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(FE4) Draft numero dos


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1. This draft is for 4 people (3 + myself). Units that are free for all are: Sigurd, Diadora, Celice, Oifey and Yuria.

2. First, the mothers will be drafted (snake draft style: 1, 2, 3, 4, 4, 3, 2, 1, etc.), and their children (but not substitutes) come with them. For example, drafting Ayra gets you: Ayra, Lackche and Skasaher.

3. Then, the fathers, fixed characters and substitute characters (Noish, Fin, Shanan, Hawk, etc.) are drafted. However, the person who went last drafting mothers will go first drafting fathers (reverse snake draft: 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.).

4. Each participant will end up with Sigurd, Diadora, two mothers, and their drafted fathers for the first generation, and Celice, Oifey, Yuria, four children characters, and their drafted fixed and substitute characters in the second generation. One character will remain undrafted.


1. Undrafted characters may not: enter combat, heal, steal, visit villages, become lovers, enter the Arena, etc.

2. Exceptions to the first rule: Briggid, Tiltyu and Claude are free use in Chapter 3; Leaf, Fin and Nanna/Janne are free for use in Chapter 7; Shanan is free for use in Chapter 7 until Yied is conquered. Dew may raise the bridge in Chapter 4 without penalty. Sylvia may enter the Defender Sword village in Chapter 4 without penalty, Laylea may enter the Barrier Sword Village in Chapter 7 without Penalty. Arden can get the Pursuit Ring without penalty. Dew can get the Wind Sword without penalty (lol).

3. Undrafted characters may receive and give items through Talk conversations that do not require the participants to be lovers.

4. NPC units may do as they please without penalty.

5. Using Arenas is allowed.


Non-holy weapon users (Jamka, Ayra, etc.) have a 3-turn penalty, per unit, per castle. Holy weapon users (Levin, Aless, etc.) and Dancers have a 7-turn penalty, per unit, per castle.

Penalties count each castle separately. For example: in the Prologue, using Noish in-route to Jungby incurs a 3-turn penalty. He can chip once, or solo the map, it's still a 3-turn penalty. Once Sigurd seizes Jungby however, using Hoish again (in-route to Evans) will result in another 3-turn penalty.

Credits to RD, added a few rules for somethings I thought were unfair.





First Gen:

1. Reinfleche: Ayra, Sylvia, Claude, Noish, Alec

2. Integrity: Ethlin, Briggid, Holyn, Cuan, Fin

3. Silvercrow: Tiltyu, Lachesis, Lex, Beowulf, Dew, Midir

4. Psych: Fury, Aideen, Levin, Jamka, Azel, Arden

Second Gen:

1. Reinfleche: Lakche, Skasher, Corple, Leen, Janne, Johan, Dimna, Daisy, Hannibal

2. Integrity: Leaf, Altenna, Patty, Faval, Fin, Laylea, Mana, Tristan, Radney, Roddlevan

3. Silvercrow: Arthur, Tinny, Delmund, Nanna, Shanan, Hawk, Femina, Sharlow

4. Psych: Rana, Lester, Sety, Fee, Aless, Amid, Linda, Johalva

Asaello the undrafted scrub.

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Well I wanted a healer first gen and a pair for Sylvia so too bad. Also you should put a units left list in the OP.

oh you already did lol

also i am disappointed Integ would do that. how can i be sure you're not lying.

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