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FE8 Lords + Bow Users EphHM Playthrough


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It's time.


1. Must go on Ephraim's route and the difficulty is hard mode.

2. Only Eirika, Ephraim, Ross, Garcia, Neimi, Innes, and Gerik can be used.

3. Once a unit promotes, they can ONLY use bows. They may use whatever weapon they have before hand until then.

4. Healers can be used, but they can't promote.

5. Meatshielding from unusable units ISN'T allowed. Yes, that means Phantom Ship will be free of Seth and Duessel. THE HORROR.

6. Colm and Rennac can only steal, open chests, and dig up items in the chapter 15. Nothing more.

7. No arena abuse, Tower of Valni, skirmishes, or Lagdou Ruins.

8. Tethys is free to use.

9. Dozla is useable in Phantom Ship.


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 5x

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

A New Journey

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11 Part 1

Chapter 11 Part 2

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Final Chapter

Unit Analysis

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Make me happy and do Eirika/Innes A. Eirika can get a B with Ephraim and Innes a B with Gerik. Also, I'm assuming Tethys isn't allowed as well?

In any case, good luck. It's probably going to suck doing earlygame with just Eirika, Ross, and Neimi.

Wait, you have Garcia too.

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Make me happy and do Eirika/Innes A. Eirika can get a B with Ephraim and Innes a B with Gerik. Also, I'm assuming Tethys isn't allowed as well?

In any case, good luck. It's probably going to suck doing earlygame with just Eirika, Ross, and Neimi.

Wait, you have Garcia too.

Wasn't thinking about supports, so thanks for reminding me. Good suggestions. Ross and Garcia's A support will be helpful for the both of them.

Tethys...what do you think? Should I use her?

And it's just early-game, but chapter 6 will be quite worrying. Facepalm_emote_gif.gif I'm hoping Eirika and Neimi will be nice and get STR, and Ross and Garcia get SPD.

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Prologue: The Fall of Renais

Turns taken: 5

After skipping tons of exposition since I already knows what happens, we begin the prologue, which takes longer than it needed to. Seth hides across the bridge while Eirika 1HKO's the two fighters that wanted to mess with her. The boss, though, unluckily hit Eirika twice while he hid his fat ass in the woods. At turn 5, he was killed.


What an amazing start.

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Chapter 1: Escape!

Turns taken: 9

Seth gives Eirika his stuff and waits in the corner while the princess 2RKO's enemies since she refuses to gain STR. Soon, Gilliam and Franz come to assist us, but this is what they end up doing along with Seth once the reinforcements from the southeast come around:


This kills me. It truly does to see this happen.

Eirika then proceeds to kill the boss and get a great level up (WHICH INCLUDES STRENGTH) in the process. We then take our gold, the beautiful Vanessa, the healer with the epic stache, and move on.


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Chapter 2: The Protected

Turns taken: 6

Vanessa flies over the mountain to rescue Ross, Gilliam hides above the northwestern forests, Seth and Franz get ready to rescue if necessary, Eirika gets the red gem, and Moulder gets the elixir. Soon, Franz takes Ross from Nessie so Eirika can recruit him, Nessie flies over to Garcia to rescue him, Seth takes and drops him, and his son recruits him.

Garcia then proceeds to charge down and hide in a fort while the bandits attack, and Eirika handles the bandits that emerge from the village that Nessie soon flies over to. After Bone is killed, all is said and done. Hooray.


Eirika's being strangely nice today.

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Chapter 3: The Bandits of Borgo

Turns taken: 15

We finally get Neimi, who uses bows off the bat. Unfortunately, she's only used for chip damage at this point.

She and Ross chip damage off of bandits through the wall, and the former recruits Colm. Garcia kills the bandit in front of the three chests so the thief can loot. After all the walls break, the enemy thief steals Garcia's vulnerary, and we don't get it back. angry.gif

We then murder the boss, get Eirika's bracelet back, and head on to the Za'ha Woods. (Where I live.)


