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I call this the 'Other Users Screw Me Over' hard mode run.


Hector or Eliwood?  

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  1. 1. Which hard mode to use?

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Basically, you choose fourteen characters I have to use through a hard mode run, that I shall post.

...please don't be a complete d*ck like when a group of my friends made me use nothing but three thieves and the Jeigans in FE6...dammit, I just gave you all ideas. I take in Lyn to start with.

1. Current Lord

2. Lyn/Nils in Lyn's Mode

3. Will

4. Matthew (At least he has some semblance of decency...)

5. Dorcas

6. Isadora

7. Fiora

8. Nino

9. Raven

10. Wallace

11. Lucius

12. Dart

13. Renault (Bartre)

14. Canas

Due to Bartre vs Canas, I'm using Canas pernamently and just saving Bartre until Renault is recruited.


You also get to choose my 7 (Hopefully) supports:

1. Canas/Nino

2. Renault/Wallace

3. Will/Dart

4. Raven/Lucius




...just because I get the odd feeling I'll end up saying this anyway...I hate you all.

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Oh well screw the challenge thing I made I gotta go to a sports game right now and I feel like a jerk for the challenge that I don't even think you were online for.

Since I'm in a good mood Raven

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Lyn's Mode Prologue

Bleh, keep tactician the same...talking talking talking...okay, time to kills me some bandits!

First one goes down without Lyn taking a hit...

...Batta slaughters Lyn...@$#%...

*Listens to Megaman 3 game over with lyrics for my stupidity*


Lyn OHKO'S thanks to a critical, moving on to Batta...

Who also gets OHKO'd...huh. Lucky for me.

Moving on to Chapter one, also known as 'thanks for the extra sword Kent...'


Lyn kills bandit, Lyn kills another bandit, Lyn kills a third bandit.

...Lyn kills a fourth bandit...

...wow, this is boring.

Lyn kills the boss...

...suppose I'll end it there for now.



EX 71

HP 18/18


SKL 10

SPD 11




2 Iron Swords

3 Vulunaries, all with 3 uses.

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Lyn hits LV5...STILL NO STRENGTH (I'M STILL STUCK AT 4!)...I'm really going to need that Mani Katti...hike over the mountains...hits LV6...OH MY GOD, LOOK AT THE IMPROVEMENT!

LV 6

EX 1

HP 11/19


SKL 12

SPD 13




Going from 4-5 gave me one point of SKL and one of SPD...then STR, SKL, SPD and DEF all went up AT THE SAME TIME. God level...thank you, RNG.

Glass dies thanks to a Crit...Lyn gets the MANI KATTI...which will see much usage...on to chapter three!



Quick note: I'm going to level Florina during Lyn's mode so I can actually recruit Fiora without needing to babysit her.

Lyn goes to LV7, gets SKL and HP...Florina gets a crit, Will assists a bit...

...Will gets HP...nothing else...DAMN IT...

...get the boss kill with Will...he goes to LV3, and actually gets good LV up this time.

Here's what my party looks like so far:


Lyn is LV7, Will LV3, and Florina LV1 with 70xp. The cavaliers have nothing, and I sold their weapons.

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Ah yes...chapter four...well, I plunk Sain and Kent in the big entrance so they'll hold them off while I recruit Dorcas, then I send Lyn out front, Florina out right, and Will to the left.

Mani Katti Lyn wipes out most of the map...O_O...switch to the Iron Sword to save uses now...

Florina LVs up, gets speed, luck and defense...

Will levels up, gets strength, speed and luck...

Florina gets skill, speed and res...

Dorcas levels up, gets HP and DEF...that's it...DAMN IT!


Chapter Five...hm...you know what, I'll just let Erk and Serra wander around as NPC's, I'm not using them anyway. It'll be amusing.

Even though Lyn only has 5 STR and is restricted to an iron sword from now on, unless I REALLY need it, she's doing a lot of damage. Helps that she always doubles, and I'm lucky with the number of criticals, but I'm still surprised.

I'm still giving her a damn energy drop when I get one at this rate, though.

Florina gets HP and Luck...Will boss abuses, but doesn't level because of an accidental attack with Dorcas...who also doesn't level...dammit all...


Chapter six...also known as...MATTHEW!

Matthew wipes the floor with the first inside-spearman...Dorcas kills another...Will kills the two mercenaries I start near...

Will levels, gets HP, STR and SPD.

Matthew uses the Angelic Robe...kills archer...thanks to Armorslayer and some hand axe throws from Dorcas, Matthew gets the boss kill...levels, gets HP, STR, SPD and DEF...

...damn, I love Matthew.


Chapter Seven...also known as...LUCIUS, BITCH!

Oh, and Nils.

Matthew kills shaman, gets HP, SKL, SPD and RES...who said he wasn't good again?

I fly Lucius across mountains with Florina and dump him on the tree-stump-place, where he proceeds to kill a shaman. Will proceeds to thank Rath for the short bow by getting three consecutive crits on various enemies at the bridge.

Matthew levels, gets Luck, Defence and Speed.

Lucius levels, gets HP, MAG, SPD, and RES. He can now double the boss, so Heinz goes down pretty easy.

Right, that should do it for today. Sidequest next time, yay.

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Chapter 7x: Finally, a chapter with SUBSTANCE!

