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(FE7) LHM+EHM Auction Draft


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Since this is an auction draft, I'm going to request all players get on some sort of messenger (IRC is good) to keep this going quickly.

Rules and shit

1. Eliwood, Hector, Lyn, and Athos are free.

2. Marcus is usable while he is forced, and is then banned (there's no Talons Alight to screw you over and the reinforcements are significantly less lame in EHM)

3. Geitz/Wallace are bought as one unit.

4. This draft will be played on Lyn Hard Mode, and then Eliwood Hard Mode. Obviously, unit stats are transferred from LHM to EHM. Units you haven't drafted cannot be used in LHM, and LHM turn counts matter. Think of this as like a Tellius Draft, minus the madness of playing two different games.

5. Chapters 7x, 13x, 16x, 18x, and 29x are required. Genesis is skipped because fuck the requirement and Night of Farewell is lamesauce (can go first 20 turns don't count against you blah blah).

6. No fielding of undrafted units. You have all 3 lords and had all of Lyn Mode to make Lyn not suck, c'mon.

7. An undrafted unit can: recruit units, do whatever they want to other undrafted units, trade, and visit shops/armories.

8. This means they can't go item hunting or enter combat or rescue a drafted unit or any of that jazz. If they do, 4 turn penalty.

ADDENDUM: Florina can be fielded in Chapter 9 to keep Wallace out of combat


All players start with 500 tickets.

We will draft units in order of their appearance in Eliwood Mode, and do so like an auction. There will be a base price of 0 tickets (if no one wants to beat this, the unit will go undrafted and effectively be banned). People will continue to raise this until no other player wishes to beat that price. At that point, the highest bidder will exchange that amount of tickets and draft that unit. If you aren't the highest bidder, you don't get/lose anything. This isn't a poker bid; this is an auction. We have standards, dammit.

Since unit choices are limited by # of tickets, there is no min/max number of units you must draft. So you could have 30 units drafted if people let you (Warning: I do not recommend this).

Having tickets left over at the end of the auction portion doesn't do anything. Plan ahead better and draft smarter!

And to repeat, I would really appreciate it if people could get on IRC for this to save time.

1. Paperblade: Dorcas, Sain, Heath, Harken, Nino, Vaida

2. eclipse: Guy, Fiora, Ninils, Rath, Pent, Louise, Jaffar

3. Kopfjager: Rebecca, Bartre, Priscilla, Kent, Lucius, Dart

4. Lux: Oswin, Wil, Raven, Canas, Legault, Isadora, Karel, Renault

5. chococoke: Lowen, Matthew, Serra, Erk, Florina, Hawkeye, Geitz/Wallace

[spoiler=Unit List]Lowen


































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I'm in. First draft for me, but it's a good excuse to play FE7 again.

Question, though, by IRC chat do you mean the "chat" at the top of the bar? And if you don't, then what?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat, you can access it through mibbit, for example. We could do this in ipchat but I expect it take a while and I dunno if we want to intrude on the rest of the ipchat goers. I suppose I can go to the ipchat and we can make other plans from there, though. AIM/MSN also work.

More details on IRC here

Edit: It came to my attention that literally everyone else was around a few hours ago, when I was out... And Wen won't be around til Monday.

The only times when I probably won't be around are when I'm in class: 8-10AM MWF, 2-5PM MW, 4-5 F, and 2-4 TR, this is all in GMT -8. All other times I can try to make plans.

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Yeah. I've got dinner to go to on Tuesday. Free on Wednesday, dinner again on Thursday, free on Friday. My schedule's weird like that.

EDIT: Tuesday's dinner ends roughly when choco's meeting starts.

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I am ALSO free Wednesday evening.

Alternatively, we can do this by PM or something.

Edit: The only reasons I wouldn't be free in the evening are

going out to eat/movies with friends (this is usually reserved for Friday/Saturday nights), but on weekdays this is usually something where like 10 minutes before they tell me, so I can just decline >_>

club stuff

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Per the Great and Amazing Paperblade. . .I'm posting this in HST. That's three hours behind PST and six behind EST, unless that DST nonsense kicks in, in which case, adjust accordingly. Hawaii doesn't do DST.

I can get home as early as 3:00 PM HST. On Tuesdays, I have dinner from roughly 6:00 PM HST to 7:30-ish PM HST. On Thursdays, mom kidnaps me from ~7:00 PM HST to 9:30 PM HST. I'm sorta-free tonight, and should be free on Wednesday and Friday from 3:00 PM HST.

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