Thank you for getting SPD, buddy. smile.gif

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Chapter 4: Ancient Horrors

Turns taken: 16

There was an image of an HP, STR, SKILL, and SPD level up for Neimi here. Dunno what happened to it.


Ho ho ho ho...



Ah man...had a lot of good luck this chapter. Garcia even got SPD in a level up, which is very well needed. Vanessa was only deployed to keep Artur company. Lute's village wasn't visited, but she did join our army. It's a shame she won't be used.

This chapter, though it took a while, was a walk in the park. Garcia was definitely the MVP for this one.

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Chapter 5: The Empire's Reach

Turns taken: 14

Gah, this chapter's so annoying, at least at the beginning with those fucking bandits. Ross died once, Natasha died once, Garcia died once, Vanessa the ninja died once, ugh. Facepalm_emote_gif.gif Normally I would have no problem with this chapter, and I still shouldn't since not everyone is using a damn bow.

Anyway, the western side of the map was completely ignored and only two villages are saved; the one with the armorslayer and the one with the dragonshield. That guiding ring would've been nice for some gold, but our supply is fine so far.

As for level ups, Ross and Eirika got lackluster ones, but...



Garcia and Neimi got great ones. And is it me, or is Garcia's SKILL above average? blink.gif

After Natasha recruits Joshua, the main annoyance of the chapter comes to a close. Eirika takes his killing edge and proceeds to murder the boss with the armorslayer.

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Your characters are getting super blessed. I hope it keeps up, for your sake. :XD: Also, I think you should use Tethys. Dancers are pretty much free in all non-FE4 drafts now, and most people who do specific playthroughs like these usually seem to use them. So I say you should use her.

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Chapter 5x: Unbroken Heart

Turns taken: 28

This was basically an Ephraim solo, and a long one at that. I could've got the elixir from the archer on the far right, but meh.

Orson hands his weapons to Kyle and Forde and Ephraim rushes to the throne, but first clearing the way in the treasure room so the killer lance could be obtained. Ephraim in all used six elixirs during this chapter; his, and the one from one of the chests.


If only his Great Lord caps weren't so fucking low. dry.gif

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Stats so far for our main four so far:





I'll have to say Garcia's getting SPD blessed. It's a bit too early to speak for the other 3, but Eirika's STR's looking a bit iffy.

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Chapter 6: Victims of War

Turns taken: 7

Death count for this chapter:

Neimi - 2

Ross - 2

Natasha - 1

Renais citizens - 2

Hey, this chapter's pretty annoying with only inaccurate axe users, fragile archers, and a lord who can't even 1RKO most of the more difficult enemies. Not to mention the spider in the mountains trying to take our Orion's Bolt away makes it even MORE annoying. Facepalm_emote_gif.gif

I took a mad dash through this chapter, so I could get that Orion's Bolt. At this rate, it's looking like Neimi will become a Ranger (or Forest Knight, since it sounds cooler). Eirika handled the mercs, fighters, and knights at the bottom, and Garcia, Neimi, and Ross handled everything else. Moulder and Natasha healed when necessary, Colm was deployed to see through the fog, and Vanessa rescued anyone that was in the wake of the cavalier reinforcements.


I know this doesn't look bad, but there's pain behind us...and Neimi died a turn after. dry.gif

Ross finally got to level 10, and Neimi's the only one who got a good level up. *sighs* But hey, we got the Orion's Bolt.

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Chapter 7: Waterside Renvall

Turns taken: 13


Good Lord...there's TWO of them now? wacko.gif

Garcia waited for the mage and fighter (and got a point in SPD while killing them) up north while everyone else charges forth. Ross gains as much EXP as he can to get on par with the others, and Eirika got a near-perfect level up; she only missed out on RES. I tried to get a screen capture of it, but I failed miserably.

After I waste about 3 turns trying to have Garcia hit the stupid boss with the Halberd, we move on.

