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Gather Round! I have an important announcement that concerns none of you!!

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I will now announce the Unholy Order war generals:

Commander of the Golden (or Honey-Covered) Mounted Bear army is: Oguma "Oogly Bear" Blastoise!

Commander of the Lieblades army (or Swords with Whores) is: Toa Lord Sothe!!

Commander of the of the Death Druid army (or the Monocle Maniacs) is: Canas Bertram Rolo!!

Commander of the Male Pegasi army (or the "Sausage Birds") is: Chris "Feffleh" Citrusman!

Commander of the That Thiev'n Pirate Army (or "You better Locke your shit up tight because were gonna take take it") is: Matthew "Mattlock" O' Connel!

And finally, the Commander of the Finale Cowboy army (or "Those dudes from the movie Wanted") is: me.

interested in being a general in this magnificent army? Please contact one of the founders:

1. Gatrie: Alone and Unlove

2. Toa Lord Sothe

3. Mattlock

that is all.



*flies away*

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