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Fruck that tuck diver!!!

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He's comin' right at me! *honks* Needs to have some sense...

*grumbles incoherently*

*swerves back into the right lane*

EDIT: Oh guess this depends on where you live......

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Pull a 540 degree spin, chase him down and shout "YOU FUCKING CUNT" at him before pulling another 540 degree spin and driving the fuck away.

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.............. *gets a headache*



*That's what she said's herself*

Huh... only time I can spot a twss is agianst myself...

Oh yeah supposed to be dinking and drancing

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You mother trucker.

Hmm.... you remind me of this foreign exchange student from Germany and he always gets annoyed doing pre-calculus. He's smarter than any of us but he still makes the smallest mistakes and he always replaces cuss words with different words and (sarcastically) tells everyone they shouldn't say bad words... I'm sure that was one of the things he's said... (course it doesn't seem like it'd be all that uncommon)

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