A few turns later, and Will levels up, getting HP, STR, LCK, and SPD. Not bad, ne? He's got 10 speed and 10 Strength now, and although he's at 6 skill he's got a luck of 8, which helps out a bit.

Matthew, strangely, also gets the same level up. HP, STR, SPD and LCK. Okay, seriously, LV6 with 15 speed. LV8 Lyn's got 13, AND she's down a STR point. Her only plus is Skill and Luck!

Matthew is a better fighter than Lyn right now! He's even got a higher DEF!

Then again, the gods have been cursing my Lyn...

Lucius slaughters the mage, levels, and gets MAG and LCK for his troubles...Kills boss, gets HP, MAG and SKL.

Moving on...


Chapter 8: Hmm, this could be tricky...

Lucius sent off to the right to kill spellcasters and get the village, everyone else heads down. Lyn levels, gets HP, LCK and RES. Useful, but...NOT WHAT I'M LOOKING FOR! Manni Katti Lyn kills the cavalry, and then Dorcas and Will mop up the soldiers and archer. Dorcas levels, gets STR, SKL and SPD! WOOT!

Will uses the remaining two ballista shots to great effect.

Lyn kills boss, gets...wait for it...HP, STR, SPD, LCK and RES. EPIC WIN!


Chapter 9: LOL easy.

Matthew levels, gets...wait for it... HP, STR, SKL, LCK, DEF and RES! I think my Matthew is blessed...

Lucius levels, and gets SKL and LCK, but now his lightning tome is broken. Dammit.

Dorcas gets HP and SPD...which is alright...

Lyn criticals Eagler with Mani Katti, and gets HP, STR, SKL, LCK and RES for her troubles. For that kind of LVup, I'd start a rebellion any day!

Now, the real problem...to promote Wallace or sell the Knight Crest to get a better Funds rating, and therefor a White Gem on Lyn next time I get her?

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Lyn's mode: The Final Chapter.

...it's about damn time! I was getting REALLY bored with this crap!

Matthew kills an Archer to level up, getting STR, SKL and DEF...he's actually got the highest DEF out of my non-Wallace characters now, and he's only level 8.

Nils gets HP, LCK and DEF. Will goes to level 9, gets bow rank B, and HP + RES. The RES is nice, but I kinda need some more SKL. He's stuck at 6 SKL compared to 10STR 10SPD.

Energy ring goes to Lyn.LEVEL ELEVENS SHOULD NOT HAVE STR7. Lyn levels, gets STR, SKL, SPD AND LUCK. Good LVup, to be honest. Now she's got 10STR thanks to the energy ring. Much better.

...This is paid off by a horrible Matthew LV, getting ONLY HP. For killing LUNDGREN. By HIMSELF.

With an armorslayer, sure, but...geez, Matt.

Anyway, blah blah credits, blah blah I sold everything after killing everyone so I get max funds and a white gem in Hector's mode, blah blah talking blah...reunion...it's just sand in my eye, I swear...blah blah...

Kent and Sain talk, even though they did NOTHING....

...stats...woah, Lyn fought in 82 BATTLES?! AND 50 WINS?! Okay, I didn't think it was THAT many bandits she killed, but jeez. That's...impressive.

And forewards! To the land of...HECTOR HARD MODE!


...okay, so the Hector/Matthew dialogue is a little funny.

Hector levels, and I forget to write it down...I think he got STR and DEF...maybe LCK...He levels again, this time for STR, SPD and DEF...it's already at 10...wow...

Matthew kills the thief, goes to LV10, and his stats now look like this:

HP 33



SPD 16




Hector goes to LV4, only getting SPD. Meh.


Oh god, how am I going to do this level with only Dorcas, Hector and Matthew?

*Checks list* Ooh, I can use Bartre temporarily. Good.

Hector kills a Pegasus Knight, getting HP, STR, LCK, DEF and RES. Good level up.

Few minutes later, Hector levels AGAIN...STR, SPD, DEF and RES this time. Matthew gets STR and HP.

Dorcas kills the last of the group sent against him, and gets HP, SKl and LCK for his troubles.

Boss takes a while to go down, but eventually Hector gets the finishing blow, leveling up into HP, STR, SPD, LCK and DEF.

With that, dialogue...and onto Chapter 13!


...read above notice. This is stupid. Why am I allowing myself to be restricted to ax-users and ONE swordsman. WHO IS A THIEF.

At least said theif gets a LVup into HP and SPD. Nice going, Matt. Keep it up, and you might be useable late game.

Dorcas levels into HP, STR and LCK. He's still my worst unit, but then again, he's not as bad as he usually turns out for me. I'll post his stats at the end of this chapter for your comments.

I recruit Guy so that Matthew gets his Killing Edge for TEH LOLZ,

...and then Dorcas dies, so I have to restart.


And so the nightmare known as HHM begins.

I just got my first taste in two years. This is going to be fun.


Hector goes to LV 8...argh...he only gets HP...

Bartre levels into SPD and LCK.

Matthew levels into STR and RES.

I recruit Guy so Matthew can get his killing edge...Matthew and Hector run the hell away from the army that's following them...Guy gets massacred, no one cares...

Serra dies...


Bartre dies...he's not important...

Dorcas levels into HP, SKL and DEF.


Okay, you know what? Screw it. That's all for today. I'll try again tommorow.

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