest of morgan's parent child support. (And i transcribed the lissa!morgan too *facepalm*)@Zeem i shall pm jave later.
  9. Didn't wanna post in the thread just to say this again, but Cynthia's page has been completed in the wiki now!! so you can take it off the list. xD

  10. Sorry for the double post but i'm on my phone right now . Blumpen has given you the permission persian.
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