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Grand Hero Battle: Jarod

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They really don't want me to one-turn this map in player phase. Oh well... then I will one-turn it in enemy phase instead!

@GuiltyLove Nice clear! This is a team I am not used to see you using, but it worked well! Nino would make good use of Arcane Caliburnus from Sonya, unless you want to wait for a Spd based Arcane green tome.

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Finally, a GHB with reinforcements

@GuiltyLove - I love that Shez build, and it's always nice to see Kagetsu! I hope I can get some more merges on him.

@Diovani Bressan - Nice EP clear from B!Marth! Seems like the most effort was put into getting Marth in the right spot LOL

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This clear is brought to you by Harken. Getting past those pillars was the hardest part.




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