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Chapter 29?! (HHM)


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My first time playing through the game, I was not prepared either. No restore. No staff user other than pent. No barriers or pure waters. Actually, all my units were lacking resistance to boot.

My solution next time around, support ring the peg. sisters and equip with a ton of javelins and spawn the map with reinforcements to make sure no more than 50 were on the map at one time to get through the reinforcements faster. I think I proceeded to take around the next 50 turns to make sure I didn't get beseeched by the Valkyries status infection.

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To be honest, I wasn't fully prepared for CoD either. I had heard that CoD in HHM is a jumbled up mess full of sleep/berserk valkyries with more spd than they need, as well as 28 mag druids with status staves next to Lloyd. However, when I actually got to the map, I found out that most of my units I was using had shit for res(well, except for Pent, Canas, Farina, and Serra), and wouldn't take magic very well, and would face dangerously high hit rates from status staves even with full PW/Barrier. My solution was to get the Warp staff ASAP, then warp the physical unit with the highest res in my party(Oswin)into the group of valks after applying a dose of PW, while removing the sleep staff druid as a threat. While I was doing this, I had the rest of my units turtle in the center of the map(there is a rock formation with a corridor that serves as a bottleneck. I placed Canas there, obviously armed with Luna.

With all that out of the way, Lloyd was the least of my worries. Other than having enough AS to not get doubled by max spd Raven, 32 crit, and an Iron Rune, preventing me from critting him to death. And the 'best' part about that last bit was that Legault couldn't steal it.

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I am not one to use magic units, especially back in the day of total n00bness. I remember using Oswin and Hector to block the centre, being healed by Priscilla while Raven and Rebecca went the bottom way and Lyn/Eliwood went upwards. Other units were probably being used, like Florina, who probably flew towards the village to save it, then returning to help Raven and Rebecca.

That's probably a close guess, at least.

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Farina basically made the map her bitch both times I've played HHM.

Though getting rid of large amounts of magi is still annoying, since I always forget to get enough javelins then I had to conserve uses, so I couldn't just have Farina solo the shit out of it.

Which...would've been a lot easier

I mean those fucking Valks double half of my units

At least Hawkeye+Pure Water takes next to no damage anyway

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