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Chapter 8: It's a Trap!

Turns taken: 20

Eirika goes to the left alone to meet up with her bro, Kyle, and Forde, the latter two whom gave Ephraim whatever else they had so he could handle the entire left side of the map with his sis, and everyone else went north. Vanessa ferried Colm over and we get the silver sword, angelic robe, and Elysian Whip from the chests, and Garcia, Neimi, and Ross killed whatever they could. Tirado didn't stand a chance against Garcia and Ephraim.

As for the level ups for this chapter:




I'm grinning like a huge idiot. biggrin.gif

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A New Journey

Turns taken: N/A




The only chapter I'm worried about is Phantom Ship, but I should be fine on it until the boss comes as well as those damn Mogalls. I'm probably gonna stock up on pure waters before hand. Now, onto Fort Rigwald!

Stats (no pictures, sorry):


Class: Lord

EXP: 16.80

HP: 32

Str: 14

Skill: 16

Spd: 18

Luck: 14

Def: 9

Res: 4


Class: Fighter

EXP: 10/7.59

HP: 28

Str: 14

Skill: 11

Spd: 7

Luck: 19

Def: 6

Res: 5


Class: Fighter

EXP: 18.39

HP: 41

Str: 13

Skill: 16

Spd: 10

Luck: 9

Def: 9

Res: 2


Class: Archer

EXP: 12.10

HP: 24 (she's definitely getting the angelic robe)

Str: 13

Skill: 10

Spd: 13

Luck: 10

Def: 3

Res: 6

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You've gotten lots of good level ups.

And Ross owning his dad by 1 strength 8 levels earlier than him and just look at that luck. Unfortunately, not the best def.

Heh, I just noticed how abnormally high Ross's LUCK is. If only could transfer some of it to his SPD... dry.gif

Ah well. He'll most likely get Amelia's speedwings, but Garcia's posing some competition.

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Chapter 9: Fort Rigwald

Turns taken: 34

I start off by giving Ross the dragonshield and Neimi the angelic rob respectively, as they really need the extra help since the first few chapters of Ephraim's route could be a pain.



Aside from our main four and healers, Vanessa and Franz are deployed to ferry Colm over to the chests and, in Franz's case, recruit Amelia. Ephraim can also recruit Amelia, but his goal is to charge on over to the throne. Garcia had to have relatively few kills, since Ross and Neimi need the EXP more than he does. Also, Garcia and Ross hit their C support.

And, surprisingly, all three of an enemy priest's sleep staff shots missed. He failed at hitting Garcia, and failed at hitting Moulder twice. Hooray!


I freaking love Neimi.


Ephraim luckily gets an 11% chance for a critical hit against Gheb and gets the killer axe, as well as an awesome level up. Garcia and Moulder later let Tana out, Colm loots the two chests on the right, and Vanessa gets the one on the left with a spare chest key.

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Chapter 10: Turning Traitor

Turns taken: 10 turns forced


Hell yes.



Thankfully this chapter has an armory that'll supply us with tons of bows. I'd go back to the Serafew armory, but there's a monster skirmish in the way. And as I've said: NO SKIRMISHES. Even if I'd only take part in it, then retreat. Neimi will have to use her final 10 uses on her iron bow scarcely.

As for the chapter itself, Garcia and Ephraim charged down to Duessel and the hero crest village, and Neimi, Ross, and the healers stayed back for the cavalier reinforcements. Ross simply destroyed them with the halberd, but it broke, unfortunately. It really helped this playthrough, and it will be missed. sad.gif

Vanessa flew over to get the secret book (I don't know why I keep deploying her, I guess it's a force of habit.), and Tana waited out for Cormag. Also, Garcia and Ephraim hit level 20.


...At least his DEF is looking good.

Time to stock up on bows and pure waters, because Phantom Ship is next. I'm..actually kinda scared. blink.gif

EDIT: ...There are no pure waters in the shop of this chapter. Crap.

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