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(FE10) Draft Tournament VI


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Generic ruleset, with some modifications to it. Credits to oval:

Da rules

- Normal Mode.

- No transfers or battle save abuse.

- The only characters you can deploy are those you drafted, or those who are needed to recruit another character(can be any character). Also as always the recruiter characters can't fight or heal unless you want to take a penalty. Forced units that you did not choose must not be used at all. NO ferrying, shoving, visiting houses, getting items off the ground, meatshielding.

- Certain chapters where you do not have a character, you pay a penalty for using a character that you do not have. The turn penalty is below.

- BK is fair game in all chapters were he is forced(1-9 and 3-6).

- You can move skills around freely.

- Bexp use is allowed.

Lords and Drafted Characters

During this draft, each participant (the order is predetermined but randomly decided) will be allowed to choose a single character per round out of the list to use during this play through, excluding the lords which everyone can use, and no one else may use them unless they pay a penalty based on their placement on the tier list. As each round progresses, the number of units remaining will decrease so make sure to grab any units you'll be wanting to use early because they are likely to be gone fairly quick.

What can't a non lord/non selected forced unit do, without incurring a penalty?

1. Engage in combat. So either keep them out of the enemies range or you will take a penalty. This includes meatshielding

2. Steal or find hidden items.

3. Heal units

4. Create supports

5. Shove

6. Ferry units

7. Visit houses

And penalties

Forced Character Penalties

1-P: Edward(3) Leo(2)

1-1: Edward/Nolan (3) Leo(2)

1-2: Edward/Nolan/Laura (3 ) Leo(2 )

1-3: Edward/Nolan/Laura/Illyana (3) Leo/Aran(2)

1-4: None*

1-5: Volug(5) it's a defend map so don't let him attack

1-6-1: Tauroneo(5) Volug(4)

1-6-2: Same as above^

1-7: Volug/Muarim/Tormod(4) Vika(3)

1-8: Nailah (6), Rafiel/Tormod/Maurim, Volug/Vika(3)

1-9: None*

1-E: Volug (3)

2-P : 3 for everyon. However, you can use 1 unit free of penalty.

2-1 : Neph/Brom(3)

2-2 : Lucia (4), The rest(3 each)

2-3 : Kieran/Geoffrey(3)

2-E : Elincia(5) Marcia/CRK(3)

3-P : Titania(5) Gatrie/Shinon/Oscar/Boyd/Mia(4) Rhys/Mist/Soren/Rolf(3)

3-1 : Titania(5) Gatrie/Shinon/Oscar//Boyd/Mia(4) Rhys/Mist/Soren/Rolf(3)

3-2 : None*

3-3 : None* You can deploy one undrafted 6 move unit to 3-3 without penalty.

3-4 : Ranulf(4)

3-5 : None*

3-6 : None*

3-7 : Ranulf/Zihark/Janaff/Ulki(4), Jill (2)

3-8 : Ranulf(4)

3-9 : Geoffrey(3)

3-10 : Ranulf(4)

3-11 : Ranulf/Leanne/Sigrun/Tanith (4)

3-12 : Tauroneo (6)

3-13 : Same as 3-12

3-E : Ranulf/Sigrun/Zihark(3), Jill (2)

4-P : Skrimir/Naesala(5) Sigurn/Sanaki(2)

4-1 : None*

4-2 : Tibarn (7) Elincia (3) Pelleas (2)

4-3 : Naesala (5), Skrimir(4) Sigrun/Stefan(3), Sanaki (2)

4-4 : Muarim (3), Vika/Tormod (2)

4-5 : Tibarn (7) Elincia/Volke (3)

* The chapters with no penalties do NOT mean you can use anybody in that chapter. They just mean that no one besides Ike/Micaiah/Sothe are forced, and therefore the only people in play should be them and the people you drafted.

Credits to RedFox for the tier list, which we usually use as a "Units left" list:

Top (4)

High (11)

Upper Middle (14)

Middle (14)

Lower Middle (16)

Low (9)

Bottom (4)


If you happen to be really busy, I want you guys to PM someone of your trust to draft for you. This is only to avoid taking countless hours drafting. You can also send a list to me, since I'm here pretty often. Just please make sure to have backup picks, assuming one of the characters you wanted can get picked before you do.

No slackers, please. ): If you join, you are committing to actually finishing this.

Drafting order and units:

1. Slayer: Haar, Ilyana, Gatrie, Meg, Rafiel, Skrimir, Mordecai, Astrid, BK and Lehran. 364 turns.

2. Xander: Edward, Mia, Elincia, Naesala, Leanne, Sanaki, Lethe, Vika, Rhys, Oliver. 282 turns.

3. Soul: Nolan, Nephenee, Marcia, Tibarn, Heather, Nealuchi, Nasir, Giffca, Lyre, Gareth. 263 turns.

4. Sal: Jill, Nailah, Reyson, Soren, Geoffrey, Mist, Rolf, Ranulf, Kyza, Stefan. 253 turns.

5. Spykor: Titania, Aran, Kieran, Ulki, Shinon, Makalov, Muarim, Tauroneo, Volke, Kurtnaga

6. Integrity: Zihark, Boyd, Tanith, Sigrun, Danved, Caineghis, Laura, Leonardo, Ena, Bastian. 329 turns.

7. Paperblade: Oscar, Volug, Callil, Janaff, Brom, Lucia, Fiona, Tormod, Pelleas and Renning.

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All these Axe character leaving so fast is sadness for me :(

Anyway, so my DB doesnt suck, Aran. inb4iregretthis

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All these Axe character leaving so fast is sadness for me :(

Anyway, so my DB doesnt suck, Aran. inb4iregretthis

... You just ruined me

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