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The main reason I ragequit osu!~.

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"A...are you sure this is. . . safe?" a timid Mio managed to mutter as a figure in the dark pushed her into a small hole. "Yeah, it's fine! Just get the paper and we're all done!" the dark figure exclaimed as she pushed Mio deeper and deeper in. Suddenly, the grip that the shadowed figure had on Mio dissapeared with a sudden swiftness. "Mio? . . . MIO!" the dark figure screamed. She jumped in and immediatley fell into a gaping pit. "MIO MIO MIO WHERE ARE YOU?" the figure screamed. "U. . .Utsuh. . .oo" Mio managed to breathe out. "DON'T WORRY MIO, I"VE GOT A FLASHLIGHT." Utsuho screamed. Utsuho turned on her flashlight and took a look at the ground. A pit of spikes. The paper of desire found itself on one of the spikes, and on another spike, the body of Mio stood, punctured leaving her barely alive. The blood poured out of every incision made in her body and her breathing acted slowly but loudly, creating an intense amount of tension inside of the cold and dark cave. "Ut..su...ho. . .I . . ." Mio breathed out. "DON'T TALK, ALLRIGHT?" Utsuho screamed. "H. . . have my babies." Mio asked, with the last of her breath. A feeling of happiness entrered her face, and then, the dullness of death appeared into her eyes. "Have her. . . babies?" Utsuho wondered. She flew to Mio's body, still warm. She noticed Mio's arms. One was positioned akwardly, most likely trying to protect her from the fall. The other was on her. . . "Oh. . . I guess I'll have to do what she says. . . I guess" Utsuho said quietly. She reached down and. . .


"I. . . Mio . . . are you sure?" Utsuho sighed to herself. She placed it inside of her, and made sure all of it was collected. That was the last remains of Mio that she had. All she could do now was fufill the request of Mio to the fullest extent, so her soul could finally rest. Utsuho flew out of the tunnel into the dusky night, as the slight wind pushed on her raven-black hair. Utsuho flew for miles and miles until she reached a half-burned-down shack in the middle of the city. She opened the door and jumped onto the couch. The depression finally seemed to hit her. She played with one of her feathers as she stared at the ceiling, wondering how she could live her life without Mio. There were other beautiful men and women out there, she knew that. But none could ever be so amazing as Mio. "HEEEEEEY, UTSUUUUHHHHOOO!!" a cheery voice screamed. Utsuho grabbed an empty beer bottle and threw it at the voice. "Oh. . . Utsuho. . . what's wrong? Where Mio?" the voice asked. "You. . . DON'T. . . MENTION. . . HER" Utsuho exclaimed, as she exploded with anger. She immediatley flew off the couch with her wings fully extended. She grabbed her arm cannon off a nearby table and aimed for the voice. "WAIT UTSUHO, IT'S RITSU, RITSU, RRRIIITTTSSSS-" Ritsu screamed. Utsuho mercilessly fired around her general area. "YOU. . . yo. . ." Ritsu screamed in agony. ". . . Don't mention her again." Utsuho dryly stated. She walked away, with a terrifyingly blank expression on her face. Ritsu, feeling her life slowly draining away, took a look at her clothesless body. She tried to move her legs, but she could not. The remainder of her legs exploded light smoke in all directions, with a quiet sizzle. Utsuho, hearing this noise, began to feel a sort of remorse. She immediatley ran to her room and demanded to be in solitude. She rubbed her stomach as the tears began to flow. This was all that was left of her.


Utsuho sat in her dark and silenced room, as the half-torn wallpaper slowly inched its way down to the bottom of the floor. "Ri. . . ritsu. . . dammit, why do I have to do that?" Utsuho muttered to herself. The rage pulsed out of her as she continued to feel frustration over the current situation. Utsuho jumped off the bed and went to her desk. Her pot supply had been running low. "Damn, I should go buy some more. . ." Utsuho thought to herself. Then she realized, she can't do that anymore. Mio had always been against her drug use, and now Utsuho was carrying the final living piece of Mio in her. It would be complete disrepect to do it!. . . at least not until later. A pulsing soon sounded. Utsuho believed that this was the trobbing of her head, but soon realized that it had been coming from the room next door. Utsuho opened the door and noticed a certainly excited couple on the bed. "Shit, Orin, I'm not in any mood. I've told you a countless number of times, don't bring your clients in my house, ALLRIGHT?" Utsuho stated firmly as the man flew off the bed in a fit of rage. "GET YOUR ASS BACK IN HERE, I'M NOT PAID BY THE HOUR. I HAVE OTHER CLIENTS, DAMMIT" Orin screamed at the fleeing man. The man jumped out the window and ran in fear, without his clothes. "WELL THAT'S JUST GREAT, YOU WHOREBAG, YOU JUST SCARED MY CUSTOMER." Orin screamed at the top of her voice. ". . . Just get out." Utsuho sighed. "NOT UNTIL YO-" "NO. GET OUT. I DON'T APPRECIATE YOUR BUISNESS INSIDE OF MY HOUSE, YOU CUMBAG. YOU'VE DONE ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO BENEFIT ME IN ANY SORT OF WAY, AND ONE DAY, YOU'RE GOING TO GET YO-" "shut it. . ." Orin left, still tense, but having self-control. "You whore. . ." Utsuho sighed. Utsuho stared out the window. "But. . . why did I say that? Orin. . . she's been my friend for so long? So what if she's a prostitute, I still love her. She's done. . . so much for me." Utsuho breathed out. She punched a hole in the side of the house and walked back to her room.

. . .

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