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hi, uh... ...ranmaru

ftr i haven't snitched on anybody's off-site meta and i don't intend to do that if asked

i just asked when the next anon game was in the sf skype group and sb said "it's the current one tbh" so i said i thought i knew who a bunch of people were

when's the next anon game

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On 10/31/2016 at 4:39 PM, Prims said:

hi, uh... ...ranmaru

I missed this. I never thought you were influencing the game. Here is the funny thing, I wasn't trying to play anonymously, I just didn't give out meta on purpose just for the fun of it. I could have given my own meta if I felt like it. Then somehow, we just never really interacted as if we knew each other. Anyway let's play sometime, you have good reads. 

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lmao the joke behind that post is that i thought you were somebody else and people were only pretending you were ranmaru, then iirc after i made it somebody (green poet?) PMed me like "PRIMS WHO ARE THE OTHER PEOPLE IN THIS GAME" so i posted the second one

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Lmao I just remembered you thought I was Zen the whole time... I'm going to drop a bomb here... I have now realized who Hober Mallow was. Hober Mallow was....



Now I'm curious, why did you think I was Zen the whole time, actually?

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Posted (edited)

New, Basic Vote Counter


Use with Tampermonkey for your browser https://www.tampermonkey.net/


How it works:

  • You must go to the URL for first post of the Day when running it as the host; posts will be counted from the post in the URL
  • Votals will not be posted automatically. The host will have to come back and press the button(s) to create a new vote count, including manually specifying that they want to post it and that it should automatically be triggered by ##votal requests
  • All commands are case-insensitive. i.e. ##VOTE, ##Vote, and ##vote all valid
  • Available commands are: ##vote, ##unvote, and ##votal
  • Only the last command in the post will be processed. i.e. ONE command per post.
  • Every ##vote must be of the form ##vote @Makaze
  • Every ##unvote must be of the form ##unvote @Makaze (Does not have to be the same person, any mention will work)
  • Every ##votal request must be of the form ##votal @Makaze (Does not have to be the same person, any mention will work)
  • Votes for no elimination have to use the same format by voting for someone. I recommend voting the host as the "no elimination" option.
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